Torch of Christ Phillip Blair Exposed

False Teacher Philip in sack cloth

He normally dresses worldly and unbiblical like this:

Here is Phillip having a lady puke out demons

The following is a HUGE biblical testing that exposes Phillip Blair as a unbiblical false teacher with corrupt theology.....
(As a street preacher I have reached out to Phillip but he was unloving, called me names and ran and hid like a coward. 
He will not repent)


Update Jan 2021 

Blair is up to his old unbiblical theatrical tricks. Again using the Old Testament sack cloth and ashes when it is NOT for today. We cannot repent for America as that was for God's prophets/saints with the nation of Israel. He is a man pleasing media whore doing stunts to gain clicks but he has NOT the full truth of God!

This audio refutes his sack cloth for today:

In this video below, he misses that loving God is keeping His commands. 1 John 5;3 (Phillip has a romantic emotional love with a false god but does not obey all of the word) Then he claims to be "close to tears" as he was afraid he almost died doing his foolish stunt by the capital. He looked really weak! Crying is good I gues for his mostly female feminized false christian audience but Rev 21:8 says the fearful wont be in heaven! 

In the video, Blair shows what a confused heretic he is. He says the church has to stop arguing over matters that are "not salvation issues" but I have asked him what are those issues and he hides like a coward. Truth is all sin and all doctrine is a salvation issue so what doctrines do we not follow/get right Blair? He is a wicked denominational ecumenicalist and a compromiser to push his ministry's favor and have many more supporters. He does not even teach ALL doctrine or hold to it but Jesus said; to teach to all Matt 28;20. Then he reads from scripture how God says to OBEY Him and His commands but Phillip says we do not have to argue over what is God's commands to even keep????  How can we follow Jesus without all doctrine Phillip?


Then in the same video he complains the church is lazy and idle not ready for tribulation and he says wake up! But wake up yourself! See it is weak actor false teachers like you that have not taught all truth or called out the lies of pre trib rapture that has most people thinking they will not go through tribulation at all. You are a cancer Mr Blair with your emotional ways, watered down gospel and your playing to many without teaching all truth. 

Repent.... tearful Phillip repent! Do not be deceived by this false man. Go to my teaching blog for articles on those topics above:

read on to see him exposed for much more sin....


Dec 2020

Phillip has gotten married ....

It is further proof of how unbiblical he and his house is. Only harlots in the bible wore make up, showed off their hair and bodies. In great hypocrisy she covers her head when they go out preaching but she is still far from a godly biblical example to holy ladies.

See articles on woman topics here:

read on to see Phillip exposed


Update Nov 2020

Phillip promoted a false teacher Dana Coverstones dreams and his predictions that have NOT come true! See that proved here: 

more errors/lies from Phillip

read on to see him exposed

Update Oct 2020 

Blair is in Brazil and still heretical and sinful

Here he ministers with harlot dressed women....

He has a woman in tight yoga pants speaking God's truth, shameful!
And he preaches and leads people in unbiblical sinners prayers WITHOUT mentioning repentance.... most times!

Question: he has believer men there with him preaching. Why does he need to travel there to preach and waste all that money?

He is very showy.... so sad!!!

read on to see him exposed


July 2020 

Phillip is again wearing his fake sack clothe and traveling around to call out sin yet he wont repent of his own sin that this testing exposes!
This is the real Phillip:

Skinny pants....

pride & showing off....

God will NOT be mocked!!!

He only wears biblical clothing when he 
does his Facebook fake stunts!

Now he is using Joel 1 to call Trump to a 
solemn assembly?????

That verse is for Israel (God's true people) in the last days as Christ returns; not pagan corrupt America today!

John the Baptist said he will decrease to lift up Christ John 3:30

Notice how Phillip has to be on camera the entire time....
Pride and vanity he is!!!

Phillip is a scripture twisting, false teacher and a sack cloth fake ...

read on to see it all proved below in the Word! 

Repent Phillip Blair or perish!

June 2020 

Phllip Blair promotes another demonic NAR linked heretic Dana Coverstone via his so called dream 
and visions for America

read on to see the proof in the updates below! 

May 2020 

Phillip Blair goes on Jew Hating conspiracy heresy show! 
read on to see the proof in the updates below! 


Blair is a claimed faith healer who has stopped doing healings of late ( since corona out break in 2020 ) and he has NOT healed one person of the virus!!!!! 


Hard to fake that huh Phillip?

read on to see him exposed as we love our neighbor


The following is a biblical testing/ exposing of Phillip Blair/Torch of Christ that shows his false gospel and heretical theology.


Update: June 2020

Phillip promotes Dana Coverstone for his dreams and visions.
Coverstone is a heretic linked to the demonic New Apostolic Reformation that Phillip says... he rejects!

Go here to see Dana linked to the demonic NAR

Phillip keeps linking to these men so he is either clueless for truth or a deceiver?

read on for many more sins....


March 2020 
Blair is traveling to major cities to wear sack clothe on empty streets and yell for repentance as God told him to do it. 
So Blair is a Prophet now? ( he says God is talking to him? )  

See this article with video in his own words that exposes his false ways as a so called Prophet:

He dramatically films it all (with music) as a stunt and the question needs to be asked: 

Since he calls himself a faith healer, where is all the healing's of the corona virus Mr Phillip; that you have done?
None.... Why?????

( is he a fraud just like Benny Hinn and the rest? ) 

read on to see him exposed


Phillip Blair is now a brawler and NOT fit for ministry per Apostle Paul. 
See the update/video link below about him threatening to PUNCH a man, as he was preaching. Shameful.... 


                 This is what has happened to Phillip Blair......

              He is in the trash with very bad deliverance theology.

           Read on to see him exposed for his sin / BAD theology....

Before you read the testing of Phillip Blair, read this:

                                                                    Jim and Debbie

We at are biblical New Testament followers of Christ in the USA who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment,  ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, men in tunic garments, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. 

My wife and I travel in ministry full time as van dwellers for Christ spreading the Lord's truth and gospel/making disciples to help labor for His kingdom all over America. We have sold most all we have and we support ourselves in ministry as we will NOT sell any of God's truth! 

email me anytime to discuss this testing: 


On to the testing......

                                      ( Phillip Blair laying hands on a lady so called slain in the spirit
                                                          but this is occult / I prove it below ....)

Go to the updates below and see questions Phillip will not answer in red!

************************************************            Phillip teaches a loose gospel, bad deliverance theology, even demon puking....fake healings etc

                            We love him and pray he repents!

There is a unbiblical deliverance and healing ministry called Torch of Christ run by Phillip Blair. I learned about him then researched his truth and reached out to him to lovingly try and correct him in many errors/false ways he is keeping. ( twisting God's Word on his website ) but the result was NOT GOOD or of God. 
He got upset, called me a religious spirit, told me I need more relationship with Jesus ( all false teachers say this ) and he ran into the dark to hide asap. I looked deeper at his ministry and for the following reasons I would warn you against looking to Phillip for God;s truth. Read on to see him exposed and see my email chain with him at the end of this post....

I think Phillip has either fallen prey to this or he chooses to deceive others that Paul warned about....

