Matthew Milioni FOTW Exposed on Divorce Theology

Matthew in a tunic? 
(he mocks me in emails below for wearing a tunic)

see anabapatist hypocrisy exposed here on divorce: 

Note: I have added my sad email chain with Matthew at the end of this post where he lies and add to God's Word to pass off his ill doctrines. He is wicked and shameful....

Anabaptists like Matthew (when challenged over their sin) always like to pull out their heretical no pre conversion divorce and remarriage theology (as a pet doctrine) even to the point of destroying godly homes over it. Matthew Milioni of Followers of the Way Boston is no different as he recently (Nov 2020) tried to do it with me but; he failed. He over looks so much sin and bad doctrine all over his life, house and body but; he attacks on this weak unbiblical false doctrine. 

See marriage permanence exposed here:

Nov 2020 

I had another sad email communication with Matthew and it was appalling what he said and how he acted. He was "all in" on his false doctrine of divorce/remarriage even to the point of twisting scripture to defend his false views.  


Matthew and his so called apostles have this issue as a pet doctrine as they avoid their own sins right in their body. Here was Charlton's question as I asked him about their many sins at FOTW that he would not address:

I have posted the facts below with details that will expose Matthew Milioni and Followers of the Way Boston on their heretical pet doctrine of NO divorce/remarriage even in pre conversion situations. I use scripture in my articles and his own words below to refute him.


I have many biblical articles that refute Matthew on NO divorce/remarriage and he refused to even look at them and correct me there. Go here to see what I teach in the Word on divorce/remarriage


Matthew wants to hold to Jesus saying "whosoever" marries a divorced woman commits adultery but; he rejects the "ALL" things become new verse in 2 Cor 5:17 proving pre conversion divorce is washed away. He is a scripture twister and denies the Lords truth.


Matthew cant biblically answer why Jesus indeed recognized the ladies 5 husbands and calls them HUSBANDS! Matthew out right lies and says Jesus said "no one" in  John 4 when it does not say that at all. He is a scripture twister! I asked him MANY times to show me that and he ignored it all as truth is not on his side. 


Matthew lied and said I said you can divorce/remarry anytime. Yet I clearly teach only pre-conversion divorce or a biblical divorce ( fornication) allows you to remarry. He is full of lies and Rev 22 says he will end up in hell over it.


Matthew cannot answer why Moses/God allowed divorce/remarriage and why God had the Israelites put away pagan wives if you only get one for life? (see Deut 24 and Ezra 10)  


Here is Matthews RANK hypocrisy towards me:

Matthew says to me:
"You don’t understand how silly your words are. No one cares what you teach. You are an adulterer. Your teachings are worthless. Quiet your vanity and hear the truth you blind leader of the blind". 
Yet Matthew posts on FB a sodomite unbelievers thoughts on a subject to LEARN from him. But he discounts me asap!  

Also... Matthews brother Finny / Sattler college brings in Pure Desire ministries to teach the students (a new age/evangelical group) and they teach you can divorce and remarry anytime at all no matter what! (I only teach pre conversion divorce is forgiven per 2 Cor 5:17)
See that fact about Pure Desire exposed at this link under updates:

What hypocrites they really are.....


Matthew does not even practice Finnys "unbiblical idea" that we should see peoples good qualities when we disagree but not separate. Milioni was a liar, rude, mean and corrupt the entire time, once I would not bow to his early church father heretic writings.  See Finny exposed here for that Phil 4:8 twisted mindset:


Matthew is so void of the truth of the gospel that he says we do not ask unbelievers to get remarried once they come to God. He seems void of the fact that once a marriage has ended / divorce comes as a unbeliever, then you repent and are made NEW in Christ there is nothing of the old we are NEW. Christ has cleansed us completely. (1 John and 2 Cor 5:21)


More hypocrisy in Matthew and FOTW is to be had. (I call them Followers of the Wicked) He correctly believes you can leave/break your covenant with God and be lost due to sin, as do I. (see Heb 10:26 / Heb 6 ) But they say you cannot ever leave or break a marriage covenant? That is one sided, twisted and corrupt cherry picking theology that will not stand!


Matthew and FOTW are just keeping anabaptist/Mennonite false ways made of man. But even Menno had it right as he knew preconversion sins / divorce were gone/washed clean. Matthew and Finny trample Christ's blood and I fear for them lest they repent! 

I think that is enough to refute them...and I will leave it all there.


Please go and see our email chain below where Matthew lies several times and twists God's Word.  (Jesus said no one??)

(notice how in the emails he added to scripture, lied about what I teach and never gave an answer for his deceptive lying ways! I put those in bold and underlined them so you can see them....)

 *Go here to see him and his ill theology exposed for much hypocrisy /sins here as a warning to my neighbor:

*Again here are various articles refuting them here on divorce/marriage:

More to come...

