Sow Threads Exposed

There is a so called Christian clothing ministry called Sow Threads. I reached out to the man who runs it and in the end, I feel the need to warn you about him and their offerings. For the following reasons a God fearing bible obeying believer should NOT unite to or support this ministry:

1) This ministry is run by a man who attends a worldly seeker sensitive, paganized, feminized body called Heritage Church Lake Zurich in Illinois. He clearly lacks the biblical gospel, holiness and obedience to God's Word.
They fail this 10 point biblical test and they are NOT the true body of Christ but a false system of man:

Here he is on video saying you do not have to do anything but have a "relationship with Jesus" and then He does everything for you!

The bible teaches NO such thing!!! It says we are to have faith, repent, be born again, OBEY / Heb 5:9 / John 14:15 and endure. 
( see the gospel at the end of this article ) 

2) The man running this ministry is a believer in the CULT of King James ONLY bible. They teach that the 1611 KJV bible was "specially inspired" by God. It is heresy! See that idea exposed here:

3) the man running this t shirt company links to and supports with his sales false teachers like Torch of Christ ( deliverence/demon caster ) Phillip Blair. I have proven him to twist God's Word ( slain the spirit ways ) and be a unbiblical pride filled vain man here at this testing:

4) The man running this was unbiblical and deceptive with me. He told me Christ's church is made of "mostly carnal minded Christians", See his quote here:

Most church’s are comprised of a small percentage of true believers. Most are carnal minded Christians.

 Then he twisted God's Word to allow sin and he would NOT tell me who he associates with on Sunday. ( very deceptive and I had to ask him many many times )  

5) This ministry sells unbiblical fleshly adorned cloths NOT God honoring or in line with holy scripture. Here is a example of one item he claims is biblically appropriate for a godly saint. He cant be serious???  

If you go to these biblical articles on biblical/godly dress you will see cloths are a SIN covering for our temple and NOT to be adorned, fashion statements or to show off our forms.

Not sure what else you need to know to see this is a ministry made of man, it is unbiblical and it is NOT modeling Christ's holy obedient body nor His true NT body ways. 

Do not be deceived by linking to or supporting such places. 


See our bible resources below and let me know how I can help you in the true faith?


God be praised

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