Our Jesus Journey Matt Solis Exposed

Note: they do not teach the biblical gospel to eternal life nor do they teach Gods Word and NT body so it is important they are challenged in love, lest they deceive people. 

Below you will find a biblical testing of Matt Solis (http://ourjesusjourney) (and his wife Erin). He is a claimed evangelist and you can read about our face to face experience with him, his many false ways and his lies. 

First read our disclaimer.....

Jim and Debbie / dontperish.com

We at dontperish.com are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we preach the biblical gospel Christ crucified leading to holiness / obedience. We reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, men are to dress biblical as well in tunic like robe garments. We reject all pagan spiritual ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical NT ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. 2 Thess 2:15 
We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others.  
My wife and I travel & live simple / in full time ministry, me street preaching / teaching in ministry as van dwellers for Christ spreading the Lord's truth all over America. I preach the gospel/making disciples and we help labor for His kingdom, till He comes. We have sold most all we have and we support ourselves in ministry as we will NOT sell any of God's truth or take donations! 

Note: Truth matters and if any of this testing is incorrect; please submit your correction and biblical reproof in writing to Jim at dontperish@outlook.com and it will be reviewed and corrected, if need be! 


Matt said, I do not know anything about him; but really I do as this testing proves!


Go to this link and watch the video where I rebuke Matt in front of the Franklin Graham crowd 
per Titus 3:8-11 


            See Matt tested biblically below But first some updates.....

Update Jan 2020

Matt's hero Franklin Graham likes to call out pet sins but avoids many other sins of his like worldliness, partiality and gluttony? ( his volunteers have some of those sins ) 

Read about that here:

read on to see Franklin tested


Jan 16 2020 

Matt really needs to hit Franklin Graham up for gas money to make his crusades. Franklin is drawing a HUGE salary:

 ( Franklin makes $880,000.00 while .... the average pastor makes under $30,000 ) 

So does this make Franklin a major money grubbing hireling???

Shameful it is.... 

read on to see Matt and Franklin  Solis exposed 

Jan 15 2020 

Matt has his evangelical friends joining in to comment on our meeting / his video about me but none of them have any substance in biblical truth. One vile worldly man Andrew Chase: ( he links to heretics, loves the carnal fallen world ways and parades his daughters around as harlot dressed cheerleaders )

 posted a long "so called" critique of me but it is full biblical error. Since the Word says be ready to give a answer 1 Peter 3;15 
I have posted a line by line answer to Andrew at this link:


Yes, Matt's "so called" Christian friends like Andrew, link to many heretics, are worldly / carnal and even parade young daughters in harlot dress / cheerleading events ... as a vile sexual display. It is shameful and it shows their ill heart and ungodly unregenerated fruit!
We fear for them......

Go there to the link to see what Andrew said in great error ( many lies )  and then my answers to him line by line ...

God be praised

read on to see Matt Solis exposed


Update Jan 14 2020 

Matt has published a video that he promised about our meeting again at his false Franklin Graham crusade in Jan 2020. 
Matt Solis told 5 more lies!!

Correction... on the video I say we met in Wyoming ..it was Billings Montana. ( I travel so much that I get states confused.... )

Sadly Matt is clueless as if he would read Titus 3 we are to warn a heretic and then avoid them. He lied and ran away in 2017 and never reached back to me in love, he is a false teacher, why would I shake his hand today? 
But Matt does not hold to scripture but many false traditions of men. He had over 2 years to talk to me about the testing but he ignored it all. I was there that day to preach the gospel to the lost evangelicals, not shake hands with him, a false teacher. ( I got a invite to go inside and see Franklin Graham from a worker.... but I turned that down too and I told him to come outside to here truth.) He did not of course. 

Notice Matt cannot even answer what I said on his video? Billy Graham has a STAR on the hollywood walk of fame? Would Jesus ever have that?
Also, Billy was compromised/in bed spiritually with the pope as is Franklin..... no Matt is happy in his unbiblical ignorant bliss!