Here are Phillips false ways that I prove at the end of this testing:

*he preaches a false gospel lax on repenting ( coming out of all sin and the world ) and is more about heart felt needs, fill your void and a form of prosperity preaching

*he uses sinners prayer ways which is making false converts
*he is pentecostal and follows Derek Prince false deliverance ministry ways
*he does NOT teach people to OBEY all Jesus commanded per Matt 28:20  ( he does not obey it all either )
*he is worldly and ecumenical with many false man made religious places
*he is immodest, prideful, lies about me, has vanity and hate towards me
*he claims to faith heal but it is NOT the case.
*he keeps false associations ( NAR men ) even when warned of them.
*he believes in slain in the spirit that is occult and false
*He teaches that python, jezebel and leviathon are all real demons and that is a lie
*he teaches you can puke out demons and that is a lie
*he teaches believers can have demons and that is a lie
*he teaches generational curses, demons in your house, soul wounds and demons get legal rights and those are lies
*he does not work to support his own ministry but asks for money

Read on to see updates about him then these facts proven in the testing below!

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

1 Tim 4:1

We at are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. 
My wife and I travel America 12 months of the year living in our camper van having sold off our belongings to GO preach God's Word and make disciples. We labor to support ourselves in ministry and we will NOT sell any of God's truth or take donations!

Go to our teaching blog ( hundreds of articles, audios and videos ) where I teach and make biblical holy disciples proving all i have said about Phillip:

Note: we are not charismatic nor are we cessationist's but we are in the middle knowing God does move by the spirit but; it is NOT the same as it once was in Acts and it is NOT how Mr Blair / charismatics are doing it today. 

Men; email me anytime to discuss this testing if any of the facts are in error?

The reason for this testing is Phillip will NOT repent of his false ways after i went to him and he ran off in the beginning. 

First, some updates then the core of why Phillip is not in the FULL truth of God's Word including his false theology.

UPDATES ( before the actual testing below ) 

We need answers Phillip?

                     ( Phillip said I see you Jim in a video...I have the clip beow ) 

Phillip what about this testing?? Why wont you give a answer as you have emailed to lie and slander me but NO answers?
I have emailed it to him many times and again, he has attacked my via email many times without answering these questions. 
He has reported he will be traveling less and focused more on rest / his sins in 2020. Great idea Phillip! ( I posted that advice to him just days before he announced it... read it below ) 

Now maybe he will have time to answer some biblical questions he has avoided for over 1 year? See the most important ones below:

*why doesnt he preach repentance ( all the time ) , holiness/obedience , endurance vs his God loves you and has a plan for your life ways? ( he borders on word of faith / easy believe at most times ) 
*why doesnt he call people to repentance always ...OUT of the worlds ways ( tv sports movies etc ) out of false gods and false man made denominations?
( it appears he wants to please a core audience vs preaching all truth that will make him less popular )  
*Phillip had the Acts 2 saints laying on the ground on his website till I called him out on it. Now he says he doesnt believe in slain in the spirit??? but then... why did he have the Acts 2 saints on the ground when scripture say no such thing?  
*where is his "slain in the spirit" ways ever found in scripture anyway?
*if nothing has changed since the Acts 2 move of the spirit, where is the flames of fire and wind today in his crusades? ( video please Phillip of it occuring today? )
*If tongues is as it was in Acts 2 why does Phillip need interpreters vs using tongues over seas?
*where is his proof I hate him or have slandered him which he claims often in emails to me?
*where is the raise your hand / sinners prayer ever used in scripture anywhere?
*Phillip claims that kundalini ways are always jerking motions but Hindu gurus use his exact calm fainting ways. Why is that? ( I prove it in videos below )  
*where is his deliverence false ways like generational curses, demons with legal rights and actual Jezebal / pyhton spirits.... in scripture?
*where is puking out demons even seen in scripture?
*why doesnt Phillip OBEY all of Gods commands on holiness like leaving the carnal culture ( sports movies tv etc ) false denominational faith and even how we are to dress as godly people?
*why doesnt he teach people to OBEY all the commands ( leaving the culture, leaving pagan holidays like Christ-mass, leaving the ritual Sunday church system, how to dress biblical, head covering etc etc )  per Jesus command to us in Matt 28:20
*why doesnt he work himself vs relying on everyone else's money?
*why does he keep false associations ( denominations and he is linked to NAR men and such )
*where can we get documented healings since he claims to faith heal often?

Those would be a good start but there are more on the testing below .....

We are all waiting Phillip, when will you answer these? ( I emailed him this list months ago.... )  
If he answers, I will post them here unedited and answer him back. 

read on to see him exposed....


Sad sad update for 2020 

Phillip threatens to PUNCH a man in the street, while he is preaching the loving gospel of Jesus and he posts it on youtube..... unbelievable!!
This proves what a unbiblical, fleshly, carnal, foolish and un-discerning man Phillip really is as this testing shows. Blair is a brawler and has disqualified himself as a leader / teacher per Apostle Paul and I list the verses at this link. It has the video clip showing him saying this as well:

read on to see him exposed

May 2020 

Phillip on his ever high ego trip goes on to TRUE NEWS broadcast to promote himself. Who is True News you ask?

It is owner by Rick Wiles who is a hateful unbiblical Jew hating heretic! He has for years called Jews many names and blaming them for much of the worlds woes. (youtube banned Wiles for his hateful videos in Feb 2020) Wiles is also a conspiracy guy yet Phillip unites to his news show to push his TOC brand!

Phillip is clue for discernment or a deceiver? 

You decide which one is true but; since I have warned Phillip for over a year via email and he only ignored or called me hateful names, I say he is a deceiver. 

read on to see him exposed for many false unbiblical ways....


April 2020 

Blair holds a contest ( what is this a game show? ) and in the video he talks about uniting to all kinds of denominations and agreeing on essentials??? What is NON essential in God's Word Phillip? He is a ecumenical disaster. What more proof?

In another video he promotes J I Packer who is a calvinist Anglican false teacher. Phillip is so clueless for bible truth!

I ask again..... 
Since he calls himself a faith healer, where is all the healing's of the corona virus Mr Phillip; that you have done?

( he has gone healing quiet these days! ) 

No corona healing's? Those are really hard to fake, that is why. 

Do not be deceived by such false teachers.... read on to see him exposed


April 2020 

Blair claims to be a.... Prophet now called directly by God. 
See video in his own words and truth that exposes him here:

read on to see more unbiblical ways of Phillip....

April 2020

Blair lies about slain in the spirit ways....... AGAIN!
See that with video here:

read on to see him exposed......


April 2020 

Right during his 10 city "sack clothe stunt" tour where he cried out for repentance to empty streets per Gods detailed instructions, Phillip visited skid row (with no sock clothe) 

In the 7 minute video ...he NEVER calls the homeless to repent but he promises them a chance at eternal life and even does a silly sinners prayer when they could care less. He is casting pearls!!! All the homeless men wanted was food and free stuff. ( I see it all the time as I know homeless people / I minister to them all over the USA. ) They are "mostly" scammers / they need to be told in love that they must repent and leave their sin ( drugs, booze, laziness, crime etc ) or be lost! Phillip does NO such thing and he is quite shameful as a result. ( he even calls a man using the F word over and over....  brother! ) Phillip is biblically clueless!

read on to see him exposed.....


