Living Faith Christian Fellowship Brookfield Missouri, Tested to God's Word

Note: Truth matters and if any of this testing is incorrect; please submit your correction and biblical reproof in writing to Jim at and it will be reviewed and corrected, if need be! ( Fact: I have already offered a meeting after a written correction from them... to Mark Bullen and many men at LFCF and they refused it )

This is done in love to call him to repentance..... and out of his man made program that he drills into people weekly in great error!

This is a biblical testing of Mark Bullen Ruling Lone Bishop at Living Faith Christian Fellowship Brookfield Mo. If you read on you will see the unbiblical issues at hand there documented. ( I have never been associated with Mark / this testing is to 
loving warn others about the truth ) 

                                                                    Jim and Debbie

We at are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. My wife and I mostly travel to preach the Word and we reside both in central Wisconsin and central Missouri, spreading the Lord's truth.

We have a small business to support ourselves and ministry and we will NOT sell any of God's truth! (We have sold off most of our things to be more mobile.)

Call or email me anytime to discuss this testing. 
Jim 608-547-8162 /


Here are some videos I have done on Mark Bullen to expose his false ways:



Below you will find about 20 some unbiblical issues with Mark Bullen and LFCF and we show you why they are in great sin / heresy there! ( see the many teaching links ) 

If you read on in this biblical testing I will show you with scripture the following:

1) why Marks acting as the ruling Bishop is NOT biblical
2) why their gospel is false linking church attendance to salvation / signing a contract to be part of them
3) why Bullen is in sin having the idea he built Gods church/needs to PROGRAM you
4) why he is more like a lording over baptist pastor then a biblical elder
5) why Bullens heretical theology, associations and teachers there are NOT biblical but in MAJOR sin
6) I will show you why Mark is a TERRIBLE bible teacher on various topics 
as he twists God's Word to meet his own beliefs. 

and much much more.....

But first, read some updates that add to their false ways, then the main testing of Mark Bullen loaded with scripture/articles and I am adding to it all the time:



Mark has placed this ( full of lies by the way )  on his website:

Note: I have gone to Mark personally over they years and he told me he had NO time for me and called my testing foolishness without offering any biblical correction. Then I email J. Wallace and he offered no correction. Next I text Jesse the deacon to set up a face to face meeting with him (since Mark called my testing foolishness without offering a single written biblical correction) Jesse has texted me back but only offered two VERY twisted excuses for their unbiblical church contract actions. Like Mark & J. Wallace, Jesse refuses to give me in writing a response to the testing so we can then meet like a Titus 1 elder should. 

Note: I offered to meet at my home or Jesse's and ....he has refused! 

Note: I even notified Jesse I was in his town ready to pick up his rebuttal to my huge testing but he hid in the dark! 

I have told Jesse it is now a total Titus 3:9-10 and Romans 16:17 situation with me leaving communication with them as they REFUSE to offer a written refuting of my testing of them. 

Go to the updates below to see detail and my response. 

Here is my reply to Marks lies and offer to meet face to face:

read on to see him tested....


Update June 2019

I reached out to Malachi Bullen via text ( Marks son ) to say we love them all and to ask him if he would give a answer to my testing of LFCF and his dad. 
He offered nothing biblical and he refused to give a written refuting of my testing and then meeting up to discuss it all. Sadly, after I asked him about something about his past when he was a teen believer .... he called me a fool....and he ran and hid in the dark!  

Stay tuned for updates on that here ..... 

read on to see LFCF exposed  


Update June 2019

Jeffrey Wallace left LFCF under mystierious circumstances and has started a new body called Apprending Truth Church in Cookeville, Tenn where he is now the pastor/bishop. Wallace claims to be a sister body still untied to LFCF / Bullen but his new website is void of that info?????

We will be exposing it as a danger to our neighbors at this link:

read on to see LFCF exposed


Update May 2019

I text Phillip Herr who teaches at LFCF and asked him to give a answer for all the sin that is going on at LFCF?

He hid in the dark and NEVER replied back....

More ill fruit of LFCF

read on to see them exposed.....


Update May 2019

Mark and Jesse Herr and others are calling Jeremy ( a man who left over their sinful contract ) a UNBELIEVER and that he is in sin today.

That man that I know has repented of all known sin months ago.... and they are still telling his wife to NOT submit and return to him as he serves Christ.
See Eph 5:22

I have asked them all.....WHAT IS JEREMY'S SIN TODAY?   

They have not answered and we are ALL waiting LFCF!!!!!

Read Jeremy's daily blog here as he follows Christ in truth and spirit:

read on to see them exposed


May 2019 

I sent Noah Wallace a text to ask why he is out there calling me a deceiver and to 
prove it in the Word. ( that is slander ) 

He offered NO scripture correction, was arrogant and called me a BIGOT!
( that is someone who is in tolerant of other peoples beliefs so I guess they
 are all that too??? ) 

I offered him the chance to correct my testing of LFCF with the bible.... 
( the same body him and his dad Jeffrey just left ???? ) 

He offered NO scripture then ran off in the dark!!

More ill fruit of this unbiblical place called LFCF

read on to see them exposed 


Update May 2019

Since Levi Self approached me at a McDonalds to talk about LFCF ( read about that sad meeting later on this testing ) I decided to follow up and text him to ask him why he is calling me a liar to other people and to prove it by refuting my testing. I told him we loved them all and I asked him to prove what he is saying in the Word if he can?

Fact: He came back with ZERO scriptures, he told me I am going to hell because I am not in "God's PROGRAM", he defended their silly church contract and he called me a fool and a liar. Then he said don't contact me again or I will report you for hate speech and sue you. 

Is this how godly men act fr the truth? More rotten fruit of LFCF and another man who will NOT give a answer for the testing that exposes them!

read on to see them tested and exposed.......


Update May 2019

Mark continues to harbor a woman who will not forgive her repentive husband so Mark continues his dabbling into marriages / unbiblical feminism. This is all over Marks unbiblical church contract he invented!

read on to see him exposed.....


Update May 2019

War Focus at LFCF

More eye witness testimony is coming out about how militant and war focused this group really is. We are hearing of it members buying military weapons, storing large amounts of ammo, attending confederate war conferences, glorifying war and we have already documented their members selling war items for profit. ( see the war mugs here) all approved by bishop Mark Bullen

None of this is godly or good per Phil 4:8 and who are they getting ready to make war against?

read on to see them exposed


Update May 2019

Want to see the deceptive tract LFCF uses / they even gave me one?

Go to this link and we explain why it is deceptive

read on to see them exposed


Update May 2019

Angry Levi Approaches Me

I came to Brookfield ( home of LFCF )  to meet a brother and I text Jesse Herr ( the LFCF deacon ) so he could know I was here in case he wanted to drop off the written rebuttal of my testing.  ( they refuse to answer it in writing by the way )
I did not hear back from Jesse but a man named Levi came to McDonalds and found me and he approached me.

If you want to learn about that sad encoutner with that ANGRY unbiblical LFCF man: go to this link and see the video called Levi from LFCF Approaches Me :

read on to see them tested and exposed.....


Update May 2019

If you want to see the "first hand eye witness testimony" of a man who spent 7 years under Mark Bullen and how he has confirmed / helped expose the sin going on there / see his blog at this site where he is writing about it for God's glory:

( his name is Jeremy )

read on to see LFCF exposed so they can come to repentance....


Update May 2018

Mark has said in a sermon called Plan your Funeral that in a truth cemetery tombstones wont lie and I agree so I drew this cartoon.

He talked about his family seeing his corpse one day at a funeral so its true he keeps PAGAN funeral ways. ( my God is one of life and truth NOT pagan death ways )

See this article on funerals as pagan

But amazingly....he also said that he is approachable to be corrected and its a mans duty to correct him and he will receive it.

That is a LIE!!

Mark, Jesse his deacon, Jeff Wallace and Micah his son have all ignored this huge biblical testing without a written reply back. I pray they all repent while they can.

read on to see the updates and then the biblical testing below......


Update May 2019

Mark Bullen has a new book "Building on Bedrock" we will be testing soon....

read on to see LFCF exposed


Update May 2019

More MASSIVE hypocrisy at LFCF!!!

Mark has this on their website

So far I have gone to Mark, Jeffrey Wallace, Justin S, Micah and now Jesse their deacon and NOT ONE OF THEM has offered to correct or refute this testing in writing.

Per them.... I am only doing my duty .... but Mark and them all have mocked it and called in foolishness without a answer back!!!!

Do not trust them as they are liars and hypocrites of the worst kind.

read on to see them exposed.....


Update May 2018 

Mark Bullen needs to remove his offer off his website to meet and talk face to face 
with me as I have offered Jesse, his deacon, the chance to come meet at my house
 or I will go to his house to discuss this testing and HE REFUSED!!!! ( they also 
refuse to put a refuting in writing )

Bullen is lying if he continues to say LFCF is open to correction and a meeting! 

read on to see them exposed in great sin


Update May 2019

Jesse Herr ...the Deacon has made my scripture twisting award when he tried to defend their unbiblical church contract. See that exposed here:

read on to see Jesse, Mark and LFCF exposed......


Update May 2019

Here is a video where I discuss how Mark, his wife Angela and deacon Jesse meddle into marriages far beyond what is biblical.

read on to see them exposed for many unbiblical ways.....


Update April 2019

LFCF Goes MORE political

Mark and LFCF have a sinful bent towards the corrupt politics of the world. Here is the type of swill they post on their website:

Even to the point of lifting up an occult mason and deist.... George Washington.
( a man who took guns and killed people over..... tax money )

Mark and LFCF are losing it more and more over time I fear.

read on to see them exposed.....


 Update April 2019

Mark Bullen has NO discernment .... here he promote a unbiblical Lutheran mans books.

Wurmbrand was a heretic per God's Word.
See him and VOTM exposed by us here:

read on to see LFCF and Bulllen exposed


April 2019

LFCF Helping Dissolve Marriages

I have watched as Mark Bullen, Jesse Herr and Angela ( Marks wife ) have steeped between a repentive man and his wife to over step their authority and meddle in someones marriage issues. It all started over the man NOT signing Marks foolish contract to attend church there.

What more sinful ways will come out of LFCF?

read on to see them tested .....


April 2019

Roman Catholic Pagans at LFCF

I have first hand eye witness testimony from a man who attended there for 7 years that Mark allows a pagan roman catholic man to attend there religious services and even his PRIEST! ( this is sinful per Romans 16:17 )

Why  would he do it you ask?

