Dank Kingdom Christian Memes Exposed

Dank (Dark) KCM Page Exposed

(this is the vileness that goes on there)

Read on to see them exposed as unbiblical vile and worldly. 

Dark One Matthew Milioni wrong again!....

See Matthew Milioni  refuted on divorce/remarriage below

I recently had email communication with Mr. Miloni where he twisted God's Word.
 See Matthew refuted on his unbiblical pet doctrine of divorce here:

read on to see DKCM exposed


Update Feb 2021

I warned you about this wicked FOTW group of Matthew Milioni.!
Finny (who's Sattler college allows sodomy)  in a video....

 promotes and uses Hirsch's emergent ways. Allan has a false gospel and sodomite/lesbian approving emergent church heresy.

Here is Allan dressed up at pagan burning man festival. He says the world mostly thinks.... Jesus is cool!

Allen's wife Debra is into sex counseling and they both of approve sodomy / lesbianism in believers.

See the testing with VILE details about these wicked people that Finny promotes! See them exposed here:

read on to see them exposed for much sin .....


Update Nov 2020 

See Finny and Matthews confused gospel teaching 
exposed/refuted here:
Update Aug 2020 

More ill fruit of Matthew / DKCM...

Elijah Milioni (Matthew's teen son)  is a deceptive liar / go to this link to see it proven and even admitted by him:

read on to see more unbiblical things exposed


Update Aug 2020 

Another Dark CKM-er found to be a heretic:

read on for many facts that expose this vile group


Update: Aug 2020

Sattler College (dkcm related)  is CLUELESS once again!
Sattler college puts on a porn addiction seminar 
with Pure Desire Ministries. This group teaches you can divorce/remarry as a believer after sexual failure, they teach a false evangelical gospel and they use NEW AGE IFS psychology therapy ways on people.
Yet Sattler promotes them????? 
See Pure Desire exposed with all the facts here:

read on .....



more ill fruit n this group...

Dean Taylor, Titus Kuepfer and Dru Lattin all promote and praise the Moravian's as great examples on a pod cast.  Folks, that group was mystic, they worshiped Jesus side wound, they called Jesus a female and made sexual references of his side wound, the leaders son claimed to be the living side wound and some claimed they leaned into homosexual erotic ways; but these dark kcm men praise them?

Dark kcm is indeed evil and dark!

See the Moravian's exposed here:

read on to see Dark kcm exposed


(to see the worldliness, lies, social justice heresy, carnality and false theology of this dark kcm page, read on. Then at the end of this testing see many links with biblical proof/articles on why their kingdom theology (Anabaptist/FOTW/Sattler etc) are not biblical and have a heretical gospel)

Listen here to for a brief overview of why I must stand against DKCM/Matthew Milioni/FOTW and their various false kingdom teachings.
(more audios to come there soon)


Another Dark kcm member exposed: heretic Dru Lattin



June 2020


Dark kcm goes into the dark (a private page for main dark memers)


It pays to earnestly contend for the faith (see Jude) and to mark and expose false teachers (see Romans 16:17) as I have done to Dark kcm.

I would be joyful to know my labor had a small part in this but I know, it is God's holy truth/Heb 4;12 sword that really sliced them up, exposed them and drove them into the dark.

(perhaps Finny K / David B had something to do with their public vileness going secret? I have emailed them though they have been too cowardly to reply back in anyway)

Now all the darkest die hard dark kcm memers are heading into a even darker bunker of a private dark kcm page only for the active darkest dark ones

At least this will make it harder for them to deceive more people and that is the goal all along. We pray they repent as we love them. 

Glory to God!

They remind me of John 3;19-21
And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

They have run off into the dark to still do their vile sinful ways.
Maybe they will be off to the real dark web next?

Updates will still be added here as their dark ways need to be exposed for the love of the truth.

Note: I fear for them all as they are very far from God's truth and act as deceivers. Example: Matthew M. admits to strange spiritual manifestations he has had, Titus/Anthony seem clueless for full truth/a biblical gospel and David E. heard God talk out loud to him and he wants to blow things up! (read on to see it all) 

(did I mention they are .... dark?)

Repent dark ones, repent!


Kingdom False Gospel Destroyed!

