12 Tribes Exposed


This is a biblical testing exposing the false unbiblical/heretical  cult ways of this religious group called 12 Tribes. We visited their Georgia commune and I confronted a elder to talk truth in 2019. 

           ( they also run eating places called The Yellow Deli )

When testing others and if I can, I go right to the source folks......

Oh they seem very nice/loving on the outside but...be warned as they are wolves!

Here is the audio of my face to face visit / conversation with a leader there ( Namon in Brunswick, Georgia ) that uncovered their false ways right out of their own mouth/theology. 
Once Namon knew I was testing them, ( the Word tells me to test 1 Thess 5:21 ) he was no longer interested in talking as he could not answer my questions biblically. 

After researching them and going to and talking face to face with this leader at 12 Tribes, I would warn you to avoid them as a cult group. They like to use tactics like... new Hebrew names, total submission to them, isolation and cut off people without your own money / freedom. All these are HUGE cult ways

For the following reasons you should avoid them.... if you fear God:

1) They have a corrupt gospel in that they lead with giving up everything you own to them/submitting all to them. ( they teach you must give up everything to gain eternal life ) Only then do they say, oh Jesus death made communal life all possible. ( the blood / cross is a after thought for them so in truth they have a false gospel focus per Gal 1 )  Note: you heard in the audio he led with giving up your money / things to them...... first! That is their real gospel /hope!

2) They were founded in 1972 in Tenn by a unbiblcal man Gene Spriggs that came out of the heretical hippy Jesus movement .  He changed the name several times and it spread across America and other countries like German and Australia. ( total membership about 3000 worldwide... some say? ) He claims to be a APOSTLE and he gives special anointing to the 12 tribes! It appears he brings writings / revelation to this group. This is all dangerous heresy....
He really just invented his own hippy religious system / making up his own rules and it is NOT biblical though; it borrows some truth from the holy bible. ( satan deceives in that way ) 

3) You heard in the audio how vague Namon was about leadership. Local elders is the biblical model (Titus 1) but they have a main leader so called APOSTLE Spriggs / a counsel of men far away ruling. It is another man made false denomination is all and God hates it!  / we must be in truth ... John 4:24 

4) They seem to be mostly based/focused on Acts 2 / Acts 4 and a communal living/giving up all possessions/money to them. You MUST surrender ALL you have to them and be money-less. Then you work for them for FREE in their money making businesses
( follow the money trail / some "claim" Spriggs gets the top 10% cut and lives very nice in nice houses and travels a lot? ( do your own research there as it is "reported" on line .... you decide ? )
Note: you heard Namon in the audio say you cant know truth or have salvation unless your in unity with them & someone else tells you truth but no bible verses say that at all? He eluded to a Apostle being needed. More lies and false heretical ways at 12 Tribes 

Note: the bible never says they sold ALL they had and this communal living is NOT required.  Need proof? Well, in 1 Cor 11:22 Apostle Paul mentions believers in later bodies have ...... homes? 

What? have ye not houses to eat and to drink in?

Fact: Their communal living is a control / money making scheme not biblical theology.  

5) You can hear that Namon did not like me testing them to the Word  ( Paul was glad to be tested by the Bereans in Acts 17 ) and it is because they have a Apostles mindset with their leader Gene. You are to BLINDLY follow them.... no questions ever. That is a cult alertSome have said Spriggs thinks he is a Moses like/prophet between God and the cult group. This mind control is cultist activity.... all the way!

6) They cling to the Hebrew root ways even though they deny being HR. They keep Sat Sabbath and other OT ways once given to Israel. They are into taking NEW Hebrew names and daily dancing / instrumental music seems to be a HUGE issue to them even though it is NOT modeled in the NT body for us. This is more cult / unbiblical ways. See the article that exposes HR ways exposed at the end of this post. 

7) They claim they must raise up 144,000 virgin men before Jesus can return. Its true folks.... more cult ways here! 

8) Did you hear Namon say about tribes in America and he mentioned the river boundaries and he admits, it is not from the bible! Really? More proof this is a cult made of man. ( they believe the pilgrims were God's Israelites? ) 

9) They dress like hippies ( men in lil hair buns and hippy head bans and ladies in harem pants ) They do not teach biblical dress or head covering for all. More sin here..... 

10) He judged me wrongly and called me a Pharisee for having bible knowledge and testing them to the Word. That was a direct adhom attack and most unloving as well. Shame on you Namon!

11) When I asked, what did I say that is unbiblical, he refused to answer and ended the talk there. He showed they are not rooted in truth / scripture but in man made false ways invented by Spriggs that Jesus hates per Mark 7:6-9 
( adding ways outside of God's truth )  

Note: they have been raided at various time by the authorities for allegations of child labor / abuse and you can research that as it is all over the internet. There is also some more "VERY troubling claims" about them reported on line by some but; I wont tell them here. Do your own research on them! 

In the end, 
12 Tribes has some biblical truth no doubt but they also have MANY signs of a full blown heretical cult as well. It is satan's plan to always use some truth mixed with error, designed to deceive people. He comes as a angel of light! 2 Cor 11:14

Here is the path to eternal life biblically per God's Word:

I pray you also avoid their money making system of the Yellow Deli's as it is used to rope people into their cult. They take in many drifters, druggies, homeless, youth and others who see this as a loving place to find peace/rest. But they will NOT find the Prince of Peace here or eternal rest, only a fake version of it that 12 Tribes has invented. 
Please avoid their false religious ways that will not help you see eternal life. We pray Namon and the others repent of this cult, lest they will perish in their heresy/sin.

Here is a link on their Yellow Deli places as well..... https://bewareoffalse-unbiblicalteachers.blogspot.com/2019/12/yellow-deli-exposed.html 

Here is a link with articles that expose Hebrew Root ways:

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