I appears the roman catholic man man is a millionaire and Bullens son works for him building a huge survivalist house near there church.

More strange unbiblical things to warn you of at LFCF.

Read on to see them tested....

April 2019

Huge Military rifles at LFCF

Mark Bullen talks about being a good and godly steward of God's money.
I have first hand eye witness report from a man who attended there for 7 years that Marks son bought and built a huge .50 caliber sniper military rifle for $1500.

What purpose does a man of God have for a military sniper rifle?

When he asked Mark about it by a member.... Mark avoided the question!

What is going on a LFCF????

read on to see them tested and exposed per Romans 16:17


Update April 2019

Their deacon is hiding!

I text Jesse their deacon weeks ago and he answered but is hiding now ...
here is our email communication:

So now lets see if Jesse is a Titus 1 elder who can each and do they keep to what they say on their website or is it all lies and lip service. ( we already know Mark is NOT a Titus 1 elder by his past actions )

read on to see LFCF tested and exposed....


Feb 2019


Mark writes on his website this:

Yet he has Justin Schoelen in his body/pews PROMOTING flat earth on his FB page??? ( I have first hand testimony saying Justin was promoting the flat earth inside LFCF ) Justin posted this on FB saying... WHY I AM A FLAT EARTHER

Will Mark now call out Justin and have him publically repent of this flat earth foolishness or will Mark do what he has always done, over look sin to have people in his pews so he can play lording over bishop on Sunday?

See Justin exposed here for what he is ... a unbiblical man:

read on to see the MANY sins at LFCF via these updates and the HUGE biblical testing with over 20 points against them! 


Feb 2019

These can be found out on the internet causing confusion and deception

So living Faith Christian Fellowship is a Mennonite and a Baptist church?

Seems like false advertising!

read on to see Mark Bullen tested and exposed


Feb 2019

Having spoke with several of Marks ex members who left over him forcing a signed contract to sit in his pews, ( read the details of that below ) I noticed how worldly / political they are.

I had text Micah Bullen and he showed himself to be as mean spirited and void of thru as his dad Mark. So I recently clicked on his FB page and what do I find.....

Micah's wall is full of worldly political affairs!

I thought we are to set our minds on above ( Col 3:2 ) not the world?

No wonder there is so much sin at Living Faith Christian Fellowship.
Mark raises up worldly carnal minded men like himself!

read on to see this body and bishop exposed so they will repent to the truth.


Feb 2019 

Phillip Herr does a sermon called The Agency part 2

The situation just keeps getting worst at LFCF. 
In this sermon part 2 Herr continues down the road of beefing up Marks church system 
for salvation and they used to call "the program" and now they are calling it the 
Agency??? ( they used program in the past all the time ) 

Some points of the sermon:
*Herr says you need church with instructors and a insurance agency like system to 
go to heaven? 
*He actually said if the church gives you a passing grade you go the heaven???
*He said accepted members go to heaven...( yep about minute 37:00 he said it )  
*He said Christs body is like a credited college class you need to pass... 
( yes.... he said that too!! ) 

After his sermon... Mark Bullen comes up and says the church is the priest?? and you need a immigration agency likening that to his church system!!

Folks they are more like a cult all the time. They spend all their teaching on beefing up that ill Baptist modified system and defending their lording over ways. How sad!

read on to see them exposed for God's glory and their own repentance to truth... 


Feb 2019

Phillip Herr recently gave a message called The Agency ....

In it; he changes Marks word PROGRAM and turns it into the Agency ( Gods church ) where you NEED to be.. to ever be perfected in Christ. He makes the case for biblical bodies and mentions elders and deacons rightly; but he FAILS you mention Mark Bullen acts as THE lone Bishop and doesnt not keep the biblical model of multiple elders as he says he is the CEO of the body!!!! ( read on I prove that ) 
 Not good Phillip!

Note: I agree Gods true NT body is for training up the saints. Sadly Mark does not
 have that here. He has a modified Baptist body that is in his house, controlled by 
him and corrupted by his false ways / bad teaching and its fruit is TERRIBLE!

Then in minute 53 the statement is made; if you don't MOVE to a biblical church you will answer to God. They are into making people afraid and it is very sad!

If LFCF is perfecting saints... read on in this testing to see the VERY ill fruit of Mark, his wife Angela, Jeffery Wallace who they parted ways with, Micah Bullen, Justin Schoelon and Randal Tarrant who also left there. None of these people show to be biblical godly holy loving saints when tested.

If you are looking for a biblical body, do not look here as this place is a unbiblical mess with marriage corruption, ill wife seeking, gossip, worldliness and at the helm is a mean spirited and unloving prideful power hungry ...Bishop in Mark Bullen. I do this in love not anger as I dont want to see more people corrupted by their venom. We love them and t pray they all repent!

Read on to see it all shown clearly with facts... no lies or slander!


Update Feb 2019

Feminism at LFCF

There is feminism going on in Mark Bullens house /body.
His wife Angela in the past was known to get involved in matters in the body that were outside of her authority, she even approached me in Walmart and debated with me ( a man / read all about it in this thread below ) and recently is it told she is texting a man to rebuke him about his marriage situation????? ...under Marks approval as well.

Mark can pretend his house and body are in order but, they clearly are not!

read on to see the issues and the HUGE testing that exposes LFCF


Update Jan 2019

I have text Micah Bullen ( Marks son )  
I asked for a refuting of my testing in writing and a meeting with the deacon Jesse Herr

Micah used a scripture calling me a fool for my testing of Mark Bullen and he hid in the dark and will not answer my testing at all..... sad! 
But you know them by their fruit! 

Note: I told him I love them all ... he calls me a fool. They have DARK hearts there not of God. 

read on to see Mark Bullen exposed


Update Jan 2019 

Micah Bullen showed up on FB so I messaged him about his dads sins and my
 testing to see if he could give a answer:

I wonder if Micah will call or will he hide in the dark and NOT address it all?
( Mark told me he had NO time for me and proved to be a liar so time with 
him is pointless.... ) 

He is hiding....

read on to see Bullen exposed


Update Jan 2019 

More unbiblical ways going on at LFCF under Mark Bullen as he intrudes unbiblically in people marriages beyond his biblical authority to do so ... 

Read on to see Mark Bullen biblically exposed......


Update: Jan 2019

read on to see him and his ways exposed


Update Jan 2019

Here is the ill fruit of one of Marks men who sat under him for many years then was excommunicated. See the link on him below.... 
Randall Tarrant

read on to see Mark Bullen exposed


Update Jan 2019

It appears Jeffrey Wallace ( Bullens publisher ) has left Marks church?
Was this a happy ending and does Wallace have a "letter of approval" from Bullen to move on? I would like to see it as Mark teaches you need one to leave a body....

I think its good Wallace is gone because its a start to cleaning house there!

read on........ to see Bullen and Wallace exposed


Update Jan 2019

Mark continues his association to heretic Jimmy Miller who denies Christs blood for the atonement of sin and teaches sinless perfection posting Miller on his website. Mark is trying to get his books into other countries and Jimmy is helping him ...even though Miller has a corrupt accursed gospel. Gal 1

See Miller tested here with various false ways he holds to:

Shame on Mark Bullen!!!


Update Jan 2019 

Not long ago Mark mentioned this man Justin in his sermon saying Justin is there to be biblical. ( note: Justin is a flat earther and shown to be a liar as well! ) 

Justin is not a biblical man. Mark really needs to see his program is NOT raising up godly men .... but giving them a place to hide on Sundays. ( I know of other men in Marks body or were in his body.... that have various sinful issues as well) 

See Justin tested here:

read on to see Mr Bullen tested 


Update Dec 2018

In Marks recent sermon of Dec 23 2018 he went on about how some ( me and others )
 are calling him out for his sin and bad doctrines. He read his contract you have to 
sign to attend there. Yes it is that bad! Keep reading to see all the details and that contract  here )  He also made some claims that show his lording over ways that 
are just NOT true. 

At minute 14 and at 43 he talks about there always was 1 bishop over a body in the
 first century church. That is a LIE! And he says James was THE bishop in Jerusalem.   
As my article shows the model Paul established was... multiple elders/bishops to 
oversee NOT lord over as Mark does. Jesus calls out Marks lording over in Matt 20!

Mark likes to use early church father history to prove his lording over bishop ways 
because scripture is not on his side. 

See this article that explains it biblically:

Mark is NOT biblical, he wont repent and it is catching up to him

read on to see him exposed....


Dec 2018

Here I refute Jeffrey Wallaces recent sermon in tithing as it is full of lies!

do not give your money to men who cant be trusted for truth....  read on to see them tested! 


Dec 2018 

Bullens deacon Jesse Herr did a sermon called... Why he lives in Linn County.

In it he listed the reasons he went to be at Bullens body 15 years ago.....
hospitality, encouragement, modest dress, veiling for ladies, devotion to the Word, no tobacco and with beards were some of his reasons he joined!

Sadly a biblical gospel and holding to / modeling the true NT body vs keeping lording over Baptist / one bishop ways was not on Jesse's list? 
How sad.... 

He did not even have a biblical gospel and biblical leadership/gatherings on his list!

Call me Jesse and I will show you many reasons why you need to adjust your list and repent of uniting to Mark till he repents. 608-547-8162 / Jim 

read on to see Bullen exposed... we pray he repents as he ignore the truth we gave him in the Word. 


Dec 2018

Want to see Mark Bullen twist and add to God's Word.....  
go to me fb video link here:

He adds the word "program" into scripture to give his false man made lording over bishop system validity to those in his pews.

He even got the latest scripture twister award

It is sinful and is wicked!

read on to see Mark tested and exposed....


 Update Oct 21 2018

If you want to see how bad Mark Bullen twists truth to make those he threw out of the body (over a written church contract they would not sign) look bad and how he heretically adds to Gods Word: go here to see my 4 part videos series refuting him:

look under the videos for the one that says : Mark Bullen Excommunicates  

It proves a lot and exposes his many lies / twisting of the Word.

read on to see him and LFCF tested to the Word.


Update Oct 2018

More sinful things those once inside Bullen's body confirmed to me recently that he does:

*he sends his sons to Mennonite youth camps ( Mark thinks the Mennonites are unbiblical ) and the result is.... they find wives.

*he gets involved in families issues far beyond his authority

*Mark gets involved meddling between dads and wives / children

*Mark uses his wife Angela ( who we met and had to send off as she was being feminist with me/ read on to see those details ) to meet with and convince wives of their doctrine behind husbands backs with sometimes 4 hour phone calls.

