New Life Christian Center Worland WY Tested to God's Word

Folks of New Life Christian Center... in love we say; you're being lied to!

Did you know:
 the Holy bible warns of a huge falling away and MUCH apostasy in the lasts days. Sadly, your AOG is part of that apostasy and we will prove it; just read on.

If you're thinking something is wrong here at New Life and it seems fake, ritual, easy believe, hypocritical, worldly and unbiblical, you are right; it is. God has a BETTER way for you. His truth will led to out of the AOG error and into His full ways. We can help you as we took that journey from the pews of man into His biblical life. It is wonderful and very freeing!!!

Jesus said we must be in truth John 4:24 or your life lived for Him/worship is a lie (in vain) and God hates lies!!!

Lies are sin and they get you put out of heaven see Revelation 22:14-15

***We are not with any body or organization. We are just bible believing Christ following saints of God who proclaim His ways to the world. We came out of your Sunday ritual religion when we learned God hates false ways. We sell nothing ( we work to support our needs ) and only want the truth for you.  

Why are we here?

We learned of this religious body from a man that we met who was reading his bible and said (when asked) that he wanted to talk about the things of God. When given truth about God and his unbiblical ways at this New Life body, he wanted to end talk of God's Word. How very sad, it seems he is MORE committed to this religious system then to the Truth ( Jesus is the Truth / John 14:6) 

Note: We did reach out to your modern pastor Larry but did not hear back from him? He has an offer to come and reason on a John 424 radio segment and go through all the issues we are exposing here. What say you Larry? Titus 1 says you should be able to teach with sound doctrine.... will you? 

I am sure your're all very nice people but if we claim Christ we must be in HIS ways not mans false ways. (Even cults can be nice and loving amen? ) Jesus said if you love Him you will keep His ways / see John 14:15 and the AOG way is NOT God's Holy way. 

We love all people so we came here and want you all to know the truth about this religious body so you can repent and change it or... come out of it. We could not come in and gather with you per Romans 16.17 as there is much sin here. But we will reach out to you and ask you to seek more truth and repent in obedience to Christ. We are here to help not harm!
It is why exists for God's glory.

Please read the 10 point test below to see many unbiblical issues with this religious body:

The AOG and  Evangelical / denominational religion has so MUCH sin, false ways and lies! God's true people do not stay in sin they repent of it.

We do not want you to be lied to so please read on.

This AOG body/modern pastor Larry lies to people about the gospel/salvation. 
He tells people if they say a prayer they are in God's forever family. See their screen capture off their website.

Jesus taught you must endure in a saving faith to gain eternal life not just say a prayer once. See Matthew 24:13
This AOG body / Larry teaches the lie of once saved always saved / Calvanism. See it exposed here:

Want to see more lies in your body?

*This religious body is part of the Assembly of God who are a organization of man NOT His true body. They are unbiblical in so many ways and  they just came about in the 1930-40's. How can they be Christ's body He ordained in the first century?  You can read the article  and more lies here:

*Assembly of God is linked to the demonic NAR and many false teacher types like Bill Johnson, Rick Warren, and Cindy Jacobs through E21. It is shameful.

*The AOG ordains lady pastors and this is sinful per God's Word
see this link:

*This body has a modern pastor role ( one man doing all the teaching ) and this is NOT God's design but mans false ways.
See this article link on that:

*This body endorses and allows sin, worldliness and carnality in its dress, ways and daily lives via sports, movies, hobby idols, its music and the cultures/world's ways. They do not teach daily purity or biblical holiness but God demands it. See this article on that topic:

*This body has a building centered faith NOT a biblical faith
See this article on that:

*On their webpage they say they help people meet God, this is not the biblical gospel. They are a seeker sensitive carnal body by their fruit, see this link on that topic:

*They practice pagan ways of Christ-mass and Easter when God says DON'T do as pagans! (You cannot choose your worship to God... He commands how it is done.)
See these links on them:

*Their modern pastor Larry is not a godly holy Titus 1 elder as he has many unbiblical ways. One: He likes demonic Jesus Culture on his FB page. See them exposed here:

Larry's FB page....

