Our Lady of the Rockies Butte Montana Tested to God's Word

As we were out traveling on our 2018 mission trip we drove through Butte, Montana and saw a white spot on the top of the mountain.

That night we saw it light up so we had to look and see what it was, turns out it is a pagan statue of Mary called "Our Lady of the Rockies", created by a man that promised if his wife would be healed of cancer he would make a 5 ft statue of Mary in his yard.  It ended up evolving into a 90 ft statue up on top of the mountain and it is in honor of all women and mothers.   Apparently while building this huge pagan idol there were many mystical happenenings that they claim helped the assembly of it.

The Roman Catholic church uplifts many pagan, idols and this is another one to add to the list.  
See our article on Roman Catholicism vs God's Word to see their many sinful ways. Their man made teachings cannot save you and see the gospel below to eternal life....


Don't be deceived folks.


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Montana Christian Fellowship James Willows Exposed

We were out witnessing in 2018 on our summer mission trip and we met a man who is linked to this modern pastor/ Montana Christian Fellowship in Hungry Horse, Montana. They run a small gift shop and restaurant with a revival tent right next to it....

James runs a small home fellowship and after going there, speaking to several of the men there outside and waiting (with my bible) for James to come out and reason, it was very sad. He NEVER come out but he sent his sister out with ice cream and said God is ONLY about love??? Note: we did not want his ice cream and God is also about TRUTH!!! John 14:6  )  After testing them, we found various sinful ways there and would warn you to not associate there; if you seek a biblical fellowship. 

See these facts we offer in love to warn others about James ministry:

1) James does not teach the New Testament body but a false system of man made traditions. See this 10 point test that exposes his ways: https://www.dontperish.com/10-point-biblical-test.html

2) James appears to be Word of faith as I heard him praise Joel Osteen and he is linked to a worldly man who "heard Jesus through his TV set" and does a lot of strange word of faith ministry ways !!!

( Terrell Chatman from Texas / I will have a biblical testing to come on him soon here.... ) 

God TALKS to James Willows as this quote is on his website:
I was looking for a place to expand and threw some rocks onto this piece as I was preparing to mow.  God spoke to me, "Don't do that!" I replied, "I know I shouldn't because it is not mine."  He replied, "That is not the reason, you will own that land and when you do you will just need to pick those rocks back up!" The 300 feet of frontage went up for sale, we bought it and have been growing ever since!  I built the present factory/ store  myself in 2010.       

Note: God talking to you??? this is dangerous unbiblical heretical theology!!!!

3) I listened to one sermon of James and in it he made lewd remarks about his "young wife in hot shorts", he posts VERY immodest pics of her on line, he used silliness in his sermon and he was far LESS then a godly Titus 1 man. It is shameful....
Note: James was married / has older children ( in their 20's )  and now has remarried a 21 year old wife / James is 56 

When I asked Terrell... did he get divorced ... Terrell said,
 ask him. 

4) James home is NOT in order as he is feminized and quite unbiblical so I ask: how could he lead others biblically?
See these links on ladies issues that James is clueless about:

5) James is part of Celebrate Recovery a unbiblical AA type program. See it exposed here:

6) James is VERY worldly being into sports, vile hollywood movies and unbiblical fleshly music which is NOT holy but sinful! 
All evidence that this is NOT a biblical body or teacher ..... and people will be deceived by false gospels, strange spirits and easy believe-ism. We love so we speak out to warn others!!!

Please see our resources below, let us know how we can help you and do not be deceived by false man made religion.

God be praised!


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Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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Apprehending Truth Publishers Jeffrey Wallace Exposed

We at dontperish.com are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. My wife and I mostly travel to preach the Word and we reside both in central Wisconsin and central Missouri, spreading the Lord's truth.

We have a small business to support ourselves and ministry and we will NOT sell any of God's truth! 


Update Aug 2018

Jeffrey is a bible teacher but he cannot even get men's biblical dress correct. Here he is in his unbiblical baptist uniform taught at Living Faith Christian Fellowship. It is sinful!

Verses a biblical form covering way to dress below ..............

*The tight, tucked in, suspender look is a baptist unbiblical outfit...
*The loose long "form covering" shirt is a biblical covering...

read on to see Jeffrey and his body tested and exposed in the Word so truth can be known.....


Update: Aug 15th 2018

After I answered Jeffrey line by line on the testing below ...
he then LIED about my testing only having a few verses????: 

Then he deleted my links off his fb page that shows how heretical / false his body and bishop and him are with many teachings, videos and bible verses that expose them. See it here:


Wallace is WICKED, a deceiver and he is ignoring/lying about my testing that proves they are in sin there!!!

read on to see him exposed......


Update Aug 14th 2018

Here is a FB message Mr Wallace sent me about this testing and I will go through and address it line by line. ( he said I would not do it so was that a lie???  ) See my responses with the *** by it :

JL Wallace Hi Jim
Thanks for the email. Rather entertaining. 
You said "biblical testing" but I didn't see any bible in your article, Jim. 😏
Just some corrections so you can update your article.

