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Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall Eldon Missouri Exposed

Jan 2018

We had some business to do and through it we met Wesley Trimborn of Eldon Mo. I mentioned to Wes we had a ministry and he began to ask me many biblical questions. After a time, I gave him our gospel tract and he went and got his own info. Turns out Wes is a Jehovah Witness ready to spread their unbiblical ways so I am writing about him here. 

I began to lovingly tell Wes that we care about him and his wife I fear you for him as the JW faith is born of man in the late 1800's, it has perverted the Word of God and is deceiving millions to their destruction. I offered Wes to sit down and go to the Word where I could show him how his faith has changed the bible to meet their false teachings but, he declined to do so. I gave him much truth to consider and we left them. While Wes remained faithful to his JW false faith, I felt it was wise to place the facts here so anyone seeking truth could find and be spared from their false ways.

Here are the facts I gave Wes to show him he is being deceived:

1) The JW faith just came along in the later 1800's and it was invented by a man Russell, not ordained God. Where was the truth for 1800 years and do they mean Jesus failed in preserving it for those who came along after Him? It is rank heresy!

2) The JW faith taught from the late 1800's to 1935 that ONLY 144,000 people are going to heaven per Revelation. This false teaching created many issues for them. As their numbers grew past the 144,000 number, they had to MAKE UP doctrine to cover the issue. How sad!

3) They had to rewrite the Holy bible to make their ill theology fit.
It is called the New World Translation and they twist the original languages to make them meet their ill theology to deceive people.

4) Wes and the JW faith have a false gospel, they deny who Christ is saying He was ONLY a man, not God Himself thus they are hopeless for repemdtion / salvation.

5) Wes claimed they do have ladies head cover in church services but when a lady is praying to God in silent pray during the day, it is NOT prayer so they do not need to cover? Chapter and verse Wes? 

6) Wes claimed Jehovah is the REAL name for God but did not know God had MANY names in the OT and NT Word. There are actually hundreds of names of God in the scriptures. 

7) It is obvious Wes does not have his home in full biblical order per God's Word

8) It is reported that their founder Charles Russell was into occultism and the pagan Egyptian pyramids. 

9) Wes believes Jesus was a created man and he totally disputed that Jesus said, He was before Abraham and He said... I am.  The very words God's used to Moses. Here is that verse so we all can be aware of it:

Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.
57 Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham?
58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.
59 Then took they up stones to cast at him: but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by.
John 8

Why did the Jews pick up stones to stone him? 

Earlier in John 5 it says this:

Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God.

I then gave Wes the best evidence yet, John 1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

They just respond by, editing God's Word to say Jesus was "a" god. But that is an issue as in Dueteronomy it says He is God and there is no other gods. see our article below.

I lovingly told Wes we had a testing of the JW faith already on our website and I am happy to make time to sit and go deep in truth. Sadly he said he was not interested in testing himself. As we left Wes was kind and he tried to make it all ok by wanting to shake hands and agree to disagree but, that is NOT how it works. He is spewing false ways and I am commanded in the Word to NOT say God speed to any false teachers. ( though we care about them )

If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into yourhouse, neither bid him God speed:

2 John 1

 Later Wes text me and said several things: 
First, he claimed I was wrong and hateful for being that way as Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 3 to separate from a brother in sin but, treat him as a brother, not a enemy.
If he would look at the context there it is referring to a true brother who is born of the biblical Christ ( God ) not a cult member of the JW faith who denies Christ is God. See Romans 16.17 that says MARK them.

Also, Wes said as proof he has the truth, google most accurate bible translation and his New World bible comes up first.

While that is true it does come up first, it is NO indicator that they have truth at all. I text him back and told him to google and type  unbiblical teachers and my website comes up first, and it does. 
So does that #1 spot mean I, Jim have ALL truth? NO, it only means in the internet world of software, programs and algorithms we have been around long enough with traffic to be number #1 in searches. 

Wes does not know that God's Word is what defines truth NOT google ranks! 

