Pinecraft Sarasota Amish Community Exposed

We visited several times to street preach at an Anabaptist neighborhood and vacation place in south Florida. Many Mennonite and Amish people come from all over America to vacation, ride bikes and play games all day here in the warm sun. 

Note: they do not teach the biblical gospel to eternal life as they keep false religion so it is important they are challenged in love lest they deceive people and perish themselves. 



Dec 2022 

                                        A prideful, fat/gluttonous carnal Amish man got in my face! 

We returned to preach to any new people here at this Amish country club and it was again shameful! They got in my face, grabbed at me, told me to leave a public park, lied and called the police on me..... again!

See it all documented here with video:


Update Jan 24 2021

Many videos below that expose them as they called the police on us!

Here we stand outside and expose their church as unloving and dead:

Here I preach in the park and address the sins of Anabaptism:

More video the street preacher made while preaching:


They are liars as their fb reporter Katie Troyer says this:

Fact: I was done and walked away while all the people were there listening....

Fact: we have over 44 street preaching labels on our website and only 4 are anabaptist. 

Repent Katie.... God hates lying tongues! 

Update Jan 2021

We went back and street preached at this community again and while it was very sad how the ignore God's truth and are unloving, we did reach several possible sheep who listened. Go to the links to see videos where I called out the men as they played games; to talk of the gospel and none would come preach it to me. A few made excuses but they walked away in their sins and compromise with excuse. 

read on to see Pinecraft exposed


Update: Feb 2020 

We visited there again in Feb 2020 to preach the gospel and I noticed a glaring sin.  Question?

Pinecraft/Anabaptist men in general love to call out divorce and remarriage but; why do they ignore the sin of gluttony among their own?


       Them remarried people really get me in my gut!!!!     Yea, me too Levi!

                                      Hey, whats for dinner tonight???

                                                   ( image from Pinecraft Community )

See the article link that exposes them....

Here is a video their youth having fun but no interest in God's Word:

Here is a link to info and video of our second time their preaching the gospel to these dead souls. One strange angry man tried to silence my preaching by heckling and all he could do was cry out the names of past dead Anabaptist men 

as I lifted up Christ, bible truth and exposed their many sins. They had no answers biblically and oh how dead and hopeless they really are!!!!!

read on to see them exposed.....


Jan 2020

Here are some pictures that we took below and a video/audio that explains why this is a unbiblical compromised place! 

We go to these places because for the most part, these people are spiritually dead in false man made religion. They are void of the new life and gospel truth they need for salvation. We met others there who agreed with that statement saying; most Anabaptist's are not born of God. They dress and act all different than the world but in fact they are far from God's truth in many ways!

Keep in mind these Anabaptist's are making money off of people in their many businesses including being united to owners of a huge fancy worldly hotel. 

                                   complete with pool and spa.....

                                         And pricey rooms

                             ( that include wide screen tv's!!! )

They ride huge fancy Anabaptist owned buses to get there while many are against driving cars. 

Sadly, they DO NOT preach the biblical gospel to anyone and they encourage worldliness, which is sinful. The people coming down are recreating themselves as their neighbors around them are dying and going to hell! They even go to the vile beaches and lounge around in idleness when Jesus said GO preach the gospel, NOT go have fun and games! (Pure relaxation is fine but these people, in general, do NOT preach the gospel to the world per scripture.) 
We know it is loving to GO and tell them truth lest they die in their dead faith! Most all of them rejected and ignored our offering of truth to just keep playing their idol games. Thankfully we did have some good long truth talks with some of the older and younger Anabaptists ( hear the audio ) in a public park that they use for their game playing. We love them so we GO and tell them hard truth they really need to hear, even if we end up their enemies per 

Gal 4:16
Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

           Here is a video we made of our outreach to them.......

         Here is an audio made in a "open public place" when they came over to our table to talk about God's truth:

This is only a part of the long talk ( for teaching purposes ) as we communicated for along time. We turned it on when some of the men got upset and started pointing fingers and such. (You can't see them or hear them as they stood further away from me) 

Keep in mind:
*we talked a long time before and after this most heated section and it was mostly good discussion in truth. 
*I lift up my voice "loud" as I was preaching to MANY men, some more then 50 feet away who stood to listen in.
I ended up (1 Tim 5) rebuking several of the men who were leaders (saying we are all just sinners (approving sin) as they ignore their many Anabaptist sins.) 
*Others ignored the clear bible truth as they promoted false doctrine with the destruction of godly marriages via their an made doctrines 
*A heretical Holdermen man there was a heckler and he even tried to engage my wife so; he got a rebuke also.

Note: These men are such hypocrites. They call me too bold, judgmental and prideful if I just preach God's Word, but when they go to their pet sin ( divorce and remarriage ) as they always do, they believe they are just fine boldly judging and standing in their false man made ways! 

It was really wonderful in the end. So many heard God's truth and a group of youth even came over to talk truth later as the bigger group left. (they were from a town in Missouri we have witnessed in before) 

God was glorified on this day!

Here is a link that exposes the many unbiblical ways of the Anabaptist faith:

Here is a tract for them:

We love these people .....

Repent, be made NEW, come out of man made Anabaptist religion to worship God in spirit and truth!


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God be praised

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