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The following info is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!

Note; If any of this info is incorrect please contact me and it will be removed and adjusted.

We are concerned about John's false calvinist gospel, man made traditions, his pride / ego, and his carnal / worldly on to see them all documented. 

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If you read this testing; you will see some recent updates and

 below you will see the heart of why John M is unbiblical and has

 heretical ways..... including his OSAS calvinist false gospel and

 man made religious ways. !


Heresy and Updates on John M.


Update Feb 2022

John goes on heretic word of faith TBN and unites with heretics once again. This time more unbiblical rank false teachers and a compromised damnable tv network of the word of faith.  

Romans 1:17 says avoid heretics but John in great rebellion;  goes on
 their tv network

read on to see him exposed



See Johns pagan/carnal youth camps exposed here:

read on to see John M exposed


Update Feb 2021

I watched Justin and Phil Johnson video attempt to defend John M and his $14 million wealth and money making corporations on video. It was done in a very bad way. Go to this link and see my video / audio that exposes their lame, fact ignoring, partial, good ole boy ways below:

read on to see John M exposed


Update Feb 2021

One of John M's 3 houses this one with a pool and tennis court worth $1.5 million. 

Phil Johnson and John MacArthur are in hot water over the money issues at Grace to You. (It is all over the internet) I myself have reported about their money corruption for years at the link below. John is worth $14 million with 3 houses all made off the ministry/selling Gods truth! And Phil is making a big salary and sources report he got a free ministry loan for his own house of $50,000. 

Some claim they are breaking laws and we will see what comes of it all. One thing is sure and this I know. They have turned the Lords truth into a money scam and Jesus was angry made a whip for such things in John 2. what hypocrites as MacArthur exposes word of faithers getting rich as he is getting rich. 

read on to see John M exposed


News Flash!!!!

John MacArthur says you can take the mark of the beast and still

 be saved....???? (Phil Johnson echoes that is true as well)  

( so rip out and toss Revelation away I guess .... )

Who needs the bible when you have men like John M. around......

See this link that exposed this error filled heretical teaching:

read on....


Feb 2020

John M recently posted this on FB:

This is heresy and Calvinism once saved always saved, that must

 be exposed!

Here is a audio that exposes his limited atonement ways:

read on to see his many false ways.....


Update Feb 2020

So how is beach volleyball (ladies running around in underwear like

 garments) Christ honoring Mr MacArthur? He is a wicked carnal


And they spend money on a beach volley ball complex!

read on to see him exposed


Update Feb 2020 

John M and his college continues its unbiblical slide...

They have roman catholic sympathizing Matt Redman singing


                                 This is ecumenical heresy!

Read on to see MacArthur exposed


Update 2019

John made news by telling Beth Moore to stop doing what she

 does. But John is a hypocrite as he has a lady teach and speak at 

his own conferences. Just look up:

read on to see John M exposed......


Update 2018

Masters college has been put on probation for various concerns. 

Do your own research to discover all the details....

read on to see John M exposed


Update 2017

Masters College had a allegation of rape from a student and

many are saying it was handled very bad ( even corrupt ) by

Masters officials. Do your own research as it is all over the 


read on to see John M Exposed 


Update Jan 2017

MacArthur held vile carnal pagan like events for the 

youth ( Regen) that include immodesty, make up, pig heads and

 war like games...

Notice the pagan ways....

 The elders and John M. should be ashamed and know better

 indeed!!!!  It is a

shameful, vile, lewd, immodest carnal event they have never 

repented of. This is a carnal unbiblical ministry indeed.....

read on..... ***************************************************

Update Jan 2017

John M has the pride and

 arrogance to autograph the Holy

 Word of God! That body and

 the elders there have NO 

biblical clue if they think this is


read on to see his many other sins.....


Update Dec 2017

With the death of RC Sproul ( John M's friend ) I saw Phil Johnson

 post this on fb

It is a video clip of RC rebuking people asking about why God 

was not more forgiving to Adam. He said in a stern voice:

"what is wrong with you people"?

Well, since Phil likes that bold style.... can I ask him and John M:

"what is wrong with you people"?

Why are you Phil and John allowing so MUCH, error filled 

theology, sin, carnality and worldliness in your body and colleges?

Is it to fill them up so you can make more money?

Note: RC Sproul was a heretic baptizing babies and John M was a

 close associate of his.