While this tactic may deceive naive house wives, undiscerning men and teenagers, it will not deceive one who knows God's Word and Jesus as Lord and Savior. 

Interestingly that very google search that comes up proves what I was telling him. In that wikepidia article it has scholars who say:

*the new world bible translators took far too much liberty and placed the name Jehovah all over the New Testament when the manuscripts do not show this. 

*also scholars say it is a solid translation in places but in areas of the deity of Christ they have altered it to meet their theology and not the truth of the manuscript texts. 

*also right under that first google search, is a article that says it is the NASV that is THE most accurate? 

Please do not trust google, me or Wes with your soul folks.
Cling to God's unedited version not a cults version. 

The New World is just another BAD cult translation of man made false religion. 

Wes also texted and said I am wrong to have my hatred for false religious systems. ( I told him I love the people but I hate they heretical systems and their lies and work to destroy those systems ) Wes needs to go read where Jesus made a whip for the false money grubbers in John 2 or Matthew 23 where Christ calls the false teaching Pharisees many harsh names like woe to you hypocrites and vipers or what about this Psalm:

Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.
Psalm 119:104

Wes showed his hypocritical unbiblical side when he text again that I should NOT test and mark those I find that are unbiblical on my website. He said it is the JW hope that people will just read God's Word and decide what they want to believe. 

That is so very wrong for these reasons.

*Per 1 Thessalonians 5:21 we are to test all things.
*Ephesians 5 says expose evil.
*Per Romans 16:17 we are to mark false teachers
*JW's are rabid about going door to door to rope people into their heretic system NOT just get you to read God's Word. Remember they edited and wrote a entire NEW bible to trick you into their false faith.

Note: they took out the word US in Genesis to meet their NO 3 in 1 God theology, see our article below.

Sadly men like Wes while being nice and kind,  are in fact of the devil ( or used by him)  and rooted in JW false ways and NOT God's true and Living Word. The Apostle Paul would call them ACCURSED........ go read Galatians 1

Did you know:
Satan comes as an angel of light not a ugly mean guy with horns and a pitch fork. see 2 Corinthians 11:4

If you go to the article link below it will show you with details the key heretical areas on the JW faith that exposes them.

*A false gospel ( Jesus in NOT God )
*They deny the 3 in one God
*They have added to and taken away from God's truth by editing the bible to please their false ways ( New World translation )


In closing, I asked Wes who his elders were and I would contact them with questions. He said they are there for people but will NOT argue of dispute. Really? Wes and his elders need to read Acts where Apostle Paul disputed with the Jews over truth. I guess if you HAVE the real truth, you believe it is worth disputing over. In truth, I know the JW faith and they really just look to find the easy mark people that will swallow their poison pill of heretical ways and join in their demise march to damnation. 

Do NOT be deceived folks... they have NOT the full truth.

Here is the biblical gospel they and all people need to gain eternal life: https://www.dontperish.com/the-gospel.html

Go here to see a video about this Jehovah Witness witnessing event that I have placed on the internet as a teaching moment:
We care and want better for Wes, his wife and them all so we pray they will test and repent while they still can. We are here for them if they do.

God be praised



Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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Eternal Evangelism Jimmy Miller Exposed


Before you read this testing please know this:
We at dontperish.com are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others.


I was contacted by someone who asked us about this man and ministry. Since we had not heard of him, we looked him up and began researching his teachings. I emailed Jimmy and asked him to discuss biblical truth. He answered and said he was happy to email back but he was in a busy time and would get back to me.

He even commented on some points and praised us when I made comments about others teaching falsely.  I then followed up and told him up front I was doing a biblical testing of his ministry and asked if I could use his replies in my testing and that I saw some troubling unbiblical issues. Not 30 minutes went by and he called me. He told me I was only out to do a hit piece on him and we was too busy to talk with me. I asked him if he was refusing to talk biblical truth and he said he does not answer to me and he hung up. If you read on you will see why Jimmy is acting as a hypocrite here and he does indeed have unbiblical issues. 

