Dave Eicher Exposed

The following is a testing of heretic anabapstist Dave Eicher.... 

I had tested Dave's buddies / Dark KCM page and to be honest, I am more sickened by what I see at every turn. They are getting darker and more dark/heretical at every turn. (You can read about it all on the testing link below and read how the Mennonite / Kingdom groups faith is NOT biblical.)  

Dave is NOT biblical and he has the typical false gospel of the anabaptist faith (lacking Christ crucified preached) and many more heretical ways. 

Here is the biblical gospel:

Dave makes wicked parody songs (and writes graphic details Paul said to not speak of) from hymns about child molesters!

See it on video here:

His own sick writings:

Read on for more evidence against him but see some updates first.....

Update June 2022

Violent/vile humor Dave gets hired by sinful Sattler College and I did a post on it to be added to the testing of that corrupt college.

See Sattler exposed here:

May 2022 

Daves buddy Matthew Milioni teaches mercy is killing people with fire:  (hear him say it on video)



Update March 2022

David is tight with this group/they hired him in 2022

Sattler/FOTW Founder Finny's business partner linked to porn pushing company:


David is a social justice heretic as well:

He loves to stir up the racial history issue pot. 
See social justice exposed here:


This testing is to expose David Eicher and his unbiblical / violent and hypocritical ways. I have already shown in the past how he lies and does not make truthful claims and he has had to retract several of them about me already. That proves that he is NOT a discerning man and he lacks wisdom. He did retract them and I am wonder if he will repent of this next sin he is promoting publicly?

Here is a example of his hypocrisy;

When I used the situation of a sad cultural event (a murder) to state a point in a drawing I did, David called me out for it!

But days later here is David 

Doing just what I did. What a hypocrite he is!!!

Read on to hear his violent fleshly ways for yourself.

Note: none of this is out of context, as I watched it all and it is in context!

Eicher is a Mennonite/anabaptist and they CLAIM to be non violent/non resistance in their theology. While that theology is in fact unbiblical for many reasons, David does NOT even hold to it and is a gross confused hypocrite as I will show you in his own words below.

*Keep in mind this man is a school teacher who will be influencing young minds and this makes this all more troubling and  VERY scary!

In this video clip David is all emotional about the white crimes that have happen to blacks in the south and it is all very true. That was sin and I call all hate and violence against others as that, sin! But David shows his massive hypocrisy when he claims to be non resistant in Christ, yet he says he is willing to pay money to blow things up in the south! That sounds violent to me!!!
Listen for yourself....    

In this video, Eicher says the south was so sinful (and they were) that the very waving of a confederate flag to blacks is a slap in their face and they should be angry and insulted. Makes sense but does this apply to all of history Eicher?

 David is the same man who will sit on a podcast with Matthew Milioni and listen to him lift up and promote roman heretic catholic men ( Brother Lawrence ) and not say a word. 
Is David NOT aware of the 50 million people some historians say the roman catholic church / popes tortured and burned alive in the dark ages? Per Davids ideals, the very mention of roman catholic's with their satanistic theology that still today calls all non catholic's worthy of the death penalty, that should drive us to want to: pay to blow up the vatican? 

Note: David never corrected Matthew or call out the false roman catholic being promoted. ( Brother Lawrence, a monk, was a occult contemplative prayer mystic and David missed that too )
Milioni, FOTW and Sattler college are often promoting murderous roman catholic theologians. (David is united to all of that but he hates the south for their black crimes and wants to blow up their places.)

As proof of the Milioni house train wreck; here is Erica Milioni, quoting their young son Elijah Milioni who references a papal heretic knee bender GK Chesterton. 

Note: I am OFFENDED as a biblical Jesus follower by anyone who quotes and promotes a man/a religious system that tortured / killed millions of people in Jesus name!  ( but I wont go blow things up like David will.... )

See GK Chesterton exposed here as a papal heretic:


Update Feb 2021

Here is Daves close brothers fruit...

I warned you about this wicked FOTW group!
Finny (who's Sattler college allows sodomy)  in a video....

 promotes and uses Hirsch's emergent ways. Allan has a false gospel and sodomite/lesbian approving emergent church heresy.

Here is Allan dressed up at pagan burning man festival. He says the world mostly thinks.... Jesus is cool!

Allen's wife Debra is into sex counseling and they both of approve sodomy / lesbianism in believers.

See the testing with VILE details about these wicked people that Finny promotes! See them exposed here:

read on to see them exposed for much sin .....


David  seems quite clueless for biblical truth. He has zeal for the black plight but he has it in great hypocrisy and sin. 

After his long rant against the south and its past hatred of blacks (that was sinful) and after he says he would blow things up, David has the nerve to say he "thinks he is with Jesus on this one"


Chapter and verse where my Lord and Savior would be violent enough blow up anything Mr Eicher? His only act of physical anger was to drive men and animals out of HIS temple! I thought you anabaptist's say we are to love our enemies? What a deceiving hypocrite David Eicher really is.

Repent David....

This is not a isolated case either. 

In the video below days earlier, Eicher said on a podcast (while Titus and Anthony looked on in a stupor) that if someone called names or gave his son issues while going to school, he would WANT TO BURN DOWN BUILDINGS TOO!

Many of his pals at Dark KCM are fanning the flames of false racism / riots and they are in great sin because of that. 

And posts like this:

So per David ..... David is demonic!

I find this all troubling, hypocritical and sinful.
Mr Eicher does not show the fruit of a born again man and that is the issue with most anabaptist / kingdom believers. They lack the new life as their gospel is corrupt/false. The fact that he is hanging with leftist heretic men like Milioni (see him exposed below also) shows he cannot or will not discern for truth over sin and error.  

Then to show even more hypocrisy in another twist.....
 in a FB post a day later or so Eicher is saying, how do we tell our children about violence as; it is all wrong. 

Not if your son is watching your videos David!

Which is it David? Violence is sick?
Are you sick yourself as you want to blow stuff up and burn buildings or...... will you tell and show your son
all violence wrong Pascal? 

(*** if he sees your videos, he will say 'daddy your a big violent hypocrite',   what a poor little boy!!! )

Last point:
Men like Matthew and even his wife Erica have adhom attacked me and said I may be dangerous or I may go harm someone when they could not answer my testing in truth. (I have never threatened any harm to anyone and that's plain old slander and lies.) 

But they will over look one of their own saying he will PAY TO BLOW THINGS UP HE DOESN'T LIKE or burn down building when you mess with his family!

If this all is not the height of sinful hypocrisy and partiality that God hates (Matt 23 / 1 Tim 5) I do not know what is!!!

Repent David Eicher, Matthew and the Dark KCM gang. You are headed in the wrong direction to serve the One True Living Holy God. They have a false jesus (2 Cor 11:4) and are dark and lost!

This verse covers them well:
2 Tim 3 
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.  For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

I love you all and pray you turn lest; you will be judged by God. 

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God be praised


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