Read on to see the MANY sins of John M and his ministries that

 his helper Phil Johnson oversees.

Note: see RC Sproul tested here:



Update Dec 2017

John M associates with many unbiblical teachers when the bible 

says not to. see Romans 16:17 

Here he is with unbiblical men like Matt Chandler, Al Mohler,

 David Platt and mystic John Piper for a conference coming up in

 2018 .....

Read on to see John M's sins......


Update Nov 2017

John MacArthur still promotes biblical nakedness,  worldliness

 and carnality at his college/youth events!

The proof:

their website .....  under athletics track and volleyball teams.

It is too vile to even place pictures here!

This same ministry had immodest youth dancing around pig heads 

in war games and ladies in under wear like volleyball garments

 just for 

sporting events at MASTERS college. The fans have naked upper

 bodies and are painted like pagans.

They should be ashamed!

Read on to see more sinful issues there....


Update Nov 2017

Internet sources are saying John M is worth $15 million dollars.

While being rich is not a sin itself; unless someone can correct me 

John M. 

got his wealth; by SELLING the truth of God ( his claimed truth 

anyway ) Many preachers get exposed for this but John M gets

 protected as the pope of evangelicalism.

This is shameful indeed!


Update Nov 2017

A rather fancy museum called the Legacy room was built to honor 

John MacArthur. 

Who built it you ask?

John MacArthur's ministry of course ( did he built it to himself? )

Is there amazing pride and sin at work here folks?

Read on to see may more sins at play:


Update Nov 2017

I found this on the Masters College web page and it describes their pagan rowdy immodest carnal dorm games: 

"Painted black, head to toe, with scowls plastered on their faces, Hotchkiss entered Bross gym in their traditional manner, silent. C-dub, bearing the marks of Greekwarriors and rulers, glittered with gold, chanting back and forth as they took to their corner. The women’s 2015 Master’s Cup champions, Dixon and their brother dorm, Waldock, went straight to the center of the room to perform the “haka”, while dressed in green and painted for war. Slight, the defending men’s champion, and Sweazy took their time to enter but when they did they beat the floor with their fists causing the building to shake. Then in sudden darkness, entering backlit came the Commuter students in Dark Knight-esque fashion. A few of them had entered previously disguised as their enemies, Trojan horses amongst the competition, but upon a single hand motion from their RD’s they ripped off their C-Dub, Hotchkiss, Dixon, Waldock, Slight and Sweazy garb and rejoined their team.
The intense soundtrack went silent and a voice overhead roared “Welcome to the 2016 Master’s Cup”. Questions as to who would win racked the minds of those watching, but there was no question in the minds of the participants, the cup was theirs!
“The cup breeds loyalty to the school and the resident dorm. I am excited to see C-dub win. We have the greatest team and we will dominate,” hopeful freshman Katie Pennington said as she smiled. Resident Director of C-Dub, Daniel Sheaffer continued, “We are the best dorm. We haven’t won in 13 years but this is the year.” Ryan Anderson, C-Dub freshman, taunted, “We will win because we aren’t Hotchkiss” to which the rest of C-dub cheered.
“Nothing can make us fall”, Drew Reynolds of Slight confidently stated as his friend Mauricio Farral interjected, “we are going win because we are the most tight knit dorm here. We’ve been here only a week but we already love each other”.
“We are going to win because we work the hardest” said Stephanie Remple of Dixon.
“We are the best out here. Most people don’t recognize us because we are Off-Campus,” Trevor Williams sarcastically said as he yelled over the noise” This will prove all the haters wrong.”
Hotchkiss had no comment.
As the girls competed outside, periodic announcements were delivered to an anticipatory crowd. “Dixon is in the lead,” blared the loud speaker and soon the ladies from Dixon raced into the gym for the final event, a human pyramid. After having difficulty strapping on her helmet, sophomore and student life leader Ali Fogg scrambled on top of her teammates. In an effort to get down after reciting her ABC’s, she toppled head first onto the ground. However, nothing stopped her or her team from running to grab their first place bowling pin, defending their title. Last year they made history in winning the cup for the first time, but now they are on their way to becoming a dynasty.
C-dub took second, followed by Sweazy, Commuters and finally, in a devastating loss, Hotchkiss.
Once the men began their game, the competition intensified. The loudspeaker blared “Waldock is in the lead!” a few moments later, “Hotchkiss is in the lead!”
The gym had a palpable silence.
Would Hotchkiss finally take the cup? Will Waldock join their sister dorm in achieving glory? The spectators began to surround the final event, everyone pulling out their phones ready to record.
Individuals from Waldock and Hotchkiss sprinted into gym. Their teammates rapidly fell to their knees to build the three-tiered pyramid, ready for their final piece. The pyramids were completed at the same time, tension built as the ASB judges leaned in listening to the alphabet be sung. Everyone held their breath.
Both teams simultaneously jumped out of their pyramids. Waldock’s green and Hotchkiss’ black blurred together as both teams made a mad dash to retrieve their rightful first place pin. The men dove.
In the chaos, the crowd stood waiting to see who would come out of the pile with the pin in hand. It wasn’t until the cheers of the Hotchkiss men and the raising of their dorm signs that anyone knew who won.
For the first time in years Hotchkiss broke ranks and their vow of silence, yelling at the top their lungs, coming together to claim their title as champions. Waldock, in spite of their efforts, came in a close second, followed by Slight, C-dub, and Commuters.
Joe Keller, Vice President of Student Life said, “I’ve never seen a closer Master’s Cup”.
Sweaty, exhausted, and covered in paint, the competitors returned home.
Back in Hotchkiss, the men’s Resident Director Siona Savini spoke to his kneeling troops “At every level, we have to build upon this. I told you from the beginning, this is merely a platform. This is symbolic. You achieved this by working together. You push each other in your devotions; you call each other out like I’m sure you did in that race. You rejoice with each other when you have victories because of the victorious resurrection. You do that with one another. We can throw this cup away, we know in light of eternity this means nothing, but I want this to be a picture for you to walk everyday with the Lord. God has brought you here for a reason, whether you requested this dorm or didn’t. Use this as a platform to think about what really matters.”