For the following reasons Jimmy is in major sin and others need to be warned about it:

1) Jimmy teaches the unbiblical Ransom theory for a false gospel. He believes God paid off satan with Jesus death to free man, not forgive sins via the blood. Miller refuses to accept or preach the blood of Christ / Him dying / shedding blood for the forgiveness of sins. Here is his quote denying the atonement of Christ's blood at the cross:

Jimmy is teaching and trusting in His works for his righteousness and that will NOT gain him eternal life to come.  

Please see this article that refutes this false gospel and discusses the ransom theory:

Because of this this Jimmy is accursed per Galatians 1 and his false gospel. 

2)  Jimmy teaches the heresy of replacement theology ( that the church replaces Israel and God is done with that nation ) Often those who cling to this are accused of being anti-semitic and in this case, it seems fair. Miller has on his website as of Jan 12th 2018 under the title "The Truth About Zionism", a 1 hour long video of Miko Peled ( a known anti-Israel speaker ) 

In it Miko says King David never existed, meaning the bible is a lie!  Also in the video Peled rails on Israel and he makes excuses/ basically supports terrorism from Palestine. Peled has compared Israel to Nazis and says they should NOT have a nation at all. Go here to see to the video clip we preserved for yourself:


The screen capture below speaks for itself.

It is shameful a so called man of God ( Jimmy Miller ) would promote and give time to others who demean God's Holy Word and speak to destroy Israel as a nation.  

 3) Jimmy seems to have bought into bishop Mark Bullen of Living Faith Christian Fellowship in Missouri as he has Marks teachings all over his website. I have known and tested Mark over the years and he has MANY unbiblical ways. I told Jimmy this and I even have emails from Miller saying Mark does indeed lord over others. But in a hypocritical act when Jimmy called me he said, "Mark has the liberty to be lording over others". That is NOT what Jesus taught in Matthew 20 when he said DON'T lord over others!

See Mark Bullen tested here:

4) When I looked into Jimmy's pastor in Africa ( where Jimmy feeds the poor ) I found he had MANY word of faith heretic teachers liked in facebook. I told Jimmy this and he got mad then the pastor deleted them all? (the Word of Faith is HUGE in Africa) 

5) Jimmy has the fruit of a hypocrite and here is why. On his website he says this:

"When I see error, I will expose it, and I hope a true brother or sister of mine would do the same for me, it’s not popular to do, but a command from God to keep His word and truth pure and un-defiled from the teachings of men! Remember, their blood will be on your hands if you don’t."


"To contend earnestly, one must be grounded in the truth, and be willing with an open and honest heart to seek the truth when presented to them, otherwise you will be open to the spirit of error, and the strong delusion God promised to send to those who love not the truth!"

Yet, when I tried to show him his error, he ran into the dark. ( Even a man who knows of him told me he was surprised that Jimmy would not talk truth! )

Also Jimmy emailed me this about some testings I did of others BEFORE he knew I was going to test him. 

"BTW brother... I reviewed a few blog posts of yours and I have to say... praise the LORD! I separated from Kerrigan Skelly years ago and John McGlone too. Long stories but I wanted to say your biblical rebukes are spot on. Maybe someday we can speak more about them.
They are railers, false teachers, etc and are all ecumenical to the max! They will call out everyone but their "own". If one has a bullhorn and/or a banner with a pointy finger, they are "A-OK" in their book. Sad. They will never take reproval either.  I posted this rebuke publically in December 2016."

Again, Jimmy liked me testing and calling out others but NOT testing him. How hypocritical!!!

Note: all over Jimmy's facebook page is him liking FB pages that expose other false teachers. More hypocrisy in him.

Jesus hates hypocrites Jimmy. Read Matthew 23.

6) Jimmy ( by his words ) told me he believes in the liberty to sin.