Here is a audio I just did on Pentecost and the biblical gospel Peter preached there in Acts 2. 
Peter preached Jesus raised up and crucified 6 times!!!!
(Paul preached Christ crucified as well 2 Tim 2:8)
Matthew told me that is not the gospel .....  
Peter's gospel is NOT the same gospel that anabapists and Kingdom groups preach today. They have a accursed Gal 1 ..false gospel. 

Here is an article on Paul's inspired words on the true gospel:

Before you read this testing please know this:

dontperish.com encourages biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we preach the biblical gospel, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) men in tunics, according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. My wife and I travel full time (self funded) and I preach the gospel all over America in the streets, at events and at religious places. The Word of God is our authority for truth.


Dark kcm loves to stir up the racial history issue pot. 
See social justice exposed here:


Note: notice over the last few months how the 
dark kcm ones have to ad hom 
attack and make silly memes that are void of 
any solid biblical correction for me.
(fact: exposing false teachers is only a small part of what I do)
My website is full of 2500 resources that preach, teach and make disciples and we travel full time / preach the gospel in the streets all over America.  
Go here to access much biblical truth:



Here is a testing of Keeshon Marshall Washington and his vile race baiting Mennonite ways (that dark kcm pages approves of) 
done sinfully and tragically 
in Christ's Holy name.


Here is a article on the "false social justice gospel movement" that this ill dark page promotes. It is of satan, another dark one.


The dark kcm meme leader Matthew just keeps getting more heretical.
Here he is posting a black mans speech so you can gain understanding and knowledge from him? 

James Baldwin was an atheist & sodomite!
Here is what is very hypocritical of this all. When I reached out to Matthew in 2018 and I wanted to just cling to God's Word for truth, he told me I was wrong / bringing all my false preconceived ideas. He rejected my views as a Christ follower and mocked me yet; he promotes anti-christ sodomites openly. 
Is this the fruit of a wicked man?


Massive hypocrisy of dark kcm page. 

Here is a man being told.... NO VIOLENCE.

Yet one of the admins David Eicher is saying on video he will pay to blow up southern monuments and burn down buildings!

Hear it for yourself right below at the link on 
David Eicher Exposed......

Read Matthew 23 ...God HATES hypocrites dark kcm ones!


David Eicher / Violent Hypocrite 
Anabaptist Dark Memer Exposed 




Matthews feminized house rises up!

I was just telling my godly wife (who would NEVER take to rebuking a preacher/bible teacher) that is was only a matter of time before Matthew Milioni's house shows more ill fruit and here it is in feminism.

His wife Erica had to chime in on remarriage yet; she knows NOTHING of the facts of my divorce / pre-convertion life. 
(I was the chief of sinners for sure) 

Notice: how she paints a planted lie in this picture of a man who abandoned his wife and small children for another woman:

Fact: I was a unregenerated man yet; I still labored, saw them daily and took care of my children for  16 years, all the way to age 18. (they actually came to live with me) The facts of my pre Christ divorce are meaningless if you know the biblical gospel and have good theology. 

Here is the rest of her lie planting meme:

(has Erica learned to lie from Matthew or him from her?)

Like Matthew and his lies, like their son Elijah with his email deceptions and like David Eicher and his lies (read on to see all those) Erica is painting a "picture that is a lie"! 

Here is her comment about me:

Like Matthew in 2018 did to me, she is inferring I am hateful and violent when I show no such ways ever? I do hate their false ways. See psalm 119;104 (I am 58 and never been arrested or abusive) Sadly I guess un-regenerated ex skin head gang members (that they seem to be by their fruit) defer to violent thoughts. I pray they get new hearts / minds and this is why I battle for the biblical gospel truth that alone; would set them free.  

3 things here:

1) My past before Christ is done away 
with and I am NEW / 2 Cor 5:17 
(what part of ALL things are made new do they not grasp folks?) 

2) here is my article that exposes their false theology on remarriage in a pre conversion situation:

3) Here is my drawing for Erica since she felt the need to come interject herself in theology which is not her place per scripture:

We love you Erica and in truth; you are married to and united to a bunch of heretics. 
See FOTW exposed here:

Ps since Erica has interjecting yourself, will she now post on Dark KCM and explain for all of us why your young son views and comments on harlot ladies on Dark KCM memes, why you live in a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and how your leader Finny can sit on $3.9 billion in money and be preaching give it all away to live like Jesus? 
We shall wait since all the men at FOTW are Rev 21:8 cowards to fess up an answer (including your heretic husband) 

read on to see Dark KCM exposed


It was brought to my attention so I thought I would show you how vile / slanderous these kingdom memer's are; including how they lie!