*** Jeffrey is blind or ignoring the HUGE biblical testing I have of his body and Bishop Bullen with over 20 unbiblical issues with them....why????
( see that link here: https://bewareoffalse-unbiblicalteachers.blogspot.com/2017/07/living-faith-christian-fellowship.html 

1. “She should be hanged for treason” is a point of fact not a personal wish. You should be ashamed for assuming too much. 

*****What kind of man of God makes vile execution comments when we are to be about mercy/forgiveness? The government executes such things ...not holy men of God Mr Wallace!!

2. You failed to give example of me being an “unbiblical and mean spirited (vile) man.” Why should I be surprised? Lack of contextual evidence has never hindered you before. 

**** you like adhominem dont you? It wont work though.... see the testing of LFCF and Bullen that you ignored

a. Not to say that I have never acted inappropriately; surely, we all have.
b. But if you claim that as my general comportment, you bear the burden of proof, not just your flippant accusation. 

**** see the above part where he promotes "executing people" and later where he places murder videos on his FB page.... to see he is indeed mean spirited and vile.  ( his biting nasty emails he has sent me in the past pail in comparison ) 

3. Please give examples of Charles Finney’s heresies, with biblical justification for each accusation. 

**** if Jeffrey would go to the testing of his body at the link I gave,  he would see my link/article on the heretic Finney that he and Bullen adore. ( Finney used alter callls and denied Christ's blood work ) 
More evidence how void of truth they are there....

4. Yes, we sell books. Jesus said, “the labourer is worthy of his hire” and Paul “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.”

**** I guess Jeffrey has not read John 2 about the whip and the merchandising of God... or where Paul labored to NOT be a burden.....  ( they teach the unbiblical Baptist like tithe at LFCF so... they are money driven it seems like many Baptists are )

a. First, selling books that contain God’s truth isn’t sin. A lot of work and production costs (like paper and ink) go into that. Only freeloaders would find a problem with that. 

**** who says we need more of mans books anyway Mr Wallace? Jesus said we live by Gods Word. Matt 4:4

b. Secondly, our books are available for FREE to anyone who asks. We offer them for sale to any who would like to buy them. (People that aren’t freeloaders understand this necessity.) I have given away VASTLY more than I have sold. ATPublishers costs me way more money than I have ever made from it.
c. Third, if our books are heresy and NOT an accurate representation of God’s truth (as you assert), then your accusation is unfounded and illogical. 

**** my testing of Bullen / his books show they do have many areas of unbiblical theology....that Jeffrey ignored completely...why?

d. “did Jesus or Paul SELL the truth of God…?”
i. That’s not applicable in this context. Neither was a printer.

*** the correct answer Jeffrey is NO... they did not!

e. Finally, if selling God’s truth is wrong – is buying it? (Remember Simon Magus who wanted to buy the Holy Ghost)
i. Where’d you get your bible? Surely no one PAID for it!!
1. You didn’t BUY the Word of God, did you, Jim????? Oh, the horror!!!

***** actually there are people who print and GIVE away bibles Mr Wallace... and it is a MOOT point that some people do indeed sell bibles for profit as while it is true,  that in no way makes it proper for you to sell Gods truth. Please dont ad hominem this too.... ( it leaves the pattern we see in Paul and Jesus and we are to model them per 1 Cor 11 ) 

5. You say WAR as though it is a dirty word. Is “war” as a concept wicked? 
a. Careful how you answer that. – 
b. “did Jesus or Paul … promote war?” YEP!
c. And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. (gasp!!)~ Revelation 19:11 KJV

***** here Wallace uses bad bible study ...out of context. Yes Jesus ( God ) will make war in His judgement to come... but we do NOT see the NT saints acting out in any violence that Jeffrey seems to be training for.... whole heartily!

d. Though sometimes necessary, war is not pretty. Nevertheless, the study of war in history is profitable. It helps us to recognize the same tendencies in the present. 

***** profitable oh yes ... Wallace is making money selling war items so you judge for yourself if that is good and pure and true ??see Phil 4:8

6. You said, “he posted articles that told people to have guns, train with them and BE READY TO USE THEM!” Yep! I learned that from my Saviour! 

a. “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” Luke 22:36 KJV
b. Logically to BE READY TO USE THEM! A sword would be a rather pricey paperweight. 

***** It is one thing to be ready to defend innocence... but Wallace has a "militant streak" in him that is NOT becoming a man of God. Is it true Jeffrey men and ladies there pack heat ( guns ) ready to use them? 

7. Your arbitrary statement that I “had the murder of a police officer” on my fb page with no explanation is tantamount to slander and an outright LIE!! What is the implication there, Jim? Along with the rest of that paragraph, you imply that I promote revolting against the authorities, killing God’s magistrates, and inciting insurrection. The post was NOT “the murder of a police officer” but a memorial to honor his service!! AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!

