Wretched Radio / Todd Friel-Tested To God's Word **

              Todd Friel is a worldly, heretical, sinfully partial false man! 

The following info is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!

Note: If any of this info is incorrect please contact me and it will be removed and adjusted.  See the link at the bottom of the page for contact info.

See updates then the other reasons below that Friel is NOT to be united to but marked and avoided per Romans 16:17


Update Aug 2022

Friel is a worldly man going to carnal country music shows

He also teaches God's love is UNCONDITIONAL when not one verse rightly divided teaches this heretical swill.....

Update Feb 2021

I watched Justin and Phil Johnson (Todd's pals) video attempt to defend John M and his $14 million wealth and money making corporations on video. It was done in a very bad way. Go to this link and see my video / audio that exposes their lame, fact ignoring, partial, good ole boy ways below:

read on to see Todd exposed


Update Feb 2021

One of John M's big houses this one with a pool and tennis court worth $1.5 million. 

Todd Friels buddies....
Phil Johnson and John MacArthur are in hot water over the money issues at Grace to You. (It is all over the internet) I myself have reported about their money corruption for years at the link below. John is worth $14 million with 3 houses all made off the ministry! And Phil is making a big salary and sources report he got a free ministry loan for his own house of $50,000. 

Some claim they are breaking laws and we will see what comes of it all. One thing is sure and this I know. They have turned the Lords truth into a money scam and Jesus was angry made a whip for such things in John 2. What hypocrites as MacArthur exposes word of faithers for getting rich as he is getting rich. 

read on to see Todd exposed


Jan 2016

As often is the case; we were contacted and asked about this ministry to see if it was biblical. We were familiar with it so the testing was not that hard to do.

Todd Freil runs "Wretched radio" and is a discernment ministry that focuses on and exposes many unbiblical issues in today's sad lost religious world. 

We will admit that Todd has much good info and truth regarding the MANY false teachers out in the world. Having said that; we also would say Todd needs to step back and biblically examine his own ways and those of his sponsors lest they fall into error which they have done. 

Let us explain:

If we go to God's Word and test Todd to the New Testament church that Christ ordained; he and his practices fail that test. To learn why we say this go to this 10 point biblical test that exposes many of Mr. Freil's ways:


*In love we have to say that Todd is NOT preaching the biblical gospel (he is a heretic calvinist) nor is he living out, practicing or promoting the true NT church but man's false copy of it via today's evangelical systems. These were wrongly handed down by unbiblical men like Martin Luther.  
(Click HERE to read about the unbiblical ways of Martin Luther.)

It is troubling (seemingly hypocritical) that this man who runs a discernment ministry has not taken the time to test his own ways and get them correct to the New Testament church that Christ ordained.

Moving on: 

*Todd likes to test and expose others. Has he ever tested the very unbiblical evangelical systems he does weekly and the places he goes to do seminars, against the Word of God and the NT church that Christ ordained? It appears not....

* Todd supports other ministries that go out and proclaim a gospel message (Tomorrow Clubs) but they are lacking repentance and obedience which will set a faulty foundation in those children and lead them on the wide road to destruction. Sadly they send people and practice the building centered faith of man and not the true New Testament church.  See (click HERE) our link on why building centered faith is not biblical.  Matthew 18:6 gives a dire warning about leading them astray.

*Todd has deep connections with John MacArthur at Grace to You in California. Again in a seemingly hypocritical move; Todd likes to expose MANY modern pastors for their silly and worldly stunts but has he EVER exposed MacArhur for his use of rappers, youth crawling in mud, dancing around pigs heads, emotional rabid immodest sports or the carnal way John Mcathur's runs his college? If so, we have never seen that info on Todd's show. (Please share that if you know of it will you?) See our link about John MacArthur and his unbiblical religious body and college here:


 *Todd also says he started out with Ray Comfort who is another less then fully biblical man. See our link on him here:


*Todd was an entertainer once and he likes to use all kinds of "entertainment like" practices in his delivery of his shows. His ever changing camera angles will give some a headache. In a hypocritcal move; he exposes men for adding to God's message with things (like star war themes) but Todd himself adds to God's truth via his own antics.He seems to be playing to a youthful / college crowd. He often acts outrageous, silly, goofy, like a comedian. When God's word calls us men to be sober minded. (see Titus 1) Lots of  "Drama" is a word that describes his ways on camera quite well. (Do you think Paul and Jesus were like that in proclaiming the eternal truth?)

*Todd has a "25 question test to find a good church". In it he NEVER once asks do you model the NT church Christ ordained or man's false ways? Seemingly he does not know what the true NT church is vs man's false evangelical model. 

*Todd sells "truth" for money (you need to pay money to access his books, cd's etc / Apostle Paul worked to support himself and he "gave away truth to the lost"...for free!)

*For a man who claims to work to preach a gospel message, we could not even find a clear gospel on his website? (If it is there, please send it to us will you?) Edited to add:  We did find a statement of faith that lacks both repentance and obedience.  

*Todd has a loose theology and says it is ok to celebrate pagan rooted holidays like Christ-mass. ( see our articel on that here: http://spiritandtruthdiscernment.blogspot.com/2013/12/is-celebrating-christmas-christ-mass.html

*Todd promotes man made creeds which are used to unite denominational organizations. 

*Todd goes out to preach the gospel to people and records it on video. The fact is he is not in the truth of Gods NT church and we fear where he will led those people is NOT into spirit and truth worship but into man made evangelical false religion by his own fruit.

In the end; Todd can and does make money by pointing out the errors of many of todays fasle teachers but sadly he can't or won't send anyone into the true NT church and its called out biblical ways because he himself does not practice it as we are commanded to do. (See 2 Thessalonians 3)

Is it too much to ask Todd to turn the discernment tools he uses on others; his own ways? We do not think so.  The truth is, if Todd began to expose evangelical religion and teach the true New Testament Church model (holiness, separation from the culture, function like the NT church/believers, biblical dress, etc etc) he would not be nearly so popular and that is something to consider.

We have emailed Todd and will report back if he has an answer or reply back to us. (see that email below)

Please go here and read or listen to the biblical gospel:
God be praised



Mr Freil...

I am a follower of Jesus Christ....
When I first came to Christ I listen to you and I learn a lot... thank you.

I couldnt find a email or phone number to call you so I will use this one that promotes you going to see others.
Please come and talk to us about deep biblical truth wont you?

Paul says move on to the meat (which by his Word/Spirit ) I have done thankfully....

I know you like to discern many current ministries and so... I would lovingly ask that you step back and.... examine yourself / 2 cor 13:5

The very evangelical system you practice and spread ....is NOT the true New Testament church Christ ordained.
(it is the ill by product of the unbiblical hate filled man... Martin Luther and those who came after him via denominations and systems of religion)

We have tested your ministry  1 thess 5.21 and we pray you repent (along with John MacArthur and Ray Comfort) and come into the full truth of the NT church.

Our main website and teaching blog proclaims from God's Word what you all lack.

We know we will never be a popular as your are. We don't aim to be ....

We only aim to be fully biblical and faithful to ALL of the Lords ways while rejecting mans traditions.
Colossians 2:8