March 2020 

Blair's latest stunt ( he did it in 2016 also ) is to go make promotional videos dressed in a long "sack clothe" / tunic / robe to do a repentance cry when he does NOT wear biblical clothing ( a tunic or robe ) any other time. He is claiming to be a Prophet of God now / Dangerous stuff brewing in this man.....beware!
 This is just a stunt and mocking a Holy God! Why doesn't Phillip wear a tunic/sack clothe and preach repenting all the time. God put us in a tunic in Genesis 3;21 and it never changed?
Here is a article on that topic:

Phillip once told me in a email that:
"You are just a old man..... who dresses funny trying to be holy" 

Phillip mocked me ( and he never repented of it ) as I wear a biblical tunic like garment all the time then he puts on a sack clothe just to do stunt videos. This is me with my wife.....

God will judge him.... lest he repents!!!!

read on to see him tested.....


March 2020 

Phillip continues with false doctrines and I have the video right here in his own words:

He tells people they are "once saved always saved" and he says God can use your house as a temple of God today!!! 

I show you in scripture how both are unbiblical, heresy and major lies!

Blair needs to stop teaching anyone and repent or perish!

read on to see Phillip expose for so many false ways....

March 2020 

Phillip has announced a "fast fest sleep in" for 3 days with people that he does not even know? How very ecumenical of him!

And Jesus said this in Matt 6 about fasting:
 Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.
It seems like Jesus believed fasting was a private / secret matter, not a big announced spiritual stunt. 

read on to see Blair exposed for false ways that deceive people. 

Feb 2020 

Phillip kept posting news articles ..many times... that talked about him with graphic pictures of "lesbians kissing"... 
He then made a lame excuse it was not him posting the pictures. 

Yes Phillip, it was you and it proves he is clueless about holiness/purity! He is a promotion monger folks and this proves it.... 

read on to see Blair exposed for many sins and false ways

Feb 2020 

Phillip claims healing power. Here is another one of his fake healing's exposed. See it detailed here:

read on to see Phillip tested and exposed


Feb 2020

Phillip lacks discernment as he goes to vile place like vile gay parades and a mockery of the gospel is allowed to happen in these places.  It is NOT wise, good or godly. Jesus nor Paul would ever go into such sinful pagan places unless they were welcomed in to hear the gospel like on Mars hill.  

read on to see his many sins and unbiblical ways.....


Feb 2020 

Phillip praises this unbiblical movie offering:

Not only are movies esp with images of Jesus sinful and idolatrous per Exodus 20....
this mini series is full of EXTRA biblical added facts / lies and it is a sinful ecumenical work with a Rabbi , Roman Catholic, Evangelicals and Mormons all united on it. 

In fact, it is distributed by a anti christ MORMON company...Vidangel!

So the making of a movie with Jesus images, lies/adding to God's Word via material and ANTI christ's united to it and .... Phillip praises it?

Blair is clueless for discernment and here is a link that gives proof of this movies sinfulness:

read on to see Phillip exposed

Jan 2020 

Another question Blair will not answer?????

 I hear all kinds of deliverance people like his referenced NAR Kevin Riordan and their claims of demons of this and that! Everything is blamed on demons.... even physical illnesses like breast cancer and allergies????
Per Phillips friends / false deliverance theology... there is a demon for just about everything... lust, anger, sickness, depression and physical issues too. 

So.... does Phillip have a demon of thinning hair that he cant cast out? 

And it is not slam on his hair ... no,no..... see I am bald myself so how could I make fun of his hair. is just a theology question?

Phillip do you believe in demons of breast cancer, allergies and 

a demon of the........ receding hairline? 

He has many questions he just will not answer?????

See how silly this false deliverance theology gets folks?

read on to see Blair exposed and unbiblical


Jan 2020

Phillip continues to link to strange false teachers.
Here is this man: Kris Cates 

Here is just another false gospel / fake deliverance guy / claimed faith healer. In his case, he likes the demonic Marc Carrier of Kingdom Driven Ministries. See Marc exposed here for many heresies:

Yes Kris is WAY OUT THERE in heresy land too!!!!
As proof... he posts a FB video about his grandma and how 
showed up, hung out with her and hung up a picture in her house, yep!!!!!

This kind of makes your plain old "holy obedient biblical walk" in Christ,
 kind of boring huh?

                        Yes folks.... these are Phillips bro's that he preaches with!!!

 read on to see him exposed

Dec 2019 

Phillip is NAR linked/approving as I prove in updates below with video of him. Here he promotes a man who is linked to Todd White and a whole boat load of NAR heretics on his FB page. 

This man Kevin is a heretic himself teaching people about soul ties, demons of migraines, demons of breast cancer and even demons or allergies! 

Phillip is spreading NAR ways & men, as he denies he is NAR.

do not be deceived by him..... read on to see him exposed. 


Dec 2019 

Phillip again shows his massive hypocrisy when he says this:

Then why is every video he puts out ...... full of Phillip Blair's close up face the whole time?

You can preach/teach and not have your face as the focus Mr Blair. 
We decrease, He increases / John 3:30 

Read on to see Phillip ( had or still has? )..... a "selfie pride" problem.  

Repent Phillip....repent! We love you....

see him exposed with Gods Word below in the testing after the updates...


Dec 2019


I warned you folks about Phillip and now..... it gets even worst.

He denies being NAR but he now, on video confirms he has heretical NAR theology. In a video on end times, he says he had prophetic dreams about America and that God told him things when he was 15 including ...that he / Phillip will be used to raise up a army of soldiers for God in these last times. He then speaks of..... Latter Rain and Joel's army. ( those are key words for NAR heretics ) 

Do your research folks... this is a twisted scripture LIE theology taught and spread by none other then heretics NAR demonic men like Rick Joyner and Mike Bickle of IHOP. This ill theology includes dominionism, false prophecies and many false demonic manifestations and Phillip is embracing it via his own words. 

See a video of Phillip saying it here himself as proof:

ps hen I lovingly warned Phillip about his false NAR theology he emailed me this:

     He is a wicked, unloving prideful man! Run from him.....

     read on to see Phillip exposed......

Dec 2019 

Blair posts a silly award from Youtube 

Phillip is so prideful as large numbers on the internet mean NOTHING!
Joel Osteen has Phillip beat by a million miles for numbers, is he more biblical too?
Luke 16:15 ... what the world esteems, God abhors!

read on to see Blair exposed

Dec 2019

Mr Blair seems to be adjusting his preaching and ministry to focus more on
sin and repentance ... less videos on the sinners prayer, demon puking, signs and wonders. But is it real or just a move to look better since he got called out here? In love, I hope being called out here is helping him to be more biblical but I am skeptical of him due to his fruit?  I also heard him preaching the terrible HOLE IN YOUR HEART theology that is NOT found in scripture anywhere. Stop that Phillip...just stop it!

Also, see the picture of him in Budapest.. he still using a interpreter and he is NOT speaking in the tongue of the foreign land? See... charismatics like Phillip claim that gift is still the same today as it ways in Acts 2 so why is that Mr Blair... 
you are not speaking the native tongue by the spirit? 

Why wont any charismatic answer this? They are fakes/liars/deceivers that is why?  

read on to see him tested to God's Word


Dec 2019 

Phillip posts this:

But Phillip is the guy who taught at a conference next to a man ( Thomas Fisher )  who was directly linked to NAR heretic Rick Joyner ... even after I warned Mr. Blair about it all.  

read on to see the proof of that conference he did and Phillips other sins/false ways...

Nov 19 2019

WHAT IS WRONG ... with Philip Blair?