*Mark uses a "signed contract" to force young children to sign allegiance to LFCF/Him..... over their dads will.

He is a unbiblical lording over bishop indeed! We love so we expose....

read on to see the Bullenites exposed


Update Oct 2018

Bullen added this blurb to his website:

He is upset one of his men left over his heretical contract and we are helping
 him to see God's truth. Mark is also involved with counseling this mans his wife
 and she is rebelling against her husband thus separating them, it is shameful !

Mark refuses to refute my huge testing of him biblically in
 writing saying.... it has to be done face to face like in Acts 15.
No, it does not ..... 
we have all the witnesses we need on Marks website and books!

What a hypocrite!

See Mark writes "entire books" / a huge website refuting Mennonites and other false doctrines but.... he cannot write a refuting of my testing of him in writing to be reviewed???

( I sent him my testing 2 years ago and he has done nothing to show its errors and
 he and Jeff Wallace and Justin went "mean spirited" on me without addressing the biblical issues ) 

Over 5 years ago years ....ago when I asked him biblical questions on a email with him, 
Bullen called me a hippy and said he had NO TIME for me then? 

Now he has time??? I know the real Bullen... he is not that nice!

In truth, He just wants this man face to face so he can manipulate and intimidate him 
but I pray it wont happen ..... 

If they wont refute it in writing....knowing who they are, why would we meet with these  heretics? 

We expose them to warn others in love and bring the Bullenites to repentance as we love others... even vile profane false teachers. 

God be praised

These are all power and mind control tactics... NOT of God. 

read on to see the cult of the Bullenites exposed....


Update Oct 2018


Sign a contract to go to church?????

I was sent a document by a ex LFCF member that..... I was told.... Mark Bullen handed out that asks all LFCF people to sign and swear a allegiance to LFCF him or leave!!!! ( some families did leave over it I was told ) I have emailed LCFC to see if this is indeed their document and it is. It is a shameful document indeed!!

It is a heretical CULT LIKE tactic Mark is using that is already causing strife in families and dividing them. He is in GREAT sin if this is true....

I have warned for years about Mark and his unbiblical teaching, false gospel and power hungry lording over ways so this is no surprise to me.... Several ex members have told me that they confirm ... from their time inside LFCF ...he is all of that my testing of him exposes and more so!

See the document here:

 read on to see Bullen and LFCF exposed


Sept 2018

Mark recently taught that Sunday is the Lords day. Teaching #722
Here at this link, I show in detail ....why he is wrong, marking the minutes where he is in error!

read on to see him tested to God's Word


Update Sept 2018

Here is the Bullen and Wallace boys spending time hunting big bucks and posting it on FB!

And I thought hunting for antlers to show off was a form of pride/idolatry???
This should not be so of God's true people......or in the homes of so called godly men who teach? ( they promote $1000 hunting bows on fb too....  )

read on to see LFCF tested to God's Word.....


Update Sept 2018

Here is more evidence of one of the teachers at LFCF Jeffrey Wallace 
and his ILL warped love of warfare.... even taking his small children 
to view it being a re-enacted for fun! killing for entertainment!!!
See his fb post pic

It seems Wallace and Bullen think watching WAR/killing is suitable Christian activity!

read on to see Bullen and LFCF exposed with much sin.....


Update Aug 14 2018 

See my testing of Jeffrey Wallace / Apprenhending Truth Publishing here:

Jeffrey commented back on my testing and I answered him line by line ....and he LIED that the testing of Bullen had NO scripture! Wallace cant be trusted for truth!!!!

Wallace is a MAJOR liar and cannot be trusted for truth as this proves!!!!

Then he deleted my links off his fb page that shows how heretical / false his body and bishop and him are with many teachings, videos and bible verses that expose them. 

See that testing here:

Wallace is WICKED, a deceiver and he is ignoring/lying about my testing that proves they are in sin there!!!

( I have people who have emailed me and thanked me for the testing and the many scriptures that show the sin in this body ) 

read on to see the truth about this unbiblical body / Mark Bullen and his people


Aug 2018

See Marks book reviewed and exposed here:

He is teaching a false gospel in this book! ( you must be in a local church for salvation )

read on to see his tested and exposed....

July 2018 

Mark tells men I am rebellious and will not join a local fellowship due to I
 have authority issue. In this he LIES out right!!! ( I honor all authority over 
me fully and always have except for my sinning against God as a pagan till new life ) 

I have placed this testing on the internet to show WHY I will not unite to him and he has yet to offer ANY biblical correction to any of it? I have over 20 biblical reasons Mark is in sin and he nor his other men will biblical address it. The Word tells me to avoid him not unite to him. see Roman 16:17

I only have issue with unbiblical, sinful, lording, over heretical authority that he displays there. Lets be clear..... and not operate in lies as Mark Bullen sadly does. 

read on to see him tested to the Word and exposed


July 2018

Need more evidence bishop Mark Bullen of Living Faith Christian Fellowship is not biblical?
His latest sermon July 29 2018...on godly homes...
at the 12:30 minute mark and 2 other places
he says he ( man ) builds the church of God.
But the Bible says God builds His church... not man??????
See Acts 2:47 and Matt 16:18
Jesus said HE will build His church
Yet Mark has the attitude that HE built it ....a man made church and so it is not Gods true body that he oversees as a unbiblical lone bishop!!!
He has many sins there... including pride, bad theology, man made ways and worst of all... a corrupted gospel.

Read on to see him tested to Gods Word...


Update July 2018

Many years ago when I just emailed and talked to Mark on the phone he offered his wife to talk one on one with my wife???? ( he thought we may be moving there )  Then we ran into Marks wife Angela in Walmart ( read on for that whole story )  and she was bold enough to debate with a man ( me ) and then recently we have learned Angela is again in communication with a woman who is considering coming there.

It seems Mark allows his wife to be used... as a tool .... to woo ladies or even debate men. ( they have had ladies bible studies there too in the past )

It should not be so ..... unless feminism had crept in.

read on to see them tested to God's Word...   


July 2018 

Heretic Alert!

I have emails from Mark to me that are supporting and teaching OPEN theism
( God does not know all??? ) and with his love for false teacher Charles Finney / Mark teaching "your salvation is tied to your efforts in your church body".... he is also supporting pelagianism ( works based righteousness ideas )

read on to see mark and LFCF exposed


July 2018

Jeffrey Wallace is close to Mark Bullen and a teacher at LFCF

Here is the fruit of this place where Wallace wishes on FB a politician ( Clinton )  be executed!

Wallace today sells WAR collectibles for gain $$$$$

And in the past I have ( sadly ) seen with my own eyes Wallace had the murder of a police officer on his FB page and he posted articles that told people to have guns, train with them and BE READY TO USE THEM! ( Wallace has commented how bad culture is and people should be ready for the worst! )

*Note: This all fits in as I cannot confirm this but; some people who knew them well told me some of them  (even ladies) ... did conceal carry of weapons at that time. You can ask Mark Bullen if that is true? 

This link about Wallace's publishing business:

More sad fruit of this place where Jeffrey Wallace teaches and fits right in....

read on to see them exposed by Gods Word  


Update July 2018 

Mark Bullen unites with Jimmy Miller who believes in the wicked ransom theory called Christus Victor ( God had to pay off satan ) 

See it exposed here:

Mark recently sent his books with Miller to Africa....

Does Mark believe in it too ?

Read on to see Mark tested and exposed


Update July 2018

Mark Bullen is now united to Jimmy Miller who calls Finney unbiblical but Mark says Finney was the greatest evangelist ever!!!

Much hypocrisy going on here....

read on to see Mark Bullen exposed


Update July 2018

Here is Bullens friend he is united to... Jimmy Miller

So Mark Bullen approves of this kind of thing?

Read on to see Miller and Mark Bullen exposed....


Update July 2018

Mark Bullen is now united to Jimmy Miller of eternal evangelism.

Miller recently posted this:

This makes me sad ( and I do not support forth of July at all )
 I wonder if Jimmy Miller has told Mark Bullens sons they will burn in hell forever as they buy expensive archery equipment just for sport?? ( the last one they promoted on their hunting FB ( go right out bow hunting ) page was $999

See Miller tested here with various false ways he holds to:

Mark Bullen needs to be more discerning in who he links too it seems.....


Update May 2018

It seems Mark is now united to this man Justin Schoelen, a known liar/compromiser in my experience with him.

read on to see Mr Bullen tested....


Update Jan 2018

Someone contacted me and asked me to look into Jimmy Miller of Eternal Evangelism. After testing and speaking with him, we found him to be in major heresy ( God paid off satan and Jesus blood does not save ) and a man unwilling to listen to God's truth vs his false gospel ways!
See him tested here:

Interestingly..... Miller has Mark Bullen all over his website. 

read on to see Mark Bullen tested....


Update Jan 2018

Hypocrisy in dress at Living Faith Christian Fellowship

Mark Bullen makes the claim our ladies could walk into the first century and fit right in. He is correct and we applaud that. see this pic of their dress below:

But Mark and his men are in gross hypocrisy as they would NOT fit into the first 
century as they dress in tight, form showing, tucked in clothes ( like a Baptist ) that shows off the forms. Here is their men's dress........ 

 Bishop Mark really needs to do some more biblical study on this subject though, 
I have raised it in my testing of him below..... and he stands defiant to it yet. 

This is a godly covering for a man.....

See our articles on biblical dress for men and woman

read on to see him tested to God's Word


Update Jan 2018

Mark Bullen posts a video of his son Malichi's wedding. 

I wasn't really all that surprised to see the dead ritual pagan ways they keep ( very similar to the worlds ways ) as his Sunday gathering is very much like the dead Baptist faith he come from. it is run by him a man and the clock NOT the Holy Spirit of God.

I was surprised though to see Mark over saw the gathering and he invited the group to all pray and ladies were present without their heads covered. 

This is shameful per Apostle Paul and 1 Cor 11 or does Mark the ruling lording over Bishop get to over look such things for his boys wedding?

If you ask him, don't expect a answer. I have asked the men there to offer 
biblical proof of a lone bishop in charge and some 20 other points I have raised against marks theology and ........ I am still waiting. 

read on to see his teachings exposed in love and concern as he preaches as FALSE gospel. 


Update Jan 2018

Mark Bullens GREAT hypocrisy!!!!

Recently Mark preached and gave his testimony in his weekly ritual sermon.
I found it interesting and in it by the * below he shows his gross hypocrisy.

