Faith Christian Church / Mauston .. Exposed

* The following info is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!
Note; If any of this info is incorrect please contact me and it will be removed and adjusted.
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Note: we have come out of man made false religion, we are not with any organization or group ( we are just home fellowship saints ) we do not want anyone's money nor do we sell God's truth and we desire to reach out to any real sheep that may be caught up in these false places ( goat farms ) of man...... that is why we came to stand out peacefully with our gospel signs in love. 


In Sept 2018.. we stood outside FCC with gospels signs to warn others, call them out of their sin and discuss God's Word.  

The result was very sad with some good:

*the leaders hid in the dark and would not come discuss the scriptures even when I asked them to by name ( Paul Shirek, Aaron Shirek, Jordan Baeseman, Donovan Blair... ) 
PAUL SHIREK was there and he hid in the dark!!!!! John 3:19-21
*people mostly mocked and some of the youth flipped us off!
*one man went off into the grass about 3 feet with his car towards me to try and scare... me blowing his horn. 
*the local cross dresser ( a local man who claims to be both male and female?? ) did come out and when I went to talk to him about the truth, they called him back asap. He then went into their so called worship service with them...

*Paul Shirek is a COWARD and he LIED !!!
He spoke about us in his service. He said on video he did not know who we were ( he knows about me as we spoke and he knows about my exposing of him for years ) and he said we are against all churches. Actually he knows well we are against his false gospel and worldly, word of faith ways. See, we like Jesus/Paul, are against all sinful unbiblical man made false chuches!!!  ( Shirek is a liar and a coward.... he hid inside but his wife came outside though ) He also said.. not to talk to us as I will yell at you. The ONLY ones I yelled too, were the teachers there as they walked in refusing to get a bible and show me why I am incorrect about them! We lovingly talked with those who asked why we were there. More lies from Paul Shirek! I need to note: 5 years ago when we talked on the phone, Paul YELLED LOUD at me to stay away from his people. 
He is also a hypocrite too..... 
*someone there called the police on us for holding signs peacefully on pubic ground but no problem,  I got to witness to the 2 officers / one even asked about his own church ... and they left us be as we are peaceful and legal always.  ) 
Hear that audio here:
Once there, just use control F and type witnessing to police in Mauston at Faith Christian Church 

Praise God ....we did meet some seekers ( two from inside and some driving by ) that listened to the Word of God and took our gospel card!!!!

In the end, FCC and its leaders has been called out and proven to be a worldly, false, unbiblical place... NOT the holy body of Christ.

Listen to some audio of our time there right here:
Once there, just use control F and type witnessing at Faith Christian Church Mauston ...

We love so we tell the truth!

Go to

( we have hundreds of articles, audios and videos to help you in the truth biblical faith vs these false places of man. See the end of this post for links )


***People of FCC ask yourself why are we doing this, coming and standing with gospel signs? It is because you are being lied to with a false worldly man made seeker system of Sunday ritual vs the true holy biblical body of Christ. God's true people come out of the world ( John 17 ) they are not part of it!!! See Romans 12:2....

Please read on and test yourself 2 Cor 13;5 to God's Word.....


In the past... I have biblically tested and even spoke to Paul Shirek. ( he ran and hid in the dark for years!!! ) By reading all of the info below and the links you will see why Faith Christian Church of Mauston, Wis per God's Word is unbiblical and thus cannot be considered a true New Testament church but a carnal unbiblical man made system. Read on for a very detailed account of the MANY unbiblical issues there and even my phone discussion with their Word of faith linked modern pastor Paul Shirek.

This matters as a biblical narrow road gospel and the full truth of God's Word/New Testament church is NOT being taught here and people are being misled by seeker ways to fill buildings.  They are tickling ears but not telling the truth in full!!! We love enough to speak out...

see the biblical gospel here: 


Paul Shirek is the modern....hireling & COWARD ....Word of Faith / New Apostolic Reformation like pastor at FCC.


Go to the link below see how sinful / unbiblical Faith Christian, Paul Shirek, FCC Reedsburg, The Last One Standing book review, Aaron Shirek, Northern Christian Alliance, Northwoods Masters Commission, Harvest school of ministry as well that we placed on the internet to lovingly warn others / they are under unbiblical teachers section:


Before you read on to the main testing see these updates we have done....

Update Sept 2018

Update Sept 24 2018

Jamie has proved again he is a coward as after lying about me on FB, I went there and offered him a chance to go to the bible and prove his Faith Christian Church is biblical by setting up a biblical reasoning session together. ( see it all below ) 

Now Jame has BLOCKED me from his facebook page to hide in the dark. How shameful of him....

I guess he belongs with the other unbiblical cowards Paul and Aaron Shirek, Jordan Baeseman and Donovan Blair at FCC.

The truth always finds you out, esp when you have little truth in you like Jamie.... God be praised

read on to see Jamie, FCC and Jordan Baeseman exposed


There is a worldly carnal man named Jamie Logan of Elroy Wisconsin who likes to shoot his mouth off! ( he is pals with Paul Shirek ) See we spoke for 3 hours one day about 5 years ago and he admitted to the sins of FCC ( he had NO biblical refuting of all I told him when he faced me ) but, he bent and stayed at FCC. ( Shirek even called him while we were talking so Paul knows well about me ) I showed him the sins of Shirek and FCC again recently, but he shot his mouth off /called me off base ( then he called me satan ) and he had NOTHING biblically to offer me to correct me.
Recently after I stood outside FCC with gospel signs, Jamie is AGAIN is shooting is mouth off and lying!!!! This time on FB about me:

No place to comment????
Fact: Jamie was too much of a coward like Paul Shirek to come out and talk about God's Word face to face as I stood at their building for 3 hours asking to reason but; he makes these ill comments about me online? Well, here is your chance Jamie.....

