Sacred Heart of Jesus Nekoosa Exposed

In Oct 2018 we went to witness at a pagan pumpkin fest in Nekoosa Wisconsin and while standing there we saw we were close to a roman catholic building. So we witnessed to both the pumpkin people and the roman catholics. Eventually the priest named John came out and we talked but we had to rebuke him and send him away as he defended the paganism and unbiblical ways of his idolatrous system. 

Here is a audio link of us witnessing to him and sending him off:
once there use control f and type Sacred Heart of Nekoosa to find the audio..... 

Here is a link with many article that will help you to see the RC system is a pagan false unbiblical system that cannot save anyone!

We pray they all repent and come into the light...... see the gospel below. 

God be praised