David Eicher said this:

David is a wicked liar who needs to repent. 
Before and on the same night I posted the drawing of the Dark KCM'ers killing truth, 

I also posted this audio where I clearly condemned the murder of that poor man. 

I also state on the post with the picture, it was a murder.
Sadly, David is a Prov 6 liar (he lied about me making up new websites once too) and he is right where he belongs on dark KCM. 

Note: Matthew also lied back in 2018 stating I place Paul at the gospel center and he claimed I was dangerous, unstable and other false things. (read about that documented on my testing of Matthew at the end of this post) Like I have said all along, when they cannot contend in the truth, they lie.  The truth is not in them (a lot like Jesus said about.... satan) 

Repent David/Matthew, we love you....

***Note: David has made a correction to his lie/comment about me and I do appreciate that. It is telling though; as this is the second time he has commented about me and had to make corrections. Lies seem to run in these Dark KCM folks!
(see Mathew and Elijah's past track record)
God hates false witnesses / lies amen? Rev 22:14-15
It clearly shows David is NOT using good discernment or wisdom and speaks on matters before he knows. That the Proverbs says; is the way of a fool! That also would explain why his anabaptist theology and associations are also so very heretical! 

We want better for him and his house! 


Kingdom False Gospel Destroyed!

Here is a audio I just did on Pentecost and the biblical gospel Peter preached there in Acts 2. 
Peter preached Jesus raised up and crucified 6 times!!!!
(Paul preached Christ crucified as well 2 Tim 2:8)
Matthew told me that is not the gospel .....  
Peter's gospel is NOT the same gospel that anabapists and Kingdom groups preach today. They have a accursed Gal 1 ..false gospel. 

Here is an article on Paul's inspired words on the true gospel:

read on to see why they are spiritually dead, lack truth and they are in much sin ....


Kingdom Sodomite Embracer's 

Since the defense of sinful sodomy came up not long ago on the Dark KCM page,
I am waiting for someone from / associated with Sattler college to answer this simple question:

Sattler's website says they do not discriminate against sexual orientation. As a so called Christian college; does this mean they will let in practicing sodomites and lesbians to take classes? Or is it all so they can be tax exempt?  
I have asked Dean Taylor, Finny and Bercot.... no replies!

See the link at the end that exposes Sattler!

I think this topic needs this drawing .....

Sattler says they do not discriminate against sexual orientation on their website! See it all exposed here:

Note: they teach wrong theology on pre conversion divorce and remarriage. See a article on that here:


The Dark KCM people just get darker......

Many of them jumping on the race riot band wagon and it is wicked and sinful. 

If you think this drawing I did is too raw; I just depicted "truth" being murdered, (not a person) by Dark KCM page. 

Before they all cry foul; I need to remind you what the Dark KCM people post to make their points:

Guns and blowing people up literally....

little children about to be mutilated

Throwing people to their deaths and laughing....

More guns firing ....

More guns pointed at people.....

And Matthew using LUST to illustrate his points....

I think this is all a matter of they can "dish it out" their memes but they "cant take it" when they get exposed via drawings that prove they are unbiblical and in heresy and wickedness.  

And if no one reads my website, (per Matthew) why do my drawings and my name keep making their page? Note: I have never placed any there nor have I asked them to do so. They must be bored or perhaps bothered by the truth! 

Are they stalking me and my page? :) 
(Matthew called it stalking when I looked at peoples public FB page to test them) 

I pray they repent as we love and care about them all but we must warn people about their false ways.   


As a leader of Dark KCM page Matthew Milioni is so very dark,
he was quick to post about the killing of a black man by white police.

(I have blocked out the mans face / Matthew did not!) 

Milioni posted this actual picture of the man dying. Would Matthew like it if Floyd was his family member and he was being posted all over the web this way?) 

Matthew included links to the vile hateful radical black lives matter group

All the inferring that "this is about race" but their is no proof yet of it at all. Was the man murdered yes, and it was shameful indeed.. I condemn murder!  But was it because he was a black man? There is no evidence of that, at this point. Only a fool speaks on what he does not know! See Prov 29:11 
But many after days of people rioting in Minneapolis and all over the country, NOTHING from Matthew denouncing all that violence! He is a Matt 23 hypocrite and by this he is also a RACE BAITER ..... that is wicked!