Though another year of The Master’s Cup, and with it our Week of Welcome, has come to a close, the friendships built, the lessons learned, and the memories made, will be engrained in each participant. Those who followed along, in the gym or at home, understand this as they watched with reminiscent smiles. The competition is for a moment, but the impact for a lifetime".

The picture there shows men and woman all painted up head to toe and tattoo;d with paint for......
war games! ( in the videos they put out;  you can see men standing there at these rallies with no shirts on and painted up next to immodest woman all acting like.... PAGANS!

This is NOT of God and it is indeed sinful! His people are HOLY not carnal, pagan and rowdy!

Read on to see John M and more of his ministry exposed......


Update Oct 2017

Need more proof how unbiblical John M is...

He is speaking at this conference with various questionable teachers:

Sing! ― A conference for pastors, musicians, and leaders to reform and encourage congregational singing.

This conference exists to help pastors, musicians, and leaders build a Biblical understanding and creative vision for the congregational singing in their churches. Bringing together speakers and artists from many traditions and walks of life, our desire is to encourage churches towards a deeper, more dynamic view of theology, artistry and mission in congregational singing. 


Speakers for Sing! 2018 include Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Tim Keller, Ravi Zacharias, John Piper, John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, Ligon Duncan, J.D. Greear, Stuart Townend, Bob Kauflin, Andrew Peterson, Shane and Shane, and many more!

Keller and Piper are heretic's! 

MacArthur cannot be trusted for all truth as he unites with false teachers often!!!

read on to see him exposed below.....


Click below to listen to this article on John 4:24 Radio

(use control F and type John MacArthur )


Why John MacArthur is unbiblical and to be avoided!

There is a very popular bible teacher named John MacArthur from Grace to You ministries.
Admittedly he often teaches biblical things but he also has grave error / sin. He has a large religious body in California and a even larger world radio following. (Grace Community) Many have lifted him up to the point some jokingly call him the evangelical pope! ( we are not of those people ) He needs to only be treated the same as any man who claims Christ. When he is right we can agree but when he is wrong we must correct him biblically.

When we investigate his ministry we find good but some very lacking unbiblical issues as well. Since we are to test all men and their ways per scripture (1 Thess 5;21) please see the results of testing John M.

*First, they practice the usual man made false religious evangelical system of today and have left some key teachings of the true biblical New Testament church. Please test his body here with this 10 point biblical test: 
 ( it fails in many areas of the true NT model and is unholy and worldly...see proof / details below )

*John has a calvinist false gospel / down plays the blood of Christ in salvation and teaches calvinism / OSAS which is heresy & lie!
See Calvinism exposed here:

*John is worth $14 million dollars selling God's truth!

