Christian Life Fellowship Port Edwards Wis Exposed

Update: When we went to CLF to stand outside with gospel signs to tell truth in love and it was VERY telling and sad.

1) they lied and told the police I was near their building bothering people when.... we NEVER left the public curb. What liars!!!!
( Praise God ... I got to witness to the police and they said we were fully legal and they left ) 

2) several of their workers came out ( Brett Dykes ) with WATER BOTTLES for us but not bibles. They had NO answer in Gods Word for their sins there. Hear the sad audio of that is here:  
see the Chritstian Life Fellowship audio in the list of audio's

3) one older man came out and admitted they have A LOT of sin there but he made excuses for attending there. Hear that audio here
look for the audio witnessing to a older man at Christian Life Fellowship

4) We saw tattooed, smoking, immodest, worldly, harlot dressed, mockers and hundreds of church goers but NOT ONE person wanted to open a bible for truth ...... or show love of God's Word and truth.

So sad but that is man made religion.

I emailed all the staff at CLF and asked for a biblical refuting of this testing and have heard nothing back from them to date!!! 

Praise God we did speak to several people who were seeking truth and may become sheep of God. 

read on to see CLF tested to God's Word 


We were in Wisconsin Rapids in Sept 2018 and we decided to go and share God's truth outside a religious building with our gospels signs. Note: We left man made Sunday ritual religion as they are sinful as our website exposes. Since we are familiar with the Assembly of God system ( it is not biblical ) we decided to test and go to witness at CLF as we love the people there. We do not want anyone's money, ( we work for our needs ) we just want the TRUTH to go out for God's glory! 

We place the audio's of our witnessing with leaders and people there as a teaching moment. 

***Their youth hold signs in public on mission trips so we thought we would do the same at their place .... :)  hold our signs.

For the following reasons, we would warn people that this is NOT a biblical body but a worldly sinful one made of man, NOT made of God:

1) They do not teach the biblical gospel that can save but a easy believe false one! See the biblical 5 point narrow gospel here:

2) This 10 point biblical test shows how CLF practices pagan, feminized, worldly unbiblical ritual emotional religion NOT the Holy New Testament body of Christ as God ordained in the first century. They also have unbiblical positions like worship leaders, Sunday school, youth pastors and practiced instrumental emotional music that moves the flesh and is all sinful as we do not have the authority to CHANGE what God has ordained for His body.

3) CLF is SINFUL and feminized as they have a female co-pastor that is very unbiblical. ( Carey O'Connor ) 

See that topic taught here:

4) CLF is part of the man made AOG system that is VERY sinful and heretical as this article shows:

5) CLF is worldly, carnal and NOT discerning at all. As an example their pastor Jeff O'Connor is a NFL fan ( a pagan carnal vile game ) and he quotes men like new age, mystics and false heretical teachers. 

 6) CLF uses all kinds of worldly carnal seeker things to entertain people which is NOT of a Holy NT God's body. ( Jesus or Paul would do NO such thing! ) 

 We hope our visit to CLF will help some "true sheep" among all the goats there to see these truths, repent and come out for God's glory. 

Jesus said we MUST worship in spirit and truth John 4;24 but these man made places are FULL of sin and lies!

Please run from these places, repent, get into your bible and let us know how we can help you?

If you are interested in bible study and home biblical fellowship see this link:

God be praised!


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