Alan Hirsch Exposed

The following is a biblical testing of this heretic emergent church model teacher Alan Hirsch. (Allan has been sent this testing and offered the chance to correct me. If he replies; it will be added here unedited)

Here is Alan dressed up at at the pagan Burning Man Festival

I came across his false ministry and felt I needed to warn people. He is a VERY dangerous man and this testing will show you why. He is a author and very much into teaching the body of Christ how to reinvent itself to better reach the world today via a missional mindset. To show you how corrupted is his theology, man centered and twisted he is he believes in CS Lewis quote:

"The man knocking on the brothel door is looking for God"

What human centered rubbish!!!!

This man believes in a emotional man based gospel vs the biblical gospel of faith to repentance to new life. He refuses to preach to the lost the fallen nature and sin of man with his need to repent in fear. Allan wants to find your heartfelt need and fill it then; let the holy spirit do the rest. It sounds all "human/fleshly" nice except it goes against scripture on ALL fronts! The bible says to fear God, to repent Luke 13:3 and Jesus told us to preach the gospel Mark 16 and teach them to OBEY all He commanded. Matt 28:20 Allan is finding a better modern man centered way then God's Holy way it seems and thus how arrogant! His biggest problem is he seems to be RESULTS based vs truth based. 

Here is the biblical gospel:

He says we do not lead with evangelism/preaching the gospel but with discipleship. Find out what people need he says then fill it with Jesus. This was Peter Druckers business ways that seeker sensitive wolves like Rick Warren/Bill Hybels used in churches and Allan quotes him then uses that method as well. 

He sells all kinds of materials, books and tests to help your see then learn his emerging church ways. He is a money changer indeed!

Lets start with some video clips. 

In these clips he says he goes to the pagan festival burning man and it is a very spiritual place even with Christian spirituality??? Burning man is a vile, sinful, lewd, pagan flesh fest Mr Hirsch and those born of God see that! Go witness the biblical gospel, yes! But to partake of it never!

He says most of the world is very spiritual and they think "Jesus is COOL"! (he has a false jesus) He seems to blame Christians for why people do not follow Jesus. No its sin and rebellion Allan. He also says that we are NOT to warn people about fear of God over sin (very few fear God today he says) but listen to them, give them what they want and need deep inside. Watch the videos.....

*Notice what hypocrisy in Allan because he says DO NOT tell people about their sin / do not judge like a Pharisee (let the Holy spirit do that he says) But then he judges others for their gospel ways vs letting the holy spirit just correct them? Allan has twisted God's Word and ways to suit sinful mankind. 

*Here is more proof against him and his heretic ways:

*He and his wife had a church in Australia that was full of homosexuals. His wife is a ex-lesbian but her book says homosexuality cannot be changed this side of heaven. 

*The men Alan reads is troubling:

*His wife is into mysticism and breath prayers

*Look how vile they are with her quote at a conference about heaven being like sex.

*I could not find the gospel on his page??? but DONATE money is easy to find as is many things for sale:
Alan is making money $$$$$ off of God..... did Jesus make a whip for that in John 2?

*Alan once said this about holiness:

"the holiness of Jesus it seems is a redemptive, missional, world embracing holiness" (but the bible says we are to reject the worlds ways. James 4:4) 

*This blurb proves he is a emerging church guy and he quotes heretics often. He is into 5 Fold Ministry of Prophets Apostles Evangelists Shepherds and teachers. That was started by the heretic charismatic/NAR groups. He calls it APEST and he sells a test you can take for it $10. (See a 5 Fold article at the end of this post)  

*Here he talks of Prophets as mystics.

*Here he talks of APEST and he expands it into business world too

*Here he quotes the seeker guru Peter Drucker

*He hangs out with and quotes heretic false teacher Tim Keller:

*Here he quotes false teacher mystic Kierkegaard

*Here he promotes the heretic Message bible that removed homosexuality from its pages

*Here he promotes Roman catholic C S Lewis

*Here a critic says Allan's wife book down plays the sin of homosexual ways. Allan once said the church needs to apologize to the homosexuals. It is shameful.... 

*Again; his wife writes on and makes sex a main topic over looking sodomy as sin. They are a vile profane people. (Allan once said sexual things at a wedding and all the unbelievers wanted to talk to him afterwards) 

*Alan is feminized as his wife was a church leader against scripture

*Alan rejects bible truth and believes strange theory about Jesus sin payment.

This biblical test shows how much they lack er scripture:

Allan is just another long line of false emergent church men who have corrupted God's Word by fair speech upon the undiscerning / simple minded and he easily deceives them. It reminds of Paul saying this:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

2 Tim 4

Sadly Hirsh makes God's Word a lie. The world does not need more compromised authors and heretics like Allan Hirsch inventing fancy deep thinking provocative ways. The world needs the biblical gospel proclaimed, warning men in fear, calling them out of their sin, to new life in Christ, lest they perish. That is what God's Word commands we do so do not listen to wicked teachers like Allan Hirsch.  

We love them and pray they repent; lest they perish in their sins.

See this article on 5 Fold Ministry / Prophets and Apostles for today:

Do not be deceived! Reject this man and his wife for the false teaching heretics they are!

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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