Here are the facts and his hypocrisy noted with a *

1) years ago Mark rebelled and left a est Christian body over sins he saw
* today he teaches and told me if you do that... you lose your hope of salvation

2) Mark wandered for years NOT connected to a body searching for truth
*today he teaches and told me if I do that, I am in sin and lost 

3) Mark left elders without their approval
*today he teaches and told me I need a letter of approval to do so but refuses to show me his letter ????

4) Mark said over the years wandering/striving he grew in knowledge/truth
*today Mark teaches unless you sit under a bishop cannot learn and grow 

5) Mark... due to his family situation at the time, he united with Mennnonites to help him with his family issues. 
*Mark teaches today it is wrong to unite with unbiblical bodies like the Mennonites

6) Mark complains people have come to his body, used them and left them
*Mark admitted he used the Mennonites to school his children, then he left them and took 3 families with him... to start his own body.

Note: I have asked and I am waiting for a copy of his bishop letter he got to go and do such a thing? They have my po box and email but a copy of it has not arrived yet, huh? I am waiting....

7) Mark says you have to have what the early churches had to be of God
*Mark today acts as a lone CEO lording over Bishop today when the first century body NEVER had such a prideful man in power ( it was multiple elders always ... )

 Lastly, Mark says he was always churched, raised his hand at a summer camp, refined his walk in highschool, went to un biblical bible college, started a false body for 10 years and then he started LFCF as a lone ruling bishop. 
The question is: when was or IS Mark even born again? He never mentioned that and by the fruits I have seen of him... I wonder myself? He has a letter of the law but he lacks in the spirit and in love for sure!

Amazingly, Mark Bullen today bullies, belittles, name calls and persecutes men who do exactly what he did decades ago for the truth of God, yet he is too prideful and arrogant to see it and repent of it today even when shown it many times. 

I say this all in love and concern as he is deceiving many in his false ways. 

Mark knows the scriptures well ...and I think he knows these two.

Pride comes before the fall and woe to you hypocrites!!!!

read on to see him exposed by God's Word in great detail.......


I decided to listen to the latest sermon by Jeff Wallace #687 Christian Stability.
While most of the sermon was right on, some of it was troubling and needs to 
be corrected for God's glory. I am doing a detailed article on it here:

Here are the bullet points of concern:

*Jeff likes to yell at the people who sit and listen to his teaching ( and he yells a lot! )
*Jeff has not studied Heb 10:25 and teaches it means Sunday church meetings but that is a lie!
See this article that exposes the common idea of Heb 10;25
*He and his ruling CEO Bishop Mark Bullen, practice Sunday meetings but ignore 
the house to house daily one anothering of the saints /see verses in Acts 2.

There is more... see the testing at the link.

I actually feel sad and sorry for these men/ this body after listening to this sermon for various reasons the article will detail.

What is most concerning is the people under Jeff and Mark are NOT getting all 
truth from God's Word but they are getting man made religious PROGRAM and we care enough to speak up in love....

read on to see Mark Bullen and this body tested


Update Jan 2018

See Mark Bullens lone bishop rule and control over the Lords Supper refuted here:

read on to see Mark tested to God's Word


Update Jan 2018

Mark called me a hippy via emails that I still have ( when I am only doing just what
 he did years ago) as I too 
left false man made ways to strive on in God's full truth. What makes it worse, he then removed his use of that term OFF his enemies website area once we posted this testing
 to expose him. But we have it screen captured here:

Mark needs to publically repent or it is shown publically the truth is not in him
 but PRIDE sure is!

read on to see him tested fully


Update Jan 2018

Mark Bullen admits he brainwashes people!

Need proof:

In his book Salvation Strait and Narrow on page 29 Mark says this:
"the clinic is the local NT church. This is where much of the sanctification and"brain washing" takes place". 

Does Mark aim to brainwash the people in his pews? 
Well, in one recent sermon he uses the NON biblical term Gods' PROGRAM .... 

53 times in a 57 minute sermon to brainwash those in the pews perhaps.  ( His word, brainwash ...NOT mine.)

How very sad. We love others so we try to warn them!

read on to see Mark tested..........


Update Jan 2018

More lies out of Mark's pulpit at LFCF

I clicked on a sermon of Mark Bullens from a year ago on street preachers. 
In it Mark... AGAIN ....programs people by saying/making the unbiblical claim that:

the pattern of God's NT body was always 1 bishop over deacons

This is a LIE and I did a entire article on it to refute it here:

Since Mr Bullen is refusing to repent of his unbiblical ways and I have 
Rom 16.17 / dis associated with him.

I am lovingly challenging : ( no money involved here like when Mark offer money for mennonite men to debate him) 

Will Jesse Herr ( his deacon there ) or another man in that body to show me where in God's Word this one bishop model is ever taught or exampled? 
If they say James and Acts 15, I have various questions they will need to answer. 

Here is my phone, po box and email to reach me at:
Jim Polanek
po box 1311
Rocky Mount, Mo 65072

All over God's Holy NT Word it is multiple elders as God's design.
Fact: The one bishop model is really a roman-ist pagan practice brought in 
by men, NOT God. 

Chapter and verse gentlemen at LFCF? 

Or are the men there too afraid to confront Mark over his sins! If so it is
shameful and a great example why ONE man should not be in authority over 
Christ's body. Sole power goes to men's heads!!!

As proof, Mark calls himself the chairmen of the board there and admits 
he is programming and brainwashing the people there. 

read on to see Mark say it in his own words including audio below.....


Update Jan 2018

Mark did a sermon on surviving the crisis #686 and it was quite good. 

But at the end of the sermon he did something that shows more proof he has man made religious ways lingering in him. 

He asked all the people to close their eyes and bow heads so HE alone could see who was admitting to sin in their body

I went back and re-read Acts 2 and I could not find where Peter said close your eyes and bow your heads.... it is not there!

Does Mark not know that this false way is part of a unbiblical practices from heretic Finney and then later false teacher Billy Graham made it main stream?

Like his one ruling bishop ways, it shows he has NOT repented of all of man made religion like his Baptist faith of old!

See this article that refutes him teaching you NEED a bishop to learn.

read on to see him tested to the Word......


Update Dec 2017

Mark Bullen recently said in a sermon that those who would leave a body to go to attend another body... need to have a letter from a bishop or it is unbiblical. If that is still the case today, and since Mark once left a body to go start LFCF, then will someone at LFCF please ....

 email or mail me a copy of Marks letter that he got when he left his church to go on his own?

po box 1311 
Rocky Mount MO

I want to test who gave him that letter and more important....

if he even has one as he teaches?

Since Mark persecutes/berates those who strive to follow God on there own having left a body to be more obedient and holy to the scripture, this issue matters!

I await to see this letter or.... is it MORE hypocrisy of Mr Bullen?

read on to see more of Marks unbiblical ways


Update Dec 2017

It is my contention Mark Bullen is twisting God's truth to make people conform to HIS man made weekly program and he is programming people to believe it weekly.

Need proof?

In Marks recent sermon #684 Is My Church Good Enough .... he uses the non biblical term PROGRAM..... 53 times in 57 minutes!

Mark Bullen loves his program.

He just gives the world evidence against him as; it is a well known fact that cults use NON / unbiblical terms over and over and over.... as a form a brain washing others. 

There were many other unbiblical things Mark said in this sermon and I will document and discuss them here at this article for God's glory and the protection of the truth that may deceive others. 

read on....


Update Dec 2017 

In his sermon 683 Unless the Lord Build the House.... Mark again lifts up Charles Finney. Does Mark and the men at LFCF know of the unbiblical ways of Finny?

I did a biblical testing of Finny and he was a heretic yet Mark once said Finney was the greatest evangelist of all time.

This is a dangerous thing!!!!

See it here:

 Mark said in the same sermon #683 he says "he tries to not to scrutinize people" in his body.

I am confused???

In Marks writings I took great issue with him saying... it is his job as the lone ruling Bishop to judge men to see if they are worthy to take the Lords Supper that he controls? ( see it documented below in the testing in his own words ) 

I disagree it is Marks job to judge mens hearts for the Lords Supper  as Paul said let each man judge himself in 1 Cor 11. 

But which is it? 

Is Mark testing everyone there to control the Lords Supper or not?  

Perhaps someone at LFCF could clarify these issues for God's glory?


Update Dec 2017

We have not heard of any repentance or any biblical refuting of the issues we have posted against Mark Bullen below. ( we know he knows about this as we spoke to his wife when see approached us and invited us to SUNDAY church.... )

One has to ask why is there not :

1) repentance or 

2) a biblical refuting of the many issues below that I have posted against Mr Bullen?

May God be glorified in this all............

read on


Update Nov 2017

Mark has recently ( after I posted this ) taken down his "about our enemies page"????
We have the areas quoted from it or screen captured below. I pray this testing will lead to repentance on his part. We would desire to unite with them; if only he will address the unbiblical issues I document below.....


Update Oct 2017

Meeting Marks Wife at Walmart

Note: I need to document this here so the truth is NOT twisted ( my wife witnessed this event with me )

We pulled into Brookfield, Mo to do some business and ministry work ( not related to Mark Bullen at all as I am in a Titus 3:9-10 situation with Mark ) As my wife and I were shopping in Walmart for dinner; a lady and young girl approached us and invited us to their religious gathering via a tract. She asked what body we were with and I told her we are in Christ's body and we travel all over to do ministry work. I then told her I know about Mark Bullen and I asked her if she and her husband attended there. She said yes and asked more questions about us till I said; I usually speak to men about spiritual matters what is your husbands name? She said Mark and I said your Mark Bullen's wife and she said yes. I told her I have spoken to/emailed Mark and I am divided from him over many theological errors/sins in his body that he refuses to see. At that point her phone rang and she said it was Mark. We walked away to end the conversation and move on. She then found us approached us again and said we are welcome to come to their body. I said thank you but no we could not. She pressed on still making me feel uncomfortable and I again said I do not speak to men's wives (who claim Christ) about biblical matters. Since she did not get that and did not just walk away which was the biblical thing to do I then told her our website has over 20 unbiblical issues with Mark and a large one is he calls himself the chairman of the board of their body. ( I document that below for you ) She first denied he would ever say that. So then when I said 'go with Mark and see it all documented on our website'. She then said 'well I don't have a problem with that if he said it'. She seemed theologically confused. She then said Mark has been studying the bible since he was 15 so he knows what is biblical. No disrespect but I witness to old men all the time who have been studying the Word since the age of 5 sometimes and they are still in GREAT error/sin. She made the statement you do not meet people that have things in common very often. ( biblical dress and head covering ) I told her there are many mennonite and amish but the Word of God calls His true people to stand and divide if sin and error is in the body. ( Mark does not unite with Mennonites over sin ) Again she seems confused on biblical truth. At that point we just thanked her and we walked away. I pray I didn't seem unloving or cold but she put me in a spot (talking to a lording over Bishops wife I have separated from.) so I felt it was best we leave the situation. 

