Mark Bullen Slanders in a Sermon


A Desperate Bishop Slanders Away

Mark Bullen of LFCF did a sermon where he tells his LFCF people that I am a moron, liar, slanderer, strife maker and that I preach a tunic salvation? (hear it for yourself) He lacks any evidence to back up his claims, I play his words and then refute him in the two audio clips below line by line. 2 Tim 2:15 to be approved.

He is so desperate to try and turn people away from the TRUTH I am telling about him, he has to resort to lies and story telling. I love him and want him to repent but lying more; it will not work! The truth must be defended lest he deceive more people!    

Sermon date: Oct 18 2020

Listen here and see his sad ways :

See my large testing link that exposes Mark and LFCF for a false gospel, a heretical contract and for Marks corrupt program ways and much much more:


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God be praised

Living Faith Christian Fellowship Mark Bullen Exposed Part 2

                                                          In heresy, Mark Bullen teaches the church body saves you, he calls himself the Chairmen of the board of the body of Christ and he makes you sign a contract and give total submission to him/LFCF to join there. I document it all on the part 1 testing. 

You can hear him say it on audio in part 1 along with many doctrinal sins and updates of LFCF including a false gospel and their cult contract:

On to part 2 



                                       Update:  Oct 18 2020

Truth is stirring up things in Bullenite Land!

People must be talking about this testing as Mark once again mentions me in a sermon and lies about me calling me a slanderer! He even accuses me of this silly foolish thing.... teaching tunic salvation? I do not make this stuff up so go to the link and hear him say it! He calls me a moron too but I still love him. See me refute him line by line at the link using his own words:

Note: he says I slander him but will NOT show one bit of evidence for it? It is shameful; he needs to repent or he will perish in his sins. 

He is a wicked man as he says I slandered his wife. I did not slander his wife ever and the recording of my talk with Angela in Walmart would prove it all. Does Mark/LFCF really want that audio added to this testing? It shows her sinful feminism and disputing with me; a man/biblical teacher in front of my wife and her own daughter, shameful! 

See this article that documents that encounter so the facts are known:

Here is the text I sent Mark today as this a truth battle about doctrine and God's Word; not foolish or moronic at all; as Mark claims.  

                                       Read on to see them exposed

*** ***************************************

                                                              Update Oct 16 2020

I have text many men and Mark that I would be in Brookfield 
this weekend street preaching. See my text to Mark: 

 (it is the fifth trip here that I have done his)  
 As proof we were here Oct 15 2020, my wife was approached by 
Mark Bullen's daughter in Walmart. Hannah (Angela was near)
 she was pleasant, my wife explained who she was and expressed 
 kind thoughts towards her soon arriving baby. 
Then my wife said because of the situation, (biblical separation) 
they should not go on much. Then my wife said 
we love you all and they parted. (she commented how 
biblical his ladies dress is) 

  My text to Mark

Note: Marks ladies are very biblically dressed but if you 
see him and their men, you may have to look away. 

(Marks sons showing off their forms)

Mark refuses to see the truth:
God put mankind in tunics in Genesis 3:21 and it has never changed. 
See my teaching blog for articles on this:

I am still waiting for Mark, Jesse and Nathan to prove or repent 
of their lies saying I slander them... and then set up a meeting? 

I preached in their town and at a local high school there at a pagan football 
game in Marceline, Mo. See the videos of it here:

Read on to see LFCF tested as unbiblical 


Mark Bullen in his preeminence pride filled reverend outfit 
( 3 John Diotrephes lives on here ) 
In heresy, he calls himself the Chairmen of the board of the body of Christ 
and you can hear him say it on audio in part 1 along with many doctrinal sins and updates of LFCF including a false gospel and their cult contract:

This is part 2 of the LFCF testing:

       Living Faith Christian Fellowship Brookfield, Missouri

                             Mark Bullen Exposed 

                           Go to this link to see who we are:
                                    This part 2 testing of Mark Bullen 
and LFCF is to document/show you why 
"via updates" that they 
are NOT biblical but in fact heretical 
and cult like!

Jim from Dontperish rebuking Marks two sons 
Nathan / Titus and two other 
Albert boys in the streets of Brookfield, Mo. in 
June 2020
Hear the entire audio conversation in 
the link below with my line by line 7 part 
refuting of that 
conversation with these 4 Bullenites: 

In the audio: we learn Mark Bullen needs 
a contract to defend 
against secret sins ....per Nathan Bullen!

Go here to listen to Marks son's/men 
get refuted by God's Word!

read on to see them exposed

More updates.....


Update 2020

Mark Bullen tramples Jesus blood!

