New Apostolic Reformation Exposed

 New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) claims to be reforming the Prophet and Apostle role from the biblical days to lead a end time revival. They are heretics and false teachers in my opinion which I show below.  

The following is a brief outline of what this heretical group is, where it rose from and why you need to AVOID them! This false group tries to claim they have Apostolic power just like Prophets and Apostles in the first century to heal the sick, raise the dead, give new revelation and lead the NT body. Their claims are not verified as they are false signs and wonders that decieve.  

They are shallow wells; with no water!

 It is all just as Jesus warned about in Matt 24 in the last days deceptions. The NAR people are workers of satan!


Some recent examples of false or no NAR predictions:

 * Russia has invaded Ukraine (Feb 2022) and not one NAR "so called prophet" predicted it! 

*Not one of them predicted Covid of 2020

*All of them got it wrong with many of them claiming Trump would be relected in 2020

They are shallow wells; with no water! 


Here is examples of their leaders:

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Some history for you and then biblical reasons why they are heretics to avoid per Romans 16:17. 

In the early 1900's; a strange / questionable event that happened called Azusa street revival. It was a type of birth to a Charismatic movement called Pentecostals. They revived the act of out of order tongue talking (making it a requirement for salvation in some groups) and began to follow "so called" signs and wonders mass emotionalism and the occult slain in the spirit ways. They kept many of the false evangelical ways and added in these claimed holy ghost power ways. It was much built on emotionalism and smooth talking popular wolves in the pulpit. The heretic Word of Faith movement was the result with false teachers like Oral Roberts, Ken Hagen and Kenneth Copeland who twist God's Word and create name it and claim theology with false gospel added in. 

Then in the 1940s' a group called the latter rain began within them to be even more radical in its teachings on signs, wonders.  The 5 fold ministry of Prophets and Apostles for today theology took over. (See a article on 5 Fold at the end of this article) They splintered off from Pentecostalism and got even more heretical. Men like C Peter Wagner rose up to create Apostle and Prophet networks all over the world having "so called" moves of God in places like Brownsville, Toronto and Lakeland Florida. In those places were demonic ways like slain in the spirit, people barking, screaming, convulsing, running on fire, laughing uncontrollably, claims of healings, God's glory appearing and even kicking people in the face to heal them; just plain craziness really! The result today is found in famous NAR groups/men like Bill Johnson Bethel Church, Todd Bentley disgraced false healer, Dutch Sheets, Rodney Howard Browne, Rick Joyner, Kim Clement, Todd White, Sid Roth, Kevin Zadai and Cindy Jacobs just to name a few. Groups like Bethel Church use emotional repetitive music to get their way (Jesus Culture) and theology into the masses/youth and it is spreading like wild fire! Even some evangelical and anabaptist kingdom groups are jumping on the band wagon to some of the theology. (see links below)

For the following reasons the NAR should be marked and avoided per Titus 3 a heretics.


*They have a false gospel that cannot save you as they focus on emotionalism/signs and do not teach biblical repentance / new life.

See the biblical gospel here:

*They keep many worldly, heretical, pagan and feminized false ways like evangelicalism

See a 10 point test they fail:

*They follow demonic ways of deliverance, out of control tongues, signs, false wonders and slain in the spirit that is of satan NOT God. 

See slain in the spirit exposed here:

*See this audio that exposes the false iracle mways of the NAR:

*They are NOT holy, biblical people but an occult side show of emotional circus snake oil salesman profaning my Holy God of order. 

                                               NAR Todd Bentley

Here is a video of NAR Wagner boss ordaining the occult Todd Bentley in Lakeland who ended up in a disgrace over homosexual issues:

*They are often very much into turning the ministry into a profitable business

*See these links that expose some of the NAR types so be warned:

Here is NAR Kevin Zadai exposed as he predicted Trump Would be President:

See so called Bethel Church fire tunnels and God's glory showing up in their building:

This false anabaptist group has heretical connections and is embracing the 5 fold ministry and who knows where that will lead them:

See the 5 Fold Theology explained / exposed here:

Please run from such false heretic demonic men/groups and get into the Word of God. See our resources to help you in that truth pursuit. 

God be praised