Sattler College Tested to God's Word

See many updates then the testing of Sattler including a false gospel and much heresy!

Update March 2022

Sattler Founder Finny's business partner linked to porn pushing company:


FOTW asking for your $10 to $1000 dollars

While millionaire Finny spends $30 million on a college no one needs. What wasteful hypocrites!


Matthew Milioni Begs CAM for $250,000 / Finny Spends $1 Million on College Furniture?


Hypocrite ways at Sattler 

Sattler College demands mask wearing but not head coverings 

Sattler claims to uphold the doctrines of the biblical faith but they do NOT do thisThey say they teach head coverings for ladies but you obviously do NOT need to obey it at there. See this picture with various uncovered heads here (the woman in the middle has long hair out flowing all around and this is sinful per Paul in 1 Cor 11) yet Finny and Dean Taylor allow it. Note: they also lack on biblical dress as well:

This article with the picture says coptics and evangelicals go there as well?

see biblical articles on head covering and dress here:

read on to see them exposed


Sattler College spent $1 million dollars on furniture!


Dean Taylor Sattler President (false gospel man)  says PSA and Christus Victor are compatible?

See that proven here:


Does Sattler enroll sodomites or lesbians? 
Their website says they do?
read on..

Sattler College is a heretical, compromised, unbiblical place and we  prove it below:

Before you read this testing please know this:

 Jim and Debbie
We at are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we preach Christ crucified, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) men in tunics, according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. My wife and I travel to preach the Word and we are spreading the Lord's truth and Kingdom.
We support ourselves and ministry and we will NOT sell any of God's truth! (We have sold off most of our things to be more mobile as full time van dwellers witnessing all over America.)
Call or email me anytime to discuss this testing. 
Jim 608-547-8162 /


At the end of this post is over 10 reasons Sattler is heretical (including a confused gospel) has dangerous social justice ways, is a false compromised Christian college and very unbiblical for any student.

First, some sinful updates:


I recently had email communication with Mr. Miloni from FOTW / Sattler where he twisted God's Word..
 See Matthew refuted on his unbiblical pet doctrine here:


Update Feb 2022

See John D Martin exposed for hypocrisy here:


No this is not a poster for a skinny pants modern pastor convention
 It is a group of men (leaders) from Sattler College

It is a group of men (leaders) from Sattler College a "SO CALLED" biblical anabaptist college. They are in fact into feminization and  MUCH MUCH heresy including a false gospel.  (they cant even get biblical dress right) 

Read on to see them exposed

Jan 2022

Sattler hires a worldly evangelical to be dean of anabaptist students. see the facts here:


Update Oct 2021

The rugged godly holy men of old risked their lives, boldly preached the gospel truth to the lost and lived hard lives of persecution and surrender to the Kingdom unto death!

Today's feminized "so called" men of God to go cushy Sattler college and paint pretty pictures with women in a park in their free time and they do not preach the gospel truth!

                               Read on to see them exposed


Oct 2021

So this man gives his testimony at FOTW. In 20 minutes he NEVER mentions repenting or being born again but he does mention:
a roman catholic heretics book by CS Lewis and that two of his close brothers (Finny is one) make a lot of money $$$$$ in investing and he wants to invest as well. Then he tries to say they live radical for Jesus. 
Not sure why, they are just typical worldly lukewarm heretical anabaptist's. 

read on to see them exposed


Update May 2021

Sattler gives a platform to a...... anti-christ muslim!

Paul says warn and avoid heretics in Titus 3 
but Sattler welcomes them in! They are a wicked group of warned!

read on to see them exposed


Update Feb 2021

I warned you about this wicked FOTW group!
Finny (who's Sattler college allows sodomy)  in a video....

 promotes and uses Hirsch's emergent ways. Allan has a false gospel and sodomite/lesbian approving emergent church heresy.

Here is Allan dressed up at pagan burning man festival. He says the world mostly thinks.... Jesus is cool!

Allen's wife Debra is into sex counseling and they both of approve sodomy / lesbianism in believers.

See the testing with VILE details about these wicked people that Finny promotes! See them exposed here:

read on to see them exposed for much sin .....


Update Dec 2020

Sattler continues to show its confusion, paganism and heresy as it promotes a false holiday!