Here is a audio I just did on Race Baiting:

read on to see them exposed for many unbiblical ways......

These people are rank hypocrites with their vile memes/comments.
Even to the point of spreading approval of sodomy!
Read on to see them exposed.....

Young people are being corrupted by this vile dark page (including Matthews own son)

In love, I am concerned about the false doctrines and sin this page will spread.  Read on to see why they are not in the truth. Also please see links at the bottom of this testing that biblically lay out their false gospel and many other heresies of the Kingdom group theology.



Lots of feminizism going on at DKCM


So I looked back in to DKCM briefly
I am now calling them the Dark Kingdom Corrupt Meme page!
Matthew Milioni admits they are dark. Look at his words over my drawing that he has as the picture for DKCM

(it says.... darkest!)

Matthew/DKCM are dark

Need more proof? read on....

He is all excited about a WAR video that was posted w/ scriptures...

Yet this group stands totally against all "violence and war" but the video is all violence and war and Milioni.... LOVES IT!!!

And his young son is on the Christian gamer page posting his adoration of..... war video games?

I do not make this stuff up, so sad!

Mathews house really needs to be put in order. See Titus 1
God sees and knows what sinful hypocrites they are, please be warned! 


***I have been using my "drawings for truth" for many years, long before Dark KCM came along. 
Since there is so much interest, I will be adding biblical drawings to this dedicated link (on a regular basis) that will refute / expose unbiblical teachings and proclaim God's truth to edify the saints. Check in often if you are interested or click follow by email at my teaching blog:

Another heresy being spread on this Dark page
Water Baptism does NOT save you!


Listen here to for a brief overview of why I must stand against DKCM/Matthew Milioni/FOTW and their various false kingdom teachings.
(more audios to come there soon)


Update May 2002

Sadly, I knew they would get darker and darker.
See these posts where they say Christians about including and accepting sodomy / lesbianism.

Last time I read my Old and New Testament God still views homosexuality as sin but the dark kcm memer's think it is ok? 

read on to see them exposed....


Update May 2020 

I have asked Matthews brother Finny K. some direct questions about Matthew's anti christ talks, DKCM's carnality, his $4 billion dollar Eventide fund and their big homes but; he has yet to answer at all. I know he got my email as his worker at Eventide emailed me and said she passed it on to him.

See exactly what I asked him and what he wont answer, on the testing of Finny K. here: 

NO answer from so called Apostle Finny.... I am waiting?

read on to see much exposed


Update May 2020 

Just google... "Dank Kingdom Christian Memes"

My testing comes up on page #1 and Matthew Milioni said no one looks at my website? A Prophet he is NOT! 

read on to see him and DarkKCM exposed


Update May 2020 

Matthew's house/FOTW/DKCM unbiblical, in heresy and feminized? See this DKCM post....

You decide but it looks really bad, if you know God's Word!
I wonder when their FOTW female Apostle ordination ceremony is?

read on to see them tested to the Word....



Matthew just emailed me (5/1/2020) and you can see my reply to it publically (not to him directly) as a teaching moment here at this link:

He nor Finny have not replied to date!


I checked back in and it is so sad! Do you want to see the vile nature of DKCM and its members?

This is how Matthew Milioni's ladies dress:
(very biblical)
(public pic off his FB page)

But this is what Matthew is allowing his under age son to view

(See Elijah's comment about it here)

Titus, Anthony and David, are you proud of this?
(I already warned these men of their sin & they laughed as did Matthew) 

Fact: Matthew is a hypocrite!

Note: he is also a Prov 6 liar/slanderer as he says this on DKCM 

Folks, that is a terrible thing to say about another man. I have NEVER Shown any hatred at all and I deem no one to hell, never have. This is about false theology and truth not hate. Matthew cannot answer in the Word (2 years since I emailed him and asked him to give a answer, nothing?) as he again turns to adhom attacks. (he told FB people I was deranged and dangerous in 2018, then days later he invited me to Boston for coffee?) 
He has such a dark evil heart; when you expose him! 
(see the link on Matthew below for all the proof including his fb posts)

Repent DKCM men... repent. 
(I fear they need to be born again bu their ill fruit) 


Fact: many of the DKCMers have come in deception/lies via emails showing the fruit of their dark hearts, so sad! (including Matthews own young son Elijah / read on to see the details)