We have seen some signs and had doubts about various ladies issues in Marks body and this event showed us much. Note: I need to add my wife was at my side the entire time and did not say a word. My wife later added to me she was amazed that Marks wife would continue on with another Christian man about God's Word when she knew the situation. Truth is it is the bible that teaches it is the men in the body who reason for truth together, not the ladies with the men. 
 Perhaps Mark has not got to that lesson yet, I don't know? I do know Titus 1 says a leaders house should be in order and this showed issues as we read our bible.

His wife was indeed very kind and seemed serious about truth, her faith and her husband. But as Mark has alluded to in the past: many men/woman are serious about their faith but............. they are seriously wrong!  

Perhaps this meeting was God appointed?


Update Sept 2017

Mark states on his website strangers cannot have the Lord supper with his body as Mark the bishop in charge must keep it pure. (That is not a biblical stance as lone bishops are unbiblical, read below to see a article on that )
Well some years ago I told Mark Bullen about one of the men who teaches for him at LFCF having association with a heretical pentacostal pastor/group. Mark denied it then I showed him the facts ( crazy church meetings with running and yelling and loud emotional music ) and Mark admitted it was sinful saying he would address it. Yet to date that same man teaches in Marks body and is still associated to that same pentacostal unbiblical body.
So Mark will withhold you from the Lords supper without proof of any sin but he ignores sin in his friends? (That same man publishes Marks books for him..huh? )
Note: Mark has that same pentacostal pastor quoted in one of his books.

Matt 23 shows God hates hypocrites .... please repent Mark Bullen

Below I have documented and posted the biblical issues we have found at this body/ Mark Bullen that would keep us from uniting with them. This is in love for them and a plea to bring repentance/correction and warn others; our neighbors we love. 
Mark Bullen the ruling bishop there, goes on in his enemies page about sitting down and discussing differences on his website ... here is his quote:

 We give a open invitation to all our critics:  We invite you to do the mature thing.  Come and sit down with us and have a mature discussion over a cup of coffee or tea with our Bibles open and hearts seeking truth.  Until you do this, you only prove you're not sincere. 

We are NOT Marks enemy.... we love him!

While his quote sounds good; let me set the record straight. In my experiences with him via phone and email, he was UNWILLING to go over and in detail biblical issues like the lone ruling Bishop in charge and give more defense for his ways ... he calls himself the Chairman of the board there. The only defense mark gave was James was the bishop in Acts 15 and that is a lie. He had no other biblical proof of a lone ruling bishop over others. (Mutiple elders was the rule in the NT body.) On more than one occasion Mark told me he had no more time to spend on me as I tried to reason in truth with him. In fact when I pointed out some sinful associations in one of his men (who teach there) and when I asked him one on one to please repent of him offering money to mennonites to debate, Mark Bullen ignored and did nothing about those sad situations! So tell me why would sitting down with him "and his men " (as he put it), be fruitful at all? No, until there is fruit of publically correcting the sin in his ministry we have shown him, a face to face meeting with him is pointless. 

***I promise will take any of the unbiblical points below down as Mark publically repents of them.  We love them and have no ill will but God's truth comes first before men! John 4:24

Note: Mark is more then welcome to biblically address the points I have raised here against his ministry and send them to me.
 I will then post them and test them to God's Word for all to see. If I have any wrong, I will repent of them!

Mark Bullen.... 
Lets start with you calling yourself the Chairman of the board of Christ's body and where in the NT bible do we ever see the role you have built for yourself there? One man in sole authority over the body of Christ? We who love truth are waiting for your answers? (I won't be offering you money to debate so please do not wait for that.) 

I also would be happy to speak with his deacon Jesse Herr on biblical matters. 

Mark called me a rebellious hippy several times because I would not just give up and surrender to his lone bishop rule. If and when Mark Bullen fixes/repents of the unbiblical issues in that body, I will come there and be the best servant I can be in that body. Till then, we are called by God's Word to NOT unite there per many scripture verses like Romans 16.17 

Please remember, before you think this testing be too harsh, Mark Bullen has written entire books exposing the sins of the Mennonite/annabaptist faith and offered money to debate them.

Read on below for the biblical testing of LFCF and Mark Bullen



To see Mark Bullen of Living Faith Christian Fellowship Brookfield, Missouri tested to God's Word, please read on.

We will update this from time to time so come back and check in often: 

The following info is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!

Note: If any of this info is incorrect please Jesse Herr contact me and it will be removed and adjusted.

Here is a short audio on this religious body

Use control F and Type Living Faith Christian Fellowship


"Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee." 

Proverbs 9:8

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
 For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

Colossians 2:8-9


We at are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. My wife and I mostly travel to preach the Word and we reside both in central Wisconsin and central Missouri, spreading the Lord's truth.
We have a small business to support ourselves and ministry and we will NOT sell any of God's truth! (We have sold off most of our things to be more mobile.)

We know Mark recruits people to move to join his body there. 
Before you do that, please read this entire testing. Also, please see this link that explains you do not need to GO to be Christ's body. You can BE part of His holy body right where you are!

Note: We are not in a competition with anyone for bodies to sit in pews so that is not the case here. We do not tell people to move and join us. ( we travel for the gospel much ourselves never in one place too long ) We teach people they need to BE His body where they are and we will travel to them help them do it. We find that in people staying put and trusting in God, real growth happens in people vs being led to or by error filled, programs of power hungry men. We are called to travel to teach and preach the gospel all over the country and we help people ....BE... the NT church where they are, NOT run to find it. (Though moving to one is not sinful; just be cautious please!!!) I am in no way interested in being an unbiblical ruling Bishop nor did I ever set out to be a leader/elder. I am happy to let other men be elders as I am called to GO and witness. My wife, our body and I just study, learn and obey Christ. I have with my wife, an online teaching/discernment ministry and I am (with my wife)  a missionary evangelist that teaches the truth where ever we go. 

We are also not just drive by accusers of this brethren. No, we are studied up in the Word (with much to learn still) and God has called us to teach, discern, disciple, test and that is what we do for His glory. We ourselves should be tested (we welcome it and will repent of error) and you can see all what we teach at: 
(See the teaching blog for our many articles to build up your faith.)

We welcome contact from others who desire God's truth.
(email or call... see contact info on our website) 

God be praised


To see the unbiblical teachings of Mark lovingly refuted go here. 

(Over time we will add to it detailed articles on each unbiblical points we raised about his ministry so keep checking back or join our email notification on the teaching blog and unbiblical teachers blog)

Some years back when we were really new in the Lord we had email and phone communication with Mark when we learned about them. We did once in your youth of the faith years ago, think  "perhaps" we should go unite with them but thankfully we began to test them to God's Word as we are instructed to do ( Acts 17 and 1 Thessalonians 5:21) We saw some issues so we reached out to Mark to address them first and it did not go well. Mark and I did not see eye to eye on biblical church leadership at all and there was other issues we saw as not consistent with God's Word.  So we had no choice but to part ways at that time.

I then tried via mail and email to open up some type of reasoning a few years later and again it did not go well. We had no plans to unite with them there at this point but we just wanted to see if we could patch up the issues we had with Mark. (Live in peace with all men / Hebrews 12 and we had bought property down in the state of Missouri. We thought of them often as we passed that area as we are about 2.5 hours away from Brookfield.) We found out some of Marks actions and tried to get him to see them as unbiblical / sinful as we care for them but he sadly rejected my attempts. 

Note: We will document those issues on this testing. 
Since that time we have gone on in ministry and thankfully have grown in God's Word (His glory, not ours) but we have never forgotten about them. We will admit we have much in common with them and we find them to be biblical in many ways today; that few bodies are. We applaud them in that!

Having said that we are also called to test and judge the body ( 1 Corinthians 5 ) not the world so we must speak truth and expose error/sin when we do see it. We do also see a dangerous trajectory in play in this body and we are concerned the more we test them. In my experience of testing bodies, the baptist modern pastors are some of the most arrogant, nasty, mean spirited, lording over, controlling men I have ever met. Well, sadly, Mark has MANY ways similar to the independent Baptist system that he was raised in as a young man. (He defended the baptist system via email.)  No I am not an ex baptist just a biblical observer!! I noticed that about him at the very start and it got worse as we test him. We have made these points known to Mark so it is now proper to do this testing here publicly as he teaches publicly. (See Matthew 18 )  What we will put out in this testing is right from his own mouth, emails and teachings. No lies, or slander or smearing. We care and love others too much to do that. I told Mark in my last email to him; deacon Jesse Herr is welcome to contact me to correct ANY info that is not true and I will change it. As I told Mark, I desire NO contact with him again till he repents publicly. It is fruitless to do so based on his emails, harsh words and lording over actions. It is a Titus 3:9-10 situation between Mark and I at this point.

*We know there was or is some who had left Mark that have spoke ill of him on the internet and they were of the worlds ways and they did not keep their words about Mark biblical. We are NOT of the worlds ways and we will avoid that and stay with the Holy Word as our measuring stick for Mark and oursevles.
For the record: we are NOT in communication or united with anyone who has left his body. This testing is a direct result of our own experiences and testing of Mark Bullen's theology to God's Word nothing more and it is for God's glory and biblical truth, not gossip.       

We do this testing with a heavy heart and with love for Mark and those folks. I prayed for years that I would not have to do it! (And I have tested hundreds of religious bodies in our ministry.) But I feel it must be done finally as I meditated over it for many years and the time has come. I must be faithful to God...

(Paul did publicly call out Peter, forever to be read by all the saints in Galatians 2 / I am not Paul but then Mark is no Peter either. )

We are without any fear in doing good as God makes us able. We are also without any anger, strife or any aim to harm anyone's reputation or ministry at all. We have a great love for them,  the Lord's truth must be protected, we are contending for the faith once delivered, we want a complete loving Provrbs 9.8 rebuke to Mark so he can see and repent of sin and it is to warn others who like us may be considering uniting there so they have the facts first, then they can decide. We want all the truth (God's light) to be available to all those people and then they by God's will, they can decide for themselves if they should be part of his religious body. We are not dividers of the body, but we are contenders of the truth and the faith. See Jude 


Mark once told me I needed to listen to a sermon he did on pride so I did. In it he said; 

If you're standing up for God's truth against all error and sin, you are not contentious or prideful. It is those in error and sin that are prideful. He said we are commanded to stand on the truth and against all error filled doctrine in the church or we are sinful.