See Christ-mass exposed here:

read on to see them exposed as false and unbiblical


Update Nov 2020

Sattler continues its heresy:

Calling a roman catholic (heretics) Christians..... this is wicked as they have a false gospel and killed anabaptists 500 years ago!

read on to see them exposed in much sin


Update Nov 2020

Sattler invites another evangelical heretic to teach there.
David Swanson who does conferences full of woman pastors and his church unites to sodomite approving, baby killing black lives matters!

Sattler is wicked and compromised....not holy or biblical.


Update Oct 2020

Sattler links with David Bercot on a website to be like Jesus

Did Jesus ever SELL His truth?

Christ made a whip for men who did such things....see John 2

read on to see them exposed


Nov 2020 

Here is Sattler/Finny and Bercot (on Sattlers board) linking themselves to the vile corrupt DKCM gang:

Go here to see the vile corrupt ways of this group:

read on to see Sattler exposed


Oct 2020 

 Sattler is willingly linked to the government via 501c3 for tax exempt status. (it is why they say they do not discriminate against sodomites) I thought Finny / FOTW are against linking to government and holding to biblical values?

Oh for money they will fold, what hypocrites!

read on to see them exposed


Nov 2020 

Finny ( FOTW/Sattler's founder ) has hypocritical views on money as he claims we should all live on little but; he manages $4-6 billion for rich people to get richer????  

Here he is teaching about "giving away your extra tunic", then you can see his company Even tide (that he started) hires men to help ULTRA HIGH NET worth people make even more money!!!!
Oh, the height of hypocrisy in this man and FOTW!

Also... Finnys company links every year to the worldly carnal false heretical ways of the evangelical world via money conferences with various false teachers/singers like Chris Tomlin who sang there:  

They sell out the truth of God for money!!!!

read on to see Sattler exposed

Oct 2020 

Here is a Sattler Professor who is into occult Star Wars and violent college football as a evangelical. (this was right on Sattlers FB page)

And he sells his book about God's law for $35 ...wicked!

Sattler is worldly and compromised;  not holy!

read on to see them exposed


Update Oct 2020

Sattler has this man teach via an internet event

The college he is at is a worldly evangelical one with basketball teams and it is even linked to other colleges like Calvin college that lifts up the heretic John Calvin and calvin-ist heresy. (that Finny preaches against???) They are in confusion and not of God. 

Sattler is ecumenical and sinful..... 
Romans 16;17 says avoid those in false doctrine but Sattler brings them in to teach students.  

How profane!

read on to see them exposed

Nov 2020

Finny / Sattlers founder... surprisingly does a teaching and says the gospel is Jesus death, burial and resurrection: (in the past Matthew M. never taught the biblical gospel this way?)

But here is Matthew Milioni a Apostle at FOTW saying to me that the gospel is NOT Jesus cross or resurrection.......

See my 3 part refuting of their confused gospel here:

They are very heretical and..... confused at Sattler / FOTW

read on to see Finny / Sattler  exposed


Update Oct 2020

Dean Taylor was once a Hutterite. A Hutterite man in Canada named Patrick told me he called Taylor to ask why their website says they do not discriminate against sodomites?  (I show you that proof below in this testing) He said Taylor gave him all but 3 minutes and no good answer!

See Hutterite heresy exposed here:

read on to see them exposed


Update Aug 2020 

More ill fruit of Matthew / FOTW Apostle and Sattler supporter

Elijah Milioni (Matthew's teen son)  is a deceptive liar / go to this link to see it proven and even admitted by him:

read on to see more unbiblical things exposed


Update: Aug 2020

Sattler College is CLUELESS once again!
Sattler college puts on a porn addiction seminar 
with Pure Desire Ministries. This group evangelical teaches you can divorce/remarry as a believer after sexual failure, they teach a false evangelical gospel and they use NEW AGE IFS psychology therapy ways on people.
Yet Sattler promotes them????? 
See Pure Desire exposed with all the facts here:

read on to see them exposed.....


Sattler enrolls sodomite or lesbians?
(I have emailed them several times and they will not answer this question?)

Their Sattler website says they do not discriminate against sexual orientation. As a so called Christian college; does this mean they will let in practicing sodomites and lesbians to take classes? Or is it all so they can be tax exempt?  
I have asked Dean Taylor, Finny and Bercot.... no replies!

See the link at the end that exposes Sattler!

I think this topic needs this drawing .....

They teach wrong theology on divorce and remarriage
See that exposed here:


Matthew/Sattler/FOTW are social justice heretics and see that evil way exposed here:

Finny is linked to Matthew Milioni and see his fruit below:

The dark kcm meme leader Matthew just keeps getting more heretical.
Here he is posting a black mans speech so you can gain understanding and knowledge from him? 

