Jeff Friesen Hebron Bible Church Exposed

To see Jeff tested to God's Word ( he failed ) when I visited him to share outside of his building in June 2018, go to this link:

Please repent of false unbiblical places such as this....

Let us know if we can help you?

God be praised!


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Hebron Bible Church Tested to God's Word


We drove past this religious body on our mission trip then decided to come back and do some ministry in the park across the street. I then went over and tried to talk about the gospel with them that led to their modern pastor coming out....

In testing this body to God's Word...  we see they are NOT biblical but in sin for these reasons:

1) they teach a Calvinistic heretical gospel of once saved always saved. This is a false gospel and see it exposed here:

2)  They have all the ear marks of a man made religious system not God's truth and holiness.
See this 10 point test that exposes them:

3) They are VERY feminized and paganized and their pastor allows it. We pray people repent of such ways and come into the truth of Gods NT body and His Word. We love them so we speak out to them for God's glory.

4) Jeff is a worldly carnal undiscerning man into vile sports ( like football ) and ungodly guitar music/Bob Dylan and he promotes mystic false teacher John Piper. By his fruit, Jeff is NOT a Titus 1 holy godly elder at all......

Jeff their modern false pastor tried to tell me the following:

*That Paul was like Calvin and Luther.... a murderer
( but Paul repented ....they never did )

*He tried to tell me ladies covering is her long hair, then as short haired ladies piled out he said it was just her air. So I asked when will he shave his head to be uncovered? He had NO answer...

*He allowed a bold feminist lady get in my face right as he and I spoke over God's Word. He refused to tell her to be quite as God commands in the body of Christ.

*He tried to tell me John 3:16 teaches eternal security when it does not and he had NO answer for the verses MANY that teach other wise. 

*He tried to tell me that Jesus teaching in Matt 6 to forgive or not be forgiven which refutes his calvinism; was not for Christians, but Jews only? 

Jeff is VOID of God's full truth and shows the signs common in a wolf and false teacher... per God's Word!

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God be praised

Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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Anabaptists ( Amish/Mennonites) NOT Keeping the Greatest Commands

Please listen to this audio that shows how anabaptists are NOT keeping the 2 greatest commands and are in fact in much sin!

use control F an type....  anabaptist's not keeping

God be praised


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R C Sproul Tested to God's Word

Update Dec 2017

RC's ministry Ligioneer just appointed Al Mohler a fellow. 

In truth Al is a "unbiblical fellow" with questionable theology and false associations like embracing.... heretics like Rick Warren! 

How very sad.

read on ...

******************************************* R C Sproul is a famous preacher with a large following so we felt the need to do a biblical testing of him to God's Word. Was he a biblical man? We shall see.......

After a brief research time we can report the following about his ministry and teachings.

RC was the pastor of this massive / expensive man made temple St. Andrews Church

Note: they went into debt ( $17 million ) to build it when the bible says owe no man anything and in truth; God does not dwell in temples made by mans hands does He?

Moving on.....

 1) RC was into keeping man made evangelical religion with all of its false traditions and unbiblical ways. See this 10 point test that exposes them:

2) RC was a Calvin-ist thus he had a false gospel. See the biblical gospel here:

3) RC had various false unbiblical associations like his unity with false teacher John MacArthur. See John M tested here:

4) RC has been accused of ecumenicalism uniting with the roman church ways and false men like Bill Hybels and Chuck Colson in the past.

5) RC was into the occult science of psychology uniting and promoting men who use it in ministry. ( James Dobson )

6) RC lifted up the murderous and heretical reformers like Luther and Calvin. See them exposed here:

7) RC was the modern pastor of a Presbyterian church and they do NOT model the true NT body Christ ordained. See this article on the true body of Christ:

8) RC practiced and defended the pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter. See them exposed here:

9) RC was part of or in leadership at colleges/seminaries that teach MANY false man made ways. 

10) RC started and led the unbiblical ministry called Ligonier Ministries that taught many flawed and false ways like Calvinism 

11) RC defended and practiced baby baptism ( like the roman catholics do )

12) RC has much feminism in his religious body.

What more can we say?

Even though he did write some books and had teachings that contained biblical truth, we could NOT promote him as he also had various heretical / false ways about him in many areas. 
This is not uncommon for men/leaders who keep man made Sunday evangelical religion and its false ways.

Scripture says to reject such men NOT embrace them. Romans 16.17

Please test yourself ( 2 Corinthians 13:5 ) then repent of all your false ways and man made religion to walk in spirit and truth. John 4:24

We are here to help you, see our resources below.

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:

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His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

119 Ministries / Hebrew Root False Teachers

* The following info is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!
We have contacted those involved to share the truth with them and if they ever reply back we share that here as well.

Note; If any of this info is incorrect please contact me and it will be removed and adjusted.

See the link at the bottom of the page for contact info.


