Old Apostolic Lutheran Church Tested to God's Word

 Note: there will be a testing of OALC spearfish South Dakota with video of our time preaching there coming soon. 

Here's the link with videos of our preaching there.


See a biblical testing below of OALC, a video of me preaching to their sinful youth in a park and an audio of a talk I had with a dad from there who lacked bible truth. 

Note: this testing will be sent around to other OALC places to inform them and call them to repent of this false man made faith system. 

June 2021

We were in a Ashland park working on ministry online (I am a full time traveling street preacher and bible teacher) several young men, then a whole group of young people from this religious group approached us and I talked about God's truth with them. 

Below is a testing of their false ways and a video of their carnal behavior. 

I was quite surprised by their silliness, disrespect of a older man, worldly behavior, smoking cigarettes, carnal dress and ill reaction to sound bible truth being preached. They were like a gang in a so called Christian form!


To call them to repentance.....here is a video of just part of our talk in the park. (as you watch it realize, these youth were raised in their false system) I decided to put it up for teaching and proof against man made Sunday church systems so they see it then they can be redeemed by truth. They began video taping me so, we did as well and they were all informed and could have just walked away. Note they all came up to us by our van, I approached no one! Again, this is the sad fruit of false man made religion as their youth are not holy or biblical but worldly. We love them and want better for them all!

Here is a audio talk I had with a dad / his son who called to say he was sorry. It is telling and it proves they lack a biblical gospel and fruit of biblical godly men who were raised in it their entire lives. Listen in and test:

For the following reasons you should reject the Old Apostolic Lutheran church as heretical / false and per Jesus it will VOID your worship of God. Read Mark 7:6-9

1) They have a false gospel of faith only and they lack repentance, they do not even know what being born again is and they are not holy/obedient to the Word/commands or God. See the bible gospel here: https://www.dontperish.com/the-gospel.html

2) They are not keeping God true NT ways but keeping pagan ways and traditions of men like Sunday as the Lords day, Christmas, Easter Sunday, Good friday, John the Baptist day, feminism, unbiblical dress etc etc / See a 10 point test here that exposes their false ways: https://www.dontperish.com/10-point-biblical-test.html

3) They hold to Lutheran ways and keep a man made false system from Luther and the 1800's. Martin Luther was a baby baptizing, Mary praying, murderous heretic who hated jews and was ok with killing them; yet they name themselves after him. See him exposed here: https://www.dontperish.com/martin-luther.html

4) they are dead spiritually, heretical, worldly/sinful as shown by this testing and the fruit of their sinful youth and the above video documents it well. They are lacking in new life, biblical holiness, coming out of the world and sound doctrine. I have a audio coming soon of my phone talk with one of the dads and it too shows their lack of biblical theology and a true gospel. Stay tuned for that audio....

Note: I must report two of the young men did call me and said sorry for their behavior and we had long talks. (they never wanted to talk truth again though) I pray they go deeper in truth then this man made system will take them. I am there to help them of course and I am so glad they saw the error of their way. (they did not seem that interested in God's truth, even after they apologized) Not one man in leadership there has called me to talk and I find that shameful as; I have reached out to them. 

I am glad we met them all and we pray they turn, forsake their religious false ways, are born again in Christ to new eternal life. We are here for them, if they do. 

We came out of these false systems and the world. Now I travel full time to street preach Christ all over America. See our resources below to help you in the Lord's true NT body / gospel to eternal life and out of these false dead man made religious places.

God be praised


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Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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