As a reminder:
Please know the Christian life is about serving Christ in truth, preaching the biblical gospel and teaching others to obey Matt 28:20 
It is not about worldly, unbiblical, confused doctrines via idle time on a corrupt worldly meme page. 1 Peter 1 ;15.... be ye holy

For those who have asked and are interested, see all the links at the end of this testing for why they are teaching false ways. I will also do a audio series on why I must in love oppose DKCM/FOTW/Matthew Milioni for their various false doctrines per Romans 16:17. 
I will do them one by one (in detail) as a teaching moment to edify the saints. Stay tuned at this link....
Listen to the audio's to come here:

Unity is just a laughing matter to these DKCM men 
but God's Word demands it. Are are articles about biblical unity:

When will they explain the hypocrisy of saying they "live like Jesus" as their Apostle Finny sits on a $3.9 billion dollar fund for profit?

Finny's Fund exposed here:


(me Jim waiting for any biblical answers from men of FOTW / DKCM)

Lots of memes going on but still NO scriptural correction sent from any of the men to me. 
I am still waiting for Matthew, Finny, (waiting for 2 years for them as i emailed Matthew directly 2 years ago/ see that sad communication documented on the links below) D. Bercot, D. Taylor, David, Anthony or Titus to send me ANYTHING biblical to correct my claims about them! 

Yes, still waiting?

And I thought Titus 1 says teachers are to be able to give an answer and convince? 

Jim / dontperish@outlook.com


For a short season, I looked into this heretical page called DKCM close to get facts and test it to lovingly warn others. The truth is clear to see for anyone who goes through the info / articles / links I offer here at the end of this testing.  DKCM has a false gospel, twisted theology, damnable associations, mysticism and worldly compromised ways that MUST be avoided, if you love God and want His truth alone. 

I no longer view it but; I will check it once in a while to add content here to help warn you .....

We love them all and pray they repent.
For now, I leave them to their heretical fleshly false meme fun.   


Before you read this testing please know this:

dontperish.com encourages biblical New Testament followers of Christ who have left the denominational man made religious world, we preach the biblical gospel, we reject the ways of the culture like TV, sports, entertainment, our ladies head cover / dress (in loose, plain dresses) men in tunics, according to the Word of God, we reject all pagan ways like Christmas and Easter and we cling to ONLY the biblical church ways that Jesus ordained through Paul and the other apostles. We believe and will practice only holy, orderly controlled OPEN gatherings (mostly in homes or out doors) where all born again obedient men can bring what God gives them to share. No ONE man is in control but multiple men shall over see (elders) not lord over others. My wife and I travel full time (self funded) and I preach the gospel all over America in the streets, at events and at religious places. The Word of God is our authority for truth.


I wonder when Matthew will meme about Finny's billions in his investment fund vs living like Jesus?

What hypocrites!!!!


Update April 2020

J.Anthony told me I was prideful and hubris for thinking I can actually believe and 
stand on what God's Word says for truth. (he inspired this drawing)

My Savior Jesus said this to prove Anthony wrong!

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
John 14;26

read on to see more DKCM hypocrisy and error


Update April 2020 

In more MASSIVE hypocrisy, DKCM's Matthew posts a video on FB of David Bercot exposing another teachers false doctrines. (keep in mind Matthew has told me it is prideful and wrong to test and expose others, when I tested/exposed him and FOTW) In fact, he mocked and made fun of it all, then he lied on FB. 

Some FB people got upset and here is Matthews responses:

So... let me get this straight; is ok for David Bercot, Matthew and saints of old to test and warn others of false teachers; but when dontperish does it (tests them) it is prideful and wrong?
Matthew 23 "hypocrites" they are indeed.

read on.....  


Update April 2020

I continue to see the rotten fruit of their DKCM page. I have received many emails (even ones from Matthew Milioni's own son) with people LYING to gain access only to be DKCM'ers..... just trolling me.
Thankfully it is God's truth and wisdom always roots them out asap!

This is the fruit of these sad people and this heretical page.  

read on to see them exposed


Update April 2020

More examples of the lies/bad theology and in this case feminism that goes on in this false page called DKCM

read on to see them tested and exposed 


Update April 

Matthew Milioni 
Please have your minor son "stop" emailing me! 
Elijah already admitted to emailing me 9 times before and being deceptive/lying about who he was so, he cannot be trusted for truth. (just like you his dad)
I have not asked him to nor ever replied to him so tell him to stop
Why is a teen reaching out when his dad, a so called Apostle, hides from giving a answer? 