God be praised


Here is the email chain.... start at the end and read it upwards... to go in order. (see his lies and scripture twisting in bold and underlined)

Matthews last email to me.... 
Keep waiting adulterer. The accusations of the sexually immoral mean less than nothing hypocrite. Join the other evangelical east believers that think silly words nullify their sins without repentance. You continue in your sins rather than repent of them. You are like a dog wallowing in your vomit. 

Jim says

Many teaching article refute you here:


Yes glory to God.
I did that.... as I was the worst!!! Christ washed me and made me and ...ALL...things.... NEW! And I do so daily as needed now....

In love...I suggest you Elijah Finny Dean David and Charlton try it. Show me by example 1 Peter 5 how you repent of your many sins today that I document and that you all ignore.

I shall wait....
So you can't answer where Jesus says no one????? You lied and twisted truth...I tried here my hands are clean. 

thank you for giving me much in writing to further help my exposing of your false ways. 

Whoever means whoever ...

 New means New and All means ALL. 

We were made new and we walk in holiness today clean because of Him . You are a wicked blood trampler weird seeing that you are a heretic blood drinker too. 

I have refuted your ill doctrines and will do more soon as you are looking very bad here. I think enough has been shown here. You are void of full truth and too deceived/ prideful to seek deeper. To your vomit and demise it is....

My exposing of you goes on to warn my neighbors. Stay tuned at your testing. See you can lie here but the world is seeing you.. FOTW... Sattler and your bad associations for what they are...unbiblical.. dead...full of lies...evil..hypocritical..keeping man made traditions ... and corruption. Hey... you are an anabaptist after all! 
I have tested your I'll doctrine to the Word for years and fail Matthew. 

Repent Matthew...

God be praised

We still love you all .....

By the way read Rev 22 and Elijah will be in hell as liars right with the adulterers.... lest you repent. 

Matthew says
You are a mockery of the true god and a sexually immoral man who can not inherit the kingdom of god, neither you or your side woman that you shack up with in your den. I can not stop wanting you to repent. Don’t Perish Jim, I so appreciate your name it’s the only true thing about you. 
You are incapable of hearing the simplest words. How your eyes must be darkened. Go and learn what repentance is and then you may have a chance of hearing. You have been tested by the word of god guilty of adultery and you want to play games. Don’t perish Jim. Spread all the lies you want on your dark perishing nonsense. No one hears and all can see those who betray their wives could never be trusted with gods word. Adulterer is your name. 
You couldn’t ever tell where teh scriptures are twisted because ye are yet carnal and in your sins. You need to hear the truth about your adulteries not play silly games trying to catch at words or your silly pet doctrines of van living and tunic wearing. Ill tell you the scriptures you have ingnored and neglected and we can pray that you can receive the perfect word of God. Jesus calls your wife an adulteress, not me. No explanation, no excuses. Chapter and verse WHOEVER (who does that mean?) marries a divorced person commits adultery. If you can’t pass that plain test you telling me I am wrong is only an admission that I am true and you lies against christ and remain in your sins. No more but calling our your adultery until you understand what I have already said about repentance. You are not in control here adulterer. You don’t get to demand answers from me when the scriptures demand repentance from you and your wife in adultery. You also havent repented of your lies that brought you here to these emails but you made excuses for your lies by saying that you can lie by calling it caring. Love is not lying and your lies are in black and white. How many things you have to repent of. Go and learn what I have taught you of repentance so that we can continue. I would love to help you find peace and truth and christ. I am afraid of your pride that you can not hear truth. Please show me that this is not true and that you can receive truth and not just make excuse for your sins. 
I already answered that perfectly by the truth of God, but you are incapable of hearing. You don’t understand repentance or what God teaches over and over in teh New Testament. You don’t understand the simplest things about the scriptures. You pretend to be a teacher and need to be taught. Sad. Go back and tell me where I have already answered this question in our correspondence and I will give you more truth, but not until you hear what has already been said. How could you ever presume to test anyone or anything when you don’t know the truth. When you answer what I said about repentance and understand it we can move on in hope. Until then in love repent of your hard hart so that you don’t perish, Jim. 

Jim says
Nope ... marriage counts but all sin or a divorce before Christ is forgiven and washed clean and all is new. 2 cor 5:17 You really think all the Jews ran to go back to their first wives after Jesus spoke in Matt 19? 

You quote scripture wrong...

Were does Jesus say one... what verse?  
I will check back in the morning ...

Where does Jesus say... no one ..??????

Chapter and verse? 

Or did you lie and twist truth? 