He said "the narrow road has two yellow lines and as long as you are in between them,  your fine". Chapter and verse please Jimmy?
Does your hypocrisy or your adding to God's Word with the ransom theory and your false gospels keep you on the narrow road Jimmy? No, it does not if you won't repent and so he
 is in great danger!

7) His teachings border on the edge of the heresy called sinless perfection. As proof see his quotes in his article Does God Clean Us Up:

See this article on that refutes that topic here:

8) Jimmy talks a lot about how much food is wasted in America and he knows how many people starve daily ( both terrible indeed) but per God's Word we are to be about TRUTH and DOCTRINE not just helping others. (It seems to be a works based gospel of Jimmys but it wont save him or anyone.)

In the end, Jimmy Miller's fruit says he is just too busy and has no time to be concerned with God's truth. ( he told me so... ) He has hungry mouths to feed in Africa ( which is a good thing to do ) but what gospel is he feeding them I ask? And will they gain eternal life via the blood of Christ or suffer due Millers ill works based righteousness false gospel. I fear for them all.

I place this testing here to warn others who may work with him or be influenced by his false doctrines. We pray he repents and gets in all truth. If and when Jimmy publically repents of these issues this testing will come down. Till then he is marked per Romans 16.17

Please see our bible resources below to help you in the faith and let us know how we can help you?

God be praised



Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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Global Mission For Children Jimmy Miller Tested to God's Word

To see Jimmy tested to God's Word and his false gospel / Israel hating exposed go here:


God be praised


Ri Konetski And His False Gospel Exposed

Note: before reading this please know we are called out saints, our ladies/men dress biblical and woman head cover, we hate the entertainment and carnality of the world. We left man made denominational Sunday religion to serve God in spirit and truth as home fellowship saints. John 4:24
We have a teaching blog and discernment website to teach and warn you in love about false ways of men all for God's glory.


After I posted this testing, Ri saw it and emailed me several times but nothing has changed. He has doubled down in His false gospelc/ unbiblical associations. He is sadly so deceived, he says Jesus told him people will hate His followers so he is taking my rebuke of his false ways and Jesus words out of context to believe it is persecution.Yes, he is that un-discerning.  

1 ) I don't hate Ri at all as I showed love to try and reach him. 

2) Anyone who looks past/ignores the cross/blood of Christ, is NOT born in Christ at all. 

How sad.... 

read on to Ri Konetski tested as a warning to all. 


In Sept 2016 a man called me after finding our dontperish website. His name was Ri Konetski from Oregon. We were out on a mission trip not far from from him at the time ( Idaho ) 
We talked some and at first things were going well until we got deeper in the Word. He got upset several times about the truth I brought but he admitted he needed to hear them. But in time I raised the issue to him about his and his wife's jobs (zip lines and immodesty photography ) and that it may not be wise to continue in them for God's glory. He chose to not address it biblically and that lead to a Matthew 18 split between Ri and I and that was that. 

Then more recently ( Dec 2017 ) a whole series of events led my path right back to Ri. (During ministry we ran into a whole bunch of men who look like bible dressed preachers, sold all their things and were preaching a false gospel. After researching them, we found Ri was now connected to them via his own FB posts. 

Because I never stopped caring for Ri, I emailed him and asked him how he was and if I could assist him in anyway? 
He was rather cold to be honest and I then asked to discuss some troubling issues with him but first, would he post to me what the gospel was, how do you find eternal life and to be very detailed. 

The following is what he posted to me as the complete gospel:

"Sincere repentance toward God, and obedience of Faith Toward Jesus Christ that is expressed in obedience to His Teachings and that of the apostles. ( gospel of the kingdom)  The teachings of Jesus is the practical commandment and commentary on the Love of God and of your neighbor, that fulfills the righteousness of the law through faith and love.  This faith is what God honored in all mankind, and in all ages. to hear, trust and obey God. True saving faith works righteousness and dies to self, and pleases God, because it conforms a believer into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, by His Holy word and Spirit. He that knows Jesus, keeps his commandants and walks in the light and does righteousness and is perfected in the love of God,  a true believer who abides in Jesus and his words, brings forth fruit and worships God in truth and in Spirit. This is not a knowledge or intellectual based life, neither sectarian, but rather of power of godliness by the holy Spirit, filled with good works and true charity, and sincere faith, good and pure conscience, and a hope of resurrection.  Jesus promises that them who obey Him and keep His words, to manifest in their lives and to teach them all truth and to comfort them through the Holy Spirit".