Jamie... lets do a reasoning session and you can ask me whatever you want about why I am against FCC / Paul Shirek and then I have a ton of questions for you. 

GET YOUR BIBLE JAMIE... I will even record it for John424 radio and place our debate on the internet unedited! 
Here is my number call me to set it up and we can even do it publically. 608-547-8162

I am waiting Jamie.... Will you come in the light to talk of God's Word or will you hide in the dark like Paul Shirek? 

*I can back up all I say in the Word but your slandering, lying and gossiping behind my back and GOD HATERS LIARS Jamie!

read on to see FCC exposed 


 Update Sept 2018

They had a video up of a lady who talked about pledging money to FCC ( they love to beg for money at FCC ) and then, a check showed up in the mail for $4000 after she did !! 

This is so Word of faithy.... it is sad.

read on to see FCC tested

Update Aug 2018

They had a video up of the youth pouring oil on the ground as they begin to add more building to deceive more people. This is not a biblical practice but a mystic stunt!!! 

read on to see FCC tetsed 


Update: March 2018

Doreen Shirek is part of their worldly, immodest, carnal and feminized ladies conference called: Awake

more evidence how unbiblical/feminized Paul Shirek and FCC really is....

see article for biblical ladies here:

read on to see them tested to God's Word


Update Feb 2018

This body shows their carnal side by holding vile Super bowl parties.... the NFL... is NOT of a Holy God.  ( see our teaching blog for articles on that ) 

They also have studies and encourage men to read heretic mystics like E. Mcmanus

More evidence they are not in truth!

read on to see them tested to God's Word


Update Dec 2017

FCC and their FALSE gospel....

Paul Shirek ( I heard him myself )  teaches a seeker serving, human pleasing, no repentance, "ACCEPT Jesus" FALSE gospel ....that cannot save anyone! ( God fills  a void in your heart???... that is a FALSE Jesus! ) 

See this article:

Per Galatians 1........... Mr Shireks gospel is accursed!

read on to see his MANY sins and false ways....


Update Dec 2017

More money taking and false teaching at FCC....

I clicked on the Dec FCC video service and just jumped thru it for 5 minutes and I found:

1)  a immodest woman asking people to give 10% tithe
The tithe is unbiblical
See this article:

2) a man talks about the widows mite to get people to give more money but; he neglects to tell them Jesus scolded the religious leaders for taking from the poor people. See Jesus words in Mark 12
Moreover he said unto them in [m]his doctrine, Beware of the Scribes which love to go in [n]long robes, and love salutations in the markets,
39 And the chief seats in the Synagogues, and the first rooms at feasts,
40 Which devour widows’ houses, even under a color of long prayers. These shall receive the greater damnation.

( that would be FCC/Paul Shirek types he is warning about..... )

3) lastly their leader Paul teaches people in the video about a hole in their heart that God can fill! Chapter and verse please Mr Shirek????
That is a false seeker gospel but NOT a biblical one. The biblical gospel says you have a SIN problem and need a Savior but you ONLY get Him when He is your Lord and you OBEY Him. Heb 5:9
See the biblical gospel here:

Beware of this place........ they are NOT in the truth but much sin, error and deception!

Read on to see Paul S and FCC exposed below.....


Update Nov 2017

Need evidence that Paul Shirek is a "money changing" modern pastor? Here he is with large signs repeating over and over in his body with the goal..... give us your money

One slide said "worship God with giving" and the other said "I love my church donations"and they kept switching back and forth and repeating it over and over.  ( cults do repetitive things too.... )

This false body has a habit/method of repeating songs, words, slogans and Paul asks people to repeat after him often. Cults use the same method of repetitive mind control. Yes, say something enough times and people buy into it esp when they are in mood altering places with low lights, emotional music and SMOKE MACHINES! It is trickery and NOT of God.

Here is a picture of one of theirs offerings that looks like a night club!

Do not be deceived by this ill man and his unbiblical ways.

read on to see then tested to God's Word


Update Nov 2017

Paul Shirek recently had the man and lady pastors ( that's unbiblical ) from Center City Church in Marshfield Wi speak at his service. Paul said they were once part of that body when it was called Word of Faith Church. (FCC used to be called Word of Faith ) and he praised them. Folks it s a unbiblical worldly heretical carnal body ( like Paul's body ) where things like this go on:

This is a concert/band they promoted.


Do NOT be deceived by such wolves

read on to see Shirek and FCC tested to God's Word


Update Nov 2017

Need more proof that Paul Shirek is a feminized unbiblical man?

Here he is promoting in his body lady pastors and at the end of his service a offer of salvation is given.........
NO repentance mentioned! ( it is a false gospel )

See this article that exposes women pastors as unbiblical:

read on to see this man and body tested to Gods's Word


Update Nov 2017

I emailed a man that goes to this body and has for many years who I had spoke to some years back. In love I tried to again get him to see the sad facts of this place that he takes his family too. I document it all and sent him this link. I asked him to go to the Word and show me my error?