Yesterday he told me via email... he has no time to give me biblical answers to this testing
 he sits around and he can post disturbing news stories often on FB. This one is a police video about a naked 8 yr old girl rescued from a molester that people were saying in the comments... is very troubling and should not have even been shown to the public!

What kind of a so called man of God would be interested in spreading this vile video around the internet? Repent Phillip ... repent! 

read on to see more troubling things about Phillips theology and ways as a warning to the sheep....


Nov 2019

Phillip is divorced and has two young sons. 
Why is he NOT focused on them most of all and staying near them weekly to raise them up in the Lord vs flying all over the world? Those young boys need dad near them always not occasionally. I know and can speak on this as...
 I was a single dad for many years ( as a unbeliever ) but I still stayed near my children as they grew!!

His sons are his main #1 ministry per God's word .....are they not? 

read on to see him exposed....


Nov 2019 

There is a video of Blair ( fake healer?? ) claiming to perhaps have lengthen a lil girls leg. 

This is known as the favorite "fake healer trick" of all and men like Todd White have used it too.  Do not be deceived by Phillip.

read on to see why his gospel and theology is very far form truth

Nov 2019

Phillip KNOWS ABOUT THIS TESTING but will not answer it? Need proof he knows about this testing / me? 1 ) I have been emailing it to him for a year and he often answers back to attack me personally but no biblical answers.

2) Phillip does a video ADMITTING he was wrong about Kanye West proving Mr Blair lacks basic discernment skills he said he had about Kanye. Do not trust Blair for biblical truth and discernment and this proves it. 
Then in the video, he mentions me Jim ( proving publically he knows all about this testing and for about 1 year he will not give a answer to it? See it below on video...

He also lies and says I HATE him??? and that I am the son of satan?????
These are very slanderous claims/LIES that he can not prove. Is that godly to lie vs just giving a answer about his ill doctrines? I do not twist the truth he does. Read on how he lies about the Acts 2 saints being slain in the spirit... he lies about puking out demons as scriptural... he lies about jezebel being a actual spirit/demon. HE is the one lying and he cant give any biblical answers back, how sad!

Note: Phillip also called my wife love starved and said I was a old man in silly cloths all....from just this one picture he saw of us????
                                         ( we love you Phillip, repent!! )

Is this good discernment, loving and godly I ask you?

Admitting he was VERY wrong on Kanye is a small start to truth; but there is much more Philllip needs to repent of. I pray he repents...and I am there to help when he does. 

More to come and read on to see his unbiblical dangerous ways exposed... 

Nov 2019

PHILLIP DELETES HIS VIDEO TO HIDE HIS PRAISE OF KANYE and his LACK OF DISCERNMENT! ( he did post a video admitting he was wrong ) 

In a deleted video Phillip said "he has very good discernment" and he knew Kanye West was headed in a good biblical direction. Blair said not to doubt or critique him and condemned us all as wrong fro doing so. Those who were suspect of West's false ways all along he called us out. Really Phillip??? ( I warned of West back in Sept/Oct ... see my testing link of Kanye in the posts below ) 

Well... here goes more proof of Phillip's ill discernment as West is unbiblical and united to ALL kinds of heretics and adding another one in Word of Faith wolf....uniting to heretic Joel Osteen!

And Phillip has now deleted his 1 hour video defending West from Oct 26th showing how bad is discernment really was! That is deceptive to delete it vs just correcting it. 

This shows how Blair hides the truth and lies and he cannot be trusted!! I caught him doing it before as this testing shows.
Do not trust Blair for discernment as he is a unbiblical "strange spirit" heretic as I prove if you read on!

read on and see my testing link that tells the truth about Blair ( and about Kanye West )

Nov 2019

Phillip claims "only twitching" and such is kundalini. He says that the Holy Spirit does lay people out in a calm way. Really? ( the bible never shows this layed out?? ) 
Do you want to see video proof that Blair's charismatic "slain in the spirit" ways are just like Kundalini occult Hindu gurus's ways?
Go here and I have video clips to prove it:

Occult Gurus do exactly what Phillip does... Watch it folks....

Do not be deceived by Phillips false ways.....

Nov 2019

Blair claims there is a Leviathan/Jezebel spirit and that we give demons legal rights? See his website statements: 

Where is ANY of this in God's Holy Word? It is not!!!
Phillip is a false teacher twisting God's Word. I have already exposed his so called Jezebel spirit here: 

Fact: there is NO Leviathan spirit nor is there legal rights given to demons. 

see Blair exposed more below.... 

Nov 2019 

See this link with video that shows the hypocrisy/unbiblical ways of Phillip Blair in his own words via video that I copy and place here as proof?. 

read on to see him exposed 

Oct 2019 

Want to see what a LIAR and TWISTER of truth Phillip Blair really is?

He just emailed me this:

 "I don’t believe in people being slain in the Spirit. But people do fall down sometimes when being delivered from demons". 

Yet, he had this on his website (till I exposed him) and it took him 4 months to remove it:

Ask Phillip.. why did he say the Acts 2 saints were "on the floor" if he does not believe in slain in the spirit?

Did they all have demons in them when the Holy Spirit fell?

 Blair says this on his website:

I thought he does not believe in slain in the spirit?

Note: the last church Blair was at in Kenya/2019 he was telling you to send money there. Well the bishop Caleb emailed me and said they DO believe in slain in the spirit ways. ( Caleb wanted my money $$$ but would not discuss God's truth at all!!!! ) 

Blair is deceptive/lying about his theology.... or where has he publicly repented of it all?

As I expose his false ways; he has been covering and stopping certain ways. I exposed his addiction of placing selfie pics of himself and he sure adjusted that of late.

He also just emailed me and mocked me for my biblical clothes saying:

"But you’re just a powerless, slanderous old man who dresses silly to appear more godly. You think God cares if I wear a fake Nike shirt I bought in Indonesia? Man cares about the outside of the cup. God cares about the heart, and yours is filthy and ungodly."

Yet in total "hypocrisy" Blair was calling out Australian ladies for their clothes. I thought God cares only about the heart Blair?

Blair said this in the same email about his taking money and him NOT working:

"We have clothed, fed, and provided for multitudes around the world. This would not be possible without letting people help. I don’t ask. People freely give".

Yet right on his website is this:

Note: he has donate button but NO gospel button on his website!

And he often says in his video's if you would like to help us but he says; I don't ask!!
You see how he cant be trusted for truth as he is a hypocrite and a liar!!! ( I have all his emails as proof ) 

Phillip cannot contend in the Word so he emails: "I am a sower of discord". If he would only study more. 
He has NOT shown that what I am saying about him is false?
So he is lying again in that.... so sad!

This article I did explains what sowing discord really is:

read on to see him exposed and to warn the sheep ...

Oct 2019

I have the ill fruit of Phillip in my email box. 
See when I emailed him again and ask for ANY biblical refuting of this testing? 

He called me an IDIOT
goes after my godly wife saying... she looks unloved
called me a old man in silly clothes 

All....without giving ANY biblical correction to this testing. 

He had TONS of time to make it a personal attack but he had NO time to give any biblical answers! What a hypocrite....

read on to see Blair exposed as a unbiblical man

Oct 2019

Blair does not do any outside labor / work to support himself ( as Paul did ) and he sure is not teaching the Word of God?
He rarely has anything of any MEAT to offer on the internet as a teacher preacher and Jesus said teach them to obey all He commanded. Matt 28  / Phillip does not do that!!!! But he has all kinds of time to post about Kanye West lately!