Lie #1 
In his video Matt made, all he kept saying is "I know nothing about him" but that is a big lie. If you read the testing below I document much about Matt. .... I know much all from his public info. 

*his false gospel
*his false associations
*his not supporting his home by laboring for money
*his house is not in order ( feminized )
*their promoting many false teachers 

I know enough Matt, to call you a Rom 16:17 false teacher and I document it all.  I also document why the Grahams are false teachers as well. His partiality towards his famous men is nothing short of idolatry!

Lie #2 

Matt said in the video that I didn't tell them about my ministry in 2017??? 
They were very tired, we met late like 10 pm and I offered them all a free breakfast and we would talk in the AM and..... Matt wanted it too but then he ran off in the AM without ever a word. 

Matt said this as well:

I agree there... 
I have exposed Joe Shortino ( he is a NAR cross carrying heretic who says God talks to him daily out loud ) and I exposed both the Grahams and I document it all on the testing below. 

Here is Matt's good friend Joe praying with pagan heretic anti-christ Mormon men ( they deny Christ is God ) 

Matt unites to heretics... like Joe!!! 

I did message Joe C ..... 
Here is their friend Joe C. on FB, and he is a VILE man....

             ( this post is of a satanic band with a naked guy on it. Joe is lost and hell bound and Matt does not call anyone out of sinful lives. No, Matt Solis encouraged the guy to go on in his music.  ) 

Lie #3
Matt is a liar again as he now calls me strange but....
he did not mention that I offered them a free meal in 2017 and he wanted it with excitement. But we never got to talk ANY biblical truth at all as he ran off left us sitting there in the AM! ( they don't love so they are not of God /per John 13 )  See he calls me strange??? but has never corrected anything I teach on, why not? Doesnt he love me? I think the real reason they ran from us that morning was his wife Erin was VERY intimidated by a godly dressed / headed covered woman, my wife. ( Erin dresses unbiblical as does Matt ) Erin was VERY COLD when we first met ( not loving at all? ) and they left us waiting for them without even a reason? Again what unloving liars they really are! 
Note: Erin and Matt are feminized and do not obey God's word in these biblical areas. ( Matt is biblically illiterate on many topics )    

Why doesn't Matt just read the testing below, line by line and he will see WHY I have issues with him and the Grahams and Joe Shortino and all their false theology? God HATES ALL false ways Matt. see Psalm 119

The bible commands I test, publically rebuke and mark them. 1 Thess 5, 1 Tim 5 / Romans 16:17 

Lie #4

Matt says he blocked me on FB so I must have a false FB page. 
No Matt, I have brethren.... liar/slanderer you are!

Matt paints such a dark picture of me???
He fails to mention what we DO for ministry:
 that I support myself / my wife and I travel full time ( we live in a camper van / self funded ) in ministry 24-7 all over the nation, helping needy, preaching the gospel in the world, in the streets and at events. Also, we have a huge website dontperish.com full of thousands of resources to preach the gospel, train and edify the saints daily per Matt 28:20 as well as we call out false teachers like Matt. 

Matt has "next to NOTHING" for teaching on line except lots of videos ....asking for money! ( Matt does not not labor for money to meet all their needs... as he is a sinful moocher.) 

He did leave my website info on my dontperish.com signs on his FB video so....
 will his followers email me correction? I promise to review any mans biblical email correction of the testing below on Matt and I will review it / repent of / adjust whatever any man can show me in the Word .... is in error? 

I am waiting since 2017?


my email is dontperish@outlook.com

ps I have waited for 2.5 years for Matt to give ANY biblical correction/answers ( he goes sight seeing so I know he has the time )  but all he can do is make a video, lie and calls:

Lie #5 
 my father satan?? ( accuser of the brethren ) 
I do not lie/accuse men wrongly, Matt, like satan does. 
No sir... I PROVE you are a false teacher at the testing below. 