What was his response?

He told me he KNOWS I do not have God's Holy Spirit, he called me mentally crazy and that I have a demon and he took at shot at me about my past; before I was even a follower of Christ. 
How loving of him....  ( Paul Shirek did the same exact thing to me in 2013 when on the phone. He could not go to God's Word so he took a shot at my pre Christ past! And they teach God forgives and forgets your past sins. They lie at FCC and do not practice the full Word of God....... )

He would not/could not go to the Word of God for the facts and this is the fruit of this place! 

And did you know the fake religious sinful Pharisee's told Jesus He had a demon Read  Matt 12 and some said He was insane. Read Mark 3

They smeared my Lord and Master.... of course they will do the same to His workers, all without using the truth of the Holy Word!

Read on to see MANY more unbiblical facts about them.... 

Update Nov 2017

I ran into Adam Johnson from FCC. I tried to talk bible truth with him but he was not interested in truth. More sad fruit of this man made religious body....

Read about it here:


See a biblical review of Paul Shireks book:

The Last One Standing!

It is a very unbiblical book that teaches seekers ways vs bible full truth.... it is to be rejected as we show!


Update Nov 2017

Paul is linked to Matt Mallek of refuge church Stevens Point.
Matt claims to be a bishop of over 100 churches in Africa. 

( God's true body does not have "one man" over them ) Not only is Matt linked to the Word of Faith but read the quote below off his own website"

The Good News Fellowship Network of Churches and Ministers is unique in that it is cross-denominational. It doesn’t matter if you are baptist, Catholic, AOG, or something else. 

While it sounds nice .... the roman catholic church and others do not teach a biblical gospel so how can true godly people link to them at all? Apostle Paul said they were accursed in Galatians 1. This shows how corrupt these so called churches of God are. 

More sin at work here.... read on for sadly much much more on Paul Shirek / FCC and their unbiblical ways.


Update Oct 2017

Want to see who Paul links himself to:

Here are his elders... not in his own body from other organizations.

***Glen Smith  Metro Believers  in Madison 
Here they have lady pastors (unbiblical see 1 Timothy 2 / 1 Corinthians 14 ) they run a VERY worldly seeker sensitive unbiblical model, they use John Maxwell's leadership training (Maxwell is into new age thought ) and Smith has teachings from Lou Giglio on his site. (Giglio is unto various false movements many fear are of the occult nature.)

***Matt Mallek of Good news Fellowship in Stevens Point
Matt calls himself a bishop, he is from the Rhema bible school (of heretic Ken Hagan word of faith fame) they have lady elders there and Matt links to dangerous word of faither John Bevere and NAR types like IHOP / Mike Bickle who is another man into many demonic strange things through the New Apostolic Reformation gang. Very unbiblical and even heretical.

***Alan Skrede of Believers Fellowship in Viroqua
It only took me about 2 minutes on his website to learn that Alan is directly linked to Mark T Barclay who is his pastor. He is another unbiblical man who has MAJOR word of faith connections and has even had false teacher "word of faith" Ken Copeland to come speak for him. Barclay denies the trinity as is understood by the orthodox Christian world for centuries. (He is a modalism and the web has various articles about him documenting it.)

Paul indeed has feminized, unbiblical, Word of faith and NAR links to himself but hides them well in his own ministry....


Update Nov 2017

Want to see more unbiblical ways of Paul Shirek of Faith Christian Church Mauston?

Here is Paul speaking at City Center Church Marshfield, Wis
( they are a seeker sensistive unbiblical feminized body with... lady pastors )

One of the men speaking there is James Hart ... he too is a feminize man who has his wife as a co pastor at his unbiblical worldly body. 

This is sinful against God's Word and shows either how sinful or how undiscerning all these men are!

see this article on lady pastors:

I guess expecting Paul to cling to all of God's Word is too much to ask!!!! 

How very sad....


Update: Nov 2016

The youth pastor ( a unbiblical role) Jordan Baeseman is a unbiblical man as he uses the heretical Message bible in teaching youth and deceives them. See him exposed here:


Update: Sept / 2016
More evidence of this religious bodies connection to demonic unbiblical places... we just learned they use the Bethel Music program for children. (this info was right on their blog via Jordan Baseman who is involved with the innocent children there)
Bethel is a dangerous NAR religious body in California led by wolf Bill Johnson. See this link and the demonic things they do there.

Keep reading to see why Faith Christian Church is NOT a biblical place!!!!


Update: 7/2016

We learned Paul Shirek is now linked to Masters Commission which is headquartered in a religious building that associates with and brings in Word of Faith and New Apostolic Reformation false teachers like John Bevere. Just more proof of Paul Shirek's unbiblical connections to these dangerous groups ....
See this detailed link


Doctor Paul Shirek? 

We found a post on Linked In where Paul now claims to now be a doctor?