If you read this and you understand the biblical gospel Apostle Paul was trained by Christ to proclaim to us all, you will find there is NO new life (born again) no cross of Christ / blood sacrifice in his gospel. It is loosely based in Christ's sermon on the mount ways and then a works based righteousness gospel.  

This proved to me my concern and what I saw in other men was true. Ri has adopted a cross-less gospel that relies not on the blood of Christ. It is a works based gospel of the kingdom and thus it is a false gospel per Galatians 1. It is accursed!

When I asked Ri about his cross / blood less gospel I asked him some questions:

*How are his sins forgiven?
* Where did Apostle Paul ever preach the gospel of the kingdom? (Paul never once used that term.)
*Paul preached Christ crucified so why don't you Ri?

He emailed back, did not answer the questions and basically he threw Paul and the cross into the dirt and said "he follows Jesus and His apostles words" then he said it is was fruitless to go on with me and he left me. Ri went off and hid in the dark vs reasoning in the Holy Word and showing what I was saying was incorrect. This is the sign of a cult per his own opinion. (See his testimony about his time in a cult at the end of this post.) 

Yes it was fruitless for him as I was lovingly exposing his false gospel he has adopted with these men that he cannot support in the full Word of God. 

You see Ri had or has found himself united to now ( or in the past ) men like Elliot Nesch, Mike Carrier and Andrew Green. (Men who teach this ill blood-less gospel ) 
Here is Ri (on the right) with Andrew Green as proof of the association

These long tunics are a marker/sign of the group he is now in as Ri did NOT dress this way in the past. The tunics are fine, but it is his false gospel and associations that I need to warn you about! 

After I researched Ri more I found this seems to be his way. He bounces around on the internet looking for religious types. He used to post anabaptist things, he was in a cult, called me, he hooked up with these false gospel types. 
Yes, Ri was even involved in a cult with a man who says he is Christ in 2014. 
Note: see Ri's own testimony about it at the end of this post that he or someone had posted on a discernment website that exposed this cult.

This all shows Ri is NOT stable in his theology but is a double minded man. 

These men he is now linked to are:

1) Out in the world preaching a blood less gospel and no new life (born again) that cannot save. ( The book of Hebrews says there is NO remission of sin with a blood sacrifice. )

Marc Carrier ( Andrew Green with him ) who Ri links to teach the heretical ransom theory. ( God had to pay off satan??? )
See it refuted here:


2) They have unbiblical ways in Africa that include claims of massive healing events, casting out demons all over the place and Mark Carrier ( with Andrew Green ) claims he can call down the Holy Spirit per his FB page accounts. 
*Carrier believes people can and will PUKE out demons! 
Also, he includes Apostles and prophets for today. They are often REBUKING demons in Jesus name and telling people they have evil curses from their families! ( this is not biblical at all.... ) 

Note: I will do a biblical testing of these other men involved to be posted here come so stay tuned......

All of this is very troubling and we want to in love warn others who may encounter these men. 

Paul said mark those in unbiblical doctrine so we are marking them! See Romans 16.17

Yes they look godly, they are living in poverty, feeding the poor and they seem to be all about serving God but, they are LYING to you about how to gain eternal life so please be warned. Just as denominational evangelicals are in a ditch of lawless, Ri and his types are in the ditch of works based righteous-ness that will NOT save them! 

Here is a refuting article I did against a false gospel of the Kingdom teacher ( like Ri ) that started all these events involving Ri. 