Matt is twisting that verse, and here is a article on that topic:

So there you have it ... 
I called Matt Solis a liar from 2017 incident and he just lied 5 more times in 2020. 
Like his Baptist evangelical false faith ... he is full of lies!
( see his faith and theology exposed at the testing below ) 

He best repent, lest he will perish

Rev 22 says.... lies get you outside of heaven Matt!

read on to see why he is a false teacher 


Update Jan 2020

We went to stand outside of one of the Franklin Graham concerts in Florida. As I was outside preaching the gospel and trying to wake up the dead American evangelicals following heretics, I saw Matt's oldest son come by and I said as he passed...." I know your dad and he is a false teacher! "  Matt then came out a bit later and tried to shake my hand, like he cares about us?? ( he lied and left us waiting in 2017 with no love / read about that below  )  

                                                       (me rebuking Matt by his sons )

See the video of my rebuking Matt here:

I told him I do not embrace false teachers ( Romans 16:17 )  and he has had several years to address my testing below and he has done nothing to correct me, then I kept preaching on. The last time I saw Matt was in 2017 in Montana when we met. We loved on him and I offered them all a free meal ( as he said his kids only ate cheap lunch meat for 5 days straight ) then he lied and ran off the next am / left us waiting the next morning without ever talking any truth. He can't be trusted as he is a Rev 21:8 coward. 

Note: Matt does not work and has TONS of time to be teaching truth but rarely does he offer anything online/FB to edify/train the saints from the Holy Word. It is usually his begging for money and false experiencial bad theology. But this day, he ran out to come by me with his videos cameras via his son Nemo, who likes to do videos.

Now he is on FB saying he is ready to do a video about it all? 
I wonder if Matt will now post a video about our meeting again and if so, I challenge Matt to post my dontperish.com link about him as I post who he is ( Our Jesus Journey )  or will he hide the truth and lie/slander me as before? Is he a Rev 21 coward or a true man of God?
Matt made the false claim "I do not know anything about him" but if you read this testing below you will see he has a false OSAS gospel, he is a Baptist which is very unbiblical, he is a ecumenicalist who clings to word of faith / NAR types/ catholic leaning types, he does not love per John 13, he is a liar, his house is not in order, he is feminized, he is worldly and he is a man that does not work but mooches off others to feed his family. 

See Matt, I really do know you.....

If you do ever repent, I am there to help him and your family.

PS... Matt ran away in 2017 by lying then ignored talking truth all this time ( over 2 years ) so his coming out at this event was just a stunt to save face but it won't work. Anyone with eyes to see will know who and what he is... repent Matt. We love you all!!!

Vile liars frequent these sad events as this post proves:

read on to see Matt Solis exposed


Update Jan 2020 

Want to see the rotten fruit of the organization Matt labors for?
Franklin Graham his boss, drives around in fancy buses / lives lavish.....

I took this picture myself when I preached outside his event and I saw three of these fancy rigs of Franklin's. 

 It is reported Franklin has many harley's / guns at home and his dad Billy was worth $25 million .......

Yet volunteers of Franklin's are online begging for "gas money" to drive all over to work for him for free like... Matt? 
Here they beg for gas/food to follow Franklin around Florida for 1700 miles!

Matt wont Franklin help you out of his PLENTY?????

What kind of a man/organization is this I would ask?

read on to see Matt exposed.....


Jan 2020 

Matt did FINALLY say he did some work for money. Wow!!!! 
That was a good start but it was short lived as he is begging again online....... so sad. 

Also, he has now resorted to working with the compromised, unbiblical Billy Graham organization as a volunteer counselor at their worldly, false convert making, sinner prayer crusades with fleshly singer Jeremy Camp. More proof Matt has NO biblical discernment skills. 

