Faith Bible Church Edmonton Mark Hitchcock Tested to God's Word

This testing is for Faith Bible Church and their modern pastor Mark Hitchcock. He is the leader of this unbiblical / evangelical body in Edmonton, Oklahoma. 

Note: I emailed it to Mark and his entire staff; not one man replied back as of Oct 23rd 2017


They are a typical unbiblical evangelical reformation modeled religious body keeping the ways of man; not God's true NT body. 

See this 10 point biblical test that they fail 

*FBC/Mark have a unbiblical / false Calvanist gospel 
( see the biblical gospel below ) 

*Mr. Hitchcock is a pre tribber and a Calvanist that believes you cannot turn away from your faith. 
see our teaching blog where we expose both of those lies:

*Mark lifts up murderous heretic men like Luther and Calvin

Also, when tested it is shown that Mark H is NOT a discerning man and he has unbiblical associations. 

Need proof?

*Mark H Just spoke at a conference with false teacher Johnathan Cahn  ( 1 st Annual Blessed Hope ) 
See this link on Cahn's foolishness and heresy

Also, here he is on the show of Rev Rabbi Eric Walker promoting his book....

Walker is not a biblical man as:
* God gives him new revelation
*he has on his show hebrew root heretics
*he interviews men who died and went to hell came back to life *he links to other various false teachers like Johnathon Cahn. 
See proof here....

How can Hitchcock be trusted to teach bible truth if he cannot see God's true NT body or cannot discern / will unite with such men just to promote himself and his books that he sells $$$$$$ ? 

Note: Brannon Howse / Tommy Ice both speak well of Mark and unite with him. 

Mark H is on the board of a conference with Tommy Ice and Brannon Howse both speaking there in Dec 2017 in Texas

See these links that test/expose Howse and Ice for their many unbiblical ways/false associations:

FBC and Mark H when tested have various unbiblical ways along with false associations. God's true people do not stay in such ways!

Please be warned.... see the links below to help you in the true NT body of God and the biblical gospel


Here is the Biblical gospel:

Most ministries today are worldly and keep/practice mans false (even pagan) ways vs God's true New Testament body.

Here is a 10 point biblical test:

Go to our teaching blog for MANY articles on biblical truth:

Go here for audio teachings:

His true people follow Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) NOT.... man made false ways or today's denominational religion.

God be praised.

* This testing is based on facts as we compare them to God's Word through our own study and research as well as personal experiences, and observations. It is done in truth and in Christian love as a Proverbs 9:8 rebuke, teaching and learning moment for us all. Only those who would foolishly dislike a biblical rebuke will be offended by it. This is posted to glorify God, lift up the  Lord the Jesus Christ, to help others out of man's traditions and expose the errors of modern religious leaders so they will come to repentance, leave man's false ways and begin to proclaim ALL biblical truth!