But I already saw the bad theology of the Milioni house from you when you could not contend in the Word and then you went on to slander/lie about me on fb. I have no interest in communicating with you or your teen novice. (I would read biblical answers to my testings if ever emailed to me) The biblical truth sadly, is not valued in your house. You really need to work on your parenting. 

Note: I did finally block Elijah's email but we keep getting FAKE people on other emails???

By the way.....

Still waiting for any biblical correction or reply via email from the men at FOTW / DKCM? (see all the links at the end of this post)
Maybe you could start with your incomplete gospel vs Paul's biblical gospel:

 And, is managing 4 billion dollars for wealthy folks, really living like Jesus did, as you all teach? 
(see Apostle Finny who made my scripture twister list) 

All that time to meme, but no biblical answers for going on to two years now? 

read on..... 


Update April 2020

Matthew Milioni really needs to get his house in order and spend less time on memes/with atheists and more with his son. This is the fruit of these people, so sad! 
His minor son admits to emailing me under different accounts ( acting deceptive ) 

Note: the same day I also got some weird fb messages from a man named Louis sending me a bunch of memes, that interestingly had the same little water mark that Elijah Milioni uses, huh?

*I warned you this group 
was full of false, foolish, ungodly fleshly 

He is lying as well, just like his dad. 
Apples do not roll far from the tree do they! 

Matthew have your "minor son" STOP contacting me ok?

read on to see DKCM exposed


This testing gave the dkcm page something to talk about but it was sad. Rather then reading this testing below and sending me any biblical refuting, they went after my godly wife, made personal attacks, made funny comments and then deleted some of those posts. It is the sad fruit of those people who enjoy that unbiblical page. when Jesus said go preach the gospel, make disciples and teach them to obey all He commanded. Yet they waster their time on DKCM.  

(me waiting for them to send biblical answers)

Lots of memes but still NO scripture or correction sent from any of the men....
I am still waiting for Matthew, Finny, (waiting 2 years for them) D. Bercot, D. Taylor, David, Anthony or Titus to send me ANYTHING biblical to correct my claims about them! 

Still waiting?

And I thought Titus 1 says teachers are to be able to give an answer and convince? 

Jim / dontperish@outlook.com


Dank Kingdom Christian Memes..... Exposed

Romans 16;17-18 
Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

There is a sad, heretical group floating the internet these days called Dank Kingdom Christian Memes.  (They also do a DKCM podcast.)

*** These men can laugh/make jokes all they want but not one of them has brought me any biblical correction/refuting, even though I have tried to reach out to them all. (Matthew tried to get me into the early church fathers as truth but he had NO biblical answer to my questions, then he lied/slandered me online, just to smear me / Titus just ignored the truth and told me he did not like my attitude because I pointed out his sin, in love by the way) 
I find them all to be heretics against God's Word so I must oppose them publically as false men were opposes in scripture!

aihretikos in Greek ... it means a person who goes into schism / a follower of false religious ways.
***That was for David Eicher who is confused on what a heretic really is. It seems he is calling me a heretic/divisive online but he has not shown me anything (in the Word) that I have in error to correct me? Scripture teaches us to divide out from false teachers and Jesus indeed came to divide. See Matt 10 
David is quite clueless as to biblical truth and discernment. 

The goal of their endeavor, it seems, is to use memes (w/humor) to somehow spread & pass off their brand of Kingdom truth to others. I know about using internet and other sources to get truth across as I use them as well, no problem there.

As my cartoon shows, their theology is a dangerous thing that will destroy them and others as well. This group is crossing many lines going into worldliness, lies and heresy, so in love I must speak out. 

Their group is new so I will be adding to this testing over time with updates to warn you about them per God's Word, not my opinions

I also want to be clear about the reason for this testing. I love them all but they are a great danger! If one soul will see my testing and is spared from these men, I will rejoice! That is why I do these testings for love of my neighbor. Scripture commands we expose evil / false teaching and leave those who teach it. See Eph 5 / 2 Tim 3  

Many topics discussed here can be accessed on my teaching blog:

Sadly most of the DKCM people belong there as they seem to love the lies. My goal is to warn anyone with a ear to hear the truth about their MANY false ways and heretical views that this group will spread. I base my theology from holy scripture but these men pull from much wider sources like early church fathers, traditions of men, opinion & authors. Their views that bring in heresy range from their false gospel message, a false atonement view, compromise of scripture, ecumenicalism, worldliness and even delving into mysticism. All of these men claim some form of anabaptist faith system, which is a man made religious way from the 1500-1600's. Though one of the men, Matthew, will say: "Oh we are NOT anabaptist" as his fellow founder Finny runs a college that is called ANABAPTIST (Sattler) 
Such hypocrisy abounds there!  