James Baldwin was an atheist & sodomite!
Here is what is very hypocritical of this all. When I reached out to Matthew in 2018 and I wanted to just cling to God's Word for truth, he told me I was wrong / bringing all my false preconceived ideas. He rejected my views as a Christ follower and mocked me yet; he promotes anti-christ sodomites openly.

Is this the fruit of a wicked man?


Massive hypocrisy of dark kcm page. 

Here is a man being told.... NO VIOLENCE.

Yet one of the admins David Eicher is saying on video he will pay to blow up southern monuments and burn down buildings!

Hear it for yourself right below at the link on 
David Eicher Exposed......

Read Matthew 23 ...God HATES hypocrites dark kcm ones!


David Eicher / Violent Hypocrite 
Anabaptist Dark Memer Exposed

Matthew Milioni's ( of the Dark KCM page ) feminized house rises up!

I was just telling my godly wife (who would NEVER take to rebuking a preacher/bible teacher) that is was only a matter of time before Matthew Milioni's house shows more ill fruit and here it is in feminism.

His wife Erica had to chime in on me and remarriage yet; she knows NOTHING of the facts or my divorce / pre-convertion life. 
(I was the chief of sinners for sure) 

Notice: how she paints a planted lie in this picture of a man who abandoned his wife and small children for another woman:

Fact: I was a unregenerated man yet; I still labored and took care of my children for  16 years....all the way to age 18. (they actually came to live with me some years later) The facts of my pre Christ divorce are meaningless if you know the biblical gospel and have good theology. 

Here is the rest of her lie planting meme:

(Erica learned to lie from Matthew or him from her?)

Like Matthew and his lies, like their son Elijah with his email deceptions and like David Eicher and his lies (read on to see all those) 
Erica is painting a "picture that is a lie"! 

3 things:

1) My past before Christ is done away 
with and I am NEW / 2 Cor 5:17 
(what part of ALL things are made new do they not grasp folks?) 

2) here is my article that exposes their false theology on remarriage in a pre conversion situation:

3) Here is my drawing for Erica since she felt the need to come interject herself in theology which is not her place:

We love you Erica and in truth; you are married to and united to a bunch of heretics. 
See FOTW exposed here:

Ps since Erica has interjecting yourself, maybe she will now post on Dark KCM and explain for all of us why you live in a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and how your leader Finny can sit on $3.9 billion in money and be preaching give it all away to live like Jesus? 

We shall wait since all the men at FOTW are Rev 21:8 cowards to fess up an answer (including your heretic husband) 

Sattler ( Dean Taylor / Finny) are linked to this dark meme page of Matthew Milioni. Read on to see it exposed....

Sattler is a non resistance hypocritical false teaching college


Go here to listen to a audio to come on why this must be exposed:

It is true ....Matthew Milioni and Finny believe they are drinking Jesus magic mystical  BLOOD! (per Mathew)

Matthew Milioni ( Finnys close brother ) is so dark,
he was quick to post about the killing of a black man by police
including posting links to the radical black lives matter group

 He is wicked!

read on to see them exposed as unbiblical in may ways....


Finny ( Sattler's founder ) has hypocritical views on money as he claims we should all live on little/give extra stuff away but he manages $6 billion in a mutual fund including for ultra rich people.....all for his gain!
 See him tested here:


Matthew is part of FOTW and this vile DKCM page / go there and see his mail to me and my public reply:


I have asked Finny this directly via email:

Do you approve of Matthew's Talking in the chasm with a anti christ and his DKCM worldly page where they use carnal harlot dressed male and female pictures .... all for fun? 

Also inline with your Luke 3 give away extra tunics, please explain your $4 billion dollar fund for rich people you profit from and what is the market values of the homes you and Matthew reside in near Boston?  

I await your answers and I will post it here for a teaching moment for all. 

*** Finny has answered nothing to date!!!


I know he got it as his Eventide worker sent me this:

read on to see Finny / FOTW exposed


Update Dec 2019

In love, I must call out Finny / Sattler founder .... as telling a lie!
In this video...

Finny says he really likes a man who is bold and can call things deceptive and sinful. But ... its lies Mr Kuravilla!
I have emailed Finny this testing many times calling him to repentance over his sinful hypocritical ways and ..... he has NEVER replied back once in 2 years. No love, no correction nothing!
(his so called Apostle brother Matthew Milioni did reply and ended up being mean, nasty and a wicked liar )  

More hypocrisy at FOTW....

read on to see them exposed for many sins..... 


