Element Church Cheyenne Tested to God's Word

The following info is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!

Note: If any of this factual info is incorrect please contact me and it will be removed and adjusted.  (If it is a theological issue we disagree on it will remain on the post because that's what this blog is about.)

God be praised



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Update Feb 2019 

I got a call from a man in Cheyenne who told me that Element now had a confessed gay man on staff? He said he believed they were now catering to the LGBT groups. ( do your own research on that? ) 

I looked into their stance on the LGBT ways and I found their pastor Jeff in a teary eyed speech about it:

In this speech he said that gays are welcome at the church but they do see marriage between only a man and a woman. He tap danced all around the topic trying to appease both sides saying it is a messy & complicated issue. Why Jeff??? 

Is abortion & murder complicated too?
How about adultery, stealing, profanity and drunken-ness?

Are they all complicated enough where you will also tap dance around them too Jeff? Why don't you just call them to repent of their sin?

He states Jesus died for gays and while indeed Christ shed his blood for all sins; Christ Himself told people to repent and sin no more!!! ( Christ saves us OUT of our sin not IN our sin ) 

By the fruit of their own  words, they are indeed soft on this sin issue!

read on to see our witness experience we had there....  


Update: July 1 2018

It was both sad and joyful when we stood outside with gospel signs here at Element church. 

The sad part was:
Only 2 men came over to really talk about the Word of God and they admitted Element was sinful. ( they may never go back to Element as they heard the biblical truth I spoke and received it ) 
Some of their people/a pastor came out with coffee and donuts but they rejected talking about the Word of God and left fast? ( one looked like a gang guy with tattoos and had body piercings that was the pastor??? ) The people here seem void of God's full truth and holiness. We saw massive feminism / harlotry in ladies dress and the men were just as ill dressed. Several of the Element attendees swore at us ( F bombs ) and one man told me he can be worldly, sin, smoke and cuss a lot and Jesus died for all of that! Some flipped us off and another lady ( who emailed us and turned out to be a unbiblical feminist )  said "sinners need a place to go" and "church is where sinners go to hear the gospel" ( that is unbiblical as the TRUE body of Christ is for the training up of saints / Eph 5 not for gathering worldly sinners at all. In truth... sinners hear the gospel when saints go OUT to preach it.... ) Another man did not know the gospel but said he is still going to heaven and another man just laughed when I told him cloths are sin coverings / he mocked Gods Word!!

On the JOYOUS side:

Those 2 young men we spoke to for 45 minutes did get it all and they thanked us and said they were going to go deep in their bibles. If they do, they WONT be back to this worldly place! That is who we look for ...the true sheep who hear God's Word. ( element is full of false converts / goats I fear ) 

Here's an audio from witnessing at Element Church Cheyenne. We had to clip out some profanity from one of their members so we uploaded in 2 parts.

( no full names are used in the audios to protect peoples privacy )

read on to see Element tested to God's Word 


We were traveling through Cheyenne on our mission trip and stopped at this religious body called Element Church to witness outside of it with signs. Since we love God's truth and our neighbor ( them )  we wanted to ask is this a biblical body? The answer is NO they are not. They are part of the North American Evangelical church denomination .... it is a sinful man made religious system NOT ordained by God at all! ( it has many of the common evangelical sins and false traditions / see the 10 point test below )

I also emailed Derek Mowery one of their pastors this testing and asked him to offer his biblical correction of me. Here is his reply PROVING he has nothing to offer biblically to correct this testing as a Titus 1 biblical elder should be able to do. 


Thank you for your email.  I was aware of your demonstration on Sunday.  I’ve read your assessment of this ministry and the assessments of others.  Frankly, I do not believe we’re going to see eye to eye on interpretation of scripture, but I commend you for being obedient to do that which you feel God is calling you to do.  This will be my only reply.  Have a great week!