This DKCM group is made up by 4 men :

*Matthew Milioni a heretic whom I know well, from Followers of the Way in Boston. I have reached out to him and I did a large testing of him at the end of this link, proving his false ways. We have communicated in the past via email and I found Matthew to be, how do I say this nice, a mean spirited pride filled heretical liar.Read all about that at the link at the end of this article. 

Want to see how Matthew dealt with my reaching out to him in 2018? (he lied) Go here and see it all documented / his messages at the end of the testing.


*Titus Kuepfer is a novice to the faith as far as discernment and is a heretical man that I have reached out to via messenger. He was shown to be totally clueless to the truth, and even profane, offering me vile violent war movies to watch vs truth. (He repented of promoting vile tiger king but then he right away sent me vile war movies, so he lacks true repentance.) 

Here was Titus answer to his guest promoting roman catholics on his podcast:

*David Eicher (I did reach out to him "after" he lied about me but he never communicated back with anything at all) I can tell by his theology, he is also into heresy. Note: He likes to make up headlines about me and my ministry on the internet and he thinks it is funny. "Funny, satire lying" is still lying David. See Rev 22:14-15 for your fate lest you repent. 
He writes that I am starting new websites and such; total lies!

*Anthony Hertzler. I did send a message/this testing to him. He saw it and I offered him to correct me, I will add it to the testing and then I will answer it. I am waiting for that from him? I don't know much about Anthony. I do know that by his associations at DKCM, it is safe to say Anthony either is into their heresy or is plain "ok" sitting close to it for the fellowship and fun.  

Here is Anthony's answer thus far:

Note: I never said "unbiblical heresies" on this testing but in my message to him, I did. Anthony was picking at my words. (heresy can have a secular/division and religious/false side to it) I await his correction email on the meat of the matters. I will share here if comes. Still waiting for any biblical correction from him? 

Anthony did tell me I was full of pride and hubris for calling them all out and standing against their false ways. ( yet Matthew was on the DKCM page telling a man to stop swearing or he would toss him out! So is it pride and hubris to know what is right and act upon it boldly Anthony? 

What hypocrisy they do carry!

*** I will be adding testings about these men over time as needed. 

Titus 1 says leaders are to be HOLY and SOBER, sadly these men are clearly not either of those! 

Also, keep in mind what Paul's says in 1 Cor 1:10
Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

That is true biblical unity Paul speaks of and that is what we should strive for. These 4 men could care less about what Paul said nor do they hold to it. They are compromised/united in error in so many ways and seemingly happy to be that way! (Mathew said on video that it is the brother's who can decide on theological diversity in a body. No Matthew, it is God's Word that does that via doctrine 2 Thess 2:15 / see the link on him below to see that video) 

Some will say this DKCM is all good fun but it is not. 

First, Christ followers are to be holy and sober (1 Peter 1:15 / Titus 1 not silly and worldly. 
Second, these men and the meme theology they inspire, reek of unbiblical ways, error, lies, heresy and worldliness. In love, I have to warn you that they will deceive you if you are not discerning enough to test it all in the Word. 

As I said, I know Matthew's views well and the links below expose his many false heretical ways that most DKCM people usually share. It appears these other 3 men either agree, or are willing to go along for the sake of fun. (The word of God says flee those in false doctrines, per Titus 3)

For the following reasons I would warn you against going to these men or DKCM for your theology / meme entertainment and the links at the end proves it all:

1) They have a heretical gospel (down play Christ's blood/they do not preach Him crucified for salvation or the born again message)  
2) They have an unbiblical view of the atonement (they teach ransom/God paying off satan/death)
3) They believe in a heretical Lords supper (drink Jesus real blood and eating His real flesh) 
4) They are willing to lift up uninspired sources as truth 
(Early church 'fathers' , mystics and false authors)
5) They are worldly, using carnal pictures of sinful worldliness/immodesty for fun / entertainment.
6) They will take you into mysticism / roman catholicism
7) They are compromised on truth and biblical holiness.  
8) They are both willingly and subtly ecumenical.
9) They are feminized having ladies involved on line discussions of theology without their husbands involved. 
10) They promote MANY false teachers/false doctrines.

