My Response To Mark Bullen Living Faith Christian Fellowship


More lies from Mark Bullen. Read on to see them..... 


Update April 2019

I text Jesse their deacon and he did text back. Here is our communication:

Jesse is NOT a Titus 1 elder who can teach as he ran in the dark.  They do not keep to what they say on their website.... is it lies and lip service? We already know that Mark is NOT a Titus 1 elder per his past actions that we have documented. 

read on to see LFCF tested and exposed....


My question till then is....

Why are you hiding from my online biblical testing Mark?

Why haven't you tested it and exposed me to all?

( google his name and LFCF we come up all over the first page ) 

For years we have been working hard to test then tell the truth about this group of Mark Bullen, as they are deceiving many and we do it using the truth of God's Word. 

I have gone to or communicated with Mark the bishop, J.Wallace, Jesse the deacon , Micah, Phillip, Justine, Levi and Jimmy Miller...none have shown any love or offered a biblical correction back as the bible says godly men should and can do. 
It is shameful!!!

The hard work has been paying off as some have left, others on the web are contacting us and we are telling them to stay away from the Bullenites and a man who is an eye witness, confirmed much from his years inside the LFCF "program" to us. (That is Mark's is a church program he says he built and defends often ) 

Mark Lies... and slanders....

Bullen must be feeling the pressure of people talking about his sins/bad doctrine and he put this out on his website recently Oct 2018 and revised it in March and June 2019 to create lies! 

Note: I know of no one else exposing Mark on the internet so....
If Mark is talking about me, he is lying. We are not hypocrites nor are a wreck at all. We are not failures ( though we fail at times ) but we are living biblical, obedient, holy and victorious lives in Christ! He is a hypocrite saying I tear down others. Biblical testing and marking them per Rom 16:17 is good and to be done. He does it with his books but he is too much of a coward to fully call out the Baptists, Mennonites and many others. As for building nothing, I have built houses and garages and websites and many things. True I have never built a church. Why? Unlike Mark; I know ONLY God builds his true body Acts 2 / NOT any man. That is proof of Marks sinful prideful doctrines. He thinks he built his body and he is right; but it is NOT God's then is it? It is of man. How sad he is and this post he did proves more what a desperate man he is. Rather then just refute my testing of him he chooses to lie about us. He really is a sad man and we pray he repents as we love him and all of LFCF. 

Ask Mark why we are hypocrites?
Ask Mark how we are failures?
Ask Mark how we are a wreck?

We are about the work of living holy, preaching Christ, making disciples and exposing false teachers. 

Put up some facts Mr Bullen and stop lying!

God hates liars! / Prov 6 


Mark is also now claiming publically to want to be nice and sit down and go over our differences??? That is not the man who emailed me some years back and told me I never did anything for God when he didnt even know me. He is a fleshly man for sure. 

The man who left there told me this so called nice man Mark who wants to talk about truth, be mature and will repent or any errors, is NOT the real Mark Bullen at all. He puts on a phony public side and the truth must go out about it all. ( I have seen that myself in the past ) 

Why wont I meet with Mark today? It is simple.... 

I just want to say that over the years, I have tried many times to reason with and show Mark the sins he is in. ( also with Jeffrey Wallace and Justin Scholeon) He ( they ) have been mean spirited, had no time for me, called me names, lied about me, had no biblical answers. Then when I recently (Oct 2018) sent him Mark my HUGE biblical testing that I worked long and hard on to show him, in love, his sins, he called it NONSENSE and mocked ...without one single biblical correction( it is linked below ) 

Note: I have all the emails from Mark to prove this over the years so contact me.... and I will share them. 

How can I sit and talk to a man who ignores biblical truth, lies, calls names and ignores sound doctrine I ask you? the bible says NOT to meet with such a man. see Titus 3:9-10 

To show you how sad he is, in a sermon late 2018 he spoke about me and actually called us ( those who exposed him in love to warn others ) HATERS OF God. He also calls our biblical testing of him HATRED, SLANDER and TANTRUMS??? I thought we are to test all things Mark. ( 1 Thess 5:21 ) He seems to be acting paranoid, delusional and I fear for those under him as they are in great theological eternal danger. 

How can we ever sit down with a man who ignores God's Word to cover his own sins to stay in power as a prideful ruling lone bishop?  Bullen is in so much sin as my testing shows .... like his false "go to church program" gospel, his lone controlling / ruling bishop ways, a heretical relationship with heretic / ransom theory Jimmy Miller who is handing out Marks books in Africa, his uniting to spiritual waffler / flat earth man Justin S. and his over looking the vileness/sins of Jeffrey Wallace, who.... prints Marks books. (See all of them tested at the link we gave or on our false teachers blog ) Mark has over looked and allowed sin for years, he twists God's Word, he has belittled and mocked truth seekers for so long so I ask why would any wise man sit down with him to discuss any more truth, till he repents? We must redeem the time. Eph 5

There will be no face to face meeting with Mark. How can I reason with a man who ignores bible truth and throws families out of the body because, they will NOT sign a contract committing to him/LFCF and its vision??? 

Note: I am happy to meet with other men there if they offer a refuting in writing as their false church contract is in writing. 

Mark Bullen is a pride filled arrogant Diotrephes of 3 John 

 Titus 3:9-10 says warn a heretic then avoid him so I must do that here.

NOTE: I will meet with and talk to face to face with other LFCF men.
Call me and lets make it happen for God's glory after I receive the written testing?


Mark can really help his sad situation by just addressing my testing and going line by line to refute me in the Word of God. Show us all what a bad bible teacher I am? I have been waiting for years now?

If he does that, I will post it unedited on my website and I will offer my reply to him. 

Place my testing link on your website unedited Mark .... then refute it biblically line by line or have your deacon meet with me face to face Mr Bullen.  

Then I will place it all on my website, unedited with my reply back or audio tape the meeting with Jesse and post it unedited. 

Here is the testing of Mark Bullen with updates at the beginning......

Mark responded... no!

He says it must be done in person??? 

Really? So he writes entire books/websites to refute others, but he can't / won't refute it then he called me ( a grown man older then him ) ...Jimmy... in a attempt to belittle me. He is a prideful sad example of a so called man of God. 

Note: Bullen is actually in the process of helping to tear a family apart by counselling a lady who is rebelling against her husband over, the un-signed contract. This is craziness!

Refute the testing Mark and place it all on your website for all to see or.... admit you are a lording over man and acting as nothing but a Rev 21:8 coward. Repent of your ill ways, while you can !

Note: I do not think Mark is used to anyone standing up to his bad doctrine and poor bible teaching but to save his soul and warn others, we must do it. ( he only calls out Mennonites and they are not very bold at all ) 

This is all done with love and redemption in mind as we pray he repents, more members leave for truth and others thinking of going there will re-consider for God's glory. 

God be praised


Let us know how we can help any of you folks?

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