Hey Matt, ask Franklin why his dad united with pagan roman catholics all those years even sending people to them from the crusades? Franklin unites to them as well! Billy was caught trashing the Jewish people on private audio with Nixon as well.  Also ask Franklin why a so called holy man of God takes a star on the VILE Holly wood walk of fame as Billy did???? ( Billy was friends with the world / James 4:4 calls that God's enemy!) They are also Calvinist devils telling people you cannot lose your salvation... wicked men there are and Matt embraces them.

                                                 See it all documented on the testing link below....

We love them all and pray they repent before its too late.

See Franklin / Billy Graham exposed here:

See singer Jeremy Camp exposed here:

read on to see Matt Solis exposed


Dec 2018

Not much has changed with Matt. He is still very heretical, traveling around, visiting worldly unbiblical religious bodies and he is mooching off others vs working himself. As more proof... 

In a recent video Matt looks up and says "God why is this happening to me"? I can answer that: because Matt, you don't work so that is why your eating out of food pantries and begging for gas money. He was explaining how they have to go to a FOOD PANTRY to eat and while there they met a man who per Matt "is SAVED but just fell away some". Matt doesn't call him to repent and serve God in spirit and truth. No, he prays for the man and no doubt promises him your going to heaven no matter what so your good. Those are lies and part of Matt's false gospel he preaches...

It is so sad really, the terrible theology and the bad witness of Matt to his family and those around him as he takes food out of the elderly, children and widows hands to "play evangelist" but he is FAR from the Lords mark of truth!

Read on to see why... and my personal face to face experience with him! 


Sept 2018 

Matt is all excited that someone is letting him stay in a huge house as a guest. 

He thinks it is a blessing of God but he needs to know that Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland have much bigger houses and they are wolves and false teachers. 

Matt lacks truth as his measure of faithfulness vs material things!!!

Read on to see him tested and exposed


Sept 2018

Solis is being swept up in the unbiblical shofar craze saying someone bought it for them and it is a NEW weapon in his arsenal!!!

The shofar was for Israel and has NO usage in the New testament body of Christ. See this article on that topic:

read on to see Matt exposed as unbiblical and full of sin....

Sept 2018

Matt is so unbiblical ... he gives a talk as a guest speaker at a church where he says "we must be studying the Word to know truth"! Then....
he hands the microphone to a LADY pastor!

I guess he has never read 1 Cor 14, 1 Tim 2 or Titus 1
See this article on that topic:

read on to see Matt tested 

Aug 2018

Here is Matt at work again in unbiblical ways. He helps a unbiblical carnal musician and rather than call him out of his sin and to the gospel, Matt tells him to keep doing what he does!!!! Love without bibllical truth is HUMAN love, NOT godly love and it wont save anyone!

See Mr Solis's fruit..... ( the guy says "if he was God he will kill everyone" and Matt just encourages him in what he does????

Matt is a ecumenical, compromised, false teacher who loves people into his false gospel that cannot save.... He is NOT a true man of God by his fruit. 

read on to see more of his MANY unbiblical ways....


Update Aug 2018

Matt has been given a motor home as he does not work so he can't buy one for himself. Now, if only Matt had a biblical gospel and discernment to know and keep God's true word vs man made false religion, he may have something going on. 

read on to see Matt exposed as a false unbiblical teacher.....


Update July 2018

Matt is all excited he got to meet a worldly carnal unbiblical man who once tried to be Americas IDOL ... Danny Gokey 

Matt then partakes of worldly carnal concerts at some Christian amusement park!

More evidence Matt's fruit is NOT holy nor of God...

read on to see him tested 


Update July 2018

Matt made a video where he says we should not judge other believers past and that is true. But then he says we shouldn't judge other men/ministries if we don't understand them or they are different. He is VERY wrong here as we ARE to judge the body 1 Cor 5 and test them to God's Word. 1 Thess 5.21

Matt, in the video, is promoting false teacher men like word of faither/NAR heretics like Joe Shortino ( see him exposed below ) a man named Denny Nissly who is from Christ in Action ( he is a unbibiblical, ecumenical, feminized/paganized man who supports lady preachers/chaplains and many other unbiblical ways and then even praised a couple who blow a shofar for ministry???? God did not call us in the NEW covenant to blow the Old shofar. He said go and preach the gospel and make disciples. 