Where did he get his education from?
*Word of Faith heretic Kenneth Hagin's Rhema Bible college
(see his demonic antics on the video below) and 
*Ron Cottle's CLSOT / education network. 
Who is Ron Cottle? A man who sells bible classes (on site and on the internet) to people to get their version of a degree. Ron even believes he is a Apostle/see his past ICA association with C Peter Wagner! He is linked to the likes of C Peter Wagner the false man who created the New Apostolic Reformation movement in his current school as well. They approve of men like Hagin, Todd Bentley and Bill Johnson and many other false dangerous teachers and all their occult ways.  With these kind of false associations; one can only imagine what is in each bible course from Mr Cottle?
See our link on Mr Cottle here:

How close is Paul to Ron Cottle? 
In this video of Cottle's 80th birthday party and at the 15 second mark you will see Shirek and his son .... at the party.  
 These are the unbiblical Word of Faith / NAR men who have educated "so called" Dr. Paul Shirek. 
There is an old saying:
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... its a duck! 
Mr Shirek as you will see below is educated at 2 different Word of faith / NAR schools, is now running a Word of Faith / NAR linked school and continues to go preach at ....Word of Faith places. 
What more proof do you need? Please be warned!

See a article and video clip here exposing C.Peter Wagner

  The Lord Jesus warned of such men in Matt 24

Update Oct 2015

Paul Shirek.... still linked to unbiblical Word of Faithers?

Paul Shirek graduated from the unbiblical heretic school called Rhema bible college. (false teacher Kenneth Hagin's school.  Hagin is famous for his drunken so called spirit filled stupor:

People have told me Paul has left those Word of faith ways but it is NOT so by his own fruit. To prove Paul Shirek still embraces its false Word of Faith ways; he posted on his facebook in Oct 2015 that he traveled to a distant land/country to teach the bible and where was it at?

It is a school founded by some people who also attended / are linked to heretical... Rhema college and a lady pastor. (God's Word says no to lady pastors and no to their ill Word of Faith theology also)

Mr Shirek goes there and teaches there because; one must assume he still approves of their Word of Faith ways!

God's Word teaches His true people reject such falseness as the Word of faith groups; not embrace them as Paul Shirek still does. 

Update: Nov 2015

Paul Shirek Linked to C Peter Wagner and the Word of Faith gang?

Need more proof that FCC is a false unbiblical place and Paul Shirek is a unbiblical man?
Paul Shirek runs, teaches at and promotes a Harvest Theology School right in his FCC building. (it should be noted Paul Shirek studied at both Word of Faith Rhema bible college and at Ron Cottle's ( a NAR teacher) Christian Life School of Theology. Sadly neither are biblical schools and they are part of the Word of Faith and NAR false groups!)
Who are they linked with for their core teachings at FCC harvest School? From their own FCC website one time.. they had links but they now removed them.  

We do know that none other then Mr Ron Cottle's organization called CLST global is linked to Paul Shirek. 

If you go to their website it shows they are linked with many false teachers: the worst being C Peter Wagner who is one of their teachers. (see his picture right there on this link He is the founder of the heretical and occult New Apostolic Reformation movement. Wagner can be seen on internet videos... see the link we gave you...promoting and commissioning the demonic Todd Bentley from the occult Lakeland outpouring some years back. Wagner is a dangerous and very unbiblical man who teaches dominionism (taking back the culture in 7 key areas) among his other false ways. That is exactly what Paul Shirek is teaching at his unbiblical Northern Christian Alliance group. (see the post below) And yet; it gets even worse..........
if you read who else teaches for them there is a man named Mark Rutland. Who is he? Once the President of..... Oral Roberts University; which is another Word of faith unbiblical "train wreck" of a school.
See our link on Mr Cottle here:

Need more proof of unbiblical ways at work at FCC and Paul Shirek?

If you read on the CLST website;  they just linked up with another false organization called International School of Ministry.

They are linked with and to Word of faith false teachers as Joyce Meyer, John Bevere, Reinhard Bonnke, Perry Stone and Robert Morris. 

Paul Shirek and the others at FCC either have totally bought into the MANY unbiblical ways of these ill organizations / false teachers or; they are the most un-discerning minds you will ever find. (it is not the later I assure you as I have personally warned Paul Shirek of these issues and he ignores the truth to follow error) 

In our biblical opinion/testing: these places are nothing more then unbiblical organizations that offer classes and sell diploma's that only a false hireling would ever offer. 

Romans 16:17 / Titus 3:10 says..... run from these types!

 Update: Oct 2015

Today I witnessed to a man who has spent 15 years sitting under Paul Shirek and he told me they were good friends. Sadly when I told him the truth about his false religious body and that Paul was not a biblical teacher per God's Word; this man had no bible info to share nor did he know where Mr Shirek and his sons where educated or how unbiblical they really are. As we talked and I exposed the many errors there; then this man threatened to punch me!  (my wife heard him say it ....) While we have his name, we wont list it here.

So is this the fruit of people who sit in the pews of Paul Shirek for 15 years? More proof they entertain and do not teach biblical holiness and growth. How VERY sad ..... (read on for all the documented facts about FCC and Paul Shirek ) 

Jesus said many false teachers would come..... (see Matthew 24)


Update: Jan 2015
It appears Paul Shirek has started a new group called "Northern Christain Alliance"

Right from the start we can see troubling issues here. He is calling mother Theresa a Christian hero along with the likes of Apostle Paul / He cant be serious? (she was a dangerous false teacher!!) This is sad as just a small amount of research would show him that she was a roman catholic pagan who took part in the deceiving of many in her ministry lifetime. (much troubling info about her ministry has come out over the years as well)

It appears this new organization will have the same unbiblical ecumenical flavoring of Shirek's religious body, Faith Christian Center.  We will watch this new organization, make a post about it and report back here as things develop. 