Do you want to see Mark Bullens wicked sinful heart? 
Here is an email of Bullen rubbing my pre christ life / sin in my face. 
Mark knew I was divorced before I as born again. 
Is this what a godly so called elder does who claims to believe 
pre Christ sin is all washed away? 2 Cor 5:17

Notice also Mark calls me a donkey. I heard the Baptist 
leaders called Mark that when he left them to 
go start his own
 body. (some thing he says you cant do today)
Mark has become what he left; a lording 
over pride filled power hungry
heretic. It is all shameful indeed!  

Here is a link that has his email so you can 
share it to warn others:

read on to see his exposed


Oct 2020 

We are JOYOUS to report that the lady Mark was 
harboring from her husband, has LEFT 
LFCF to go be with her husband. (the Slattons)
(I guess Bishop 
Bullen looses another program cult member) 

While it is joyous she got out of the cult of the 
Bullenites; sadly her husband is defending/considering 
uniting to another heretic.
This is who Bullen lets come and
preach at LFCF in 2018 (Shane Cruey in Virginia) 
 I warned them about his many unbiblical ways. 
See Shane exposed here:
Shane Cruey

Note: I am NOT united to Jeremy Slatton 
as he is a carnal product of Marks ill body:

read on to see the Bullenites exposed


Update Oct 2020

Nathan Bullen has been exposed as a liar and false/ unbiblical man.
Read all about it here and see it in his own words:

read on to see LFCF exposed


Update Sept 2020

(Note: she has now left LFCF to be with her husband)

Mark Bullen was holding a wife from her 
husband. This time it is 
over him wanting to just move away from LFCF.
Mark claims a husband loses his authority over his wife 
if he is carnal? (I have it on audio for you right from him)  

Go here and see the massive heresy and 
hypocrisy of Bishop "program" Bullen:  

read on to LFCF them exposed 


Update Sept 2020 

In 2019, I emailed Mark Bullen man to man 
to ask about young people having improper
 contact there.
 It was also about a past claim / situation at LFCF
and that children were allowed to mingle 
unsupervised and that LFCF was allowing 
carnal games to be played there. 
The result was Mark called me names including; 
(I went to him privately and 
still he resorts to unbiblical name calling)

Go here and see the 
email and the fruit of this wicked man 
as a warning and teaching moment. 

read on to see them tested / exposed


Update July 2020

Mark his this on his website:

Not cowardly at all Mark! 
I have clearly shown in this testing part 1 and 2 
that with him as Chairmen of the body,  his program
 for salvation and a signed contract to be in 
the body.... he IS indeed in cult territory

read on to see him exposed


Update Sept 2020

Mark Bullen is a liar and likes to say all I do 
is tear down but; that is only because he 
cant give a answer to this testing. 
Go to this link and hear our street preaching in his own town (June 2020)
 that lifts up the gospel, 
Christ and people were edified by it:

(see the three audios under the conversations
 I had with his sons/members of LFCF) 

read on to see LFCF exposed


Update Sept 2020

Jesse Herr (Marks deacon) does a sermon called
 "Are you listening". In his usual 
terrible sermon fashion
at the 23:00 minute point he says
 "how can one get
new heart and mind? He then rambles
 on for 
another 40 minutes and NEVER covers 
new life at all in any depth! 
But he does go into great depth 
about..... trailer hitches! (I am serious) 
In love, if I had to sit and listen to these
 men weekly, I may be tempted to 
pray for complete hearing loss!

Stay tuned as I will be covering
 "being born again" 
soon as him and Mark butchered it 
and is in great heresy!


Mark Bullen Rubs Divorce and Remarriage In Your Face


Mark Bullen tramples Jesus blood using a past pre-Christ divorce!

Do you want to see Mark Bullen's wicked sinful heart? 

Here is an email of Bullen rubbing my pre- Christ life / sin in my face. 
Mark knew I was divorced before I as born again. 
Is this what a godly 'so called' elder does who claims to believe 
pre- Christ sin is all washed away? 2 Cor 5:17 

Realize this....Mark wrote an entire book about the truth of divorce and remarriage in which he exposes the false teaching of the anabaptist stance on it.  He rightfully teaches that pre-conversion divorce is forgiven and you are a new creation in Christ. can see from the email below, that when he is tested and exposed, he jumps on this and rubs it in your face.  Notice the last line.

Just a word of warning to those of you who have pre-conversion divorce in your past, watch out, Mark might rub it in your face too.  I notice he didn't put that in his book...

Notice also, Mark calls me a donkey.  I was told the baptist leaders called Mark that when he left them to go start his own
 body. (Something he says you can't do today by the way)

Mark has become what he left, a lording over pride filled power hungry heretic. 
It is all shameful....  

