Matthew Milioni Talking in the Chasm Exposed

See all future updates on Matthew at this link that exposes him, Sattler, Finny and FOTW


Matthew is united to Sattler College / FOTW Boston


Update Feb 2021

I warned you about this wicked group!
FOTW/Finny promotes the false gospel, sodomite/lesbian approving emergent church leader Allan Hirsch

Here is Allan dressed up at pagan burning man festival. He says the world mostly thinks.... Jesus is cool!

Allen's wife Debra is into sex counseling and they both of approve sodomy / lesbianism in believers.

See the testing  with VILE details about these wicked people that Finny promotes! See them exposed here:

read on to see them exposed for much sin .....


Update Aug 2020 

More ill fruit of Matthew / FOTW...

Elijah Milioni (Matthew's teen son)  is a deceptive liar / go to this link to see it proven and even admitted by him:

read on to see more unbiblical things exposed


Update: Aug 2020

Sattler College is CLUELESS once again!
Sattler college puts on a porn addiction seminar 
with Pure Desire Ministries. This group teaches you can divorce/remarry as a believer after sexual failure, they teach a false evangelical gospel and they use NEW AGE IFS psychology therapy ways on people.
Yet Sattler promotes them????? 
See Pure Desire exposed with all the facts here:

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Their Sattler website says they do not discriminate against sexual orientation. As a so called Christian college; does this mean they will let in practicing sodomites and lesbians to take classes? Or is it all so they can be tax exempt?  
I have asked Dean Taylor, Finny and Bercot.... no replies!

See the link at the end that exposes Sattler!

I think this topic needs this drawing .....

They teach wrong theology on divorce and remarriage
See that exposed here:

Matthew/Sattler/FOTW are social justice heretics and see that evil way exposed here:

The dark kcm meme leader Matthew just keeps getting more heretical.
Here he is posting a black mans speech so you can gain understanding and knowledge from him? 

James Baldwin was an atheist & sodomite!
Here is what is very hypocritical of this all. When I reached out to Matthew in 2018 and I wanted to just cling to God's Word for truth, he told me I was wrong / bringing all my false preconceived ideas. He rejected my views as a Christ follower and mocked me yet; he promotes anti-christ sodomites openly. 

Is this the fruit of a wicked man?


Massive hypocrisy of dark kcm page. 

Here is a man being told.... NO VIOLENCE.

Yet one of the admins David Eicher is saying on video he will pay to blo up southern monuments and burn down buildings!

Hear it for yourself right below at the link on 
David Eicher Exposed......

Read Matthew 23 ...God HATES hypocrites dark kcm ones!


David Eicher / Violent Hypocrite 
Anabaptist Dark Memer Exposed


Matthews feminized house rises up!

I was just telling my godly wife (who would NEVER take to rebuking a preacher/bible teacher) that is was only a matter of time before Matthew Milioni's house shows more ill fruit and here it is in feminism.

His wife Erica had to chime in on me and remarriage yet; she knows NOTHING of the facts or my divorce / pre-convertion life. 
(I was the chief of sinners for sure) 

Notice: how she paints a planted lie in this picture of a man who abandoned his wife and small children for another woman:

Fact: I was a unregenerated man yet; I still labored and took care of my children for  16 years....all the way to age 18. (they actually came to live with me some years later) The facts of my pre Christ divorce are meaningless if you know the biblical gospel and have good theology. 

Here is the rest of her lie planting meme:

(Erica learned to lie from Matthew or him from her?)

Like Matthew and his lies, like their son Elijah with his email deceptions and like David Eicher and his lies (read on to see all those) 
Erica is painting a "picture that is a lie"! 

3 things:

1) My past before Christ is done away 
with and I am NEW / 2 Cor 5:17 
(what part of ALL things are made new do they not grasp folks?) 

2) here is my article that exposes their false theology on remarriage in a pre conversion situation:

3) Here is my drawing for Erica since she felt the need to come interject herself in theology which is not her place:

We love you Erica and in truth; you are married to and united to a bunch of heretics. 
See FOTW exposed here:

Ps since Erica has interjecting yourself, maybe she will now post on Dark KCM and explain for all of us why you live in a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and how your leader Finny can sit on $3.9 billion in money and be preaching give it all away to live like Jesus? 
We shall wait since all the men at FOTW are Rev 21:8 cowards to fess up an answer (including your heretic husband) 

Matthew Milioni is so dark,
he was quick to post about the killing of a black man by police

including posting links to the radical black lives matter group

But after days of people rioting in Minneapolis, NOTHING from Matthew denouncing that violence! He is a Matt 23 hypocrite!


Update May 2020 

I have asked Matthews brother Finny K. some direct questions about Matthew's anti christ talks, DKCM's carnality, his $4 billion dollar Eventide fund and their big homes but; he has yet to answer at all. I know he got my email as his worker at Eventide emailed me and said she passed it on to him.

See exactly what I asked him and what he wont answer, on the testing of Finny K. here:

read on to see much exposed


Go here to listen to a audio to come on why this must be exposed:


Matthew is part of this vile DKCM page / go there and see his mail to me and my public reply:


 Update April 2020

This is how Matthew Milioni's ladies dress:
(very biblical)
(public pic off his FB page)

But this is what Matthew is allowing his under age son to view

(See Elijah's comment about it here)

Titus, Anthony and David, are you proud of this?
(I already warned these men of their sin & they laughed as did Matthew) 

Fact: Matthew is a hypocrite!

Note: he is also a Prov 6 liar/slanderer as he says this on DKCM 

Folks, that is a terrible thing to say about another man. I have NEVER Shown any hatred at all and I deem no one to hell, never have. This is about false theology and truth not hate. Matthew cannot answer in the Word (2 years since I emailed him and asked him to give a answer, nothing?) as he again turns to adhom attacks. (he told FB people I was deranged and dangerous in 2018, then days later he invited me to Boston for coffee?) 
He has such a dark evil heart; when you expose him! 
(see the link on Matthew below for all the proof including his fb posts)

Repent Matthew... repent. 
(I fear they need to be born again bu their ill fruit) 


Update April 2020

Matthew Milioni really needs to get his house in order and spend less time on memes/with atheists and more with his son. This is the fruit of these people, so sad!  
See his minor son admits to emailing me under different accounts ( acting deceptive ) 

*I told you this group was full of false ungodly people.
He is lying as well, just like his dad. 
Apples do not roll far from the tree do they! 

See Matthew Milioni exposed here for this pathetic sinful union with a anti christ atheist and also for his many other unbiblical ways.


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