Paul Shirek again proves his many unbiblical ways here as he believes in reforming society via the 7 dominion areas they want to take back for God! See this quote from their website:

"Jesus taught us to pray that His kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth just as it is in heaven. We pray for God’s influence to create an atmosphere of goodness and right in all parts of our society. Specifically we pray for these “Drivers” of our world: Arts/entertainment – Media – Government – Finance – Education – Family – Religion".

The truth is God's Word NEVER calls for us to take over this world or reform society as it is NOT God's kingdom. His people are to preach the gospel and make disciples. This "7 dominion mandate" is the same one that false teachers like C. Peter Wagner and other NAR/dominionist's preach in great error. 

Here is our article link on this organization: 

Note: Stay tuned for more details on the other men involved in this organization that claim to be spiritual teachers but have questionable doctrines.   

Update: Fall 2014
Do you want to see the kind of emotional based, unbiblical worldly things they provide to the people/youth? Check out this picture that is complete with mood lights, hyped up music and smoke machines. Note: they often include very immodest dressed lady musicians. I can't believe it myself as it looks like a worldly night club!

Is that Paul Shirek's son in the video?

I guess if you do not preach the biblical gospel or the full truth of God's Word; you then go with entertaining carnal worldly people (many goats in the pews) with cool emotional stage offerings like smoke machines and mood lights. Yes it is shameful indeed and very unbiblical as well!


Update Nov 26, 2014

If you need more proof that this body and its modern pastor Paul Shirek are unbiblical / false in their theology...  please see the facebook quote / post below by their modern pastor that unites them to the heretical roman catholic faith below:

Nov 26, 2014
"Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Don't forget our Ecumenical service tonight at 7:00 which will be hosted at St. Patricks Catholic Church in Mauston. We will be joining with the other churches in town for this special Thanksgiving eve service"

No true man of God could or would unite with pagans who follow many man made ways, a false gospel and they weekly re-sacrifice Christ over and over in a false mass. 

 Please go here to read why the roman catholic faith is false as we compare their own catechism to God's Word:

The RC faith preaches a false gospel and per Romans 16:17 no true follower of Christ can unite with them biblically and still honor a HOLY God.

More evidence against Paul Shirek not being a true Titus 1 holy elder and this un-biblical body he continues to led in great spiritual error. 

Please beware will you?


Update July 2014

Faith Christian Center, Mauston Sends their Youth to the Wolves!

Recently this body and their leadership (Paul Shirek and Aaron Shirek) sent a group of youth to the Desperation Conference in Colorado. This event is billed as a time to get closer to God but it is a dangerous and unbiblical event indeed. Why?
They use emotional worldly music, hype, mood lights, false teachers and occult practicing musicians to lure the na├»ve youth close to their bad theology. Here is a list of the false teachers involved there:

Jesus Culture Band (based out of the NAR /occult Bill Johnson's body)
Mike Bickel (founder of the NAR/ occult and un biblical IHOP in Kansas City)
Misty Edwards (out of  Bickel's NAR demonic IHOP body)

All of the above people are from the New Apostolic Reformation gang that promoted the occult events of the Toronto blessing and the Lakeland Florida event with demonic Todd Bentley. They all practice the strange manifestations of people rolling on the ground, convulsing, screaming, laughing uncontrollably, fire tunnels of hands on, electric heat, mass healings, visions of God and new revelation given to them that is unbiblical when tested. The fact is they teach a different Jesus and an unbiblical gospel message that cant save anyone. Don't believe me? 

You can go to the video link at the bottom of this post labelled Jesus Culture/ IHOP / Mike Bickle / Bill Johnson /Misty Edwards and see for yourselves these strange false spirit manifestations they teach and encourage to the youth as a practice. You will see the "fire tunnel" at Jesus Cultures home body and also you will see first hand many strange spirits at work with Jesus Culture's fans with their emotional unbiblical theology.
You can hear the demonic music and the feelings based atmosphere that is luring in the youth today at IHOP. This is NOT of God..... but of great deception! These men are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Here is a biblical testing of Aaron Shirek

The religious body that promotes this dangerous event is New Life in Colorado Springs and they also themselves promote the VERY unbiblical Alpha course that leads people into this false NAR world, they promote seeker sensitive guru Bill Hybels from Willow Creek and they promote Word of faith master John Bevere right in there own conference coming up. What more can be said?
(They also have the emotionalism and typical unbiblical man made system of religion going on there as well. See this link that exposes that model:

Apparently these men of Faith Christian church who claim to be biblical Titus 1 elders (but they are not per the Word and fruit) cannot even see the danger/error of this event.
Note: Aaron Shirek the youth pastor even went with the youth to the event! Since he went to college at Rod Parsley's unbiblical school (see a video of Rod acting drunk below) so it is no wonder.

This proves that my suspicions about Paul Shirek are coming ever more true. He is still into these types of NAR/Word of Faith people even though he tries to hide it as much as he can in his own body/messages. He is very ecumenical linking with ANYONE who claims Jesus per his own words to me on the phone. In doing this he is linking to people who follow a false Jesus and we fear he has that as well based on his fruit and associations. 

  God's Word is clear... we are to avoid these people who leave sound doctrine ( Romans 16:17 ) and teach strange spirits.