Note: We are not Sunday religious people nor do we keep pagan holidays of Christ-mass Easter. We reject man made religion of denominational-ism and we seek the true NT body that Christ ordained. We also reject the false hebrew root ministries so please read on to see why?


There is a ministry called 119 Ministries that is teaching the false Hebrew Root theology to many people today. These men are gentiles going around wearing tassels, rejecting pork and keeping the Saturday Sabbath. They can do those things but they teach that you should keep the Torah (even as a gentile) if you want to be fully obedient to God. This is a rather NEW movement and only the last few decades has it come on very strong but it is gaining much speed with a large following and it is a real danger for sure.

It seems these HR ministries are preying on undiscerning men and woman many who have come out of the false and unbiblical ways of denominationalism. Sadly most of them, being disappointed in man made religion, have run from that ditch into the terrible Hebrew Root ditch that is not much better in the end. (We have had personal experience with some of the HR people ourselves.)

What is most hypocritical about groups like 119 Ministries is they will not eat pork, keep the Saturday sabbath, do many festivals and wear tassels (they even sell them for $19.95) but when asked about keeping all the law like; stoning children, wearing the word on their foreheads, going to Israel annually for feasts and putting out their wives as unclean during their monthly period, they all make ways to NOT do them. They do not cling to ALL of the Torahs ways today and they know it. They are very hypocritical in this! Please understand folks as they well know; you CANNOT even keep all the OT law today. The Temple and priesthood of the Levites are all gone so it cannot be kept as God commanded it to be. The book of James says if you don't keep them all you break them all. (James 2:10) 

We recently came across one of their deceptive facebook posts and decided to comment on it and do this article. In this post they are making the case that the Apostle Paul (who did some of the OT law) was a man who was also then teaching that the gentiles must "keep the Old Testament law" just as the Israelite Christian's were doing in the first century. Here is their post:

( they deleted my post that challenged their teaching on it )

Here they use Acts 21:24 and make a point about Paul going and doing a Nazarite oath with some other men in the Temple.  (This was a one time act in the New Testament Word and no details are giving about exactly what took place there.....)

"Them take, and purify thyself with them, and be at charges with them, that they may shave their heads: and all may know that those things, whereof they were informed concerning thee, are nothing; but that thou thyself also walkest orderly, and keepest the law".

To be clear, we do not deny and indeed agree that the first century believers (most of them were Israelite's) were keeping various Torah law that they had been raised under. That is NOT the major issue/difference we have with 119 ministries at all. The real false teaching they continue to proclaim (which is VERY unbiblical) is that the OT law that the Jews were doing in that time, is still for all of us gentiles to keep today.  We would reject this based on scripture that is given by God to us. 
How do we know this you may ask?

Jesus said in Matthew 26 He gave us a NEW covenant and in Hebrews 7:12 it says:  For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.

So we have a NEW covenant and the law changed. What does the NEW Covenant Word tell us as gentiles what we are to keep?

If 119 ministries would just keep reading in Acts 21 the very next verse 25 says this:
 As touching the Gentiles which believe, we have written and concluded that they observe no such thing, save only that they keep themselves from things offered to idols, and from blood, and from strangled, and from fornication.

This text is clearly an echo from Acts 15, were the Apostles/Elders Counsel told the gentiles they DID NOT have to keep the OT law but only follow those guidelines given to them. So the very scripture they use to deceive people into clinging to and doing the old law exposes their flawed theology completely. 

Let's be very clear the OT law was given to Israel before Christ had come. Today the Temple is gone, the blood sacrifice for man's sin is gone and the levite priesthood is gone as well due to Christ's cross. What was in the old law was a shadow of Him to come and it has waxed away and it is not for gentile believers to hold to today. (If someone wants to do them today that is up to them but they cannot teach it must be done as the New Testament teaches NO SUCH THING for gentiles! It simply cannot be found in the Holy NT Word)

What else does the NEW writings tell us about the old law?
In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.  Hebrews 8:13 

Please be very careful of these Hebrew Root unbiblical teachers and this dangerous 119 ministry. They use deception, lots of unrelated info, flashy videos, they trample the New writings of Paul, they use suggestions not based in truth and in this: they come very close to ADDING or TAKING AWAY from God's Word at times. Both the Torah in Duet and Revelation forbids that!

Note: they sell their religious goods via the internet on the Saturday Sabbath they teach about. Does this seem hypocritical?

Check out this article HERE where we expose some of their troubling tactics used on other issues and we refute them using the Holy Word of God in full.

This is another article HERE regarding Hebrew Root false theology.

The Apostle Paul preached the cross over and over as he told the gentile church (not to cling to the Torah) to cling to the HOPE of Christ (Hebrews 10:25). 

Biblical truth matters and do not be deceived by these modern day Judaizer types like 119 Ministries. They lack a biblical gospel of Christ's cross and so according to Galatians 1, they are accursed.