**** here Jeffrey lies. I sadly clicked on the video and watched a police office be gunned down brutally on video. I was shocked!!! ... all Jeffrey has to do is repent publically of ever posting that there as men of God know to do. But he wont or.... will he???

a. This is typical of you though. Intentionally fraudulent. 

**** this is a bold lie Mr Wallace. You need to show proof of this as your vitriol is not changing the facts

b. If you do not correct this, you prove yourself to be a liar. (“all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Rev. 21:8)

**** I did re word the testing to say the video was to show  a crime but that make NO excuse for why a man of God feels the need to post VILE things ( murder ) on his FB page. It means he has vileness in him ...does it not? 

8. There’s more I could address, but that is enough to prove that you are untrustworthy at best. And biblically challenged. 

**** really... is that why you ignored the testing of your body / Bullen completely? The truth hurts doesn't it. Gal 4:16 Please refute my testing will you...line by line???

Feel free to correct your article on these points. I really don’t think you will, because as you have demonstrated in the past, you are not concerned with Biblical Truth, just Polanekism.

***** Actually I did amend the post where he noted and note this:
Again... Mr Wallace has COMPLETELY ignored the HUGE testing that exposed his bishop Bullen and and him as unbiblical / corrupt gospel teachers. He also ignored his unbiblical association to a heretic pentecostal per Romans 16.17 

*** he also ignores Bullen calling himself the "chairmen of the board: of Christs body!!!
Here that right here in Bullens own words:

****Does Jeffrey have ANY scriptures to defend that???? 

***There you go folks ...I have answered line by line when Wallace said I would not do it! 
***He is no Prophet that is for sure! :)

Here are some of the comments he left on my FB page ( he is mad I filter all comments as if I would let profane men like him post there then I will have vile things son my page... like he posts on his )

                                               These FB posts shows what kind of man he is....sadly and he teaches at  Bullens Baptist body.

***I am still wondering .... is the truth in these people and this seems to make it clear... they lack it!

We pray they repent as we love them....

God be praised



This is a business run by Jeffrey Wallace of northern Missouri. 
While some truth indeed goes out through this business there are troubling signs from Mr Wallace that I feel people need to be made aware of. I have emailed with Jeff in the past and I am VERY familiar with his lone ruling bishop Mark Bullen of Living Faith Christian Fellowship. For the following reasons: I would warn you and others from uniting or being associated to ATP or Mr Wallace per Romans 16:17 / Titus 3:9-10 

1) Wallace is a member and a teacher at Bullen's body and they teach a false gospel, endorse other heretical men and follow various man made Baptist like false ways that are sinful!

See him and them tested here with many verses and teaching and videos:

Note: Wallace publishes Bullens books that they SELL / see the article below on that.  

2) Wallace has had a long time relationship with a Pentecostal pastor that is VERY unbiblical named Britt Williams. ( crazy charasmatic ways go on with Britt like running the pew aisles and rock like loud music!!! ) Years ago, I reminded Bullen and Wallace about such ungodly associations and they mocked me and ignored it all as it appears the relationship goes on! See Romans 16:17 on that ...

Note: no surprise as Wallace LOVES the heretic Charles Finney

See Finney exposed here:

3) Wallace has shown himself to be a unbiblical, unloving, mean spirited (vile) man in email contact with him and even his public demeanor that is counter to a TRUE Titus 1 man of God/teacher. As evidence:

Here is the fruit of Wallace posts on FB that a politician ( Clinton )  should be executed!

4)  Wallace today... sells.... both the things of God at ATP and he has other websites were he sells WAR collectibles for gain $$$$$

Note: did Jesus or Paul SELL the truth of God or promote war?

See this article on selling truth:

5) Wallace and Bullen have the ladies dress very biblical but they are veru unbiblical looking like Baptist men NOT biblical men. ( see the testing link on his LFCF body that goes into this in detail ) 

6) Wallace teaches Heb 10:25 is about Sunday church when it is NOT! See our teaching blog for a article on one of his unbiblical sermons here:

In the past, I have ( sadly ) seen with my own eyes Wallace had the murder of a police officer on his FB page to highlight how bad crime was getting / as a police memorial. What kind of a man places vile things like that to be viewed? He posted articles that told people to have guns, train with them and BE READY TO USE THEM showing they are very militant. ( Wallace has commented how bad culture is and people should be ready for the worst in the future! ) 

ps I am NOT anti gun ( I have guns ) but; I am anti miltant ready to shoot people up in the name of Christ! Why do men of God need to talk about this openly on social media... it is a TERRIBLE witness for Christ.

*Note: This all fits as I cannot confirm this but some people who had personal contact them all, told me some of the ladies ... did conceal carry of weapons at that time. You can ask Wallace/Mark Bullen if that is true or not? 


In the end... Mr Wallace is not what he seems when you test him, his Bishop Bullen and his religious body to the Word. I have had the HUGE testing of his body up for over a year and not one correction or biblical rebuke has been offered by Bullen or Wallace. 
Why you ask?

Truth is NOT on their side.....we pray they repent as we love them all!

Do not be deceived

Let us know how we can help you and please see our bible resources below....

God be praised


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