My Response To Mark Bullen Living Faith Christian Fellowship

Why are you hiding from my biblical testing Mark?????

For years we have been working hard to test then tell the truth about this cult of Mark Bullen, using the truth of God's Word. 

The hard work has been paying off as some have left, others on the web are contacting us and we are telling them to stay away from the Bullenites and we are in close fellowship with a man who is an eye witness, confirming much from his years inside the LFCF "program". (That is Mark's word ) 

Bullen must be feeling the pressure of people talking about his sins/bad doctrine and he put this out on his website recently Oct 2018

Mark is now claiming to want to be nice and sit down and go over our differences???

Not so. The man who left there told me this so called nice man who wants to talk about truth, be mature and will repent or any errors, is NOT the real Mark Bullen at all. He puts on a phony side and the truth will go out about it all. 

I just want to say that over the years, I have tried many times to reason with and show Mark the sins he is in. He has been mean spirited, had no time for me, called me names, has no biblical answers and when I recently sent him my HUGE biblical testing that I worked long and hard on to show him, in love, his sins, he called it NONSENSE ...without one single biblical correction!

To show you how bad he is, his latest sermon he spoke about me :) and actually called us ( those who are exposing him in love to warn others ) HATERS OF God. He also calls our biblical testing of him HATRED, SLANDER and TANTRUMS??? I thought we are to test all things. ( 1 Thess 5:21 ) He seems to be acting paranoid, delusional and I fear for those under him as they are in great theological eternal danger. 

How can we ever sit down with a man who ignores God's Word to cover his own sins to stay in power as a prideful lone bishop?  Bullen is in so much sin as my testing shows .... like a heretical relationship with heretic Jimmy Miller who is handing out Marks books in Africa, his uniting to spiritual waffler / flat earther Justin S. and his over looking the vileness/sins of Jeffrey Wallace, who prints Marks books. (See all of them tested at the link we gave or on our false teachers blog ) Mark has over looked and allowed sin for years, he twists God's Word, he has belittled and mocked truth seekers for so long so I ask why would any wise man sit down with him to discuss any more truth, till he repents? We must redeem the time. Eph 5

There will be no face to face meeting with Mark. How can I reason with a man who through families out of the body because, they will NOT sign a contract committing to him/LFCF and its vision???  

No, Titus 3:9-10 says warn a heretic then avoid him so I must do that here.

He can really help his sad situation by just addressing my testing and going line by line to refute me in the Word of God. Show us all what a bad bible teacher I am? I have been waiting for years now.....?

If he does that, I will post it unedited on my website and I will offer my reply to him. 

That is my offer to Mr Bullen. 

Place my testing link on your website unedited.... then refute it biblically line by line. 

Then I will place it all on my website, unedited with my reply back.

Here is the testing......

Mark responded... no, it must be done in person??? 

Really? So he writes entire books/websites to refute others, but he can't / won't refute it then he called me ( a grown man older then him ) ...Jimmy... in a attempt to belittle me. He is a prideful sad example of a so called man of God. 

Note: Bullen is actually in the process of helping to tear a family apart by counselling a lady who is rebelling against her husband over, the un-signed contract. This is craziness!!!!

Refute the testing Mark and place it all on your website for all to see or.... admit you are a spiritual bully and acting as nothing but a Rev 21:8 coward. Repent of your ill ways, while you can !

Note: I do not think Mark is used to anyone standing up to his bad doctrine and poor bible teaching but to save his soul and warn others, we will do it. 

This is all done with redemption in mind as we pray he repents, more members leave for truth and others thinking of going there will reconsider for Gods glory. 

God be praised


Let us know how we can help any of you folks?

Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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Mitchell Berean Church Exposed

Their modern pastor is worldly ( into sports and he puts his teen daughter on display as home coming queen....shameful! ) and teaches he a false calvinist gospel.......
( more to come soon in the testing below )


A man contacted me and we talked a bit about truth via FB. He said he goes to this man made religious body so I told him I will do a testing of it to show him the dangerous sin there. They have a false gospel of calvinism, they teach pre trib rapture lies, they practice the usual ritual pagan false religious ways and they are worldly and carnal NOT teaching the full counsel of God's Word. 

Note: The man who goes there /contacted me was not all that interested in the issues there biblically and only looked to God's Word to try and make excuses for their ill gospel. Very sad.....

Stay tuned for a complete biblical testing at this link to come soon.

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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First Baptist New Lisbon Exposed

The following info is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!

Note; If any of this info is incorrect please contact me and it will be removed and adjusted.
(608-547-8162) for God's glory...... is out there helping to call people out of false man made religion....


Since we have heard of this religious body we decided to go speak to Delbert back in 2014. ( see that VERY sad meeting at the end of this post ) 

It is our desire to call people out of their sin and slumber of man made false religion ( like Baptist) and into God's full truth!

