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Before you read this testing please know this:

We at are biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, politics. Ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) men dress in tunic like robes according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others.

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The following is a biblical testing of Greg Gordon of Sermon Index ( SI ) to warn you of the false / unbiblical ways he is part of and his promoting false teachers to others on the web.  (He can email me any corrections to this at: / Jim)

Here is Greg winning our scripture twister award:

I will show how he waters down the standard of the Holy Word to a mere man made creed, promotes false teaching and is into ecumenicalism!! 

Jesus said to worship in spirit and truth ... John 4:24 / but Mr Gordon is FAR from holding to that!

My website is designed to show you in God's Word why roman catholicism, evangelicalism and all the other denominations are clearly NOT teaching the truth of God.


Note: I have reached out to Greg but he was very fast to JUDGE me and block me asap without even looking at the biblical evidence/proof I have documented. Frankly that is not the fruit of a godly man but a man keeping partiality ( 1 Tim 5)  that God hates. The fact is, he defended his friend Dean Taylor before he ever saw the facts! You can see a testing of Dean Taylor / Matthew Milioni and Greg's judgmental comments to me all documented at the end of this testing. 


For the following reasons you should biblically avoid Sermon Index / SI / Greg Gordon... till he repents:

*Greg has, allows, promotes and is united to false teachers with a weak, corrupt, unbiblical even heretical gospel message that Paul said was accursed, see Gal 1.  From the various men Gordon promotes on SI you can go from a sinless perfection gospel, to a kingdom anabaptist gospel to an OSAS gospel to a Sabbath keeping gospel of Ellen White (Yes, he promotes her false writings on SI.)

Note: There is NO clear gospel message to be found on his SI website .... how can this be? ( does Greg even have a gospel ? )

 ( Please see the biblical gospel/path to eternal life at the end of this testing on our resources to help you.) 

Moving on to the testing of SI / Greg Gordon

*Greg has revival conferences where he unites to various false teachers like Dean Taylor, feminized religious bodies and links to heretical calvinist types.  

*Gordon told me we are not to judge but he could not answer 1 Tim 5, Matt 18 , 1 Cor 5,  2 Thess 3 and other verses that tell us TO judge rightly, to keep sin and false doctrine out. 

*Greg said it is ok to look into and seek early church traditions, even ones like DRINKING JESUS REAL BLOOD but that is idolatry folks!

   ( I thought we are to follow and obey God's Word folks? )

*Gordon promotes the early church fathers writings. These men are uninspired ( many heretics ) and they helped lead the world into roman catholicism via the bad doctrines of men.

*Gordon said I slandered him but he never showed where I lied? Slander is lying and he needs help getting this correct or is he just doing an adhominem attack on me as truth is not on his side?

Here is a link to an audio I did on slander explained:

*Gordon has corrupt/gospel theology himself as he believes all denominations can unite as long as we are disciples of Jesus? When asked Gordon would not explain to me what Romans 16:17-18 means:

Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Greg is clearly compromised on the truth of the Word and I need to expose it here lest he deceive others and their blood is on my hands!

See Gordon's SI website info in these frames captured:

*Ecumenicalism folks!
How does this meet 1 Cor 1:10  Mr Gordon?
( believers, all speaking the same things, united in one mind? ) 

Experiencing Jesus?... Chapter and verse on this one Mr Gordon?
( my bible says follow & obey Him..... ) 

*Gordon says the website is free but, he will take your money too:

Gordon is also focused on revival but the NT bible speaks NO WHERE of a revival but of a..... great falling away!

*This statement above is just foolishness and heresy as how can we FOLLOW Jesus if we do not hold to biblical doctrine in His Word?
Jesus said hold to all of the Word Matt 4:4 and keep His commands John 14:15 yet Gordon reduces 'obeying God' to a few creed points of uninspired men. 
He is in GREAT sin and heresy himself!

Mr Gordon, How does this all meet Jesus command in Matt 28:20? 
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: 

See various false teachers below who he promotes on SI:

Luther and Calvin were murderous heretic men and Augustine was one of the WORST heretics to come along. Gordon had the nerve to tell me that my biblical testing of him and Dean Taylor was the same as men did in the past. 

Folks consider this: Gordon promotes men like murderer Calvin who had men hunted down & burned them alive over doctrine yet he blocked me ASAP just for testing him and his friends to God's Word. 

This is PURE EVIL of Greg, he needs to repent of because he will answer to God! 

Here are more of the false teachers he promotes including the 7th day cult leader E White:

Gordon promotes heretics like OSAS Paul Washer , Francis Chan (who loves to unite to Mike Bickle/ NAR ) and the trouble making, sinless perfection, Finny loving, heretic Mr. Jesse Morell 

                Washer is a heretic teacher of Calvinism 
                                 once saved always saved! 

See KP tested here at this link:

Francis Chan tested here:

See Jesse Morrell tested here:

Greg even likes to quote Roman Catholic heretics too like CS Lewis: 

You can see many more unbiblical teachers exposed at my false teachers blog here:

While Greg got upset ASAP at me for just biblically testing him and his friends, he is not opposed of testing and calling out others on SI. I guess that is as long as it is not him or his good buddies
He is in rank hypocrite in this!

In the end, my experience with Greg Gordon shows this:

He is a false teacher, ecumenical, compromised, he promotes MANY false teachers at SI and he is a 1 Tim 5 partiality practicing judgmental, Matt 23 hypocrite ( I can document it all and have here )  who refuses to be held or hold others to all of God's Word as he tries to be popular with many unbiblical groups, denominations and false men like himself to further his website. 
He needs to read Luke 16:15... God hates what men/the world esteems!

Repent Greg Gordon..... repent, as we love you.
 I hope this testing warns some true sheep and guides Greg into more truth that he so greatly lacks!

God be praised



When I reached out to Greg in love to inform him of the false doctrines in his brother Dean Taylor, he instantly sent me a article on NOT judging. It was a poorly done article ( I will be added a rebuttal of it here soon ) but it is clear by his messages to me (copied below) that Greg DOES judge asap and he does it in great error and hypocrisy too. 

Greg did not take any time to read my testings or to get to know me before he judged me wrongly / blocked me asap!!! He is also making excuses for Dean teaching a false gospel and that we are to DRINK JESUS REAL BLOOD.... it is rank idolatry folks!

Here Greg lies and judges / speaks about what he does not know ... I already went to Dean and Matthew Milioni and the testing documents what they do and teach..... 100% accurately. 

Here Greg lies and judges wrong again as my comments about him on the Dean Taylor testing are 100% documented and true not slander!

See the testings of Dean Taylor and Matthew Milioni here:

"exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints".



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