Destiny Church Columbia, Tn Exposed

See video's of our time witnessing outside Destiny Church where they mocked, laughed at God's truth and then they called the police on us at a link below. (but we were peaceful and lawful the police left) They first said they would not call the police on us but oh what liars they are!

Because we love them, this biblical testing is to warn you/them that this religious body is NOT teaching or keeping God's New testament ways but keeps many sins. Jesus said we must worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24) but thus is a corrupt and sinful man made place that creates false converts NOT holy saints. For the following reasons below we prove that. But first; see some video of their wickedness at a link below.

Modern pastor Steve Morgan sinfully calls himself Reverend when God is to be revered! (Psalm 111;9)

Here is a intro video I made when we first got there: (many more videos at the link below)

Some highlight points of our time there all backed up by our video link:

*When we first arrived 4 woman came out to meet us? (no men to contend) Later several men came out but no one got their bible nor were they interested in testing themselves for truth.

*Here was modern pastor Steve on this day and on video you can see him laugh at me when I asked him to get his bible and he walked away. (his wife came out to contend as did his wicked daughter)

*The pastors harlot dressed daughter was very feminist (not quiet or covered as God's word commands) and you can hear her on video use a slang word several times that begins with F and she even said she wanted to punch me in the face! This is the fruit of this corrupt fleshly place and it is why we go to call any sheep out of this goat farm.

*This man tried to block my free speech path on a public sidewalk and he acted like a rowdy pagan over their Christ-mass false ways. 

*This man tried to tell me Matt 7 says we cant judge when it says  to judge but rightly and we are to judge the body. 1 Cor 5

Go here to see many videos of their sinful behavior. There will be about 15 videos there once they are all loaded.

Not sure if they were glad we were there?

They did at first offer us coffee and water but; being nice does not mean you are of God at all. I meet atheists and Muslims that are very nice too and they are not of Christ.  


Since they hold signs and they say all are welcome; they should not have minded that we came there in peace on Dec 20, 2020 to street preach outside their building. It was very sad and their sin was shown in many ways. 

Destiny Church is sinful and unbiblical because:

1) they do not teach the biblical gospel that calls you to repent of all sin (man made religion and coming out of the world, entertainment, pride and vanity) 

See the biblical gospel here:

2) they are not keeping the NT ways God ordained but made up false and fake pagan ways like Christ-mass and in so doing they are following a false jesus that cannot save anyone.

See a 10 point bible test that exposes many of their sins here:

See Christmas exposed as pagan here:

3) They are feminized / promote woman pastors and that is sinful

See a article exposing woman pastors here:

4) they are part of the sinful Assemblies of God a corrupt unbiblical man made organization. See them exposed here:

 5) they play music thus link to support/demonic New Apostolic Reformation cult heretics.

See Jesus Culture exposed here:


For those reasons and many more you should not look to them for truth but repent and seek God's biblical NT body not this false invention of man that is all over American churchianity. 

Jesus said doing man made ways VOIDS your worship of God. 

Mark 7:6-9

See our resources below to help you in truth vs this corrupt evangelical like man made false ritual way.

God be praised and let us know how we can help you?


Here is the biblical gospel:

Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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