In love, as they are all in GREAT danger, we must say that First Baptist New Lisbon is a unbiblical worldly/carnal religious body led by a false teacher hireling named Delbert. 

We have biblically tested them and for the following reasons we cant consider them a biblical body at all:

*they have a false "once saved always saved" gospel on their website. (go here to learn the gospel good news and how to find eternal life )

See once saved always saved exposed in this article:

*they keep many false / vain and pagan ways of man made religion not Christ's true body.
See this 10 point test that exposes them as unbiblical:

Also see this article if you are Baptist:


*They are worldly not holy as their pastor Delbert and deacon Ed love the things of the world like Packers football and Nascar racing. ( Delbert has a Packer shrine in his is shameful! )

*They are money grubbers ... sinfully teaching New Testament tithing and local church membership-with man's extra rules which is unbiblical. See this article on that:

( Delbert has/had and drove a VERY expensive Harley as he beat up people spiritually to GIVE 10% in a unbiblical way! )

*They don't teach separation from the carnal culture or holiness, nor biblical dress and headcovering. They are of the world and Jesus saud His are NOT of the world! John 17 

*They don't teach the open participatory gathering of the saints as they have 1 pastor n control and they have a building centered mindset (calling the building the church.) There are no multiple biblical elders as they practice the modern CEO pastor model.
See this article on that:  See this article on that:

They have even more sin but..... isn't that enough folks?????


I gave Delbert and Ed both much  info in my meeting that exposes mans religion using God's Word. They ever answered any of it?? We did go back there when they had a so called evangelist Billy Ingram and when confronted with truth, it was very sad. ( read about that at the end of this post ) 

Sadly, we cannot consider them a true biblical New testament church but a goat farm made of man. They are sinful and built upon a faulty foundation. They are NOT teaching nor following the fullness of God's word in holiness and obedience to the holy scriptures. This is very common in the religious places we visit to share God's truth. We will pray and hope seeds of greater truth were planted in them?

Let us know how we can help you?

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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Go here for video's:
Revelation 2:5

Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.


Update 2015

Back when I had our original meeting in 2014 Delbert told me that they would never allow the NFL to interfere with their Sunday evening services that always start at 7 pm. This past Feb I checked and amazingly on the day of the Super Bowl ( or Super Sin bowl ) they by chance changed their service time to 1 pm for that day? It does not seem like they were honest with us at all.... how very sad! Adjusting what they claim is of and ALL for God for the nasty entertainment of the carnal world. Delbert is a LIAR!


Update 2015....
Some months after our initial meeting here... we went back to this modern religious place as they were having an evangelist Billy Engram. That was a very interesting event where the speaker  B. Ingram made fun of biblical modesty and he also made light of sin as well. He used the unbiblical tithe to guilt sad biblically ignorant people into handing them over their money even if their bills were not paid. During the preaching, I just answered a question Billy asked the audience and he didn't like it very much. I simply brought up repentance. Something he was lacking on that day. Billy was seemingly un-nerved by my biblically dressed / head covered wife and took some shots at that in his sermon eluding that I was a control freak at home. (Little does he know my wife found head covering all on her own and desires it a obedient godly lady.  See 1 Cor 11 )
Our talk after the event did not go very well either as he was unable to answer any of my biblical questions at all. Both Delbert and Ed seemed a lot more willing to be bold with Billy there acting as a mouth piece for them. Ed told me he had a whole bunch of biblical answers for me from our first meeting but...he decided not to give them to me? I guess he doesn't love me in 1 John love does he? In the end, they told us to leave though we were bothering no one at all and just handing out tracts. ( Billy mocked that too even though he admits many in the religious buildings are false converts ) 



My wife and I had a face to face meeting with their modern pastor Delbert O. and Deacon Ed. 
I showed them in the bible the many sins they keep there! They said they would look into it and get back to me. They had NO answers from the bible. After that meeting and a follow up letter from me as well as numerous phone calls, they seem to no longer have any interested in discussing biblical truth with me? They LIED!
Neither Delbert nor Ed had any biblical response to my MANY concerns and surprisingly there was MUCH they just did not know about the origins of the false man made traditions / system they are teaching to others.  Neither of them went to the bible or gave me scripture to guide their beliefs/practices and Titus 1 says leaders should be able to teach amen? I showed them all of their sin but they had zero biblical answers.

After the meeting (me sharing with them out of the bible, the many unbiblical things they are practicing, using God's word in context;) they had nothing to say. 
Interestingly, they spent most of their time defending the carnal, violent NFL and Nascar which is worldly and not in line with God's word and ways for His people. (See 1 John 2:15 / Phil 4:8)
Note: Delbert had a Green Bay Packer shrine wall right in his office and Ed was supporting Nascar. Sadly this is so common (carnal worldliness) among men who claim a Holy God in the modern religious places. Keep in mind they ignored the many areas I pointed out on our website (from God's Word) that shows clearly they are not in full spirit and truth there.