Derek Mowery
Element Church"


On the day we stood outside Element with signs to call out any sheep there, this pastor Steve Doolin preached inside.
( I believe it was Steve with some others who carried out coffee and donuts to us but he ran away when I said, no thanks but lets go to God's Word and I held up my bible! ) 

 So I listen to his message a few days later. It was very sad. 
In his sermon he quoted CS Lewis ( a roman catholic pagan twice and John Calvin / a baby baptizing murderous man who burned men alive at the stake who opposed him ) Steve's message was a attempt to teach if you claim Christ you must have works. And while that is true, Steve nor Element has ANY clue what good and holy works are in God. They practice giving away free gas and building free play places for kids. While those may be kind deeds, God requires we be HOLY as works and come out of the world/flesh as our first works of knowing Him. Element people are still in and of the world/flesh!!!! Not holy but carnal they are.....
The Lord also requires His people preach the biblical gospel ( not just do feel good give aways ) and they do not. At the end of Steve's message he did a lame sinners prayer and said if you prayed that, welcome to the family. ( it was a incomplete gospel that cannot save anyone ) True saints are not made in such ways but false convert goats indeed are. 

I then had to wonder are Steve's tattoo's / earrings of his past or present? Well, one look at his FB page shows he is still a worldly carnal man into exercise gyms, NFL football, unbiblical music and..... his wife is getting tattoos and he boasts of it to the world!!!

This is NOT of God at all. ( our bodies are our temple, NOT to be graffiti-ed up! )

Steve seems to have a real zeal for his jesus... but sadly he has a WRONG jesus. ( Apostle Paul warned of this in 2 Cor 11 :4 ) 

Element has made a different jesus.... one you can serve, do good community works and then be promised heaven even if you stay in your carnal fleshly false man made tradition/worldly life. 

It is all a lie..... 

read on to see Element tested to God's Word.........


For the following biblical reasons we would warn anyone against uniting to this man made seeker system called Element church if you desire to serve and please a Holy God. 

Read on to see them tested below to God's Word:


Note: they meet in a building they spent $2.2 million dollars just to remodel it to make it appeal to the world as a theater/ entertainment center. ( complete with smoke machines and lights to alter emotions/flesh and deceive people ) God's true people do no such things as God did away with special religious buildings! This is man made false religion, it is NOT of God's New Testament design at all. 


1) They have a gospel that is not in full truth. I could not find the complete biblical gospel on their website ( but they do have a donate button ) They believe in essentials and non essential bible truth and this is a huge LIE as ALL of God's Word is to be followed as essential! 
See this quote of their website:

Here at Element Church, we follow a practice that many people believe originated from the teaching of St. Augustine: “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, charity. All doctrinal matters are importantHowever, we believe:Essential Doctrines are worth dividing over, and generally Non-Essentials are not.

In this false idea, they ignore many truths and commands of the Word of God!!!!

They also teach the security of the believer but they do say, if you are in sin it separates you from God.  
See their quote:  
The security of the believer: 
(Philippians 1:6; Hebrews 10:26-31; Galatians 6:1)
  • We believe that the believer is secure in Christ as long as he or she walks in obedience with Christ.  We do not believe someone can flippantly “lose” their salvation.  We believe intentional sin against the known will of God separates us from God.  If we sin in this way, we must turn back to God in repentance.

So this Augustine mindset they have, that you cant flippantly lose your salvation is a lie. Jesus said if you do not forgive a brother you wont be forgiven. He said deny me before men and I will deny you to the Father. Yes, its true sin separates us!
The issue is.. Element has NO clue what sin is it seems?? ( sin is more then drugs and alcohol ) The people we saw and talked to from this body were all worldly, carnal and quite unbiblical! ( several swore at us as we said and flipped us off! )  They do and keep MUCH sin here and they invite the world into worship God with them??? How can this be of a people that is holy and bought with Christ blood? This body is man made ( founded by Jeff Maness )  NOT of Christ, per their ill fruit. 

Lastly on the gospel they say this:
We believe God predestines all people to be saved;

There is no such scripture that teaches this idea of all predestined?