Beware of such places  (See much more documented info below about this unbiblical body including my phone discussion with Paul Shirek)


Feb 2013
I was made aware of Faith Christian Center in Mauston some years back. I did research them and was concerned about various "word of faith" connections / unbiblical issues there. I had attempted to reach out to Paul Shirek their modern pastor there but I was never contacted back. Over time I have run across various FCC people and shared with them my concerns about what they may be exposed to there. One person who knows Paul well, even was active in blocking my emails trying to reach out to Paul which I found was very strange and controlling. I did my research and here is where Paul Shirek is educated through, if you can call it that!

*Shirek teaches a accept Jesus gospel that is NOT biblical and cannot lead to eternal life!

*FCC is a man made body not kepping to Gods full Word. 
See this 1o point test to show you truth that exposes them:

*Paul attended Kenneth Hagan's word of faith college Rhema Training Center.  See Mr Hagan's drunken demonic antics on the internet. The Word of faith theology is false and NOT of God!
*Paul Shirek is also now claiming to be a doctor and do you know where he got that on line education/title from? 
The Christian Life School of Theology (that's off his facebook page) Do you know who is involved in this unbiblical organization? This link below will show you that NAR leaders Ron Cottle and  C. Peter Wagner  are involved. Wagner is the NAR man who was out there ordaining satanic Todd Bentley's antics at the Lakeland Florida so called out pouring. (it was really a demonic event) 

On the internet you can see that (NAR/C.Peter Wagner Apostle and Randy Clark/ another NAR man involved in the demonic Lakeland and the Toronto blessing.
The New Apostolic Reformation group is false and NOT of God! 

See that link with Wagner here:

So now we have a very questionable foundation for his own theology and his associations are VERY shaky indeed. But I wanted to give him the chance to answer for himself.

In 2013 I called and requested a face to face meeting with Paul Shirek their modern pastor to discuss the biblical New Testament body and I got him on the phone. At first.. he was going to make the appointment with me till he learned who I was. He then asked for some background on me and he asked why I don't just show up to a worship service there? I told him the bible warns against just linking with anyone in spiritual connection till you know what they believe ( 2 Thessalonians 3:14 ) Right up front from his tone.. I could tell that he knew of my past discussions with some of his people about his body had got back to him ... he wasn't very happy. (When I did run into FCC people sadly they were not very sharp biblically and that may be why they stay there?) Paul refused to meet up and talk to me face to face about Gods word and truth vs what he practices today. And he said we can just talk on the phone so we did briefly. While he tried with out of context attempts...not at any point in our talk...could he point me to "any" bible verses to show me where I was out of Gods truth. Here are the bullet points of the conversation that lasted about 15 minutes and points from a letter I then sent him:

*Paul stated he would go and worship with anyone who claims by faith Jesus Christ. He wont test himself or anyone else to God's Word. (That is so very unbiblical as it would put him in union with not only these dangerous NAR/Word of faith folks but also roman catholics, Mormons and Jehovah witnesses as well.) I guess reasoning over God's word/truth face to face was too much for him?
*He then asked me by what right do I judge his body and I gave him the verses that tell us to test everything ( 1 Thessalonians 5:21 / to expose darkness Ephesians 5:11 and to judge those inside 1 Corinthians 5.
*He then actually "took a shot" at me by bringing up my past long before I was even in Christ. I had to remind him that I am a new creation in Christ today / 2 Corinthians 5:17 and who was he to drag me back to what Christ has paid in FULL? I admit I was the chief of sinners at one time but Jesus changed all of that, praise Him! Today I am striving for His high holy mark even as a fallen man. (see Matt 5:48 striving for perfection)
This seemed like a sad / poor fruit attempt by a "desperate man" that can't stand on God's Word/truth alone. 
*I felt sad for him. God's full truth is not in him and to come to it that will cost him much (like his modern pastors role) The ever growing building plans full of worldly seekers will "run away" from real true biblical teaching on holiness and obedience to the full word. (and he must know this as he has to fight for his own ill theology or lose what he has worked to build over 25 years)
*He then kept telling me I was divisive and quoted Romans 16 over and over. ( I explained to him that verse in context states who is divisive and it is those who are in "wrong doctrine" and that would be him. Please read on to see why his ways/associations are wrong per God's Word)  I made it clear I will divide with false teachers all day long as the bible teaches me too.
* I asked and Paul admitted "he does not teach his people to avoid the fallen and sinful things of this culture around them like the carnal violent NFL, carnal videos games or suggestive movies etc (See Rom 12:2 and 1 John 2:15)  Modern pastors know false modern converts love their sin and will leave if you preach and hold them to a biblical holy separated life!
* I actually told him I have listened to many of his sermons online and some are very good but that is the danger of these religious man made places. They have some truth but refuse to go into ALL of Gods word as they then promote lies. ( see Revelation 22:14-15 to see where lies get you? / hell )
*He then tried to discredit me by saying "I have no elders so I have no authority in God". I asked him where does the bible say you MUST have elders over you? He couldn't answer as it doesn't say that. I shared with him that some new believers and bodies didn't even have elders for a time. See Titus 1 / but in time they would have as it is biblical to have elders. I explained to him that I tested them and him but cannot find biblical men in the modern religious places that meet the biblical standards of them in my area. (See the info below about his own "off site" elders and note I asked who is elders were.... he would NOT tell me.)
*I then told him Christ is my head and authority. He told me that "Christ is NOT the head of every man"? He was wrong here again 1 Corinthians11:3  says the head of man is CHRIST! (Modern pastors don't rule God's true people as Christ is my head and.... the head of the true body as well.)
*When I asked Paul where the godly elder men were in this town he tossed out Peter Bergeson of Bible Baptist in Mauston! ( I informed Paul that Peter had just "in a rage" locked himself in his office of his religious building the night before. For what you ask? ....we sat and discussed the truth of God's word with him in a face to face meeting where he had no answers at all! / see the post to the right about that meeting with Mr Bergeson at Bible Baptist) I informed him the fruit there was not good either.
* Paul kept telling me to "stay away from his people" and I reminded him, he has no right to tell me to not talk to others and only cults try to keep their followers in the dark from info / truth. A Titus 1 elder would rebuke me in the Word but he cant do that as it is NOT on his side.
*I then asked Paul where the role that he is practicing of the modern pastor in control is found in God's word.
He couldn't answer it and said.... you need to go now and
he hung up on me! Where is the 1 John 4 love I ask? I cared enough to warn him about his various unbiblical issues.

