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Gregory Williams His Holy Church Tested to God's Word

To see Gregory Williams of His Holy Church Tested to God's Word go here:

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His Holy Church Gregory Williams Tested to God's Word

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We were contacted by a man on the east coast to test this man and ministry called "His Holy Church", Gregory Williams as its general overseer. After speaking with the man and covering the gospel; we decided we did need to test this religious body. 

We did some history study on Gregory Williams, he is a man who once was roman catholic and saw through their lies and left them. He then asked God for insight as he said there "MUST BE SOMETHING MORE" ( that is a warning sign as the bible/Christ was not enough for him or he did not have Christ at all? ) The next day he said law books showed up at his house and from there he built this ministry mixing God's Word with law resources. So do we all need law books to show up at our house so we can have eternal life in Christ? He then focused on linking up others to build God's kingdom on earth via his network. He does not have a testimony of biblical salvation, being born again but of one that says Christ and God's Word is NOT enough. Gregory needed more so he went off into the law and other hidden writings for "his brand" of truth. 

Note: This is common among cult groups that reject the bible and they go off to seek and create new truth out side of God's Holy Word. 

See him say it here in his own words in a video from 2011:


This is sad as Jesus said we live by every out of God's mouth in Matthew 4:4 ( the bible ) and Paul says we are COMPLETE in Christ (needing nothing more) see Colossians 2:10

Williams now says his goal is to help others in his Living Network ( which you join through his paper work!! Where is that in God's Word? ) Helping others is noble but he has made the aiding of others and rejecting the government welfare systems his MAIN goal and theology; not the saving cross and gospel of Christ or the full truth of God's Word. This is a sort of social gospel message at work here ( helping others but ignoring the biblical gospel of the cross ).  People will perish in his Living network as they will not be BORN OF GOD through the biblical gospel. See the gospel here:

Jesus said go (preach the gospel) and make disciples in Matthew 28:19 and if you study the gospel that Apostle Paul was ALL ABOUT the cross and Christ risen NOT all about just setting up networks to help each other. Gregory's focus is MONEY not the biblical truth and how to find salvation in Christ at the cross.  

Go do a word search in the epistles on the words: gospel and cross. You will see what Paul focused on and preached for the gospel. It was Christ crucified NOT setting up networks. Gregory makes Paul a liar and God incompetent! Read on to see why.

Note: Gregory's network sounds a lot like the "pyramid schemes" so common in the greedy fallen world. 

We went to his website and found a huge jumbled mass of sites and many different links and references all intertwining between articles not being able to discern one topic without reading various links upon links for the new words he uses. It is quite confusing really. We then emailed Gregory to discuss truth. The following biblical testing is a result of that and sadly; we cannot consider him a true biblical New testament body but one that has been devised by man (similar to many other cults that have come and gone ).

1) Gregory does NOT have a biblical gospel message on his website or in his "what we believe" on his website.  This is troubling as we could find NO talk or teaching on the cross of Christ by which men are redeemed. If we missed it please someone send it to us? This is VERY dis-concerning as that is THE corner stone of salvation and the way to know God for eternal life. 

***We could stop right here and say run from him as any claimed man of God who misses the gospel/cross of Christ is either deceived or a major deceiver?

But there is much more unbiblical going on here: 

2) Gregory and His Holy Church fail this 10 point bible test that has some of the marks of a true NT body: 

3) Gregory makes Apostle Paul ( called by Jesus Christ ) a liar,  poor teacher and a fool. He also makes God a bumbling creator. How you ask? Gregory would have you believe the gospel is setting up God's kingdom here on earth via his living network but the Apostle Paul did not focus on that nor did he preach or teach us to do that "and ignore" Christ and His cross. Did God fail to tell Paul correct theology? I think not!

*Gregory is serving a different god made of man not the One Paul proclaimed all over to the gentiles via the cross!!!! 

4) Gregory has theology of a preterist teaching and is focused on the gospel of the kingdom ( missing the cross of Christ ).  He even even belongs to a preterist group linked on his facebook page.

5) Gregory is anti government teaching which is counter to what the scriptures tell us in Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 to "obey the rulers over us" ( until it breaks Gods law of course / see Acts 5:29 ).

6) Gregory has developed a Living Network of like minded believers where you join and must fill out forms to be hooked into his network. ( hmmm... is there a money trial that leads back to Gregory?  It is all quite secretive so you decide.)

7) Gregory does NOT teach or instruct (those who join his living network) in the fullness of God's Word leading to holiness. On his sight he warns and forbids groups talking about doctrine or discussing what they disagree on. He says it causes division but that is exactly what Christ came to do...divide!
Luke 12:51

8) Gregory believes in hidden writings for his truth thus he is ADDING to the bible. Revelation 22 forbids this!

9) Gregory writes and sells his books on his website

10) Gregory believes in strange things like the temple in Ephesus was a world bank and the Holy festivals God had Israel doing were the FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Association ) of God back then.

11) Gregory says God's servants can't own land / he lives on a farm in Oregon and holds meetings there but says he does not own it and will not say who does? Someone told us / eluded that Gregory said ... it is in a trust fund but trusts are under the laws of the corrupt government correct? and Gregory warns against government.