*Larry's wife ( is she a co-pastor here?) is not a biblical woman but a feminized lady (not biblically dressed or covered ) and she posts vile things ( she calls fun facts ) like this on their religious website:

*They have a worship leader, youth leader and worship services, you cannot find this in the New Testament body of Christ. It is an invention of man. See this article on that:

*Their incomplete gospel is a lie that will not save. See a biblical gospel here:

*They have worldliness and feminism in their body ( adorning, harlot dress / no head covering, read articles here on feminism)

*There is a very lengthy writing on their website that states 'What we refuse to believe' and within that writing are many unbiblical statements. (Larry's opinion is NOT God's truth, he is wrong and it is more lies!)

In love please know:

This is NOT a biblical body of Christ but one made of man made false religion that God in Christ hates! We are told to test 1 Thessalonains 5:21 and rebuke those in sin. 1 Tim 5. It is loving to do so.

If you claim to be of Christ you MUST repent of this false body and be in spirit and truth worship NOT man made religion like New Life. See John 4:24 and Mark 7:6-9

Do not let modern pastors lie to you about Hebrews 10:25 and gathering together or about tithing. These are twisted lies of their religious systems of man. We expose them for you.
See these articles here on those topics:

If you are truly born of God this truth will call out to you and you will act. Take a month off of man made church and just SEEK God in His Holy Word and ask Him to reveal more truth on the issues we have raised here.  He will if you seek Him!

If you're not born of God and just want emotional Sunday religion that makes you feel good in the flesh then sadly, you belong here at New Life. Please know it will end with wrath/judgement against you.  See 2 Thessalonians 1:8

Go to our teaching blog that will expose man made false Church and teach you His true New Testament ways.

If you think we are in great error, lets meet and go into the Word. Or get your pastor Larry, set a meeting and lets go to God's Word on the many issues we have raised. (Fact: modern pastors just hide in the dark as God's Word exposes their false ways, they do not show love and come into the light and reason. ) 

Our goal is the biblical gospel proclaimed and making disciples.

You may be asking 'what shall I do?"  We can promise you you will not find biblical teaching in a building centered faith in America (we've been testing for years.)  You must study God's Word (2 Timothy 2) to know the truth and then BE His body, not go to church.  If God grants you other biblically obedient, like minded belivers then you gather only with them.  If you are alone, you simply continue to strive on alone just like Noah did, but we are here to help you.

We love people and we are here to help you in truth. Note: we are here all summer and can bible study to help you see these truths. 
We are on a 4 month mission trip out west spreading the biblical good news for His glory. 

Go here to listen to a special audio message just for you folks at New Life:

(use control F and type New Life Christian once your in that website )

Call or email us anytime:

God be praised

Jim and Debbie

God's Holy Word says His people are to.... Test everything
1 Thessalonians 5:21

*** This testing and our website is ONLY for those who desire to obey ALL truth from Gods Word. If that is you please read on. If you desire to accept / sit in compromise (sin) and keep man's false religious ways, please do not waste your time by reading on as it won't be fruitful for anyone.  

"And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him"
Hebrews 5:9

Over the years we have either run across, visited, witnessed to a member or been asked to test them so we lovingly did that and have documented our findings.

As for this person/ministry:
If you would like to find out why per God's Word we consider them to be at least one or all of the following: unbiblical (sinful), worldly, preach a false gospel and full of pagan or false ways and traditions of man’s religious systems thus they are to be avoided   (Per Galatians 1:6, Colossians 2:8 , Mark 7: 6-9) please see our contact info at our main website and call us directly. We will be happy to personally discuss the facts about them and assist you deeper in the Lord's truth. (Contacting us acts as a "mocker blocker" as MOST people in the past have come to mock the truth via email .... but not to reason or obey it.)

NOTE: we always contact people first to discuss truth but most often our emails/calls go unanswered or they are not interested in discussing God's deep truth and they hide in the dark.
See John 3:19-21

Fact: Most people today are following the protestant / evangelical or denominational systems which were originated by sinful men some 500 years ago. We strive to hold up and teach the Holy first century body Christ Himself ordained and be un-spotted from the world. See James 1.27

Here is the Holy standard in God's Holy Word by which we test ourselves 2 Corinthians 13:5 and those who claim Christ.

Most ministries today have a false, incomplete, perverted gospel.

Here is a Biblical gospel:

Most ministries today are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go to our teaching blog for MANY articles on biblical truth:

Go here for audio teachings:

His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

God be praised.