So the results of Paul Shirek's fruit and his teachings are in and I will list them below to be accurate and complete:

*He has a word of faith/NAR background/education ( see Hagan/Cottle/C.Peter Wagner school and the rest of their gang that Paul studied with) We ask; did he ever publicly repent of those teachings? (email me for a full biblical explanation of the word of faith/NAR MANY biblical errors if your interested? They are a VERY dangerous heretical group.
*He is an ecumenical man and supports the unsound doctrines of the roman catholic faith calling them "his brethren and sisters". I explained you can't believe RC doctrines and be born again in Christ. See our post to the rc unbiblical faith:
*They have a youth pastor Donovan Blair who is into wolf/false teacher Rick Warren and even the FCC bookstore sells Warrens trash/unbiblical books to deceive many.
*Paul believes per his book Last man Standing.. (that I read/tested) that the heretical word of faith and the questionable Jesus movement where "true moves of God" (Most believe they were off the mark, occult and even heretical) but not Paul Shirek.
*They have a building centered, modern CEO pastor centered and a seeker sensitive centered body not found anywhere in God's holy word but mans false religious ways.
See this 10 point test to see how unbiblical this all is:

*In his book he also believes in changing things like clothes and music and buildings to draw young seeker people in when God's word says preach the true biblical gospel of repentance to build His church (Acts 2)  not to aim at using emotions and attract worldly goats.
 *His youth group is full of silly, carnal immodest, worldly antics/events that feed the flesh, not biblical holiness (their old website had various silly worldly youth videos)
*His ladies who attend there are not taught biblical modesty and head coverings as the bible states: they adorn their outsides with make up, heels, jeans, jewelry, done up hair, nails etc not as true godly Christian ladies. Who are they trying to draw to look at them?
see this link with those teachings for ladies
God wants far better for them than the worlds carnal offerings.
*They put MUCH emphasis on their "expanded building and growing numbers" to even say "God is blessing them".  So Paul, does that mean the growing cult of Jehovah Witnesses just down the street are being blessed too? Of course not, numbers of people in a pew mean nothing at all!
According to Gods Word... truth "not numbers in the pews" is what matters and truly shows who is in God. 

1 John 2:5  "But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him". 

So, who does Paul have as elders you may ask? Well, I learned that after 28 years of ministry, not one of his men serve as a elder there. Does this religious system NOT raise up biblical godly men to fill that role after all those years? No, he goes outside to "offsite elders" and thankfully I did learn who his elders are. He would not tell me who they were as he knew I would test them if they were biblical teachers. I did find out who they are though and sadly... they are very questionable indeed with the same faulty roots. You can see the facts below:

***Glen Smith  Metro Believers  in Madison
Here they have lady pastors (unbiblical see 1 Timothy 2 / 1 Corinthians 14 ) they run a VERY worldly seeker sensitive unbiblical model, they use John Maxwell's leadership training (Maxwell is into new age thought ) and Smith has teachings from Lou Giglio on his site. (Giglio is unto various false movements many fear are of the occult nature.)

***Matt Mallek of Good news Fellowship in Stevens Point
Matt calls himself a bishop, he is from the Rhema bible school (of heretic Ken Hagan word of faith fame) they have lady elders there and Matt links to dangerous word of faither John Bevere and NAR types like IHOP / Mike Bickle who is another man into many demonic strange things through the New Apostolic Reformation gang. Very unbiblical and even heretical.

***Alan Skrede of Believers Fellowship in Viroqua
It only took me about 2 minutes on his website to learn that Alan is directly linked to Mark T Barclay who is his pastor. He is another unbiblical man who has MAJOR word of faith connections and has even had false teacher "word of faith" Ken Copeland to come speak for him. Barclay denies the trinity as is understood by the orthodox Christian world for centuries. (He is a modalism and the web has various articles about him documenting it.)

I spent maybe 15 minutes researching these men via their own websites to easily see their word of faith and unbiblical connections. Does Paul not have a computer and search engine to test these men?  The false word of faith /NAR types keep showing up around Paul Shirek don't they? My bible says run from those types of men and darkness (Rom 16;17/ 2 Cor 6:17)

I did reach out to these men and they had zero biblical reply back. They were not interested in testing themselves ( 2 Corinthians13:5 ) against God's word to be fully in the faith. They hid from the truth?