*I prove this all biblically at the many links below
A visit to their DKCM site will show you all kinds of worldly/immodest images being used for so called teaching, fun / entertainment. Romans 12:2, 1 John 2:15 and James 4:4 come to mind. 

Here are some early troubling things as examples of this false group I hear or saw in only several visits to the page/ offerings:

*On a live feed discussion Matthew is down playing the blood in salvation (he told me the gospel is not Jesus shedding his blood for the forgiveness of our sins) 
*On a live feed Matthew is promoting drinking Jesus real blood.  
*In a recent podcast Milioni, several times raves about the roman catholic mystic heretic Brother Lawrence's book. The man was a roman catholic pagan contemplative praying monk and he is promoting it to the masses. (see a link that exposes Lawrence below) 
*Titus did a podcast and his guest Joel Martin says the roman catholic Franciscan's were good biblical kingdom role models! (Titus had no answer when I asked him on that, other then he hide from truth other then to ask me for money/donations) 
*In a live feed David is promoting the Anglican church heresies.
*In a DKCM live feed David and Titus were suggesting worldly entertainment (tiger king /the office) as Matthew laughed!
*Titus is out there promoting mystic leaning heretic Francis Chan

There is more but you see the early issues, I hope?

Moving on:
I cannot help but think they do not redeem their time well. Between Matthew doing fun interviews with a anti Christ best friend Felix (see the link talking in the chasm exposed below n the article) to Titus recommending worldly movies / tv shows to David promoting vile tv / spreading lies on line and their attempts at internet pithy humor, it is easy to think these so called godly men have lots of time on their hands. (Do they have daily ministries or teachings on line to edify the saints?) As I said, it also seems they read unending piles of uninspired authors and try to make them into holy inspired theology. Redeeming time Eph 5:16 comes to mind again, when I consider the fact they daily are active on memes vs doing what Jesus commanded:

*Preach the gospel Mark 16 
*Make disciples Matt 28:19
*Teach them to obey all He commanded Matt 28:20

Here are some of the samples of their DKCM memes. 
Other people create and send in memes about theology/ideas, including women.

So true as... David is fleshly / silly and he admits he likes to lie!

Worldly images used by Anthony.....

Carnality / immodesty used (I cropped it out)

More worldly images used....

Joking about worldliness by David....

Matthew wrong on the Apocrypha....

David promoting false doctrine and images of Christ ....

Feminism rules here as women are NOT to be out there getting/ teaching theology without their husbands as it is dangerous. (Eve showed us that)  

Titus posting a worldly music video for fun. There is NOTHING funny about Copeland and his many evil heresies Titus! 


It is very hard for me to believe that SOMEONE in their circles with more wisdom, elder insight and discernment ( Finny or David Bercot ??? ) has not counseled them on this all. I even learned Dean Taylor (Sattler college President) is a member of the DKCM group. Perhaps they do not have such wise men in their circles after all?

In the end, this group lacks the seriousness and holiness of the truth of God (sound doctrine) as exampled by their false gospel/theology and the fruit of this sad page/podcast called DKCM. ( or Talking in the Chasm)

I pray they repent...... 


Here is a link that biblically exposes kingdom theologies of Matthew Milioni and thus most of the DKCM peoples false ways.
It also shows who Mr. Milioni really is in his heart, a liar who has never repented! On that testing are many other links at the end that expose various kingdom theologies, Sattler College, David Bercot, Dean Taylor, Kingdom Fellowship Weekend, Anabaptist's and more....

Talking in the Chasm Exposed

Brother Lawrence exposed

Many Articles that Exposed the Mennonite Faith here:

Sattler College Exposed

Your time Dark KCMers would be much better spent in the Word of God (2 Tim 2:15) and obeying it to eternal life vs entertaining yourself with a bunch of worldly carnal heretics on line. 
I love enough to offer that suggestion. Titus 1 & 2 calls people to soberness / holiness, not silliness. 

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
2 Tim 3:5

Let me know how I can help you in the truth and see our resources below, especially the gospel to eternal life.

God be praised


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