We hope this article has helped you see through such ill ways.
Go to our website where we use God's Word to expose false man made religion and poor theology like the Hebrew Root false ways.

We care about others and hope they repent of these serious errors and follow the true NT body that Christ ordained and NOT man made false ways with its lies that can damn souls.
(Revelation 22:14-15 says much about practicing lies.)

Our goal is call others out of error, warn of man made ritual religion/false gospels and into the FULL truth of God's Word,
all for His glory.........

Please click HERE to read or listen to the gospel good news and how to gain eternal life.

God be praised.
To contact us please go to our main ministry site.

Revelation 2:5
Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lamp stand from its place.

Morgans Baptist Church Bedford Virginia Tested to God's Word.

Someone asked us to test this body so we are looking into it for them.  

* They belong to the Southern Baptist Convention which has many unbiblical ways. See an article that exposes them:

* They have the modern pastor Jason Arthur who promotes Joyce Meyer, Ray Comfort and is his home is not in biblical order. See our page that exposes false teachers:

* They are feminized: Women are not biblically dressed nor headcovered. See articles for women here:

* They promote instrumental music for entertainment.
See the article that exposes that:

* They support the Agape Center which does many good deeds but they promote the pagan holiday Christmas.
Read about pagan holidays here:

* They encourage the separation of the youth from the body.

* This link will help you...

Check out our 10 Point biblical test below which they don't pass.
They have the sinful ways of man made religion and are not a true New Testament body of Christ, please beware of such places.  

See our bible resources below to help you into all truth and we sell nothing nor do we want anyone's money! We love God and our neighbor so we tall the truth. Let us know how we can help you in the faith.....

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
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Josh Rodd and His Unbiblical Ananbaptist Ways

I saw this post by a Josh Rodd of Ohio on a FB page:

* It appears he is friends with Matthew Milioni and his wife...
See him tested here:
So I messaged Josh and we ended up talking on the phone.

Here is what I learned from Josh: 

*I asked him where are all these quality biblical fellowships and he told me he just looks for one in a town and says... "this is good enough"
( he had no verses to back up his good enough theology when asked )

*I offered him to show me these biblical fellowships near me, he has not done so to date? He actually tried to back peddle on his quote on FB.

*He first admitted and said quote "Matthew is a hot head and says many things that are incorrect and he has many issues with him" ( it was nice to have a confirmation on this from another man) though he later defended Matthew and he is still united to him and Josh is in sin for doing so per Titus 3:9-10 / Rom 16;17 / Matt 18

*Josh told me the gospel was first preached on the sermon of the mount and he got upset when I tried to corrected him. ( no, it was first preached to Abraham, per Paul) 

*Josh defended the use of MENNO's name ( he has been a mennonite in the past and will still unite with them) 

*Josh said we need to go to church on Sunday ( no such command exists in scripture not even Heb 10:25....  )
See its real meaning here:

*Josh told me I cannot know and stand on God's Word to judge rightly?
( later as he judged me .. I asked how can he do this and he refused to answer??? )

*Josh told me I need some OTHER authority then the Word??
( he had no verses to back this up when asked )

*I have screen captures of Josh on forums calling out Sattler college/FOTW as not being biblical but he told me I cant make those claims about other men and religious bodies. he seems very hypocritical.

See Followers of the Ways tested here: Sattler exposed here as unbiblical: 

*Josh told me I need to be more kind/loving to others I disagree with, as he called me goofy, a non Christain SNAKE?? ( how loving huh? )

* Josh showed he is a man follower... how? 
He told me "that men like me, kept him from God for 32 years". If he was pursuing the Lord and truth, how does ANY man keep you from God? It seems Josh is still following men today ( vs the Word )  in his compromised Good enough anabaptist body that he admits has and keeps sin. 

*Josh is on the internet/FB talking theology with other men's wives: is this biblical?

*Josh even said at one point that doctrine does not matter but following Jesus does. He could not answer how can you follow the right Jesus without doctrine/instruction to do so??? Paul taught doctrine all over.... )

*Josh like most all anabaptist think it is prideful and arrogant to test and call out sin in teachers and religious bodies. ( I guess that makes Jesus and Paul and Peter....  prideful and arrogant too )

In the end, Josh is a very unbiblical, hypocritical man. He will break from a man standing on truth (me) because I am impartial 1 Tim 5:21 on who I call out; but he will stay untied to Matthew ( and many others ) who he admits is in heresy, false teaching and lacks the fruit of the spirit. see Gal 5. 

This is the fruit of a GOOD ENOUGH man made false theology like he holds to.... 

Birds of a feather do flock together I guess...  
Feathered Pharisees in this case!

I pray Josh repents.... as I do love him but cannot receive him due to his sins/false ways. Titus 3:9-10

I do this testing so people will see the ill fruit of these men/systems and RUN from fellowship with them... till they repent. 

See our biblical resources below to help you in the faith:

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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