God be praised  

Matthew says
You said if your marriage before you were a christian doesn’t count. Anyone can say the same. You simply can not hear. For you to call me a liar means that I tell the truth, because a man who cheats on his wife every night with another woman like you calling me a liar is a compliment. If you didn’t hate me speak against me I would be afraid that I was a child of darkness like you. What fellowship has light with darkness. I have never betrayed that wife of my youth and cheated on her continually with another woman. You have. Call me all the names you want you have been tried by the word of god and have no answer to the test of God. You lie in darkness. 

I have nothing to prove to you I have quoted the scriptures and you reject them. You must prove you hear god by repenting of living in adultery. I owe you nothing but the truth, but I have given it directly quoting the words of christ and the apostles, and you have proven that you can not hear the simplest of truth. I will only continue to ignore your great swelling vanity and pride, resist your gain saying and tell you the one truth of god that invalidate all your words and your pride, you are an adulterer tried by the word of god. You who warn others are guilty of the same. So sand. Don’t Perish Jim, its the path you are on.  

Jim says
You lie...
Where did I ever say such a thing? 

Where does Jesus say no one ..what verse? Prove you are not a liar ...
Matthew says
You said clearly anyone who commits adultery by remarrying while calling themselves a christian is not accountable to their vows you blind adulterer. 
Jim says
What verse says no one and where did I say anyone... ? 

Matthew says

Jesus said no one. There is no one that you can husband. You have well said I have no husband. There is no differentiation between married before or after conversion. We don’t make people get remarried when they get baptized because their pre conversion marriages don’t count. Jesus doesn’t say if christians marry a divorced person he said anyone who marries a divorced person. Marriages to the unconverted are not nullified in 1 cor 7. You don’t even know how to read the plain words of scripture because you have to leave room for your adultery. But God won’t hear it and I don’t care what you thing. You are blind. Quite your sinful mouth and listen to the church and the teachers of truth. Don’t Perish you proud adulterous man. You have been tested by the word of god and know nothing but sin. 

Jim says
Ah you won't even look and see ...

I remember the man (you) who told me I was arrogant and pride filled when I first emailed you because I wouldn't read the ecf. You won't even see what I teach in the holy word to test yourself are dark. 

Were does it say no one and where did I say anyone?

Matthew says
You don’t understand how silly your words are. No one cares what you teach. You are an adulterer. Your teachings are worthless. Quiet your vanity and hear the truth you blind leader of the blind. 
Jim says
Liar...I teach no such thing. See this is all about pre conversion situation.. I don't teach believers to divorce unless it biblical grounds. You are void of what I teach. 

Where does the text say... no one? 
And we're did I say... anyone? 
Matthew says
According to your wicked anti christ doctrine that not only betrays the wife of your youth and the mother of your children, any divorce is allowed for any reason. When he says you have no husband it is clear there is no one of all the people who she has been with that she can have a married relationship. The text says no one, you say anyone. I say exactly what Jesus says. You say the opposite. Not only to you contradict Jesus here but him and his apostles in every other text on the issue. Repent adulterer and your pet doctrines of van living and tunics will never help you in the last day. The wife of your youth and your treachery against the mother of your children then and now witness against you. It is clear you can not even read the simple words of scripture without inventing excuses for your sins like all the evangelical easy believers. They are your lot and their false Jesus is yours as well. 

Jim says
Nope ..You lie Matthew.. Jesus says she is right she has no husband so... the divorces must have took huh? or he would say your first is still your husband so she would have one? 

I does not say what you said ...liar scripture adder and twister you are! 

John 4:16-18 KJVS
Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither. [17] The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband: [18] For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.

Adding to scripture gets you hell per Rev 22 ...or do you just have adultery on the brain? 
John 4:18 KJVS
For thou hast had ....five husbands..... and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.

Huh...and I thought God only recognizes one marriage per you anabaptist heretics? 

Wicked liars ....

What part of... ALL... things become NEW don't you grasp?. 2 cor 5:17
I can explain it to you... all is all. 
My 8 year old grand daughter gets it. 

You know Matthew...
God said he hates lies Prov 6 ...are you harsh on your own son and his sin we all know about that he hasn't repented of publically? 

Oh ..God hates partiality too...1 Tim 5

Ask Finny about the theology of the men he is uniting to that teach at Sattler like Pure Desire. I talked to that man and he teaches you can divorce and remarry anytime ...yet you over look it why ..Finnys billions?????

My van isn't doctrine silly man...

 but it is more biblical then a house worth what $300,000 $400,000 or $500,000 in Boston huh? My van was $3000 and my tiny house I built for $6000. 
See I live simple and I don't have to mooch for money off of God's truth like Bercot and Sattler. 

And as for tunics ...