12) Gregory twists the Greek and Hebrew to make his theology work. When asked on video about homosexuality he did not answer the question directly and then eluded "did they really stone people in the Old Testament"? (Meaning, were stones really thrown at all? More corrupt scripture twisting by him.) 

13) Gregory's facebook page is full of anti government items and much worldly immodesty and carnal foolishness. By this fruit and his lack of biblical teaching he is NOT a holy man but a worldly one.  Is he even born again? By his different gospel how could he be?  Paul said any "other gospel" is accursed in Galatians 1.

14) Gregory is feminized as he does not teach all truth for ladies.
See articles on that here:

15) Apostle Paul set up multiple elders ( men only ) to oversee God's true NT body in each town while Gregory appoints 1 minister ( via paper work and forms ) per area and he includes women! This too is sinful!
see this article on that topic:

16) Is this all about money? Gregory has a donate button so he takes money from ANYONE on the internet. You decide folks!

17) Gregory writes about and speaks highly of The Essenes ( a minor Jewish group in Jesus day ) and some legends say they have links to the mystical Talmudic writings of the Kabbalah. 

All of this makes Gregory far from the full truth of God's Word and thus a great danger so beware! 

Please understand that helping others is good and godly we do not deny that. But it can't come at the expense of deleting/editing the saving truth via the biblical gospel / the cross of Christ and obedience to all of His Word/doctrines. This is sinful and taking away from God's Holy Word and you are in great danger of God's Wrath for tampering with His Word. See Revelation 22.  

Do not be deceived by such men! 

Jesus warned they would come in the last days. See Matthew 24

Run from men like Gregory William's at His Holy Church and cling to Christ via God's Word and His Spirit alone!

We are here to help you......


Here is the Biblical gospel:

Most ministries are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body. Or they are following systems of man.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go here for audio teachings:

His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

God be praised

Hobby Lobby ( owner David Green ) Exposed

You may have heard of this large American hobby store franchise called Hobby Lobby. 

It is owned by David Green a well know wealthy Christian business man. While they sell many good and harmless products and have a tradition of being a Christian company / closing on Sunday so people can "go to church" ( which is not biblical as done today ) there is a very dark side to them.

We tested Mr Greens associations / theology and it is of the Word of Faith brand. So much so; he has donated millions to men/ministries many call heretics and false teachers. 

Is this a man a God fearing person should support?

To learn the truth about Hobby Lobby and David Green go here to our biblical testings:

Do not be deceived


Here is the Biblical gospel:

Most ministries are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go here for audio teachings:

His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

God be praised

The Way Church Andrew Green Exposed

To see why The Way Church tested / why Andrew Green is NOT a biblical Titus 1 elder go to this link:

God be praised

Andrew Green Evangelist Exposed

To see why Andrew is NOT a biblical Titus 1 elder go to this link:

God be praised

Highways and Hedges Ministries Exposed

I came across this ministry and felt the need to do a biblical testing if it to see if it was in line with God's Word. We did email Andrew but never heard from him....

Evangelist Andrew Green from The Way Church  is the man behind this ministry and when tested sadly; he fails the bibilical test in many ways:

1) He does not teach a biblical gospel but a seeker easy believe gospel

2) He does not pass this 10 point biblical test for a true New Testament body

3) He is a worldly carnal man as shown by his showing off his tattoo's, his likes on facebook ( MMA fighters, naked muscle men and vile hollywood movies ) That is not the fruit of a godly Titus 1 elder is it?

4) He is also facebook linked to and likes MANY false teachers of the Word of Faith heretic brand like Joel Osteen, Perry Stone, Todd White and Joyce Meyer. 

5) He is feminized and does not teach the fullness of truth for ladies ( biblical dress and head covering ) so the ladies in his body go on in much sin per God's Word

6) He keeps pagan holidays Christ-mass and easter and uses fleshly music to entertain and calls it... worship.

7) He has poor biblical teaching skills twisting scripture to meet his seeker theology ( examples: not judging sin, getting tattoo's and he claims God does not care how His people dress )

8) He is building up his ministry to "lift up himself" via pride filled ways like........ autographing things for people

9) He teaches "come to God as you are and the Lord will change you" but it is clear to see even he as the teacher there; is left unchanged in many areas like his theology, lack of solid bible teaching, his dress and his desire for the carnal things of this world as entertainment. 

10) He is using all the things of the false seeker sensitive movement to start and grow religious bodies like hosting movie nights showing occult laced offerings such as ... Star Wars.

Andrew posts crude videos of himself on the internet like this one of him shooting at a shirt; that represents terrorists. 

While this may make him popular on the social media sites; it in NO WAY makes him a biblical Titus 1 holy elder at all. 

Go here to hear a audio that exposes this ministry/man
(use control F to find it )

In the end; Highways and Hedges along with Andrew Green / The Way Church in Tennessee are not biblical. They are simply religious systems made of man that are appealing to the fallen world that wants eternal life; but they do not want to OBEY all of God's Word in holiness. That is easy to see if you test him.....

Please be warned of such places and the men who lead them. Again they may be very popular in this fleshly culture; but they are not pleasing to a Holy God.

The links below will help you in the true biblical faith, the true gospel and how to live a holy life for God; not a carnal compromised one. 

Let us know how we can help you?


Here is the Biblical gospel:

Most ministries are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go here for audio teachings:

His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

God be praised