I believe Paul and his gang of questionable men miss the qualities of a biblical elder in Titus 1 / 1 Timothy 3 ... as they don't hold/teach to holiness or sound doctrine. He himself can't and won't teach, refusing to even sit and discuss Gods Word. (Per Titus 1 biblical elders are to be hospitable, sober minded, holy, holding fast to the faithful word and able to teach by sound doctrine those who contradict)

He was not hospitable to me (I was only seeking & defending the Lord's truth) and he chose to run from Gods Word. These men are not examples of true biblical elders.  So far all I see locally is fake, modern impostor that are more like "goat herders" not biblical Shepherd's (true Titus 1 pastors). 

Moving on the picture here gets even worse at FCC:

*They link to NAR so called Apostle Ron Cottle who teaches college classes at FCC and he claims to be a "real live Apostle" who is/was under major false teacher C Peter Wagner in the ICA. (False teacher Wagner can be seen on you tube blessing the demonic preacher Todd Bentley in Lakeland Florida with all kinds of crazy antics)

*Pauls son Aaron who is both youth and assistant modern pastor at FCC went to Valor College. Is that the same Valor college of false word of faither Rod Parsleys crazy & unbiblical ministry? Parsley can be seen on on the video at the end of this article acting like a pot head/drunk. Is this a sober holy man of God? see 1 Tim 3
You can see the masses that laugh and fill his sad pews on a video at the end of this article. Is this where they get the idea to entertain people in their pews we wonder?

* Pauls other son went to a Hillsong training center as he is  "worship leader" at FCC... another man made title. Hillsong is mixed in with the New New Apostolic Reformation/word of faith/out of order pentecostal groups out of Australia with its various error filled unbiblical / strange spirit out pouring teachings.
*I even learned Paul used to call his body.... Word of Faith Christian Center in 2011 (that name was used on a internet link)
  Are you seeing a dangerous pattern here?
The bible clearly says to NOT link or associate with those who have left God's Word ( 2 Thessalonians 3:14 / Romans 16 ) but Paul chooses these types to unite with?  I believe people need to know the truth. Some have told me Paul left his "word of faith" ways but.... why is he linked to them and the New Apostolic Reformation on many fronts?

In the end, we cannot consider them a true biblical New testament church per God's Word. They are NOT teaching nor following the fullness of God's word in holiness and obedience but have ALL the trademarks of man's modern seeker sensitive, unbiblical false religion when tested against Gods Word.

Paul was NOT interested in testing biblical truth, reasoning with a man who claims faith or growing in Gods holiness for Christ's glory. What more can be said?

Gods word warns about this:
"But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:  For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,  unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good,  traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,   having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!  For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts,  always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.  Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith;  but they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was".
2 Timothy 3

I have to ask you people of Faith Christian Center Mauston....
Is this the holy fruit of  your proclaimed elder/leader/modern pastor of God who is told in Gods word to strive for perfection/holiness in Christ? ( 2 Corinthians 7 , 1 John 2:5 , Hebrews 6:1 , Matthew 5:48  1 Peter1:15 )

Perhaps if you read the qualifications for an elder in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3 you will see..... he does not meet them nor do those 3 men he has hand picked.
This is a place to be warned about and then to be avoided in line with both Romans 16 and 2 Thessalonians 3:14 ....

Please look into the word " hireling ".... as it is a biblical word. Much is written on it in God's word and on the web. Sadly ... it explains a lot of what is going on here and in mans modern religion today.  There is no fruit of "striving for perfection" here in line with Hebrews 6:1. Matthew 5:48 or Colossian's 1:28

All of this matters as it is a fact that E.W. Kenyon started the false word of faith movement by mixing some Christian truth with pagan new age thought. And it was C.Peter Wagner who started the NAR and the seeker sensitive movement came up in the last 30 years. Paul seems to embrace them all. Anyone who follows this theology is not showing fruit of a biblical believer and certainly "no man" who associates with those who teach this can be a biblical elder in Christ's holy body.
Sadly, people are not getting the FULL biblical truth/preaching to find a true saving faith or to be called out ( the church is ekklesia...called out ) of this world and be Christ's holy bride. As Matthew 7 says.... many will hear "away I never knew you" and this will be true of man's religious places outside of Gods Holy Word. So I speak out so some may hear, wake up and run from false teachers before its too late!

Note: I did tell Paul if he decides to repent and come in line with Gods word fully, I would be there to assist him all I could. Until then he must be warned, rebuked and then avoided for God's glory.

*****He has a standing challenge to come and discuss these biblical issues with me on our John 4:24 radio un-edited that goes into our website archives for all to hear. 
Just let me know when Paul?  Call 608-547-8162

  This all shows that a man can go and add/buy all kinds of titles for his name but without biblical truth, he is still very undiscerning, unbiblical and very dangerous indeed.

It is most common for men like him to hide in the dark and not want to reason in the Holy Word as it is not on his side. 

Be warned: Jesus spoke about people who hide in the darkness / John 3: 19-21
If you would like to discuss this more in depth, get detailed info on all these false groups vs God's Word or go deeper into the Word for God's glory, contact me.

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God be praised


Revelation 2:5
Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.