Matt nor these men are doing that but they are spreading false unbiblical man made ways so beware!

Matt still does NOT work to support his family and ministry... it is shameful!

see Matt Solis tested and exposed below.....


Update Jun 2018

Matt is on the road again. In a video:

He again promotes and praises NAR heretic Joe Shortino ( a man who God talks to daily??? as he carries a cross as a religious show that we have exposed ) Matt Solis is so undiscerning, he promotes Joe who blesses, CULT MORMONS! Yep....
see Shortino exposed here: 

( Note: he claims someone is threaten Joe S and that is terrible, we do not promote such things. )

But, Matt Solis should not be teaching anyone the things of God.

read on to see him exposed...


Update May 2018

Matt posted a video showing he was GIVEN a license by some modern pastor. 

So where is it in Gods Word that men need a license or that men can give one to other men?

More unbiblical foolishness from Matt Solis

read on to see him tested and exposed....


Update Mar 2018

Matt is back on the on the road and is as unbiblical as ever. 
In this video he posted he "INVITES a witch to church"...

*Sadly Matt does not know that the body of Christ is ONLY for born again saints who have repented but Baptists let anyone in to so called worship with them. 

*He is void of telling people the real gospel... to have faith in Christ, repent, be made new, obey Gods' Word and endure till the end. 

Read to to see him tested and exposed by God's Word....  


Update Feb 2018

Matt places a video out on 2/2/18 and in it he shows his unbiblical ways as usual:

1) he quotes the book of Deut as if those promises are for him when they were for........the nation of ISRAEL! ( it is about God just giving him stuff without working! )

2) he keeps promoting a guy who "God talks to daily" ...Joe Shortino as a brother when he is a word of faither type who does not preach repentance and also does not work! 
See Joe tested here:

3) Matt said he is living in someone else's motor home "WAITING for provisions" to fix his truck when, he should be.... working to support his family!

 We pray he repents of it all but: 

Do not be deceived by such men......

read on to see him tested


Update Jan 2018 

Matt Solis lies ... again!

This is what Matt / Erin placed on their website about my running into them in Billings, Mo Aug 2018

 We also ran into a man who presented himself as a Christian Missionary, but turned out to be false. He attempted to tear us down in such a mean and nasty way, but, still, God is good ALL the time, and Satan DID NOT get that victory

A few facts:

1) we never even talked about God's truth as Matt LIED to us and never showed up for a free breakfast we offered them as he promised he would! He ran off.....

2) Matt NEVER showed me anything that was false about my theology! ( he ran away vs going int God's Word )

3) I tried to show them biblical truth via texts after Matt lied / never showed up and that we would help them in truth in love.

4) when Matt ignored the truth/showed he was staying in his ill heretical ways, we posted this testing about him to mark him and warn others per Romans 16.17 

What was a biblical rebuke and call for him to repent as we care, he calls mean and nasty. There was no such thing!

More lies from Matt Solis and his unloving wife Erin. 
( it was obvious she was very convicted by my godly biblically dress/head covered wife when we met them in 2017 in a parking lot. Erin is NOT biblically covered or dressed as her and Matt are feminized!)

read on to see the truth about him....

Update Jan 2018

As if it could not get any worse for Matt and his unbiblical theology, it just did!

He posts a video to talk about how God moved on their trip and as evidence Matt says " God woke him up at 3 am and told him to wear a little girls beanie when he was to preach the Word of God". Yes it us true! See his FB video dated Jan 27th to hear it in his own words. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/WhitneyErinLampeSolis/videos/541838389519244/

Imagine Matt a grown man....

wearing a hat like this ( this may be the exact one he wore? ) 

to preach the Holy Word of God!

No truth from God's Word did he share as evidence he is of God ( John 17.17  thy Word is truth Jesus said ) no just Matt's experiences and hearing God talk to him to do ...... unbiblical and foolish things

Why unbiblical?