Why do you teach head covering.. dresses and lifting hands to's in the Word right? 
So is Genesis 3:21

 Here is two audios in case the baby has you up late 

Godly men wore tunic robes and Jesus comes back in a robe Rev 19 not a charlie chaplain suit with a derby hat or your tucked in shirts and suspenders like you wear. I had to repent of my error here so join the club or be a dress hypocrite ..

Glad I could share all this truth with you ...seems like a truth desert there in FOTW land. 

Holy is the Lord 

Matthew says
Every time you say that God and I think of your betrayal of the wife of your youth. God says “I hate the putting away saith the lord.” You should make as many memes about foolish things you don’t understand as you can in your vain ministry of darkness, because your scoffing will be your only reward in the end. Don’t perish Jim, don’t perish. Its ironic that this is the name you have chosen as a rebuke to your self. If only you could hear your own words hypocrite, its a message for you this whole time. It is funny how you speak like the fool about things you don’t even know, and how caught  up you are in your silly pet doctrines like tunics and van living while you live in adultery and sexual immorality. Too bad you can’t answer the test of the word of god against you. I give you scriptures you answer “that doesn’t apply to me and speak lies you don’t even know anything about. What a sad hypocrite. In love, I ask you to repent and Don’t Perish. I feel you are lost in perdition but it is only because of your pride and vanity. 
Jim says
We love you all....
Praise God for new life and His awesome creation! 

You have a baby and think of me? I am thankful to God my website and His truth is really all over ...glory to Him. 

Congrats on the new baby. I love even my enemy per my Lords command. 

 In that love.. I hope he or she grows up godly holy and biblical ...not like your other fruit of the womb.. liar Chesterton want to be Mr. Elijah. (did I miss his repentance over lying as per Prov 6 God's hates that?) 

Unlike you and your lil gang...I scour the scriptures..test myself always and I give an answer for what I teach. You are steamed as it is all you have on me and my testings just keep using the Word to cut away at your heresy. 

Besides, I already have articles that refute your ill divorce stance but ...I am working on one that refutes it all even more and I will add your name to show the world more of what a hypocritical heretic you really are.  

Your lack of biblical testing and discerning for truth is how your united to an anti Christ...your partial to overlook your sons sins...your college over looks sodomy and is ecumenical...your Finnys billions gets a pass and you have a FOTW confused gospel. But then John 16 says you need the Spirit to discern/know all truth and your fruit lacks that evidence of it. 

It will be soon added to your testing and the others to..  per Romans 16;17 mark false teachers. Stay tuned there...

You are very wrong on my divorce situation and if you had biblical love and a Titus 1 could teach and refute my articles. You don't as you can't!  (watch for my newest teaching on it) You are in grave danger as you over look all the other heresy..hypocrisy and sins you keep that my testing documents to warn my neighbor about you and your cohorts. 

It's sad you deny being anabaptist but you are one in their ill mold and you hold hands with them. But then you hold hands with worldly vile religious men.... heretic evangelicals and even anti Christ so.....why am I surprised. Da Jim! 

Thanks for thinking of me Matthew  ...that article refuting you to come soon as I care about truth per the Holy spirit in me. Watch for it since you are thinking of me so much. :) 

Love tells the truth and keeps His commands 1 john 5:3

Brother (just not yours) Jim 

Ephesians 5:9 KJVS
(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)

Matthew says
I cant hear a word you say over your adultery. God doesn’t either. Whoever you think you are following its not the Jesus that said whoever marries a divorced women comitts adultery. Its not the Paul who said not I but the Lord commands let not the wife depart from the husband but if she does let her remain single or be reconciled again to her husband. You don’t follow the faith of the same apostle who said in Rom 7 that if someone remarries they are adulterers until teh death of the first. You don’t follow the Jesus whose apostles said adulterers shall not inherit the kingdom of god. Email me all you want. Your words fall to the ground worthless to God and his servants. Your rejection of the words of Jesus himself isnt dividing truth its rejecting it. Keep coming back Jumpier. I only have one message for you. You have been tested by the word of God a liar, hypocrite and adulterer and refuse too answer why as an adulterer you can claim truth or salvation. Don’t Perish Jim, repent. You sling hateful words I tell you the truth in love and hope for your soul. How hard and dead is your heart and conscience. I hope there is hope for you yet. Why will you not hear the words of Jesus? So sad. 
I just arrived home with the wife of my youth from the birth of our most recent child. I have been rejoicing and praising god for his way of marriage and family. Every marriage is a picture of Christ and his church and the children we bring forth are the picture of the fruitfulness of the union of Christ and his church. How sad that you mock Christ by your adulterous marriage Jim. Don’t perish. Repent of your iniquity and repent. In the type of husband of Christ you portray a false Christ who betrays his bride and finds another. Your whoredoms stink to god. Repent you wicked man of both your pride and vanity and your adultery or you will certainly perish.