To see many more sins in this wicked man and 
Living Faith Christian Fellowship go here:


See our resources below that will help you in the biblical faith.

God be praised

Shane Cruey Exposed

This testing is to warn you about a false unbiblical man named (Randall) Shane Cruey who lives in Virginia. He is acting as a teacher on the internet and I find him to be weak, false and loose on good doctrine. I want to mark him and warn my neighbor, in love, about him lest he deceive you per Romans 16:17. The goal is that he come to repentance and get things right; only then could we ever have 1 Cor 1:10 unity. 

Note: Shane knows about this testing and did email me but he did not give a answer to much at all except his taking to a wife without the husband, a weak argument on approving of baby baptism and he defended the baptist faith. He got caught in a lie saying he did not counsel a woman without her husbands knowledge, when the proof says he did. (In fact; after this testing he called Jeremy to apologize about it but he wont call it sin)

Note: I offered Shane a phone call to reason over all of this on audio that can be placed here as a teaching moment for us all.

Shane has said "no" to it and thus is a coward. He talks behind my back saying I am dangerous and aggressive ( never explained why) but he will not face me and give an answer! What a wicked fearful man he is.  

So lets be clear; Shane was willing to call me in 2016 and talk against and about LFCF Mark Bullen but today; he says he does not know me well enough to talk on the phone today about his issues? He is a liar, hypocrite and a coward so anyone who unites to him is foolish, till he repents of all of this. 

Here is my number Shane: 608-547-8162 call to have that discussion ok?

*I have parted ways with Shane per Titus 3 and Romans 16:17

 (I also once offered Jeremy Slatton (who defends Shane) a face to face meeting as I was right near him. He too hid in the dark refusing to come and give answers of what he claims as he throws his lies via texts at me but I have now totally left any communication with Jeremy after 2 years of trying to help him out of his sin) 

As proof: see this link of me preaching right in Jeremy's town at a wicked high school football game on Oct 16 2020:

Here is an article that Jeremy and Shane) need to read:

In 2016 Shane called me and we discussed various unbiblical topics about Mark Bullen. I quickly found him to be compromised double minded, unbiblical, ecumenical and heretical for the following reasons:

*He defended baby baptism on a website that he has since deleted but he still defends those who baptize babies; which it is heresy.

Note : as proof he still defends baby baptism see Shane's 2020 text sent to me by Jeremy Slatton who is defending him

*He defended pagan Christmas in the Baptist faith.

*He posts a video on liberty and is so very wrong as he gives liberty to not head cover / baptize babies / do pagan holidays and be a baptist in great heresy. He is very corrupt!

Those things that have been taught and modeled or not modeled/done away with in scripture (like dress/instruments) are very clear standards/examples yet Shane says you have liberty in them. He uses Luke 15:21 where the father has music played for his son who came home. If Shane is going to pull that non NT body example up for today, I guess he would have a orchestras/dancing in his religious setting too as those are also mentioned right there? He is a very bad compromised weak bible teacher!

See this audio that exposes his flawed theology called: one guitar that leads to a band/dancing:

Shane did or does fancy himself a prideful gospel artist so that is why he is defending instruments and singing in line solo.

He sang at heretical 7 day events:

And there are videos on line of him singing on heretical godtube and in the video is heretical images of a fake jesus. ( I post this here as proof against Shane and this is NOT my Savior!!)

Note: Shane emails and says this is in the past, he had many false ways over time and he is ashamed of this. But like his preaching at a false body (LFCF) has he asked them to REMOVE his sermons and has he publically rebuked their false ways? No as Shane is a unbiblical coward!

*He defended a loose stance on head coverings for women and Shane is NOT biblical in his dress.

See biblical dress for ladies and men at our teaching blog:

*He recommends a channel men/videos that lean towards the KJV only cult theology on his new youtube page just started in Aug 2020

 On Shanes youtube liked channel is a page with a KJV video teaching it is God inspired as a translation.

(Shane denies he believes this but he promotes it here and it is heresy)

*He recommended unbiblical heretical baptist places/churches to me in 2016.

*Shane today is still promoting Baptist ways on his new youtube page that he just started in 2020 (he had to delete his old website as it had heresy on it)  

Note: as proof see 2020 texts from Shane (via Jeremy Slatton) where he defends Baptists / calls me dangerous/aggressive just for calling the Baptist faith heretical and sinful which it is:

Note: Shane refuses to tell me man to man his proof of my dangerous aggressive ways? He is a sinful Proverbs 6 slandered that God will judge!

