Loren Coleman Gospel Meetings Cody Wyoming Exposed

If you go to this link you will see Loren was exposed publically.

He lied to us telling us he was not with any certain group but we traced him directly to the 2 x 2 cult started by William Irvin in the 1800's. Irvin said he was the lastest prophet of God and he had various false predictions. He was a false teacher.....

We went to their gospel meeting on July  30th 2017 and before the meeting started asked for Loran. I then exposed him in front of all for lying and told the crowd he also said Jesus is NOT God.... and the bible shows He indeed is. I told them this is a cult of Irvin and we left them to their meeting.

We offered to help anyone in the truth after their service and we waited for them outside.

As Loren left all he did was drive by, smile and wave.

I guess if you do not have God's Word on your side... you best keep driving as it will expose you even more.

See this link that talks about our phone conversation and his lies and the heresy of this cult.

If people come offering gospel meetings...do not be deceived.


We are here to help you....

Here is a Biblical gospel:

Most ministries/so called churches today are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:


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