Update Nov 2019

See Sattlers so called Apostle here.....
Matthew Milioni is now doing talk video's with his BEST Friend a ANTI- Christ atheist man.... and having FUN doing it!

Matthew is a vile profane man void of the spirit of God by all of his ill fruit. Jesus nor Paul would EVER entertain such mockers of God in this way!

read on to see Sattler / FOTW exposed 


Sept 2018 

Dean Taylor ( a Hutterite man ) is now President of this unbiblical heretical college. 
See Him tested here:

read on to see why Sattler is not biblical 


Update June 2019

Sattlers home church body...

I heard they made Matthew a APOSTLE.... see I warned you about this false group. Apostles for today is a VERY dangerous & unbiblical way!
See this article on that:

Also, want to see this... so called apostles fruit? Here is the worldly carnal things he posts on FB

Matthew also posted vile immodest pics of transgender folks...
Please... tell me that you know that true Apostles like Paul or Peter never would have posted such things knowing it is sinful?

read on to see why Matthew and FOTW are unbiblical in many ways!

Update Dec 2018

Finny puts up a article on FB about studying history then he quotes a mystic / new-ager 

It just keeps getting worse here....

read on to see Sattler exposed


Update: Dec 2018 

Sattler places on their FB page students attending of varied religious backgrounds.  In truth this is a lame attempt at ecumenicalism using Eph 4;13. ( scripture twisting ) 
How can they biblically unite to different faiths/students that are clearly NOT obeying the fullness of God's Word? Jesus said teaching them to OBEY .... clearly that is not happening here by their fruit. 

Here is a article that explains why this is NOT biblical at all:

read on to see Sattler tested and exposed.....

Update Nov 2018

This is why so called bible colleges are a farce:

Sattler College a anabaptist school, has students writing papers using teachings from roman catholic theologians! 
 Hugh of St. Victor ( a mystic pagan roman catholic )
Yes the very faith that tortured and murdered anabaptists by the thousands, are now being promoted (pagan heretical roman catholic mystic authors by Sattler students. 

Oh.... how proud the parents and faculty must be as they unite to murderous heretical faiths!!! 

read on to see Sattler College exposed....


Update May 2018

Finny Furuvilla founder of Sattler College named after anabaptist Michael Sattler has a big problem!

Finny teaches the heresy of the REAL presence in the bread and wine but: his hero Michael Sattler NEVER believed that!

Sattler was tortured and burned alive for rejecting it. 
See his quote below:
"Secondly, That the real body of Christ the Lord is not present in the sacrament, we admit; for the Scripture says: Christ ascended into heaven and, sitteth on the right hand of His heavenly Father whence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead; from which it follows, that if He is in heaven, and not in the bread, He may not be eaten bodily. Mark 16:19; Acts 1:9; Col. 3:1; Acts 10:42; II Tim. 4:1.

Like the roman catholic pagans, Finny is practicing idolatry in bread and wine when even Mr. Sattler knew better!

read on to see more unbiblical issues at Sattler College


Update Apr 2018

( Here is Finny on stage at Collyde 2017 that he sponsored. I blocked out the unbiblical dressed lady )

I just learned the so called anabaptist like Sattler College was part of and even SPONSORED CollydeSummit 2017 

This event had lady pastors speaking, the music was from Elevation Church of wolf Steven Furick fame, one of the speakers is John Gray of Joel Osteens Word of Faith Church and Mark Batterson who wrote about mysticism / prayer walking. 
This is a worldly, unbiblical, heretical gathering of so called Christians and yet Sattler College SPONSORED this?

This is known as SPIRITUAL HARLOTRY...... 

If they cannot discern this unbiblical event, how can they teach your youth about biblical truth I ask?

read on to see more troubling issues at Sattler College 


Update Apr 2018

I saw Finny Furuvilla Sattler founder on video saying Jesus said if you have to tunics give one away and yet; he is encouraging youth to come and spend some $9000 to $30,000 a year on a diploma?

Is this not the height of hypocrisy I ask? ( that is a lot of tunics folks!)

Read on to see Sattler College tested to God's Word....


I learned of a new claimed Christian college in Boston about to start in fall of 2018. While there is not a lot of history available yet, after some brief research on them / the body they are linked to, there are some troubling unbiblical issues here that must be exposed for God's glory and the love of my neighbor who may not know them. 