This text proves Shane and Jeremy believe that you can do pagan holidays, be feminized, be worldly, dress unbiblical, use instruments and still be in full unity with God. (Jeremy defended Shane) What heresy as you must repent and COME OUT OF THAT if you claim to be of God. See me refute his text here:

*I have confirmation from Jeremy that Shane recently went to sit, sing and unite with Mennonites as of 2020. 

*I have testimony from Jeremy who said Shane was answering questions for his wife who called him, without him, the husband involved in 2020 (Shane emailed and said I lied but the facts prove he did it) 

Here is Jeremy texting me (thumbs up) agreeing Shane did this:

Note: I even sent Shane Jeremy's voice text he sent me where Jeremy admits it was wrong of his wife Pauline and Shane to talk without him. I will place that here as more proof as I am all about the truth and facts not lies. 

Be careful men, until Shane admits this is sin and repents of this; he may talk to your wives without you as well. 

****Please know I am not united to Jeremy Slatton as he is a carnal, double minded, unbiblical man that I cannot find unity with after much striving to do so for God's glory. He is to be avoided per scripture! Romans 16:17

While Shane tried to tell me back in 2016 he was biblical he was I saw through him fast. He actually called me about a cultish religious body in Missouri called Living Faith Christian Fellowship/Mark Bullen. (see them exposed as heretics at a link below) At the time, I told him many things about the Bullenites and Shane ( who had visited there before and even preached there) agreed with me and my large testing of them saying they had serious unbiblical issues. He and I did then part ways quickly as he was so very compromised, ecumenical and double minded on biblical doctrines. (he was willing to unite with heresy)  

I did learn in 2018 Shane went back and preached in unity at LFCF even though I informed him of the many sins there and he told me Mark was a OPEN theist. That is heretical unbiblical unity. 

Note: I have Shanes 2020 email here:

"Jim, that is part of what I am talking about, concerning how you sometimes post things without knowing the entirety of the story. Concerning going to LFCF, if I remember correctly, you once told me that you withheld from doing a testing on them for some time (perhaps I am mistaken here, but I think that you once told me that). Forgive me if I am mistaken about that, seeing that I may be thinking of someone else who told me that. Anyway, I wrote an article and sent it to him, totally thinking that he would disagree with me. However, to my surprise, he actually asked me if I would be willing to come and speak. I struggled with that, but after talking with him, I actually had high hopes that some things had changed. I even shared with him how that I thought Finney was in error over denying that man has a sinful nature.  He agreed that Finney was wrong, and I thought that he was seeing how serious this error is. Anyway, I may have done wrong in going there, but I went with hopes of things maybe changing. Perhaps it was a very unwise decision for me to go".

He tries to say Mark was kind of leaning his way so; he went to preach there. But; it MAY have been a mistake but he wont say it was sin? (per Romans 16:17... it is sin) 

Shane is like theological jello. You can try to put it on the wall, but is squishes all over and escapes you over and over! Has Shane demanded Mark at LFCF take down his sermons showing unity with them? Not that I know of and it proves he is a compromised unbiblical man... NOT fit to teach. 

Shane is a heretical, ecumenical false man and in love please be warned!

Fact: I text him later in 2018 and offered him in Oct 2020 a chance to give a answer;  he ran in the dark and hid. 

There is more as Shane is a hypocrite. Why?

Cruey says we should model the NT first century body ways and I agree. But Shane likes to play his guitar and solo sing on the internet and this is NOT biblical at all. Paul nor Jesus did such things at. See these links, one that has his text defending instruments and I refute him in the Word

Note: To prove I am not alone, Jeremy text me to saying even his wife even thinks Shane is showy in his solo music.  (I have that text)


Shane wants to be a bible teacher and Slattons were/are thinking of moving to Virginia to unite to him.  They can but Shane has NO track record for truth and should not be teaching anyone truth without proven solid biblical oversight. 

*In 2012 look at his past promoting anabaptist/evangelical false heretic men on FB (see proof of them below)
*In 2016 Shane was an unbiblical ecumenical train wreck.
*In 2018 he was still uniting to heretical cult men like Bullen.
*In 2020 he is uniting to Mennonites and sinfully counseling a man's wife and defending baby baptism and the Baptist faith still. 

See his 2012 heresy here:

Men like Shane with NO track record of solid discernment and bible truth should NOT be trusted as teachers till they have a track record of truth and have oversight. 

We love them all and this is why we 1 Tim 5 publically rebuke them here. 

Repent Shane Cruey lest you will be judged for your false ways by a Holy God!

See LFCF /Mark Bullen exposed here: 

Do not follow such false men but the Word of God alone.

God be praised

see our resources to help you in the biblical faith...