Dean Taylor Wrong on Biblical Separation/Sectarianism

I have a large testing on Dean and I am aware of his false ways. (see the link below) I  watched a recent sermon by him to test it to the Word and he failed in a very bad way. His topic was sectarianism (it is excessive attachment to a particular sect or party, especially in religion)  and as usual it was most about what Dean thinks and feels vs God's Word. I wont go over all of his unbiblical points but; I have 4 to share with you from his false teaching video. 

1) Listen here as Dean says he cant compromise on sermon on the mount ways. 

My bible says we are to live by every word our of God's mouth Matt 4:4 but these annabaptist heretics over focus on sermon on the mount ways. We love the sermon on the mount but there is so much more in Gods Word that we are to live by and they down play it as less important. There are over 1000 commands in the NT Word, I guess Dean picks which ones to live by and teach others to hold to. How sinful of these anabaptist men as they deceive others. 

2) Here in this video section he says if you have men like Paul only; you can get too strict or factious 

My bible says in 1 Cor 14 that Paul was giving us the commandments of God and he was called by Jesus himself in Acts 9 to be his messenger. Please tell me how Holy Spirit inspired Paul could be too strict? Like Sattler College; these anabaptists are always looking to be ecumenical and compromise on God's truth to have numbers grow  thus going against Romans 16:17 and proving they are wicked!   

3) Here he says if it was not for Barnabus Paul would not have been heard.

I am not even sure what to comment about this silly claim. I guess Deans god is less powerful then a man Barnabus? God was using Paul in a mighty way and it was the Holy Spirit that enabled Paul to complete his mission for the Lord. Paul saw Jesus face to face 1 Cor 9:1 thru 3 and Dean is void of solid bible truth. The more I hear him teach the more heretical he is so in love; I warn you to avoid the man and his school/body. 

4) Here he lays out what is HIS idea of unity. He does NOT use God's Holy Word but his own feelings and definition. 

He says he wants to "purposely try to be unified with evangelicals, when he can. Dean is going by his own ways NOT God's Holy Word.

We cannot pick and choose what sin we allow to be united to those who claim Christ, how arrogant to assume we can do that.  The bible is clear; we are to call out those who claim Christ but are in sin publically 1 Tim 5, we are to warn and avoid heretics / those who teach false ways like the evnagelicals Titus 3, in 2 Tim 3 Paul says turn away from those who claim God but live in sin and Paul goes all the way down to NOT EATING with a lazy brother in 2 Thess 3. How Dean could be unified with the pagan, heretical false gospel, worldly, feminized, evangelical church shows you that Dean is a man pleaser, NOT a God pleaser.  

Dean Taylor, Sattler College and his body Followers of the Way Boston do not cling to God's Word but they make up their own theology as they go often running on the wisdom of men. They will miss the kingdom of God as rebellious people in iniquity lest they repent. See Matt 7

Dean has no understanding of biblical separation but then; you cant run a growing college and attend a spreading home fellowship church unless you ease up and do not be too strict (Deans own word)  so the numbers can grow. 

Dean Taylor is a wolf and a false teacher and I prove it with many reasons here: 

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