For the following reasons I would have real biblical concern uniting with or sending a young godly saint to this college. I also see some telling hypocrisy's that I have found at work here.

The college was started by a man named Finny Kuruvilla.
(** I have emailed him and Finny is welcome to email me back and I will adjust or delete any info I have wrong here and I will consider his words to me on their doctrines, then place them here unedited and reply to them here as well.)

To date: I have received no emails/corrections to this testing from Finny F. or Sattler college.

Finny Furuvilla is a leader of and linked to a body of believers called.... Followers of the way in Boston. 
See a testing of them to come here:

While I have not had any replies to me messages sent to Finny, I have had email contact with the man who was a original member of FOTW with Finny and a teacher at FOTW there named Matthew Milioni. ( His daughter will be a student there and he wrote a article about the college that they posted on fb.) See the testing of him at the end of this post as I saw various troubling things in Matthew and his actions. I also offered Matthew the chance to reply and correct me if he had the correct spirit but he first said he had no time for me  then he chose name calling  and lies so sadly it was a moot point with him.

What I have learned from the Sattler's own website and from Matthew himself, I will share below. I know these things to be true as I have taken the time to ask and test for truth. This is about truth and making the facts known for God's glory. 

1) This group FOTW that is linked to this college;  has a questionable gospel message as their main focus is on the sermon on the mount / gospel of the Kingdom ( we believe in that sermon too ) but they go far to negate and down play the crucified Christ that Paul proclaimed all over the epistles. When asked about that I was told by Matthew; "the gospel is NOT Christ died for you sins and rose again" yet that is exactly what Paul says it is in 2 Timothy 2:8
Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead according to my gospel:

Is Paul a liar??? ( Paul never uses the term gospel of the Kingdom by the way and he preached Christ crucified and the coming Kingdom because of it. see 1 Corinthians 1:23 )

 Matthew also told me Paul's words are subservient the Jesus words so they see part of God's Word ( Jesus red letters )  as having more authority over other areas and that is a dangerous lie. Jesus said we live by it all of God's Word ( Matthew 4:4 ) and Paul said ALL scripture is given for instruction ( 2 Timothy 3:16 ) not to mention Jesus Himself commissioned Paul in Acts 9 to teach truth.  I was also told by Matthew we gain eternal life by: doing what Jesus and the Apostles say. They do not see Jesus work on the cross ( His blood ) as a payment for mans sins either. More to come on that in the testing of Matthew... 

This link compares Finnys and Matthews confused gospel

So the very gospel ( how we gain eternal life ) is in question with this group at FOTW and you can assume at this college as well since Finny is on the board and its founder. 

See the biblical gospel below at the end of this post.

2) FOTW also believes in the real presence of Jesus in the wine and bread ( like pagan roman catholics / it is cannibal-ism really ) as well as the sacrament of baptism (  it saves you ?) These too are unbiblical views to be very concerned about indeed. Note: Lev 17 and Acts 15 tells us to NOT drink blood and the thief on the cross was NOT baptized but still made it to heaven. (We teach baptizm but not as a work to be saved. )

 3) While Finnys college is saying they are in the anabaptist tradition,

 Matthew told me "they at FOTW are not anabaptists!" He said quote: "they would never accept us ". 
So it seems hypocritcal as they are not anabaptists but they (Finny) are courting youth from the Mennonite/anabaptist homeschools to come to their college? 

How can this be if they differ on key doctrines? Romans 16.17 says to NOT unite with those who leave sound doctrine but Sattler will embrace them for students? This leaves God's command does it not?

Note: I saw Finny in a video say "they should not even eat with those who are divorced and remarried" yet: he will admit students he clearly disagrees with on key gospel doctrines to run a school when God's Word says do not unite with them? Romans 16.17
Is this not hypocrisy?

( Matthew and FOTW also went to an anabaptist group CAM and they asked for  and got A LOT of money $$$$$ to go do work in Africa. So again is this not also hypocrisy? The bible says do not unite/walk with those who leaves sound doctrine. Romans 16.17 

4) FOTW is really into the early church fathers for their examples so you can assume Sattler will be too. David Bercot is on their board and he really teaches much of what the ECF believed. 

Note: see David exposed here:

This is very troublesome as much heresy came in as soon as Paul died. He even warned it would happen, see Acts 20. We don't follow men but God's Holy word in fact Paul says imitate me as I imitate Christ in 1 Corinthians 11. 