1) men are NOT to cover their heads when praying or truth telling 1 Cor 11

2) we are NOT to adorn up our temples ( 1 Peter 3 ) 

3) we are to be SOBER minded not silly and foolish even if it is to teach children. 

4) God does NOT talk to me anymore but He talks via the Word. See Hebrews 1

Read on to see Matt and unbiblical ways exposed to warn others....


Update Jan 2018

Matts FB page posts this:

Whats next for Matt ... food stamps? ( he has no job ) If so, that is relying on the US tax payers to feed your family and NOT living by faith!

This is why God tells men to........... GET A JOB! 

But if anyone does not provide for his own, that is his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 

1 Tim 5:8

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
11 For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.
12 Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread.
13 But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

14 And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed.

2 Thess 3;10

God's word is true!

read on to see Matt tested......


Update Jan 2018

Now Matt (via his unbiblical wife) is promoting false teacher Priscilla Shirer on their fb page

Shirer is sinful for being a feminist, teaching men, being ecumenical, teaching mystic contemplative prayer ( hearing Gods voice ) and she unites and promotes other false teachers like Word of faith wolf-ette Joyce Meyer. 

See Shirer tested here:

Matt has a total lack of discernment, his house is feminized and in much sin. How can he teach anyone else? We pray his mission fails badly and that he repents and studies to be approved, before being in ministry. He is a great danger as he is today!

read on to see him tested to the Word of God


Update Jan 2018

Matt puts out a video about how he is sad/down as people are telling him he should be doing more for his family. Well, they are 100% right!
read 1 Tim 5.8 Matt.........

Then to show how unbiblical he is once again, Matt goes and promotes a unbiblical strange spirited man named Joe Shortino. Joe carry's a cross all over and he hears God's voice all the time. He like Matt, does not work either but expects others to pay his way. 

See Joe Shortino tested here: 

More evidence that any body that calls on Matt for biblical truth, they need their heads examined. We pray Matt repents ...

ps Matt made the video from the FREE RV they are staying in.
( more FREE stuff! )

 read on to Matt him tested and my sad experience with him


Update Jan 2018 

Matt posts a video recently that shows more unbiblical ways of his ill theology.

In it... he talks about how God used a back injury to bless many people and get him..........FREE STUFF!

Yes, he went to the doctor and a man, a customer, a pizza guy and a nurse where so moved by his story/lack of money to pay for treatments ( as he does not work as a godly man should ) that out of it Matt got the following FREE:

many treatments no charge
Gas money
pizza lunch for his children
dinner FREE too


Did the people get a biblical gospel or any of God's Word out of it all???

NOPE..... Matt was perhaps too caught up in FREE stuff to preach the true gospel to them I guess. 

Wait... Matt does not have the true gospel/ biblical theology as we have documented. 

Ps the video came from them staying in a FREE RV they are using! 

Please be warned.....

 read on to see why he is not in line with God's Word.


Update Dec 2017 

More non discernment out of Jesus Journey!

Matt and Erin post a video about earthing.... being connected to the ground for good health. Right at the start of the video it praises...
mother earth. Paganism all the way... that God hates!

How sad.....

By the way, Jesus wore scandals, just saying. Matt 3:11

read on to be warned of Matt Solis and his unbiblical ways


Update Dec 2017

If you wonder where their theology is these days....
Matt and Erin post this on face book:

It has a link called Kingdom Theology and there you find demonic heretics like Todd White, Bethel Church of Bill Johnson and a video of a claimed glory cloud appearing at a religious body in Florida. 

More evidence Matt does NOT have his discernment, theology or house in order!

Please be warned of them and read on.....


Update Nov 2017

Matt's house is so deceived....
Recently it posts a emotional video from Lion of Judah / false teacher John Hagee. In the video you can see the false demonic things happening at the 1:48 mark with hundreds of people being slain in the spirit. That is demonic...and Matt supports it. 