* MacArthur is seemingly prideful and arrogant to the point of even naming a bible..... after HIMSELF and autographs them!
(The MacArthur study bible)

* Johns son in law gets a contract for video work for over $8-9 million over the years.

*Phil Johnson gets a $50,000 free home loan from their ministry

*One of Johns sons is investigated by SEC for millions of possible investment fraud

*John built a museum to himself called the Legacy Room

*To further show his pride... he likes to autograph people bibles? (we have pictures of him doing this)

* John M has a habit of associating with questionable/false teacher types and hosted Kirk Cameron at a Genesis conference in Oct 2014. ( Also see Al Mohler, Joni Erikson Tada, Greg Laurie, John Piper  Tim Keller etc )

* John had a strange testimony on his internet site that he put out which claimed he never really rebelled from God and always remembered serving Christ. ( no biblical repentance to salvation? )
When questioned on it... his employees ran in to explain it away but it was weird and unbiblical indeed!

* John seems to be confused on people taking the mark of the beast. Some years back in 1980 he said....
you can take it and repent of it and be saved still.
Then he recently said he still believes that.
(beware folks as the book of Revelation says that is NOT true)

when asked recently 2015 to make this topic clear; his ministry doubled down and said yes you can take it and still repent and be saved if you take the mark. Phil Johnson says the same in 2021.
Amazing when Revelation says..... you will be damned forever!

 John M hosted and spoke with the false teacher Kirk Cameron at a Genesis conference  ( Oct 2014 ) even though he was warned about about Kirk's ill unbiblical theology.

 John hosts the Sherpards conference and in their promo video some years back they quote the murderous unbiblical reformation men like Calvin and Luther ( John quotes himself too )
(note: once again John will have Al Mohler speaking there (as well as Paige Patterson) Al has various unbiblical issues like linking to roman catholics and of late he just said....
people are born sodomites, maybe?

*John M practices the pagan ways of Christ-mass and easter
See those exposed at my teaching blog:

*John has both a college and a seminary that appears to put out much in the way of worldly carnal activities that he approves of. The posts here will highlight them for you along with other troubling questions as well.

*Why is John M un-approachable to even ask questions of, protected like the pope it seems.

Go here to hear how John cant answer to men but needs body guards to wisk them away:
use control F and type John MacArhtur
*Why is John M speaking with men who are going mystic into false teaching (see: John Piper)
(see them on the internet "together for the gospel" with John M, Al Mohler and John Piper)

*Why was Joni Erickson Tada at John M's conference when she signed the Manhattan Document?

*John has a worldly carnal college for the youth with men and woman in biblically naked outfits for sports event!!!!

*Why does John M's body use worldly rappers like Lacrae to youth events?
(The terrible ungodly video of it can be found on the internet)

*Why does John M seemingly sell the gospel at every chance he gets?

*Why does John M's ministry have youth events like Regeneration where they claim to train holy youths but they also have them running around like immodest biblically naked with painted faces/flags, crawling in mud, doing team war games as they jump around a pig head (yes I said a "pig head"...we have pictures of it for proof) Yes, they have young people running around in very unbiblical immodest attire while doing stupid games like setting peanuts (from their mouths) on others toes and many other silly rowdy carnal things as well? This is not of a HOLY God.
They have video out there that documents these things taking place.
The event is called Regen 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2016 and 2017

Note: we have the new promo video of this 2016 event but it so unbiblical in how the youth dress (showing much skin) and tight c we wont even share the video here. In it/in the past; you see how they are playing games around pig heads, wrestling around each other, mud painted up faces, eating food off of others toes, pulling slimy octopus out of their t-shirts, the music is a driving devilish beat and they play violent war like games... all to win trophies. The young girls act as rowdy as the boys. It is shameful, carnal, ugly and not of God and John M.... speaks at this very event. In a most hypocritical move; exposes other men/ministries for this seeker stuff and in truth....does it himself!
John M. should be ashamed!!!
Ask yourself... Why does John M's Master college have lots of carnal and worldly video's all over utube showing young people with painted faces, men with naked upper bodies for sports events, unbiblical immodest dress ladies for sports all acting out in rowdy ways just like the fallen carnal world?

