Victory Baptist Church Kalispell Tested to Gods Word

Update Aug 2018

We went to this body to speak to them outside and I again spoke to the same man from this body named Jason who invited us there earlier in the day. It was very telling and he is very unbiblical in his theology. ( he is telling me a unbelieving drunk can go to heaven???? ) Here is that audio that shows how unbiblical this Baptist body really is in his own words; as a teaching moment for all!

Here is a article that refutes once saved always saved they teach:

Here is a video link go there and look under unbiblical teachers section and see the video on Victory Baptist and their unbiblical gospel:

read on to see them tested and articles to help you in truth...


We are on our 2018 Summer Mission Trip and were working in Montana on our ministry website. A man approached us about our gospel sign on our trailer. ( we do not take money nor do we belong to ANY organization / we are born again followers of Christ ) We witnessed much truth to him and he told us about his body Victory Baptist in Kalispell, Mt

We decided to lovingly test them to God's Word and we find them to be lacking per Holy Scripture....

Here is their gospel that he gave me on the back of their modern Pastor Stan Martins card and:

it lacks much!!! Like repentance, being born again, holiness/obedience as fruit and enduring in the faith ... so it is a incomplete gospel not a biblical one. 

 see the biblical gospel here to eternal life:

The baptist faith came along in the 1600's and is made of man, NOT God. It usually has the common pagan ways ( Christmas and Easter) feminism ( ladies not head covered or dressed biblically ) ritual Sunday religion, the unbiblical tithe, the modern pastor role thatis unbiblical and more that is far from God's Word.... 

This link shows why the Baptist faith is sinful:

Here this link shows their modern pastor role is unbiblical

Note: we have biblical articles on all the topics we discussed on out teaching blog ... see that link below.

We love so we tell the truth and pray they will repent of the sin here and if they do we are here to help them. 

Jesus said to follow such man made false ways.... puts your worship in vain. Mark 7:6-9

Let us know how we can assist you in the truth of God vs man made evangelical Baptist religion?

See all our of resources below to train you up in the Word.

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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