We agree with you Mark 100% and we lovingly contend you are in error/sin/pride in various places that we will show using God's Holy Word. 

We pray you repent publicly for God's glory.

Note: as it says on our website we welcome testing of us and if shown biblical error/sin we will repent of it and do it publicly. (That is all that we ask of as well if he really loves the truth.) 

While we do find them biblical in many aspects and again we applaud that; below are many issues below with Mark Bullen / meaning we could not unite with him per God's Word and we see that correction and repentance is needed there. Revelation 2:5 / Romans 16.17

It is clear and we will show below that Mark is out of line in various areas and has NOT the authority or clear mandate in Holy scripture to teach some of his twisted views.
 Let the biblical testing begin with the FACTS that we have documented and tested to God's Word:

(All info is right from their website used legally and in line with "the fair use act" for teaching/testing purposes only)  


(I do have emails from Mark documenting the issues that I won't post here..... contact me via email or phone) 

1) Mark teaches and believes in the ONE man total rule of a local body as THE Bishop. Is that biblical? He calls himself Chairmen of the board at this body.

This is the main issue that separated us right from the start. Mark is set on being THE man in charge and that is not consistent with the NT church of the first century that had multiple men as elders to over see, not lord over others. I have no problem being under godly men. I will not sit under ONE man who is unbiblical / lusts for control and teaches heresy/error. Mark has no accountability of equal men around him and he acts very much like an unbiblical modern Baptist pastor if you hear his sermons. This is not found in the early NT church at all. Here is an article I did on that using God's Word to expose this sin. It shows the unbiblical modern pastor role vs what Christ (through Paul) ordained.  It is multiple elders and a open gathering for many men to be able to speak and teach in all the early NT churches. 

This article teaches on the sin of one bishop in charge and refutes Mark:

When I told Mark this fact he got upset and he tried to say James was "the Bishop" in Jerusalem in Acts 15. That is a lie. There was a counsel of many men not ONE. (Mark called me a hippy?) He told me I was rebellious for even raising this subject and that I hated authority. Please know I have never been arrested, I obey all the laws of man and I pay my taxes. So why would Mark say such a thing that he knows nothing of? Does his carnal flesh run his tongue and is that a godly 1 Timothy 3 elder at work?

If we read all of Acts 15 we see many men there to speak and all take part in the decision that was made and it says :
For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; verse 28

You will not find in the first century church the model Mark has decided to push and teach there. (one bishop) It was the unbiblical men after Paul and John died off that created the lording over lone Bishop position by regions. Then it was the pagan roman catholic system that made it universal, then raising up a false pope. Then it was Luther that kept it going in the reformation placing one pastor over his newly formed false religious system. It is true that power grabbing can do that to a man as we see in 3 John 1. See the sad story of over lording lone bishop... Diotrephes.
Just recently Dec 2016 when I decided to do this testing of him amazingly the very first sermon I heard him teach, he said this... 
I am the "chairman of the board"...
I almost fell over when I heard it and it was plain to see he has doubled down on his total control and lording over those people there. 

You can hear him on his own audio saying that very thing via his sermon "What is your vocation" dated 12/11/16 on his website about minute 22:43...

Go here to hear Mark actually say it recorded off his website :

Use control F and search Mark Bullen Chairman of the Board

In the very sermon where he says we MUST follow the NT churches in every detail, he leaves the example of multiple elders and humbleness, then calls himself the chairman of the boardHow hypocritical and dangerous!  I raised this to Mark via email and he refused to even address it. 

Jesus Christ is the head of the body He died for NOT Mark Bullen

(Multiple elders who over see yes... a ruling lone Bishop CEO, never!)
It is sinful as scripture does not teach it. 

Sadly I am not the only one who sees this issue. Last year as we were witnessing to others in his Missouri area a man brought up Mark (on his own) and told me Mark Bullen is known as the pope of northern Missouri for his lording over controlling ways and then he laughed at Mark. It made me sad as this is not God honoring or biblical in light of Peter saying this:
Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being examples to the flock.
1 Peter 5

Jesus also warned against lording over in Matthew 20...

Men lording over others will lift themselves up, strangle others spiritual growth, usurp power over the holy spirit and it is certainly not in line with the first century church model no matter how he tries to pretend he is. We could never unite with a man who thinks HE is the lone leader / CEO/chairman in the church of Christ. This borders on blasphemy as Jesus is the head not any man. Colossians 1:18

If you go and unite with Mark, please know you will be submitting to him as the chairman of the board over your soul?? I need a chapter and verse please? 
In this I have GREAT concern over his direction....

This sin alone should be enough for ANY biblical discerning man in his body to say we need to address this one lone man in control of "Christ's" body, lording over and flaunting it with worldly terms like I am chairman of the board.

But there is much much more in error and sin at LFCF:

2) Mark teaches that the local church is the PROGRAM by which God saves men. Is this really what God's Word says?
Mark Bullen has written entire books on this subject and ALL over in his sermons is God's so called program which is the local church. He loves the word program program program... but it is NOT found in the bible. While we agree with a "biblical" local church body indeed (if you have one) but Mark goes too far stating without a local church body and a bishop; you're lost. 

This is a false gospel folks and Galatians 1 says it is 'accursed'!

Mark is adding and taking away from God's Word and per Revelation 22 , he best tread lightly here.

This CANNOT be true as many people in the world repent and are born again in the Lord who then struggle on ALONE in the faith often to their death without a biblical body ever near them. In the first century there were plenty of people that believed, then scattered thanks to the powerful move of the Spirit back then. My wife and I never had a body for years as the man made systems around us were all in sin and other true believers were not to be found. But we were true to God's Word by His His body all on our own. Mark in his testimony says he wandered around alone with his wife for a time after he left the baptist faith. Why didn't he just settle and compromise there? Were you lost in your wandering time Mark?   No, it is the gospel/new life via Christ that saves man not a Bishop, body or program:

A godly body and its leadership can indeed help you grow and be accountable but it is NOT a co- key to salvation. That is heresy!

I fear for those at his body and taking in his programming ways.
Could it be Mark uses this ill teaching, hammering people with it so often to lift up his Bishop role and his program to keep people from leaving his flock? It cannot be found taught in scripture. Salvation is found in Christ alone via repentance and new life John 3:3 not a church body, building, bishop or any system. 

Mark is placing himself between people and Christ for salvation and this is dangerous and heretical.

This article teaches why this is in great error and sin and refutes Mark:

The body is His people bought with His blood NOT any program. Yes the bible had biblical churches functioning and in it was a design to serve God, I agree. But not everyone then or though out history or even now was or is a part of one as they were not near one. Doesn't the bible warn of a great falling away in 2 Timothy 4? We can BE the body where we are in our homes. Does Jesus abandon those who come to faith far from a true fully functioning biblical body? This is terrible twisted theology to say the least. He is lifting his church system/program up above the truth of the gospel. (Note: Marks "program" looks a lot like the Independent baptist system he came out of which is of man, not God.) This is slanted and dangerous theology that leads others astray via fear and wrong teaching. The early church was NOT building centered or lone Bishop led as Mark is saying. This idea leads to MANY unbiblical ways. As proof see our article on the unbiblical theology/program of a building centered faith:

Note: Mark holds ritual religious Sunday meetings in a set building added on to his home (not house to house and daily like the NT church did in Acts 2?) 

See this quote from Marks writings:
Here is a article that refutes the salvation via church programs:

3) Mark teaches the lie that if your excommunicated from his church.. you LOSE your hope of salvation. Does he control your eternal fate or does Jesus Christ?
With Mark acting as THE "chairman in charge" there he claims if you are excommunicated from his body you have lost the hope of salvation. 

This is heresy!!!

Here is a article tat refutes this teaching:

I will be the first one to say if you're in sin and you won't repent and a biblical body puts you out over that sin; yes you are in GREAT danger until you repent of said sin. See 1 Corinthians 5. It is your sin that will condemn you not a lone Bishop. 

But he takes this theology way too far and bends it to meet his goal of total bishop control. In truth; if I was in Mark's body and we clashed (like Paul and Barnabas did)  over his ill BISHOP rule ways or if he did things I found not in line with scripture (like paying men money$$$ to debate him which he did) and he put me out, would Christ now reject me and banish me to hell? Once again we ask is he using his lording over programming ways to build a system of control and fear that the scriptures do not teach? It is SIN that would cast me to hell NOT rebelling against a lording over unbiblical man like Mark. He has zero power over a mans soul and it is pride/ arrogance and almost cult like to infer he does. This again is another gospel to be rejected.

Pagan roman catholics also teach this false cultish way. We know and understand that Hebrews 13 says we obey those over us (it was multiple elders not a lone bishop) and we should obey them if they are in line with scripture. But we do not obey them into sin (Acts 5:29 ) and we always obey God first, not man! We are to correct them per 1 Timothy 5:20. The truth is there is NO lifted up clergy/lone Bishop vs lay person system in the true NT church like that of Mark Bullens so be warned as he is in great error/sin here per God's Word. Salvation is between Christ and a man NOT Christ to a Bishop then a man. Read your bibles folks! 

There is one intercessor between man and God... Jesus.

1 Timothy 2:5

See this quote from Marks writings:

4) Mark teaches that men cannot learn truth without being in a local body under a bishop. Does the Word of God support this or is it a man made way? 
I do not know where he gets this ill theology but you would be hard pressed to find it in the Holy Word. Mark is bent on propping up the lone ruling Bishop model/program and so he teaches you MUST have one or you won't learn truth. While we support a gathering of saints with godly elders to teach and to over see (NOT lord over) my bible also tells me I need no one to teach me but the Holy Spirit. See 1 John 2:27

But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. 

The apostle Paul didn't attend such gatherings for years and we was trained up? (He was in Arabia for 3 years / see the book of Galatians 1.)  

Note: I do not reject godly men around me to hold me accountable, I embrace them. But if I did not have others around me and no godly men to speak truth into my life; God, the Word and His spirit is enough. Mark says no.
He is in great arrogance / error here once again looking much like the baptist system he claims he left. 