Blair said on a 1 hour video about Kanye  he has good discernment and he thinks Kanye is really showing fruit and is of God????
Blair is void of good discernment as this testing shows!

A video that Blair himself posts on his fb page, has West using the F and B word while wearing a Jesus is King shirt..... but Blair pots it anyway. 
Phillip is a stain on God's holiness!!!

While we do not know the outcome, there are so many troubling signs about Kanye West's faith ...see this testing I did of him in love and to warn others.

read on to see Blair exposed as very unbiblical 

Oct 2019

Does Blair ever work?

So what does Phillip do to earn money all the times he is not in other countries, which is most of the time?
Does he labor for his own ministry like Apostle Paul did or does he expect everyone to give him money to support him all year long? 

Fact: he does not work but expects donations to float him as he works out and such in between trips which is MOST of the year! 

Please ask Phillip will you as he ran in the dark and wont talk to me about truth?

read on to see him exposed

Oct 2019

Blair does a video warning new Christians about those who twist scripture.

He cant be SERIOUS!! 
Blair is the man who had on his website the Acts 2 saints were ON THE FLOOR SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT ( it does not say that at all ) and after I called him out on it; he fought me, deleted me... and then finally it took him 4 months to remove it!  
( read all about it in the testing below ) 

In this same video Blair says that we should pray for those teachers who "don't quite have doctrine right yet" and not "mark them" as we are to pray for our enemies and love them. ( ater he says its biblical to mark false teachers?? ) Phillip is very confused. 
To be clear... Jesus said to pray for and love our enemies ( unbelievers )  indeed... but believers who teach false ways and are in sin we are to mark Rom 16:17 , expose Eph 5  call out 1 Tim 5:20 and kick out of the body Matt 18! What bible is Phillip reading?? Oh yes ..his bible ( youngs bible ) says there is a "python spirit" which is a mythological heretical lie!  

Lastly... Phillip says many who teach and twist the bible are so wrong! Again he cant be serious!!! Blair teaches many unbiblical ways... these are a few false unbiblical things he teaches:

*demons in homes that need blessing?? ( this is roman catholic, doctrine not biblical ) 
*God using your house as a temple ( 1 cor 3 we are the temple today Phillip! ) 
*generational curses
*soul wounds
*occult slain in the spirit 
*pukng out demons
*he links to unbiblical churches in Kenya. ( I emailed Caleb there and he wanted my MONEY asap but he would not discuss the biblical gospel or any theology proving ...they are not biblical there so beware.

Blair likes to link up with everyone so he can be more popular and what...raise money perhaps??? He did a conference with a NAR linked heretic ( Thomas Fisher ) and I warned Blair ahead of time and he wont call out those denominations who are in sin as he is a coward. 

Blair calling out others for false teaching on video is the POT calling the KETTLE black for sure! 
Repent Phillip is going to get worst for you.... till you do!

Read on to see updates then Blair tested to Gods Word....


Oct 2019

Phillip is a unbiblical charismatic and believes that gifts of tongues are used today JUST AT IT WAS in the first century. If that is true.... why does Phillip ALWAYS need a translator?  ... Does he never speak in a native tongue he doesn't know by the power of spirit like in the first century / Acts 2? 

Ask him will you? I think he is teaching false doctrine..... and I prove it in the word below. 

read on to see him exposed as unbiblical......


Oct 2019

Recently Blair boasted of giving $9000 to some orphans. 
didn't Jesus say do your giving in secret vs placing the amount your giving away on the world wide web? He has done this before too.   

Note: *he links to unbiblical churches in Kenya. ( I emailed Caleb the bishop there and he wanted my MONEY asap but he would not discuss the biblical gospel or any theology proving ...they are not biblical there so beware.

Blair is a show man and we prove his is unbiblical below so read on...


Oct 2019

Blair makes a video ranting that others call him out for going outside of the USA to help others. That is not a problem but ... what is a problem is this:
Since he already knows of other men that are believers there that can preach and minister, why does he NEED TO GO THERE vs giving his travel money to the needy children also? Why cant he just send the aid money and stop wasting his own travel there? He should go where there are NO preachers or already established bodies, doesn't that make much more sense? 

Could it be he uses all of this for a show to grow his ministry name? I think so and here is evidence. In a video shown in the picture above ...... at about the 3:30 minute mark Blair asks people to do a UNBIBLICAL sinners prayer and as they have hands raised ( this makes false converts by the way ) instead of being totally focused on what he is doing for God, he tells the camera man to make sure he gets a view of ALL the people with their hands raised. Why do this unless is a puffed up show to build up his ministry and perhaps donations? ( he did it at other times too as he is handing out food in India )

Blair is a show man .... not a biblical man of God.  

read on to see many more troubling unbiblical issues with Blair


Oct 2019

Blair makes a video about pride and how we all should be open to correction. I agree but he is a hypocrite as I warned him about many sins of his own like, his recent attending a conference with a man ( Thomas Fisher ) who is linked to the NAR cult. Phillip went on to unite to him anyway so he needs to repent!

read on to see it documented.....


Update Sept 2019

Blair is in India and I watched a entire video proclaiming to be a evangelistic outreach but... Blair NEVER mentions repenting and leaving all of the FALSE demonic gods in India to the people. No, he just says a sinners prayer with them is all. He is making many false converts indeed as you cant serve Jesus and all those false gods too!!!!

read on to see him exposed


Update Sept 2019

Blair posts this silly promotion from his heretical charismatic friend David Lynn.

Imagine that a freedom rally to promote freedom of speech but rule #1 
You cant bring a banner or poster to speak your mind???

( David had a conference recently with a NAR connected heretic and Phillip attended even though he was warned about it all ) 

What a bunch of hypocrites!

read on to see Blair exposed


Update Sept 2019 

Blair likes to talk about the FIRE of God falling. 
This article exposes his FAKE evangelistic fire seeking ways using the Word of God. 

Do not be deceived by false teachers like Phillip....

read on to see him exposed

Sept 2019

Want to know why I oppose this man and work to expose him?

In a video of him in a India slum, Phillip brings some free things to give away. 
He lines them all up, sets the free stuff out, then he preaches to them and asks who would like to "receive Jesus in your heart"... raise your hand? Almost all of them raise their hands and Phillip leads them into a sinners prayer ( tells them what to say ) then.... he hands out the free stuff and takes selfies with the precious lil children.  ( a marketing ploy to bring in funds??? You decide... ) 

Note: all the $$ thousands of dollars$$ he and the other 2 men spent to go to India... to hand out trinkets and CANDY to lil orphans. 
Question: Since there is ALREADY Christians there they are united to, why do they need to go there in person at great expense? Why don't they send the aid in money and send a video message to encourage? Does Phillip have some special gifts like Apostle Paul that he alone has to go in person? No.... he does not! Much of it is promotion and he is not even biblical at all as I show in this testing. 

Folks...this is NOT biblical evangelism at all. Raise your hand, receive Jesus in your heart and then get free stuff????  I am confident if you went just about anywhere with poor people and free stuff, then asked to lead people in a unbiblical sinner prayer, you could have the very same results! Phillip is marketing his ministry more then anything....

Jesus said give in secret but Phillip makes a big video production out of it....

Jesus says pray in secret and Phillip makes a production out of prayer

Jesus said do not do repetition prayers and Phillip does them over and over 

You see my point here? 