Please do not be fooled by these false men. They are taking 70% of the New testament word and tossing it in the garbage when Jesus said we live by ALL of Gods Word, see Matt 4:4 .

God's Word is true and Jesus Christ makes NO mistakes. He Himself called Apostle Paul to preach and what did Paul preach for the salvation of men?

But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

1 Corinthians 1.23

RI's gospel of the kingdom is a perversion/editing of God's full Word so do not be deceived by it! You must come through the blood of Christ for salvation and do not think your works of the kingdom will spare you from your past present or future sins. 
(We indeed obey His Word as FRUIT we are His not as WORKS to be saved.)

Please see our biblical resources and the BIBLICAL gospel below on how to find eternal life then let us know how we can help you?

God be praised



Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
Spirit and Truth Teaching Blog http://spiritandtruthdiscernment.blogspot.com/
Go here for audio teachings:


Ri's own testimony of his time in a cult in 2014:
( it is on a internet site as of this date Jan 2018 )
Ri Konetski,-   
The testimony of my personal time and experience with the Scriptures Alone Bible School, and Martin Richling.
Part 1

“I came across this guy on youtube, after watching few of his videos I gave him a phone call to ask him few bible questions. He seemed calm and friendly and he invited me to listen to some of his bible school teachings. He gave me the password to access the teachings on his website because they were private. I was listening to lessons about the authority of the King James Bible, which I do believe and agree with and I was encouraged. Later on I added him as a friend on Facebook, and he invited me to join his bible school, which is online, and to fellowship with other of his students on their private Facebook group. Later I learned that this Facebook group is also his online church and he was their pastor.

He strongly demanded that people would listen to the lessons, read their bibles at least an hour a day in a certain way,  and would post the homework on the Facebook group,  Soon in the group I started seeing posts from Martin Richling, that a certain member of the church/school would be kicked out, all had to de-friend him and sometimes even block from Face book,  everybody did that with no questions asked, ( what about Galatians 6:1) Some people wouldn't get the update right away, and they would get in trouble for not immediately de-friending as was commanded.

I thought , well, his school his rules, so I went on with the teachings and lessons, and bible reading. I was faithfully reading the bible as I was told, listening to the lessons, and posting homework, and fellowshipping as it was expected of me. I knew it was scriptural to submit to the elder, because they are ( supposed to be) watching for our souls, and to honor them, so I did just that. ( I took this school seriously,  my wife is a witness)  I had few minor concerns, but I went on, only later I learned that I was not allowed to have doubts or concerns about Martin Richling.

He claimed that he is perfectly established in the faith, and we ( the students) are not. For us it would take 3 to 5 years because that's what it took him when he was in prison.  Since he was claiming to be perfectly established in the faith, he claimed that he is teaching bible correctly without a single error, and that he doesn't sin anymore in his thoughts and members, and eventually we would achieve the same point, and it was implied, that until we do we have no room correcting and questioning him.  I was a bit alarmed by this.

Then I saw more people getting  kicked out of the school/church , and also more added. There were various reasons why they got kicked out, some for disagreement, some for not being on Facebook enough, though they were reading their bibles, and listening to teachings, and some for not " liking" his posts, or not posting enough in the Facebook group. He would call people on the phone, to get all of their personal details of their lives and walk, to examine their faith, then post reviews or grades. When people got kicked out,  nobody was asked for opinion, judgement or vote, unless it was in private that I am not aware of, this was done by Martin alone, and he would cold heartedly get rid of people he himself won through his ministry. There were no other elders, but him, because nobody was fully established in the faith yet, ( I never heard of such qualification for an elder)

...Weird things happened, almost every other day he would ask everyone in the group to prove their "faithfulness" to Christ ( To Martin)   We would be asked randomly to post a statement of faith, or to post something else that would state Yes, Im in, I follow Martin, he teaches correctly, and those that disagree are heretics!,    He would orchestrate something like that constantly,  so he would see who is on his side.

