Marc Carrier Kingdom Driven Ministries Exposed

Marc Carrier says live lowly like King Jesus. But now Marc is selling $3500 pet dogs!!!!!  

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Marc Carrier Exposed

We learned of this ministry and felt the need to test them to God's Word. See that testing below:

Before you read this testing please know this:
We at are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others.


Note: I emailed Marc but he never replied back to me about God's truth?

Marc Carrier is the leader of this KD ministry centered in Africa. 

Dec 2021

Marc has left Africa and is living in Indiana. It appears he is not doing much in ministry that I can see online vs what he was doing. I am happy about that as he teaches heresy. I can see what he is into now:

Selling $3500 pet dogs!  

I wonder how that fits into living like Jesus in the kingdom? Marc is in great hypocrisy here! (dogs were seen as lowly and dirty in the bible) Today they are pagan pets idols and Marc feeds the market....all for mammon. What is going on with him I wonder?

I pray he has repented of all of his heresy. Read on to see it all exposed...

Dec 2019 

I cant believe it but I have it with my own eyes!!!
Marc has approved of his son putting out instrumental music videos with him and another man lipping songs and moving on screen in a worldly "new kids on the block way". It is all because the youth in Africa wont listen to the gospel preached. This is a watered down sinful compromise. So what is next, mood lights and some smoke machines?

read on to see Marc tested and exposed to the Word

Update Nov 2019 

Want to see proof that Marc's slain in the spirit ways are demonic?
Go to this link and see occult Hindu guru's do exactly what Marc does. Do not be deceived as these manifestations are NOT of the Father nor are they biblical at all.

( the link has articles that expose the false charismatic ways of today!)

read on to see Marc exposed

Update May 2019

Marc came to the state to tour and speak. I heard some crazy things from him on audio including:

*his children think he is a SUPER hero
*he tells you to go get a LADY pentecostal preacher to help you
( lady pastors are sinful! / see my teaching blog for articles on that ) 
*he says he can heal people over the phone???
*he says YELLING LOUD at demons works good
( did Jesus or Paul scream at demons ever? ) 

Anyone who believes this stuff does not know their bible at all...

read on to see Marc exposed 


Update April 2018

Marc posted this on his FB page as a sign he will use unbiblical ways to fleshly woo people into his ministry was

Earlier in that post... he said the same youth ignore the gospel when presented so Marc is altering his approach. That is called seeker sensitive folks....did he learn this from Rick Warren or Joel Osteen I wonder? How hypocritical ..... he wont use instrumental music in his gatherings but... he WILL use it on youth who ignore the gospel message! 

Note: Marc focuses on a WRONG gospel as he down plays the cross/blood of Christ instead he ops for the sermon on the mount red letter teachings most of all. 

Be warned of him and see him tested below to God's Word...

While Marc is doing good works of feeding the very poor and he has some biblical teachings/practices, he also has some troubling unbiblical theology that people need to be aware of. For the following reasons we would say this is a unbiblical ministry to be marked per Romans 16.17

1) Carrier has a corrupt unbiblical gospel and teaches the lie of the ransom theory ( God had to pay off satan with Christ's death ) and it negates or down plays the blood of Christ for the sins of man. ( read his teaches close as he is deceptive about the blood of Christ but he denies it for salvation and pushes works of the kingdom! )

He believes in the ransom theory ( God paid off satan )  and see it exposes here:

See Marc's words and he uses a unbiblical novel writer to teach?:

2) Carrier is focused on the gospel of the Kingdom and does NOT much preach the cross of Christ for salvation as Apostle Paul did. ( Carrier has a type of works based righteousness system ... that will not save anyone per Eph 2. )

See Marc's own words again negating the blood of Christ as a payment:

Note: the bible clearly says their is no forgiving sins without shedding of blood and it was God who put the blood sacrifices into play all over the OT. 
Heb 9:22 / Marc has a very corrupt gospel!!!!

See this article on that topic:

3) Carrier believes in all kinds of spiritual manifestations for today that include per his own FB page: him calling down the Holy Spirit of God at will, them healing people of major illness and people........  being slain in the spirit and vomiting out demons! 

See that refuted here:

4) Carrier believes in Apostles and Prophets for today?

See this article that refutes this theology:

5) Carrier teaches sinless perfection for your salvation and that is a lie. See this quote off his website:

"The second step is helping them to experience freedom from sin. Yes, you read that correctly—total freedom from sin."

( while we should leave all sin...yes,  we will never be totally sinless as Christ was. If that is Marc's hope for salvation, Paul says he is in GREAT trouble in Romans 7 )

See sinless perfection refuted here:

6) Marc spends lots of time rebuking demons and is teaching Christians to do the same. After the book of Acts, we see no such practice in the early NT bodies. All of this is troubling and in some areas, it points to him being influenced by the demonic Word of Faith / NAR heretics seeking signs and wonders more then the Word of God and its truth alone.

**** In truth, his ministry really has hypocrisy in it also. 


*Marc teaches money is bad and you should not have extra of it. But then they are always asking people to send them money? So I ask, who will have it if we should not have any extra to help others? 

Carrier is united to a man helping him in Africa named Glen Roseberry.
Roseberry belongs to and is supported by a ungodly, immodest, worldly religious body called:  Island Community Church, in Memphis, TN
( how can that be as they are anabaptist like?? ) 

*They believe in signs / miracles for today and doing what Jesus told the Apostles to do ( drinking poison was one thing and it would not harm them. see Mark 16.18 ) yet......
 the Carriers are worried about drinking the local water lest they will get ill?????  
see this FB post/quote from his wife:

"We quickly discovered that although the locals drink the lake water, it’s really not a great idea. (It’s brown…has stuff floating in it…and is kind of swampy-smelling.) We add some bleach to it and use it for laundry, bathing, dish washing, and hand washing, but one of our neighbors gets us clean water for drinking and cooking from a local school (about 4 km away) for a decent price as often as we need it. Praise the Lord!"

It appears they have a lot of emotional, strange spiritual things going on over there but a biblical gospel is NOT included!
It is our fear they are deceiving many in Africa with this false gospel works based system of man and strange spirits at work common in the charismatic American church as well. 

Note: Carrier is also publishing Christianity Unleashed so beware!

Please be warned of such men as Apostle Paul said they are accursed in Gal 1 preaching a false works based gospel! 

See our biblical resources below including the biblical gospel to help you in the true faith and let us know how we can help you?

God be praised

Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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