Where is he calling them to repent, leave their MANY false demon gods, leave idolatrous family and be holy and obey all of God's Word?  

Phillip is traveling the world, being showy and....  MAKING MANY FALSE CONVERTS!!!!

How can I say this? Look at biblical evangelize in scripture vs Phillips brand and he fails. 
Even him and his associations are NOT fully biblical or obeying God in all their ways so how can he lead others to it I ask? 

Read on to see his false theology and false associations exposed


Update Aug 2019 

Blair and his false unbiblical associations! 

Here is Phillip Blair's good brother David Lynn caught in what seems to be fake demon driving out.

Want to see how false preachers operate these days? 

In a youtube video... David Lynn is seen / claiming to cast out demons in a heavy set man. ( Lynn is on the right ) Amazingly the man convulses uncontrollable but.... never leaves his chair as it walks across the floor? Then at one point; he does fly onto the ground. Lynn; not concerned most of all for the mans safety, just moves to.... adjust the camera??? ( seems like a show, amen? )  Then as the man convulses on the floor his shirt keeps flying up and even though we are to believe he is being controlled by a demon leaving him, HE KEEPS PULLING HIS SHIRT DOWN TO..... COVER UP HIS BELLY???

This is like a bad Benny Hinn show really ..... and what snake oil charlatans this exposes!! And Phillip is united to Lynn.....

Also ....
Blairs brother David Lynn is seen here promoting a NAR event will heretic Bill Johnson on his fb page 

Blair told me via email he does not support the NAR so..
Will Phillip be calling out David Lynn publically to repent?

I have already warned Phillip about this man David and he ignored it all!

 Do not trust Phillip Blair for truth. ( or David Lynn / see him exposed at this link: ) 

Read on to see more facts on why Blair is not biblical! 


Blair is seen here talking about "python spirits" and claiming they are spoken of in Acts 16:16.

You have to read the Young's translation to find it. The correct word is divination ( spirits ) There is NO python spirit. That word is from Greek mythology NOT God's truth as the bible teaches no such thing as a special python spirit. 

This biblical article rightly exposes Phillips lie about a python spirit:

Blair again shows he cannot understand or he purposely twists God's Word for his own ill deliverance ministry false ways. 

read on to see him exposed....


Update Aug 2019 

At the David Lynn heretic conference, ( where NAR linked men taught ) Blair was telling a lady to puke as that is how demons come out and people were falling over slain in the spirit. I have challenged Blair via email to debate me and show us where these things are ever seen in the Holy Word? They are not seen anywhere!!!! ... so he hides in the dark today. 

Also... he yells and repeats commands/prayers over and over and over to drive out demons. Jesus said DON'T DO REPETITION PRAYERS and true godly men who could drive out demons in scripture did it with just a word/command... NOT YELLING SCREAMING and vain repetition .... like Blair. 

Is he another unbiblical snake oil preacher?... you decide. 

read on to see him exposed


Aug 2019 

In a video on marriage issues Blair teaches there are generational curses and soul wounds. These are NOT found anywhere in the bible for God's NT saints but are really occult pagan superstition  

Blair is a mystic leaning false teacher seeing demons and his bad doctrine in everything..... 

read on to see him exposed


Aug 2019

Even after being warned by me, Phillip united to Thomas Fisher (a NAR heretic type who promotes Rick Joyner) at a David Lynn conference.... 

Blair is in major sin here as well as with his many false doctrines.... 

Rom 16:17 says mark and avoid men like this NOT teach with them.... 

read on to see him exposed


Update July 2019 

Need proof that Blair and his pals are unbiblical? 
Phillip is linked to unbiblical man David Lynn. He is attending a conference of Lynn's and they already had to remove a speaker ( Marcus Rogers ) as I pointed he was a Oneness heretic. Well ... at this same conference is a Thomas Fischer. 

He claims to be a faith healer but he and his wife are linked to and directly support NAR false teacher Rick Joyer. Here is Fischers wife interviewning Joyer on fb and they both were at Joyners house too. 

Phillip claims to not be linked to NAR heretics but he is united to men who promote them! 

read on to see Blair exposed by the truth......


Update July 2019 

Phillip continues to show what a unbiblical compromised man he is. 
Here he is doing a conference with Marcus Rogers, a man who denies the 3 in 1 God as he clings to heretical oneness theology. 

When I called Phillip out on this via email, he made excuses!
He then lied and told me I hide on the interent. To refute that I challenged him to do a audio recording session with me to debate his slain in the spirit, his weak gospel, his ecumenicalism and his worldliness and I promised I would play it for all to hear unedited. Blair then cried out your harrassing me!!!... and he ran in the dark. ( I have all his emails as proof if you need to see them? contact me ) 

He is by his fruit.... a Rev 21:8 coward and a liar... please beware of him! 

Note/update: Marcus ended up NOT speaking at the conference???

read on to see Phillip exposed


Update June 2019

Here is Phillip pictured with those he unites to to go out and witnesses with. 

The man in the black hat was posting FB links promoting Todd White and other NAR heretic teachers on his fb page ... but Phillip unites to him to go out wintessing????

Romans 16:17 says DONT unite to such men

Phillip is by his fruit undiscerning and unbiblical.....

read on to see him exposed


June 2019 

Phillip posts a video about a lady he says came to Christ. Phillip leads this lady and many people in sinners prayers, a false convert making way... not of God. 

Fact: when you come to Christ... you do not need ANYONE to lead you in a prayer and the early Apostles NEVER used such false ways!

See this article on sinners prayers:

Repent Phillip.....

read on to see him exposed 


Update May 2019

After brushing me off when I first contacted him... Phillip recently came back and emailed me. First.. he was angry and called me a Pharisee again, then he invited me to his apartment to fellowship, then he called me a demon, then he said I was well intentioned then he went back to calling me religious. He seems very confused? ( I have all the emails ) He was angry that he was caught adding to God's Word about Acts 2 ( read on to see that ) and he did finally fix his website quote though his theology remains the same sadly.  

I love him and hope he repents...  

Update May 2019

Phillip likes to call me religious and nit picky when I called out the sins of his bad theology. But is Phillip religious nit pick when he calls out how ladies dress?

Note: I agree these ladies are profane and immodest but Phillip is a hypocrite as 1 ) he does not dress biblical himself or teach it and 2 ) he calls you a religious pharisee if you call him out but: he can do it himself I guess? Matt 23 hypocrite he is!!!

read on to see him tested

Update May 2019 

In his video on cleansing demons from a home Phillip does various unbiblical things:

*using anointing oil on a home... not found in the NT Word.
*saying demons have legal rights to your home ( not true or biblical ) 
*at minute 2:35 he prayers for the Lord to make this room a temple of God( believers are the temple today ...NOT rooms in houses so Phillip is making up theology as he goes in sin )

Here is a picture of Phillip in that video and he said to remove all sinful things from the home. Note: see the Disney stuff right there, that he over looks ( Disney is worldly and occult ) and what is godly about a TV anyway? 

read on to see Phillip corrected and I am waiting for him to correct his errors and sin

  Update May 2019 

Phillip is shown out witnessing with people who are not modeling holiness in Christ including immodesty, un-covered heads of ladies and even nose rings....

Phillip is NOT a biblical man and read on to see him exposed.....


Update Feb 2019

Blair is into the same thing false teacher Billy Graham did: revivals, alter calls, raising hands and sinner prayers. This is NOT how you evangelize the lost but it is how you make false converts!