Every week he would renounce somebody on his youtube channel, he would target King James Only pastors and teachers, and he would renounce them as fools, and heretics, ministers of Satan,  If they didn't read back Romans 16:25-27 to them when he asked them, how to be established in the faith, he also accused everybody of preaching a false gospel, who didn't preach Romans chapter 3:24-26 exclusively as the gospel for this age.  He would also ask of us to find some more teachers for him to renounce, a real heretic hunter.  ( what about 2 timothy 2:24-25) BTW That's why I emailed you Brian, and you replied to me, "I am not a hyper-dispensationalist”, for which I apologized to you brother, and apologize now again, you have more discernment than I did.  I was supposed to report you to Martin so he could make a video of you renouncing you as a minister of Satan. 

As time progressed, things continued from bad to worse, I was listening to 4 to 6 lessons a week, and I learned that Martin Richling teaches that The Lord Jesus Christ was created, and He was created in Genesis chapter 1, where God said Let there be Light. From then on I was very confused and I started doubting and having major second thoughts about this guy, his behavior, and his teachings.

I remember rejoicing having all the other students there, that they were likeminded and friendly, perhaps that was what kept me there,  I looked at them as my real brothers and sisters in Christ who Loved me, I had close to no fellowship in the town I live in, so this was my little group, my church, my school, and my teacher and Pastor to whom I had submitted willingly at first, but then later by demand and through fear.

At one point a young man from our church wrote a big letter against Martin, [explaining] the teachings he disagreed [with], and with some personal experiences with him in person, he had some witnesses also,  he posted that letter on the wall in the group, and quit the church. He was immediately renounced, and blocked, and every member that had contacted the young guy got in trouble, because we were warned not to receive accusation against an elder, and a woman witness doesn't count. For me it was as a light entered a room, and I could finally voice my concerns as well, which I did, I wrote to that young man privately on Skype about my concerns. Few days later that young man "repented", and with tears wrote this huge apology letter to Martin, and he was sorry and that he couldn't believe he could have said those things against Christ,  what?    yes that’s what he said, against Christ, and Martin didn't correct him.
Later on it dawned on me, that Martin is teaching that Christ is manifesting himself in the flesh of Martin, (which at first I thought is good, and I wanted that too) but I discovered the agenda behind this teaching,  we all need to obey him and follow him, Christ in Martin that is, and therefore he is without error, and we do as he says, or else we are not obeying Christ. One word, creepy. 

Now I started to realize that this man is on a real power trip, and he wants people to obey him, and follow him, and he gets really nervous when somebody is suspicious of him.  The young man to whom I wrote my concerns about Martin, later showed to Martin our conversation, though he was a kicked out non member by then, and I got booted the next day on the charge that I  am double minded, and I betrayed him. I admit that I was double minded in that I knew what Martin was doing is wrong, but I continued in his school anyway... don't know if it was a set up or not,  All I wrote to that man, is that I have concerns about Martin, that he is lording over the flock, because he would often remind us that this is not a cult, and he is not lording over the flock, now I see why he did that. Today I am glad I am out of that group, and I want nothing to do with that man.  He wrote me an email after he kicked me out, that perhaps after year or so he will let me back into his church, and from then on he wouldn't let people in the church anymore. What happened with that and if it is still so I do not know. I want to thank Edward ( youtube channel edwardpf123 ) for pleading with me to stay away from that man, Ed, I should have listened to you.
 The other students, my brothers and sisters who I loved dearly, de-friended me immediately upon Martins command. Very few of them expressed sorrow, and wished I'd repent and come back, but our fellowship and contact was over. Apostle Paul's admonition in Galatians 6:1 was practiced by none! 

All I can say is that he is very angry and rude man, a railer and accuser,   yet he teaches himself to be the example of charity, If you don't believe me, watch his videos on youtube. I can compare him to Diotrophes, who loved to have preeminence among the brethren, he is lording over the flock, or cult I don't know what to call it.