I fear for them and those precious little ones.... 


Update Oct 2017

Matt's house is so confused. On a day in Oct they post on FB a article calling for Christians to leave halloween as it is evil and pagan. ( we agree )

Then a week later they post a picture of their own children dressed up as ghouls on Halloween!

I fear for them....

See this article on the dangers of Halloween


Update Oct 2017

Want to see how undiscerning Matt really is?

His wife Erin is into Bethel music on facebook.

This is the demonic heretical music from NAR false teacher Bill Johnson's body in Redding Cal. They are occult yet Matt cannot see it or test to Gods Word to protect his family. 

See this testing on them:

We fear for Matt and his family..... read on. 


Update Oct 2017 

Matt posts he is starting a bible study in Idaho falls.

It will highlight peoples experiences with God and healing. 
Going on peoples experiences for truth ... 

what could possibly go wrong?

We fear for these folks.... read on.


Update Oct 2017

Matt Solis in his Oct 9th video is now using another go fund me page asking for $2000 for truck repairs and winter gear for his family. 

Why you may ask?

Because Matt does not work to support his families needs but he mooches off of others calling it living 110 % by faith.  Matt told me to my face he has a power washer and he can cook to make money. Why is Matt NOT working to support his family then? 

If only he would read God's Word...it calls him WORSE then a unbeliever! 


Go Read 2 Thess 3 ........ your in sin!

I have met Matt face to face.... and we care about them.

To see him and his ill theology tested to God's Word; read on below. 


Update Sept 2017 

If you want to see how unbiblical Matt is; see his video dated Sept 17th on his ourjesusjourney facebook page. In it he talks about the SBC in a good light while they are a unbiblical heretical organization. 

See this link that exposes the Southern Baptist Convention

Matt also mentions practicing "prayer walking" in this video. 
Prayer walking is a occult practice that has crept into so called Christian places and men like Matt Solis are void of the truth of God to discern it. 

See this article on that demonic way:

Please be warned......
and read on to see more unbiblical ways about Evangelist Matt Solis

Update: Sept 2017

Matt is now linking himself and family to heretics at the church of Christ. Since he does not work to support his family; he is looking to take from whoever he can it seems.

See this link on them and the false church of Christ ways:

Here is the church Matt is looking to get his needs met at:


Matt is either very deceived or a master deceiver? You decide...

Read on about him...


We came across this ministry family on the road camping. Matt told us his children were eating bologna for five days straight as they had no money for food. We felt for them so we offered them a free breakfast the next morning and Matt heartily agreed to meet us but sadly they NEVER showed up and left us waiting? 

Matt lied to us.

We decided to biblically look at their ministry and test them per 1 Thessalonians 5:21. We learned they are Baptist and Word of faith / even NAR types so please be warned of them!

For the following bibilcal reasons we would warn anyone who loves God's truth to avoid them as they are NOT biblical and should NOT be supported. They are a DANGER to the truth of Christ. (If you want to read our brief very sad sinful experience with them lying to us go to the end of this post to read about it in detail.)

Our Jesus Journey / The Matt Solis Family is NOT biblical for these reasons:

*They do not have a biblical gospel message
( they teach calvinistic once saved always saved that is a lie! ) 
See it exposed here:

*They don't keep the New Testament body ways but man made religion. See that exposed here:

*Neither of their testimonies are of a biblical salvation
*They keep pagan holidays of Easter and Christ-mass
See our articles on those:


*They link to the man made unbiblical baptist denomination and it is NOT biblical but full of sin 
See this link on Baptists and their sins:
*They are linked to a unbiblical body in Texas called Highland Baptist church
See our testing on them here:
*Matt does NOT work and expects others to feed his family/supply their needs. 

The Apostle Paul calls that sin and Matt should be ashamed, see 2 Thessalonians 3: you don't work you don't eat. 

