Pure Desire Ministries Exposed

I was made aware of this ministry that helps people with sexual addictions. While it is a worthy and good goal, they are NOT a biblical ministry and they will deceive people in important biblical areas as they help with sexual issues. See the issues below (false gospel and even mystic new age ways) that prove they are in sin / false ways and thus should be rejected per Romans 16:17 not embraced. 

I reached out to them and Nick Stumbo the director emailed me back. ( I have the emails on file) He was pleasant and said he would like to see my testing and he would comment on it. If he does comment, it will be shared here as it has been emailed to him.  



Nick was sent this testing and like a Rev 21:8 coward, he declined even a reply. 

Here are my emails and his reply:

I guess he has NO correction of this testing that exposes him

This is a 1 Tim 5:20 public rebuke
Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 

Read on ....

When I had emailed him at first, he said he is biblical and even bragged how he has several theological degrees. (that does NOT assure bible truth at all) I covered what the gospel is with him, he did not have a biblical gospel as he lacked even mentioning repentance. Also, he did not mention enduring in a saving faith. 

Nick has a false evangelical gospel that cannot save you!

See the biblical gospel to eternal life here:

As an evangelical, Nick and his associations keep many false (even pagan ways) and do not teach all truth. This 10 point test shows that clearly with many biblical articles:

Nick is worldly, feminized, compromised and keeping false man made traditions/religion that Jesus said makes your worship in vain. See Mark 7:6-9

This is Nicks likes on FB and there is nothing good pure true or holy about pro sports. He is friends with the worlds ways and James 4;4 says that makes you God enemy. 

Nick is a hypocrite as he actively enjoys very worldly things ( NFL and running) that promotes immodesty, biblical harlotry/nudity (like players/cheerleaders) that really drive this sex crazed culture to the porn he claims to fight against. 
Shame on you Nick!

Nick is SELLING so called biblical help for profit!

I do not recall Jesus, Apostle Paul or Peter ever charging for God's truth/freedom. But I do remember Christ making a whip and flipping tables over in anger regarding money changers like Nick. See John 2

For these reasons alone Nick is in sin / disqualified to teach or counsel on biblical matters but; there is more and it gets worse.

I briefly looked at some of Nick's FB posts and I quickly found a VERY TROUBLING podcast he did that included new age psychology called.... Internal family structures. 

I have a article coming soon warning about that false demonic way here:

Nick had this worldly lady on the podcast who said she had an encounter with God, who supposedly told her over a 1 year period via gut pains, to write a book on IFS. 

She went on and on about all the persons/parts inside you and into much mystic heresy / new age therapy. Its sinful Col 2:8 trash yet Nick was all excited over it, even promoting her wicked new age book. Sinful and shameful it is, as this makes him/ PDM deceivers indeed!

I also asked him several questions:

1) I asked can a 'believer' remarry after he has destroyed his marriage over sexual failures and issues?" Nick said it was good to reconcile but then said... YES. He stated if you, as a believer cheat and your partner is now remarried you are free to go remarry.   

2) I then asked him if he counsels homosexuals to repent / leave their sins, the ones who choose to stay in them. Nick said he has not the time or relationship to do that. They send them to other people if they chose to stay in that lifestyle.
(The bible does not say we need to have relationships to call out sin and it is loving to make the time to call homosexuals out of their sin.) Nick is compromised in this area as well. 

Not sure what else we need to see to prove that Nick Stumbo and Pure Desire is NOT a biblical ministry and they will lead many astray into a false gospel, man made religion and even new age ways!

We pray Nick and all of them repent.....lest they will perish!

God be praised


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God be praised