World Harvest Church Rice Lake Wisconsin Exposed

 This false heretical new age body called the police on us for peacefully preaching biblical Jesus outside on the public sidewalk and they had approached us to talk. See all the details below with video. 

They know about this testing and I am still waiting for any man to offer a email refuting of it? To date; none has been sent to me. 

Note: Their youth pastor (a unbiblical title) Jake did message me but it was not about their sin at all. It was full of lies about me. I will post it here soon to prove how much they really do lie. Stay tuned.

We travel the nation full time to disciple, teach and street preach the biblical gospel to the lost. We also warn others of the many false religious systems that abound like WHC. This place has a false jesus, a false gospel and they are of the world NOT holy or fully biblical. We go to warn them in love and call them out per 1 Tim 5:21. 

See the videos of my time there at this link:

*They are linked to occult new age Bill Johnson Bethel Church. While outside there; I noticed they had people in bare feet. See this picture from my video while I was preaching there and they have on FB people on stage in bare feet as well:

Why bare feet? Bill Johnson's wife Beni promotes the new age idea of grounding yourself to the earth. More proof that this is NOT Christ's Holy true body but a demonic new age deceived group. See it all exposed on the Bill Johnson link below including an article on grounding to warn you.

We went to this man made heretical church to stand outside and peacefully proclaim the Lords truth, in love. Not one man would bring a bible; but they did try to go after / talk to my wife to corrupt her. (just like satan in the garden)

They have a false jesus/ false gospel, carnal new age ways and they lack the true NT body holy ways. See thee links that expose them:

Here is their so called "woman pastor" Char (that way is sinful per scripture)

She came out and made lite hearted humor about sin and God's truth/see it on video. This is feminism and it is wicked! 

 They even called the police on us and we were 100% legal.

(the video's prove it; but we witnessed to the police and all was good, I preached on as we were legal, as usual!)

This is a biblical testing of this heretical WHC body to point you to the Lords truth vs their many sinful false ways. Here is a sample video:

Many more videos of our time there can be found here:

This false teacher.. in my opinion per the Word... Jake (their youth pastor/where is that title in scripture?) went right at my wife (not me) to tell her she could be liberated? What; to be like his harlot dressed wife in skin tight blue jeans? 

I think not......

Do they really believe that showing off your body, putting on harlot makeup and living like the world is godly and holy?

 That is not holy but carnal, vain, lascivious and prideful. God hates harlotry and pride Jake/Abby! See his wife in this video as proof of his unholy house yet; he goes after my covered holy obedient God honoring wife:

 See Jake/Abby exposed here:

Jake needs to study the scriptures more on many topics.  Here is one, biblical dress for his house as they all lack that here at WHC. God calls ladies to purity and chased/shamefaced ways even in dress, NOT harlotry. (men are to dress godly as well) God commanded mankind to cover up (Genesis 3:21/ 1 Tim 2) but they all show off their forms in vanity. See teaching links on that here:


To repeat...

*They have a false gospel/fakejesus. (they lack true repentance and holiness)

*They are new age, paganized and worldly NOT keeping the NT body ways (see the 10 point test)

*They are feminized as they promote women pastors which is sinful per 1 Cor 14 / 1 Tim 2

*I also know they unite to new age NAR occult Bethel church, their pastors son went to that NAR occult place / Bethel Church  who they directly link to on thier website:

It is more proof this is a heretical, undiscerning, spiritually dangerous, unbiblical place so beware/avoid them per Romans 16:17 

See Bethel Church / Bill Johnson exposed here:

Again, see this biblical gospel and a 10 point biblical test below that exposes their unbiblical ways:

See our teaching blog for many articles that expose this type of man made worldly compromised faith systems:

Jesus said we must worship in spirit and truth John 4:24

Sadly, they are far from the truth and they follow false spirits. 

We pray they repent!

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:
Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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