This one bible verse exposes him as false:

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
1 Timothy 5:8

They are eating at mission places for the poor taking food from truly needy when Matt should be working per God's Word and instruction. They do not use wisdom in their ministry (Matt risks his family on the road without food and resources. He told me the kids were eating only bologna for 4 days / that is NOT a healthy diet for small growing children or anyone. Note: they do feed a pet dog as well.) 

*Matt is feminized as his wife is NOT bibilcal in her dress nor does she head cover per God's Word
see our many teaching articles on that here:

*Matt did not show us godly 1 John love as fellow Christians and he claims to be a soul winner/teacher of God's truth?

*Matt teaches the unbiblical tithe as most Baptist do
see our article on that here:

*Matt LIED to me and never showed up nor did he call or message us, so again he does not love us. (He can't be trusted for truth.)

*Matt's website blog talks of strange unbiblical things like praying over houses and mystic prayer walking ( it seems his wife writes the blog... )

*Their form of evangelism is inviting people to Baptist church. That is NOT of God as Jesus said preach the gospel, they do not!

*On their facebook page they have liked heretical false teachers like John Hagee, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Kari Jobe and worldly carnal things. They are NOT holy, set apart for God.

*They have the reputation of going to worldly things like Monster truck shows and other paying events like tourist sites then begging for money this is NOT godly, wise or good. 

* They ask for sponsors and corporate donors for their ministry work which is linking to the fallen world and it is sinful. 2 Corinthians 6

Jesus said in Matthew 24 do not be deceived.

Matt is a unloving liar and worse then a infidel... per God's Word.

Go to the links below to help you into the biblical gospel and Christs true NT body.

Also read at the end of this post the truth about our brief sad experience with them in detail.

Let us know how we can help you in God's truth?
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Please do not be deceived by man made religion.......

Here is a Biblical gospel:

Most ministries today are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go to our teaching blog for MANY articles on biblical truth:

Go here for audio teachings:

His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

God be praised.

* This testing is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!


Here is our brief sad experience with Matt Solis and his family.....

We were moving to our camp spot ( Aug 28th 2017 ) for the evening on our 2017 mission trip out west and our paths crossed with this Baptist/Word of faith missionary family in Billings Montana. We saw them camped out and walked over to say hello. They had the words "Our Jesus Journey.com" on their truck window. They were cooking out and we briefly learned they are a family of 6 that travel the country from Baptist church to do teaching, revivals, they call it soul winning and do disciple classes. The man Matt Solis was very nice but his wife did not even say hello and ignored us standing there talking to Matt and his children.  (We thought that was strange and quite unlovingly?)
Matt said his kids had eaten only bologna for 5 days straight. 

I told them to have dinner then come talk to us if they wanted. After they ate Matt and his 2 young sons walked over and they looked so tired. I told them to get some sleep then in the morning once they are up and going we would buy them all breakfast and we could talk God's truth. He liked that idea a lot and we parted for the night as it was late, almost 11 pm.

The next morning we noticed they were up very early and all packed up. As we got ready ourselves to go have breakfast with them we watched them...just drive off! We were surprised and thought it was strange and rude they did not even bother to tell us why? The night before he said they had LOTS of extra time in the morning?

We sat and had a cup of coffee thinking they may come back but they did not. So we packed up and decided to go to a McDonald's to do some computer ministry work. To our surprise they were parked in the lot sitting in the truck, using their tablets. We drove by them, went inside to do our business and they once again they drove off right past our truck with our gospel sign on it and down the road they went. They brushed us off ...twice!!

This is all important as they claim Jesus Christ and the bible as do we but they showed NO love for us fellow Christians at all and they ran off into the John 3:19-21 darkness that Jesus said sinful men run into. 

Also... 1 John teaches if you do not love a brother, you have not God. 

On this Baptist Word of Faith missionary family the truth is NOT in them nor is God's love. 

We pray they repent of the sin in their lives and ministry.

Do not be deceived by them or support them lest you anger the Lord.

God be praised