*Why do they put men and women in harlot outfits for sporting events? Is this pure, good and godly?
See articles on biblical dress here:

*What type of salary does John M draw at GCC/GTY? Does John M make over $300,000 a year  as some claim?
Does his assistant Phil Johnson make over $200,000 a year as some claim?
(if so... these salaries are outrageous!)
What about the many troubling claims of a website out there about John M. It claims that claims John's body is going seeker and has unbiblical areas in many ways? Are they true? ( if you research you can find that site out there exposing John MacArthur) Is it true or lies is all we are asking?

Note: we have asked the GCC people and Phil Johnson and they wont talk? Are they above testing we ask?

What we find most troubling is the various unbiblical areas that John M has chosen to ignore and the total hypocrisy in his ministry.  (the NT true church model and function, daily holiness, biblical dress, separation from the cultures ways etc) They allow and teach the youth to dress in little tiny shorts for their college volleyball team and to act like lost pagans all for fun and when out in the world but; when you come into his church building better dress nice and modest.This is a total Pharisee way and as we said; the actions of a hypocrite not a Titus 1 holy elder. If he taught ALL of Gods Word... he would NT be so popular and he knows it!

John's body has multi thousands of people and he does teach biblical things but; he wont teach what really divides and separates the true sheep from the goats. His body has all the clear signs of mans modern religious system that is still merged to the fallen world around it in many ways. (southern California area ) Many have claimed it has a cult atmosphere where John is lifted way up, never questioned and protected by security guards and seems above testing or reproach. ( I have spoke to men who were there and experienced the cult of John M. 

As a example...last Aug 2015 a man walked up to challenge John M on some theological issues in front of his entire body. (No physical threat at all was made) Rather then deal with the man biblically; John just stands there and then has his security force grab the man and escort him quickly out by force. Would the Apostle Paul have done this? I think not.... I guess John M is unapproachable. He is the ONLY one approved by God to speak at their Sunday ritual gatherings; and that is exactly why the are a false body of man, not of God.

They do treat him like.... the evangelical POPE!!!! 
It is idolatry / blasphemy really. 

Sadly, they lack holiness/obedience in all their ways and believers leaving this fallen carnal culture (James 4;4) and not acting just like them when they are NOT in church services. (sports, entertainment, movies etc) If he was preaching ALL of the Word of God, holiness, separation from the world and holding others to it biblically as a Titus 1 elder; would those thousands be there in his pews? We have to believe the answer is no and that could be why these men don't teach all truth the other reason could be they too love the world and their sin. When I contact these men about these issues, they don't even bother to reply and that is not the fruit of godly men who love others is it?  ( see 1 John 4  ) I fear they may not have God at all?

(Note: I facebooked Phil Johnson 

and all he did was delete and ban me. No answers back at all? He is a John M yes guy!
Is this the actions of godly Titus 1 elders? We think not..... so we continue to expose as 1 Tim 5 says to do.

I believe we have shown you proof that John M's body does use the worldly carnal things to draw people in to their own system and he is NOT teaching all of God's pure truth at all nor is his religious place a true NT church.

1 Peter 1;15 says to be holy in ALL your conduct
(not some times or just when mainly your in religious services or building)

How does John M miss teaching his people the true New Testament church model or miss basic holiness and biblical lesson's after all these years in leadership there? The answer could be if you teach ALL of the truth and use church discipline see Matt 18 / you wont have 10,000 supporters and could that be what is at play here; compromise of the Holy Word of God? By this fruit... sadly it appears so with John M..

Strangely John M gets a pass by most as he is "so popular" but we are not affected by such things. Error is error and he needs to be called out to repent of it? I have personally communicated with a man who tried to call out John M once "with a few questions' in person but he claims the John M's security forces swooped in and threaten him with arrest.

Here is a article why we could NOT unite with John using his own teaching on the subject!

The evidence shown here makes it clear that something is not "all biblically correct" with this man and ministry! John M has left the truth in various areas and the Apostle Paul said to not associate with such types ( Rom 16:17 / 2 Thess 3;14 ) not to lift them up any man as a celebrity above reproach!

That is the fruit of his ministry/ college/seminary system today. He trains up men who come out and teach the same ill unbiblical theology that lacks the full truth of God's Word. It lifts up men like John M and murderous reformers / unbiblical evangelical ways.... not God's FULL Word the NT church model and holiness. The full truth falls by the wayside here. We must reject this false way for God's glory!

Let us know how we can assist you in anyway at all in your truth walk?

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God be praised.

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