 They do not teach or up hold a clear biblical gospel to eternal life. The bible says leave and repent of ALL sin but Element is built on people who LIVE in much sin, their leadership included!

See the biblical gospel here:

2) they are rooted in all the false ways of man made evangelicalism. Modern pastors, feminization, pagan holidays, worldliness, carnality fleshly entertainment, ritual Sunday services etc. See this 10 point testing that exposes them for paganism, feminism and you will see they have much in unbiblical ways here.  https://www.dontperish.com/10-point-biblical-test.html

3) This is a worldly place where they have NOT left all sin at all. In fact they love the fallen carnal things of the world like gross harlot like dress, tattoos, body piercings, movies, sports and all the carnal world offers that true holy believers reject per Romans 12:2 and 1 John 2:15 and 1 Peter 1;15
Here is a picture of one of their "volunteers of the week" with his pagan college / NFL football belt.... how sad!

Note: I cant even show you pics of the harlot dressed ladies or the very immodest men there! See our articles on that here:


They mix the people of the world with the so called saints and it seems they do not hold people to biblical holiness but much worldliness is indeed allowed and practiced which is common in these false seeker places made of men! 
It is a false convert haven....

4) Their website lists and promotes Jeff Maness as the founder/leader when; the true body of Christ is founded by God and it NEVER lifts up a man ( modern pastor role )  but Christ alone! ( the modern pastor role is a unbiblical sinful one ) See our teaching article here:

Note: Jeff M. is not a biblical elder for many reasons we have shown but he also promotes word of faith wolf-ettes like Lisa Bevere via FB:

He also took a sabbatical last year and in it he attended the Willow Creek Global leadership summit. It is a heretical nightmare of seeker false ways and Jeff paid to go be part of it all. See Willowcreek exposed here: http://bewareoffalse-unbiblicalteachers.blogspot.com/2017/08/global-leadership-summit-exposed.html
5) Maness sells the truth of God for money$$$$

and he teaches the UNBIBLICAL tithe for today to take people money. ( Jesus made a whip in John 2 for such things but Element is NOT of God ..... ) 
See our article on that here: 

6) He pushes a false social feel good gospel and community works. Here is a quote from Jeff Maness website:

Our vision is to be a life-giving movement of people having such an impact that if we were gone our communities would miss us.

Note: This is the flag ship statement of most seeker sinful social gospel false church systems... they cater to the world/community...so be warned !!!!!

7 ) Element uses loud fleshly instrumental music, lights and even SMOKE machines to woo people into emotional so called experiences with God. This is all a LIE to feed peoples flesh! It is NOT of God's true way for His NT body. See our article on that here: http://spiritandtruthdiscernment.blogspot.com/2014/04/music-and-biblical-worship.html

Here is a article on seeking the presence of God and its error:

Jesus said to love others  yes, but He also said, the world will HATE His own in Matt 10 but Jeff Maness seeks to serve the community in a fleshly way so they are loved and would be missed??? ( children's play places, discount gas give aways etc vs the biblical gospel, a warning of hell and a call to holiness ) It is a unbiblical social gospel they preach here, NOT a biblical one.

Sadly our testing and first hand experience here shows this is just another seeker unbiblical place where a modern pastor is using the some of the bible and many things of the carnal world to scratch itchy ears in the pews to grow the numbers. There is no deep teaching of the biblical gospel, holiness and obedience to the whole counsel of God's Word. You cannot fill a building that way in our sinful culture but: you can fill up buildings with worldly false converts that you entertain weekly with fleshly offerings ( smoke machines) and you over look sin and avoid much of God's Word!

Element Church lacks the biblical gospel, it lacks holiness, it lacks obedience to God's full Word and its people showed us their real focus is.... to DEFEND sin/carnality, NOT flee from it!!!!

Jesus said FEW will find eternal life in Matt 7 and he warned MANY He will turn away as they are.... full of sin and disobedience. I fear that is so of Element Church and we want better for them all in love. We pray they repent and if so we will help them all we can.


See our many biblical resources below and let us know how we can help you?

God be praised

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