Here is a article on this topic that refutes Mark:

5) Mark told me once he controls the Lord's Supper and it cannot be done without him present as Bishop. He controls who gets the Lord's Supper. Did Paul teach this or has man made it up to control others?

Via email I asked Mark 'can I or can your people do the Lord's supper on their own in small groups or at home?' Mark said 'no' as he controls it and he must be there or oversee it himself. This too is not found in scripture at all. It is more pagan roman catholic then first century body of God.  Paul says let each man discern and test himself lest he takes the Lords body unworthily. 1 Corinthians 11 

Does Mark really think he can read peoples minds or see into their private homes to know who is worthy or not? That is silly. If someone is in open unrepented sin they should already be put out of the body. 

Of course you will want to share this with your biblical body but there is NOTHING in the Word that says you cannot share it without a ruling Bishop to control your every move.

It mentions NO lone ruling Bishop controlling over Christ's NEW blood covenant. Again this is more pagan roman catholic like NOT the first century church model. Peter says we are all priests now 1 Peter 2:9 and thanks to Jesus we can go to God boldly Ephesians 3:12 and this must include the Lords Supper that He gave us His people. Shame on Mark for stepping between Christ and man.

See this article that refutes man controlling the Lords Supper

6) Mark teaches a revised communion vs a biblical Lord's Supper as a full meal. Is the tid bit communion modeled after the apostolic way or mans ways?

Mark claims to follow the NT ways in detail but does not. He does NOT practice the biblical full meal Lord's supper in his weekly ritual service as we see in Matthew 26. He practices the pagan roman / reformers way of tid bit communion handed out. (Little bites of bread and thimbles of wine.) In this he is NOT following the NT church model set by Christ but mans ways. 

See the article on the Lords Supper:

7) Mark has offered men money $$$$ to debate him over Gods Word! Is this fruit of a godly Titus elder?

We stumbled across the fact that Mark Bullen was offering $1000 for any mennonite man to debate and prove him wrong! I was amazed and so I sent him an email and asked how can you do this Mark? You need to repent of this Mark, please. He was indeed arrogant and refused ANY wrong doing and this is the same situation to this day. The Word says we are to be blameless Philippians 2:15 but in this Mark more then crossed the line unto blame. I cannot respect a man of God who acts in such a way and won't repent when called out! 

8) Mark teaches the synagogue is God's design for the NT church. Did God ordain Jewish religious buildings outside of the temple?

Mark teaches the system of the synagogue was of God but no scripture supports this. I heard it in his sermon recently. God never ordained them. These man made places do support Marks program though. (Religious buildings, tithes, one man in charge, pulpits, control centers, ritual spiritless gatherings etc etc.) He says Paul went to them as proof they were to be the model. Not true. Paul went to them to preach to the Jews and call them out in Christ's truth. You go to a synagogue Mark, to find Jews to reason with like you go to a baptist place to find baptists. It is no way means he was teaching their model. This is bad bible study folks. In fact Paul washed his hands of the Jews in those places and after Acts 26 you never see the word  synagogue mentioned again in all the scripture until they are called  synagogues of satan in Revelation. Paul went on to see God build the NT body in homes, led by multiple elders and where all men could share in an open gathering not be lorded over by one Bishop. The true NT body of the bible looks nothing like a  synagogue at all. Today God dwells not in buildings made by mans hands. I am sure those reading this testing and have gone this far in the reading of it know where this verse is in scripture. Does not Mark know Jesus death did away with the temple building system and we are now the temple. It was the roman pagans and Luther that restarted the building centered faith, not God! He seems to be blinded by his own unbiblical "program system" and is missing God's deep truth.
Mark holds to a Baptist protestant way of ritual Sunday man led gathering vs a spirit led, orderly NT way we see in scripture. 

9) Mark teaches the tithe. Is the tithe for gentiles?
We learned Mark uses the tithe and it is NOT for the NT church but for Jews in Israel. Mark is NOT a Levitical priest, living in Jersualem in the temple so he needs no tithe. It is another wrong theology left over from his error filled baptist past. See this article on the tithe:
(I must note Mark does work outside of the religious body and for that we applaud him but the tithe paid to him or anyone is still unbiblical and more controlling ways! )

See his writing below:

10) Mark teaches Hebrews 10:25 is about Sunday gathering.

Is Paul speaking about Sunday church services in Heb 10:25 or something more?
I heard with my own ears Mark teaches that Hebrews 10:25 is about a Sunday gathering on the Lord's day. Sadly this is not true at all. Hebrews is all about the Jews leaving faith in Christ and that verse used correctly, is ALL about not leaving the hope of gathering unto Christ, not religious services. His idea for "don't forsake the gathering " on Sunday is another false man made Baptist way he has chosen to prop up as it promotes his ill program but it is NOT biblical. See our 2 articles that prove in the Greek... what Heb 10:25 in about.

11) Mark speaks out like he himself grew his church body.

Does God grow the church or man?
He did on several occasion's, directly to me, and even on his website states that he has built his church. This is a dangerous mindset!!! My bible says God builds His church not man. See Matthew 16:18 where Jesus says.. He will build His church/ and Acts 2 where God added to itIf Mark has built that church, per God's Word it is NOT God's body but a man's isnt' it? 

11) Mark told me that ANYONE who has opposed his church has suffered chastisement from the Lord. Is this lifting his body up to a special place before God?
When I informed Mark via email that we wanted to do a biblical testing of His body, he fired back that he then wanted to test us too. It seemed really fleshly of him. I had offered for him to check our facts before we publish it but again, it did not go well! Sadly he had years and he never cared enough to test or correct us on any truth as a true Titus 1 elder would. Then in a total defensive statement he said "anyone who has been excommunicated from here or attacked this body has been chastised by God severely. Is that like a spiritual threat you think? 
Sadly Mark views a loving biblical Proverbs 9:8 testing as an attack when we are told to test (1 Thessalonians 5:21) all things. How sad, and it seems like a paranoid mindset to me.
He did offer for me to "be a man" and bring 'my men' down to talk with him and 'his men'. It sounded far "too fleshly and macho" for my liking so I said it would not be fruitful. (When he repents of the sin I have shown him many times, then I will sit with him and reason, until then we have chosen to avoid him.)  Note: We are NOT attacking him  we are testing him, the very thing he says to do in his sermons and what he does in his many books and articles that he writes then sells. Is it not Matthew 23 hypocrisy of him to do it in his ministry then tell us we are nit picky if we test for error in him? 

12) Mark has open theism in his teachings and leans towards pelagianism. Are these ism's of man found in Gods Word?

I debated Mark about his Open theism and it was on his website but now I can't find it? I have via emails talked to him about it and he confirmed and defended it. I also have a first hand testimony of a man who talked to Mark once about his concerns over his pelagianism ways. (This man has no ill will toward Mark.) This is concerning indeed! The false teacher Charles Finney had similar views. 
(Open theism= God doesn't know everything and pelagianism = Adams sin in no way affected the rest of mankind)  If he repented of this bad theology I am not aware of it. It is another troubling sign here. 

13) Mark teaches that Sunday is the Lord's day.

What bible verse teaches us a "new special day" on Sunday or did the pagans make this the norm?
If you study this topic you will see the Sunday religion taught as the Lord's day is a lie of man and false religion, NOT God's Word. See our articles here on why Sunday is NOT the Lords day Mark teaches. 

Here I refute his sermon #722 on Sunday as the Lords day

Here is a article on Sunday is it the Lords day?

Note: you can gather any day per Romans 14 but do not teach that Sunday is the new Lord's day. It is not biblical but it is another way to control people in the Bishop program you are building via man. Mark quotes the early fathers a lot so we ask "are they inspired scripture or the very men that lead the world into pagan roman catholicism'? The bible is all we need Mark and it nowhere teaches Sunday as the Lords day. 

Note: Mark Bullen also quotes the Epistle of Barnabus in his teachings ( see above ) It was Barnabus who hated the Saturday Sabbath, believed the law against eating pork for Jews was not true but that only acting like a pig was sin, he quoted from the Apocrypha and he had other STRANGE theology but Mark uses him to defend Sunday as the Lords day, not good!

14) Mark is demeaning and calls others who reject his lording over or ritual man made religion ways.... hippy church people.
Is this fruit of a 1 Timothy 3 elder?

On several occasions Mark, when tested, described others who strive for Christ but reject his ritual / lording over/ man made system of gathering.... hippy church people. He called us that too and NEVER even tested us in any way to the Word! This is NOT becoming a true man of God but a fleshly man who lets his tongue lead his ill ways. James says that is not good and it voids your faith. See James 3

15) Mark quotes himself all over his website (a sure sign of arrogance/pride?) John the baptist said I must decrease so He can increase didn't he?

"Simply borrowing from the teachings of Christ does not make you His disciple, nor Him your LORD - Men love to use Christ's bricks, but only to build their own castle." --Mark Bullen 

There is a bible verse that talks about pride before the fall. I think men who quote themselves like Mark Bullen need to really focus on that verse, check their hearts and be warned. Proverbs 16:18

16) Mark is "programing people" and teaches a system of man made religious ways NOT found in the first century church but in man made religion of the reformers. Is the word program in the holy scriptures?

*He uses the made up term God's PROGRAM over and over  and over! (It is Marks program not God's.)

*He runs ritual timed out services that he controls, not the holy spirit.
*In the services he tells people who can teach, when to stand, sit, repeat after him, pray and sing.

*They do tid bit communion not a full meal per the Word.

*He uses a lifted up wooden pulpit that he controls.

*He runs a one man show on Sundays ( or he chooses who teaches ) vs a open gathering  (1 Corinthians 14:26) with many men sharing of God equally via the spirit in a orderly NT way. 