Update Jan 2019

Blair dabbles in things like "vomiting out demons" as he repeats prayers over and over and over in his exorcisms. Paul and Jesus had direct command over demons... Blair only seems to pester them to leave? Some say this is form of witchcraft ( vomiting demons ) but one thing is sure, it is NOT rooted or seen anywhere in Holy Scripture.

read on to see Phillip Blair exposed as unbiblical


Here is why you need to be warned about Phillip Blair:

*Phillip has a confused gospel as in one place he says repent ( turn from your sins to be saved ) but in the same video he says no amount of obedience holds you to God and no amount of sin separates you? he does not call people out of the world or false religion. At times he preaches repentance then other times he says God loves you and wants to make you feel joy and peace and he lacks repentance. He has a you have been hurt and God has a plan for your life gospel that is luke warm. He seems to be confused and at times leans in a Calvinist direction of once saved always saved and other times he doesn't ) This is a false gospel ........ ( see the email chain at the end of this thread. Phillip would not give me the biblical gospel to eternal life....why??? ) 

See this article on OSAS:
See the biblical gospel below at my links below....

*Blair said on his web page the saints in Acts 2 were "on the floor speaking in tongues". It does not say that at all. He first had me prove he even said it then; he refused to correct his website for 3 months when I showed it to him! 

Here also is that example with the screen shot proof of his scripture twisting ways off his website: 

Note: after repeating showing him this heresy ... 4 months later.. Blair did remove this statement off of his website but he remains clinging to his false slain in the spirit ways. This error shows how he is corrupted by his unbiblical theology ( Derek Prince )  to the point of....... twisting God's Word till called out.

Blair is into the charismatic slain in the spirit ways ( knocked out by God's spirit ) and this is NOT found in God's Word anywhere! It is not of God but a man made ( satans? )  false way. I asked him to show me where this is in God's Word... and he could not do it!

See this article on that topic:

*Blair is into Derek Prince ( a heretical man ) and deliverance ministry false ways like generational curses, demons all over, demons having legal rights to your home, demons of anger, lust, porn whatever including even.... demons in a believer! This is NOT found in God's Word at all.

*Phillip is into uniting with many other unbiblical denominations that are not in the truth. He told me himself he is against denominations but he unites to them to further his ministry/travels. This sinful per Romans 16:17 

*Phillip is into repeating prayers OVER and OVER to cast out demons something Jesus said not to do and that only pagans do. Matt 6:7 
Jesus nor Paul ever had to do marathon prayer services to cast out a demon. They said "be gone" and they demon was gone! Blair gives satan/demons too much power or has little power over them it seems. Blair also loves to pray on camera A LOT ... something Jesus said NOT to do! ( public praying for show ) See Matt 6:5
In the video called "Brother Phillip Blair casting out a Kundalini demon out of a Woman".....Blair is seen using the same repetitive prayer over and over and over and over.... to so called cast out a demon. 

In a youtube video Blair is seen praying over and over and over for a leg lengthening ( a long time fake healers tactic ) 
Remember; Jesus and Paul healed instantly ... Blair not so much! 

*Blair loves to show/talk about all the giving he does in public... something Jesus said don't do! See Matt 6:3

*Blair is into emotional revival, alter call ways using emotional instrumental music to woo people into accepting Jesus via a sinners prayer. False converts are made this way not true saints!

See these articles on those topics:

*Phillip is a worldly man into things like movies, the NFL, preaching on the beach to naked people ( people in bikinis ) and he himself does not dress or live holy. He posts vile videos of it on the internet and it is shameful! He is not a holy man but a carnal worldly one as this all proves. 

*Phillip is a vain/prideful man as he places many selfies of himself on his page, why do this?

In one video; he boasts about the coolest thing he has ever seen! Well... it was a artist who Phillip had draw a portrait of.... himself he esp liked the eyes!!! He seems to love to look at himself a lot. John the Baptist said I must decrease so Christ can increase. John 3;30  / Phillip has this backwards it seems.... so sad. 

More selfies.............

Phillip loves to pose with needy children. Many men use this to RAISE funds! Phillip does not work to support himself but he using his ministry pics and videos to.... raise funds. 

More selfies..........

Pride come before the fall Phillip.... Prov 16:18

*In this video; he calls for the public schools to ban all bullying. 
Phillip is so worldly and undiscerning; doesn't he see how ungodly and vile public schools are and no believer should have children there anyway? 

Here are many more screen captures from his own FB posts that show who he really is and what he believes:

No scripture ever places a relationshippy life ABOVE sound doctrine but Phillip does... he told me so himself. ( we are in a blood covenant with God not a relationshippy feel good emotional experience ) 

He likes to fancy himself a faith healer like Benny Hinn. Jesus and Paul healed instantly.... Phillip told this man he will have to work on building up his muscles again over time to walk on his own! 

Phillip approves here of the vile NFL and men who mock God playing in it then pray to a Holy Holy Holy is so shameful!

See this article on that:

Here he approves of the false worldly unbiblical man Tim Tebow who marries a harlot dressed lady and claims to be a godly man.

More approving of what the world calls good but God calls sin! 
( college football ) Luke 16:15

Phillip claims God speaks to him and he gets revelation from the Lord.... how is God speaking to Phillip?

More bragging about giving publically....

 Phillip doesnt seem to think nakedness is a sin... it is!!!

More giving bragging pubilcally....

Phillip goes to a gym to train his body. Is that a godly place to go and spend time? ( I used to live in a gym.. it is not godly but vanity ) 

 The presence of God... you cant find this concept in the NT body ... we have faith, doctrine and the traditions God gave us. Man makes up this presence seeking thing but its not biblical....

See this article on that:

More claimed faith healing but NO true miracles liken to Paul or Jesus. Are you raising the dead, making the blind see Phillip and if so can you document any of this??? No and Benny Hinn cant either... 

Blair does not dress biblically and here is seen showing off pagan tattoos that God says are sinful..... not good Phillip for a Titus 1...  so called holy elder/teacher/preacher ( godly brothers cover theirs up for God's glory...not show them off ) 

 Phillip is the product of a Baptist college but says he is not one. That explains a lot of his worldliness/sins. He attended a place that is not holy or biblical. Baptist are NOT biblical and see a article on that here:

Phillip was quick to throw me to the curb asap when I showed him his wrong use of God's Word! He is a hypocrite....

More highlighting for Phillip of himself ( karaoke ) ... pride is a terrible thing Mr Blair!

More bragging of his works publically....  Jesus said do not do it! 

Head coverings are for today indeed but Phillip does not teach them to others and he unites to those who wont do it.... he is ecumenical!

This goes for men too Phillip.... are you covering your form up or do you pump iron in the gym....  to show it off  to others?

Actually we are commanded to test 1 thes 5;21 and expose evil Eph 5... Phillip has no time for biblical truth ... he has places to fly and emotional alter calls, so called revivals and demon chasing to put on!!

Phillip sees demons in everything and in everyone... he is teaching falsely on demonology ( like demons having legal rights in houses? )  and little to nothing on holiness, coming out of the world/man made religion and the true NT body life per scripture. 

More works and giving / bragging 

 Phillip is big into revival, exorcisms, alter calls and Gods fire.... but after Acts  ... was there any "fire" in the NT body after Acts or was it all faith, doctrine, holiness and God's NT traditions?