5) The College is even named after a anabaptist man Michael Sattler when we are NOT to lift up any man but Christ alone!

6) I saw troubling signs on their fb page as Sattler College quotes 
mystics, pagan roman catholics, hindus and heretics when this Christian college claims to be about God's Word and truth not false men. See them here:

7) They have lady board members when the bible is clear on women in authority and it is sinful to do this per 1 Timothy 3. Matthew said this is not a church but if they are teaching God's Word at the college do they NOT heed to God's Word there?

8)  Another concern would also be this:
 Is it biblical to seek and spend resources ( $9000 a year plus room and board up to $30,000 a year? )  on a so called higher Christian education? This seems like something for the very privileged when FOTW teaches the sermon on the mount ideals that focuses on living lowly and sharing what you have with the needy. You can feed a lot of poor on $9000-$30,000 a year.... just a thought there if the sermon on the mount is your focus/main charge. Here is Sattlers own graphic on cost:

Perhaps it is a liberty issue but; is this higher education really ordained of God or just another system made of man and woven into the so called Christian faith of today? 

Jesus did not start a spiritual college for higher education did He?

Note: Internet reports said either Finny or other sources have promised $30 million dollars to Sattler over the decades ahead. One has to ask, is that money really well spent on higher education vs the gospel of God and needy saints? ( actually their gospel is lacking / they down play the cross of Christ )

9) They are a 501c3 which means the government controls them yet they will teach God's truth? How can this be?

10) They state they won't discriminate against sexual orientation?

Does this mean they will admit practicing sodomites/homosexuals to Sattler or is this just trying to get along to be tax free? I do not know the answer I have asked them via email and they wont answer?

11) I can see social justice in FOTW/Mathew and I will be waiting to see if it shows up in Sattler College?
( Jesus and Paul were not about picketing the unjust issues of their day. They were about the Lord's work, will and the gospel. The social gospel is a trap of satan to deceive others and it is very popular today.  

12) Finny the founder of Sattler College says this about a heretic Charles Finney:
Perhaps only once or twice in a lifetime, a person might read a book that changes the very direction of their life. While reading the autobiography of Charles Finney, it struck me that his Christian experience was unlike anything that I had ever heard of -- a journey to a new world full of power and transformation. 

That is troubling as see Charles Finney tested/exposed here:

My research / then experience with a teacher at FOTW (Matthew) was quite eye opening and I do not see their doctrines and gospel lining up with the pure Word of God. While he is NOT connected to the college directly; his dear brother Finny is the founder so its roots are there. Having said that, anyone who fears God and knows the biblical gospel ( Christ's death burial and resurrection / 1 Corinthians 15 with His kingdom to come ) needs to test this college for their youth as it is linked to FOTW? 

James 1:27 says keep yourself unspotted for pure religion.

I am sure the education on its key subjects will be top notch as Finny is a Harvard grad but, they will be focused on the bible and that is the great concern here.  It is my prayer people searching for Sattler College will find this testing and they can read, study, test and then decide for themselves. I love my neighbor and want them to have the truth lest they be deceived.

In truth, I see a lot of naive undiscerning Mennonites and anabaptist types being swept into Sattler College and then perhaps, into the ill doctrines of FOTW. 

The Acts 17 Bereans tested Paul in all his ways, should Sattler not be tested as well I ask? I have received much grief for my testing and that is fine. God said it would be so. 
I will say this:
 Sattler allowed Matthew to pen an article and they posted it. Finny and FOTW allow him to teach there in there body. But the fruit I saw in Matthew ( both doctrine and his ways) and some of his friends on FB, was NOT becoming of true godly men. Once that testing is done, you will see the facts at the link below.  

See Matthew Milioni/FOTW tested here:

Note: I will soon be linking articles here on the real presence exposed and the gospel of the Kingdom theology exposed. 
Stay tuned here if interested....

We are told to test all things in 1 Thessalonians 5.21 
It is my prayer people will test such places rather then just saying "well they are Christian so they must be alright". 

Do not be deceived was a command for the King Jesus in Matthew 24.
I love my neighbor so I speak out even though it is NOT popular to do so. 

More to be added here as Sattler begins and more info is available.

See the gospel and our many articles/resources at our teaching blog and let us know how we can help you in the faith? (We take no money nor do we sell anything of God, truth is our desire for His glory.)

God be praised

Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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