Romans 8 says there is no condemnation for those led by the spirit. Mark makes it clear, he is doing the leading NOT the holy spirit. Just watch his videos....... 
Sadly, it is a lot like any man made ritual Baptist service (short of instrumental music) not a true NT church gathering of the first century. Basically it is Mark Bullen most of the time, then he picks who preaches. This is not biblical as that body does not get to hear what the other men could bring in teachings but only what the lone Bishop Mark brings or who he approves of. They get only his or a few men's good teachings (and he has good in them) but they get ALL of his errors/sin too without a counter point. I dare say he is not being corrected inside that body or why else would these issues remain for me to test and see so easily from the outside? See our teaching on the characteristics if the true NT church:

The use of a controlling pulpit as it is being used today is sinful:
See this article to prove that in the Word

17) Mark teaches church membership. Did the early NT saints have membership classes?
In a sermon and on his website he believes in and teaches church membership. He says because the early saints sent letters confirming ones faith to distant churches that proves they had membership roles. How silly and sad. Does Mark think that man can control and micro manage the church of God today with names on paper? This in no why promotes the unbiblical membership ways of man today. Again pagan roman catholics keep these unbiblical roles with names but not the true church of God. It is more controlling ways of man and his programs to wade thru vs Gods truth. Here is a article I did on the unbiblical way called church membership:

18) Mark quotes heretic Charles Finney and he calls him one of the greatest evangelists ever. Does not the Word teach to AVOID unbiblical men not promote them? Romans 16.17 
Finney was an unbiblical heretic who taught many unbiblical things including sinless perfection. He is responsible for unbiblical alter calls and false revival ways today. Finney had an accursed gospel and he did not believe the holy spirit had any part in mans conversion!!! And Mark promotes and lifts him up? Where is the discernment we ask? If Mark has men that can speak to him, why are they not seeing his error. Could they be afraid of losing their hope of salvation? See our teaching blog for articles on revival and sinless perfection refuted: refuted:

19) Mark teaches deep and long on biblical dress for ladies but is totally lax on it for men. Did God also cover Adams form in the garden?

Mark teaches much and very well on ladies dress and we agree with ladies biblical dress/head covering. The hypocritical aspect is that Mark seems to have ignored himself and the men. They make the ladies wear outfits that are all alike and very covering of their form, yet him and the men wear shirts with suspenders all tucked into tight pants that reveal their form /private parts? He recently said in a sermon...our ladies strive to wear things that if we walked into a first century church we would not seem out of place. Mark, your ladies would do well but in love and truth...YOU and your men you would stand out like a sore thumb! You need to consider wearing a longer loose untucked shirt and lose the suspenders for a belt hidden under a long shirt that hides your forms past your privates at least. That is more like the NT church of Paul's day. That may not happen as Mark may call that sloppy, unkept and hippy like when it is far closer to the robes men wore then his tucked in ways he has them all wearing at LFCF. (We appreciate their dress standards for women though we do not teach everyone must dress exactly alike but just to be biblical.) He has the Baptist mindset of being clean and tidy and all in place neatly which is fine, but you're clearly NOT biblical in your men's dress code. 
Note: I do not, as a man, wear a long robe but I have been convicted to untuck and wear a long loose shirt that covers past my private parts. It is much closer to what biblical dress and covering our forms should be as men.  See my article on that here: 

2o) Mark sells $$$$ the truth of God for money (his books)

Where did Jesus or Paul do this.... ever?
If modelling the NT church in all ways is Marks goal, can he show me where Paul or Jesus EVER "sold" God's truth to anyone? Chapter and verse please? Yes he gives books away but he also sells them. He also has a donate button on his website which means he will take money for others NOT knowing who they are? This is not consistent with the NT apostolic church he claims to follow is it? 

21) Mark does ritual annual foot washing services showing they are dead to the spirit of God vs doing rituals out of context. 

See this article on the false ritual of foot washing

22) Mark makes statements out of his flesh that he has NOT tested out or proved making him look foolish. It borders on false testimony against a brother / Proverbs 6. Do mature men of God think before they speak?
I fear for Mark as he seems to walk in the flesh a lot. Romans 8:8
He makes these fleshly statements to lash out and they ar not based on truth. Once he told me that because I had my own business and I had time to be in the Word a lot that I was semi retired and I needed to work more! Recently he told me via email .."you have done virtually nothing for the kingdom of God". I admit God does it all so we take no credit but God has us striving for the biblical gospel, teaching the biblical NT body all over the nation and God has me in a teaching discernment website that reaches across the globe with people in many states/countries reaching back to us. God does it all amen? Via Gods spirit we have a small body, we reject the worlds ways, my house is in order, we defend the faith and we make biblical disciples. ONLY a fleshly man with venom in his heart would say to another man who strives on for Christ: "you have done virtually nothing for the kingdom of God" . Is Mark god like that he can see our fruit and works over the years from afar when he has never tested us, knows not who God has planted seeds in via us? He has never even offered biblical advise to us in love? I tell you this so the truth be known. His flesh is getting in the way of God's glory and biblical ministry so I fear for others there. Read Proverbs 6 and what God hates.... lying is on of them!

23) Mark writes entire books exposing error and sin of others but when he is questioned, he calls me nit picky, prideful and arrogant for pointing out his biblical error/sin. Is a whole book on one single topic nit picky and prideful? (Mark does that...) 

Mark obviously is not used to being tested or corrected. He called me prideful just for standing against his false ways and using the bible? In truth he has much correct and again we admit that. But Mark is also teaching the people at LFCF a false gospel, ritual system/program of gathering and in it is a form of control/programing by telling them what to do at every step (when to stand up sit down and repeat after me, pray now, sing now etc etc) He is also striving as THE man in charge as the bishop. This is dangerous and unbiblical because it over is not the biblical way of multiple elders, it takes over the holy spirits way, and over time people stop thinking/discerning for themselves or allowing the spirit to lead. They just follow men and in this case its Mark and who he approves of. He teaches against Mennonites who have unbiblical ways including the name. ( Menno was a man and we agree they are in sin) Does Mark realize the people around his area call them the Bullenites? He is known for his lording over ways all over the state. By the way, Apostle Paul is against ANY divisions by names. 1 Corinthians 1:12. The ONLY way that Bullenite name has come to be around him is because Mark has lifted and made HIMSELF the leader vs lifting up Christ alone and in time multiple men will rise up in the elder leads. Again the power hungry, mean spirited, sharp tongued fleshly, false leader in 3 Jdohn 1 comes to mind and it wont end well I fear for Mark or the others. We want better for them all.....

24) I have seen and heard what others have said about Mark in person and on the internet. While I cannot confirm ALL of the troubling issues I have heard reported at this body; I can confirm the stories we heard about a mean spirited, lording over, playing favorites, bible twisting, threatening you will lose your soul if you leave Bishop Mark. It is exactly what we have experienced with him and we want others headed there to know what they are getting into. 

25) Mark has this body registered ( as of 2010 ) as a business with the state of Missouri? What does God's true NT body have to do with a business linked to the secular state we ask?

Did Jesus or Paul sell the gospel truth? I think not....

Please know:

Mark likes to give the impression he is VERY different then the false denominational Baptist places he grew up in. But here is the truth:

Take away his ladies dress and covering and add TV into their homes and a piano in their ritual services and sadly, he is NOT that far from the very unbiblical Baptist circles he left.  

The TRUE NT biblical body is VERY different in how it gathers, functions and is overseen. We teach all about it at our website:

( we sell nothing and do not ask you to come join us either )

In closing; I have said a lot here. Mark loves to use his unbiblical program ideas and he uses it over and over as a mind controlling battering ram to drive home his ways. He teaches that your hope is Jesus and the local church. That is a lie. He teaches you should follow your leader / a lone Bishop just like Paul said follow me in 1 Corinthians 11.  The problem is Mark needs to check his bible and his ego at the door. Paul met with Christ personally and was INSPIRED by God. Mark is NOT, nor am I. 

Paul said keep the traditins HE handed down in 2 Thessalonians 3 not the ones Mark Bullen has made up. (And a lone Bishop was NOT in Pauls traditions.)

Again, he has many prideful ways of an unbiblical independent baptist modern pastor and that is very sad. Honestly, I must admit in love, I have great concern for him. I do see unbiblical  signs as we have documented in Marks power hungry ways. In our years of testing religious bodies to the Word, we see various traits that can (not always) show symptoms of great trouble in religious bodies led by one zealous man who over time leaves scripture more and more to hold their power and build a religious group of their own.  

Those telling traits are:

*One man in the lead / control / not to be questioned

*One man hungry for unaccountable power and control
*One man who teaches if you leave him you're lost to hell
*He tries to intimidate those who disagree
*He gathers people into controlled settings / his home
*He controls the ordained things of God that was given to His people
*The use of non biblical terms to program people over and over (in this case the word "program", lone Bishops, Lord's Day etc )
*He demeans/lies about those who try to test him to the Word
*He won't repent when shown obvious sin / he is above reproof
*He has a "gathering here" mentality so he can lead more souls
*He believes HE has built his religious body, not God alone
*One can sense a dangerous "prophets mindset" within Mark as he is always comparing the OT prophets to preachers today. (add that to his lording over ways and it is dangerous)

There have been numerous men who started down this same path. The desire to follow Christ with great zeal (and some where along the road because few will oppose and rebuke them), some have become deceived some (a christ unto themselves) in some form or another. That is why I hold him to the Word here; it is our only hope to NOT be swept away by pride via our sinful ways. 

Satan is the god of this world and a master deceiver is he not? 

2 Corinthians 4:4 

I know Mark well enough to know he will say this about this testing:

*He does have men to hold him accountable. If that is true: WHY have they NOT caught and corrected the many errors he has? Either they are afraid of him or they are biblically illiterate and not qualified to be in leadership. 
*He will say he has a body of believers/church around him as if that is the qualifier for his truth? The Mennonites have MANY more people in the pews then Mark so do the Amish and roman catholics; so why does he think they are unbiblical?

More hypocrisy but it will not get by those who discern all things by the Holy Word. In love I say.....

Repent, Mr. Bullen, for God's glory and your own spiritual well being. We care about you!

I do not say any of these things lightly. I have tested, studied, rechecked the facts/scriptures and waited on the Lord for years to do this testing. ( when he recently called himself the chairman of the board of God's local body ) I had to speak up!

I pray this effort here will bear much fruit for the kingdom. If Mark repents, we will rejoice and help him all we can as I am no better then him in my flesh, ignorance and imperfect ways. I love him in the Lord and desire the best for him and the others at LFCF. 

But if he continues in this power hungry unbiblical ways and role, I pray others will see this testing and test him deeper. Then we hope the spark of God's Word/true NT church model will ignite them to either leave all error and sin or not run unto any men with programs and ill motives. We pray that they cling to Christ and BE His church tight where they are. Our website is a resource aimed to help people just in that situation.

In the Words of Holy scripture; I write to all of you on the journey of all truth via Jesus Christ our Lord.....

And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:

Colossians 2:10

If LFCF has any issues with the truth in this testing and wants to talk, Jesse Herr is welcome to call me anytime. ( I want nothing to do with Mark or Jeff W till they show repentance )

Here is a Biblical gospel:

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go to our teaching blog for MANY articles on biblical truth:

I stand ready to be tested and to help others, all for His glory.  

Love to all the saints worldwide