Here is Philip getting showy before the crowds.....
( notice the pics of him on banners in back... who is being lifted up? ) 

Folks, you only get netflix stuff if you watch netflixs trash! He is worldly. Also, he does not work to make money so are supporters buying his netflix movies for him each month???? 

Phillip posts a pic of a biblically naked lady ( in a VERY scant bath suit ) .... he has NO clue about holiness 

So I am clear on this ... Phillip can call out others for over eating and Halloween ( I agree with him on these issues ) but when I called him out on twisting God's Word; he quickly said I was a religious guy and needed more Jesus relationship and he ran away? He is a hypocrite in this.

Actually is true; only pagan celebrated birthdays.... no saints did it. Please you read your bible? 
 More gym talk... I used to be a body builder... nothing holy/godly happens in gyms folks!!!!! It is a fleshly naked vanity pride filled carnal place ...


Not sure what else you need to see to show you that Phillip is not a biblical man in many areas and he hide from a brother who wanted to help him. Now I must expose him to warn other per Rom 16:17 . Does he do some good works, indeed he does....but so do Roman catholics, mormons and others of satans angels of light! But his gospel, his theology, his demonology and his life is NOT in line with holy scripture. 

He is NOT doing what Jesus commanded:

preach the biblical gospel
make disciples ( teaching them to OBEY ) all He commanded coming out of the world and out of man made denominational religion.

He is a showy faith healer, demon chaser, ecumenical uniter and incomplete street preacher .... 

repent Phillip repent!!

Do not be deceived by him.... no matter where he goes or what good act he is doing out there. he is NOT calling you out of the world and into greater holiness per Gods Word. He is calling you to his ill brand of twisted scripture theology. 

Salvation/freedom comes from God's truth, not via emotionalism, repeating prayers and not thru prideful unlearned or corrupt men claiming to be of God.  

Jesus said worship in spirit and truth John 4;24

Phillip is FAR from that! 

See our bible resources below ( esp the gospel ) and let me know how we can help you in the faith?

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
Spirit and Truth Teaching Blog
Go here for audio teachings
Go here for video's:


my email chain with Phillip ( unedited )  

Jim and Debbie Polanek

Sat 1/26/2019 12:53 PM
Here you go....
More to come on your ministry..... I need to contend for the faith . See Jude 
Jesus said love for each other will mark His own showed none to me. 
Satan is deceptive and he has got inside the so called church ..just as Paul and Jesus said... I am just sounding the alarm in these last days. 
Ps you need to read Matt 6:1 and Matt 6-5:6
Your not obeying Jesus there either....repent Phillip. If you do I will adjust my testing to show it....

Jim and Debbie Polanek

Sat 1/26/2019 11:34 AM
My verse on love to God is actually... 1 john. 5:8 My bad! Get Outlook for Android

Jim and Debbie Polanek

Sat 1/26/2019 10:13 AM
I only brought you correction and questions?
I will do as you want and leave you be.
A testing will go up on the internet to warn people about your unbiblical ways.
It will be all truth including the emails unedited. 
What is love Phillip?... 2 john 1:8...we keep his commands. 
I am clinging to the Fathers Word that is truth. John 17:17
You have shown you twist it for you own ill ways..add to it and wont correct when shown error. I fear for you..
Mark them ...Romans 16:17
God be praised and love to the saints
Ps in a short time period when you google torch of Christ...our testing will come up. I came to you first....

Torch of Christ Ministries <>

Sat 1/26/2019 9:42 AM
Please stop messaging me. Just accept the fact that we have different beliefs and go your way. You have a contentious spirit and you’re divisive. You’ll strain a nat and swallow a camel. You pick the smallest things to want to contend over but forget that love covers a multitude of sins. You don’t have the love of God in your messages nor do you seek to edify in a godly way. Your approach is one of a man with a religious spirit, not one of patience and a godly desire to educate and disciple. I encourage you to go deeper into prayer. Get on your knees and cry out to God. Stop following human understanding and seek godly revelation. Please stop messaging me.

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Jim and Debbie Polanek

Sat 1/26/2019 9:36 AM
If you wont adjust your website to be biblically accurate ..that is terrible fruit for a claimed godly man! It is deceptive... Your adding to Gods Word ..something God promised would cause His judgment! Rev 22 God be praised Jim Get Outlook for Android

Jim and Debbie Polanek

Fri 1/25/2019 6:44 PM
So that's not in the word correct?.  Will you remove it n adjust your website? 
I believe in prayer as it's taught in the word but not this emotional physical thing called slain in the spirit or all the other emotions with it. It's not there...and Satan is having a field day with it. 
Paul taught us to cling to sound doctrine not relationshippy ways that most do today. 
Also have some strange ideas about demons n believers not found in the Word.
Where did you get this info?  
As far as ecumenicalism . . The Word says don't associate with those who leave sound doctrine. Romans 16;17
That would be 99.9 % of your denominations....
To unite to them is sin. .
Shouldn't we cling to God's truth vs mans ways? Mark 7;6-9
Can you provide the biblical gospel to eternal life! 

Torch of Christ Ministries <>

Fri 1/25/2019 5:30 PM
Have you ever willingly gotten on your face before God on the floor to pray Jim? And yes, I’ve seen the power of God fall on people all around the world and it’s a beautiful thing. Relationship over religion and you might start having deeper encounters with the Lord.

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Jim and Debbie Polanek

Fri 1/25/2019 10:28 AM
ps its on your chrisitians and demons article....

Jim and Debbie Polanek

Fri 1/25/2019 10:27 AM

Here is the screen shot off your website that says they were "on the floor". Gods Word does not say that!
I would ask you to remove that comment asap or offer the Holy Word to support it? ( that will mislead people )  

This is important as I have tested and searched the scriptures for years see where this "slain in the spirit event" is and it is NOT there.

I agree with you the shaking and such is demonic .... but I dont see ANY slain event at all for Gods people. 

The romans fell back when Jesus said I AM He and people fell prostrate in worship but... I dont see one case of the Holy Spirit slating anyone as you claim. 

Please clarify on this matter....  and thank you

God be praised


Jim and Debbie Polanek

Fri 1/25/2019 9:31 AM
I will send you a screen shot of it.
Could you cover the gospel to eternal life for me?
Also...what is the difference between ecumenicalism and uniting with other denominations? 
Thanks for your time....

Torch of Christ Ministries <>

Fri 1/25/2019 3:44 AM
Hi Jim, I am not Pentecostal, and yes I do unite with other denominations as long as it’s not ecumenical in nature. I do think it’s good for denominations to put aside their differences and worship. I don’t remember saying they were on the floor. Can you provide a link?

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Jim and Debbie Polanek

Fri 1/25/2019 12:32 AM
I will also ask are you Pentecostal and do you unite with many different denominations? 
Can you give me the clear gospel to eternal life? 
Thank you.

Jim and Debbie Polanek

Fri 1/25/2019 12:21 AM
Ok thanks . .I read on your site in Acts the saints we're on the floor speaking in tongues. 
What verse says they were on the floor?

I have other questions but one for now...
God be praised

Torch of Christ Ministries <>

Fri 1/25/2019 12:12 AM
Yes sure. God bless you

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Jim and Debbie Polanek

Thu 1/24/2019 10:47 PM
I was reading your website and I had some questions. Are you able to answer for me? 
I am a follower of Christ...