They all need to repent!

Edwardpf123 Exposed

There is a man called edwardpf123 who has a youtube channel. He made a video about after I commented on his video so I have decided to answer him here and expose his false doctrines to set the record straight for God's glory.

Some plain facts that will show edward is a very unbiblical man:

1) He commented I do not allow comments on my videos and that is true. I refuse to give a platform for false teaches and mockers. But he does allow comments but ... when you comment, he will delete what he chooses to make himself look good. That is dishonest.... either allow them or NOT!

2) He commented I use a KJV bible in my video picture and that is true. I have said all along, I use a KJV but I do not agree it is perfect or was inspired by God ( as edward is a KJV only cultist ) so...... why cant he grasp that? Like all other translations I test the KJV to the root words. 

3) As I said, edward is a KJV only cultist believing that bible is perfect and that God inspired it in 1611. ( see says that at minute 5:38 of his video about me ) This is a heretical lie sadly many fall for.
See this article that exposes the idea of a PERFECT KJV bible:

4) At 6;19 of the video edward says you are sealed by God and cannot lose your salvation showing he is a once saved always saved Calvinist heretic. He then comments on me saying 1 Cor 15 says we must endure in our faith and he says " 1 Cor 15 says nothing about losing your salvation" at minute 7:01.
Really edward???

1 Cor 15 
"By which also ye are saved,... if keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain". 

Paul clearly says... IF.... you keep in memory ( remain in a saving faith/the gospel ) lest you believed in vain. There are many IF verses... see the article links below.

edward is very confused........ he has a FALSE gospel!!!

See these articles that expose once saved always saved:

The fact is; edward clearly is not a good bible student or teacher as he has been swept away by various heresies. Please do not trust him for truth and cling to God's Word alone; NOT men on youtube that are 99% plain old, false teachers.

See our bible resources below and let me know how I can help you in the faith?

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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Sacred Heart of Jesus Nekoosa Exposed

In Oct 2018 we went to witness at a pagan pumpkin fest in Nekoosa Wisconsin and while standing there we saw we were close to a roman catholic building. So we witnessed to both the pumpkin people and the roman catholics. Eventually the priest named John came out and we talked but we had to rebuke him and send him away as he defended the paganism and unbiblical ways of his idolatrous system. 

Here is a audio link of us witnessing to him and sending him off:
once there use control f and type Sacred Heart of Nekoosa to find the audio..... 

Here is a link with many article that will help you to see the RC system is a pagan false unbiblical system that cannot save anyone!

We pray they all repent and come into the light...... see the gospel below. 

God be praised


John MacArthur is Wrong on the Mark of the Beast

This article exposes the lie that MacArthur teaches.
That you can take the mark of the beast and repent later to gain eternal life.

Dont be deceived....

*** This testing and our website is ONLY for those who desire to obey ALL truth from Gods Word. If that is you please read on. If you desire to accept / sit in compromise (sin) and keep man's false religious ways, please do not waste your time by reading on as it won't be fruitful for anyone.  

"And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him" 
Hebrews 5:9

Over the years we have either run across, visited, witnessed to a member or been asked to test them so we lovingly did that and have documented our findings.

As for this person/ministry:
If you would like to find out why per God's Word... we consider them to be at least one or all of the following: unbiblical (sinful), worldly, preach a false gospel and full of pagan or false ways and traditions of mans religious systems thus they are to be avoided.    (Per Galatians1:6, Colossians 2:8 , Mark 7: 6-9) 

Please see our contact info at our main website and call us directly. We will be happy to personally discuss the facts about them and assist you deeper in the Lord's truth. (Contacting us acts as a "mocker blocker" as MOST people in the past have come to mock the truth via email .... but not to reason or obey it.)

NOTE: we always contact people first to discuss truth but most often our emails/calls go unanswered or they are not interested in discussing God's deep truth and they hide in the dark. 
See John 3:19-21

Fact: Most people today are following the protestant / evangelical or denominational systems which were originated by sinful men some 500 years ago. We strive to hold up and teach the Holy first century body Christ Himself ordained and be un-spotted from the world. See James 1.27

Here is the Holy standard in God's Holy Word by which we test ourselves 2 Corinthians 13:5 and those who claim Christ.

Most ministries today have a false, incomplete, perverted gospel.

Here is a Biblical gospel:

Most ministries today are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go to our teaching blog for MANY articles on biblical truth:

Go here for many teaching videos:

Go here for audio teachings:

His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

God be praised

* This testing is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!

Harvestime Church Eau Claire Wis Exposed

Coming soon.........

A biblical testing of this unbiblical AOG religious body and its modern pastor Kim Buckman. We met a young man who attends here as we were street preaching oneday and we told him we would help him see the sin and false ways in this body, as we love him. 

God be praised