Hills Alive Music Fest Exposed

 This fleshly music festival is NOT pleasing to a HOLY God.  


In July 2021, we went there to street preach and witness (peacefully) to call those who will hear. Our desire is to glorify God and call out of this false Christianity any true sheep that may be there. 

"A Hills Alive insider told me that it costs $500,000 to put on this flesh fest. What a waste of money that could go for so much better and biblical cause".

I have video and audio here at these links of our street preaching; all to edify the saints. It is up at my street witnessing page:

Part 1


Part 2



Within 5 minutes of peaceful preaching, a wicked large man/security guard 

who claimed Christ "grabbed my mic off my face" and told me I had to leave asap. They ushered me out and told me I could not even stand on the street corner outside of the event. (what liars!) 

(I have video of this all but have not posted it, yet)  The police verified I was legal on the corner and it was a great spot for two days (20 hours of preaching) to lift up Christ and call out their sin to the saving of their souls. 

This is the foolish "light and smoke machine" show they use to tickle fleshly ears. This is NOT worship and it is NOT of God!

It was glorious and while most all of the "so called" Christians were mockers, nasty and just ignored God's Word; we spoke to, encouraged, offered help and showed & got love from a good number of people in the two days. Those possible sheep.... are why we go!!!!

Part two of the audios and videos is coming up soon here.......


It was a glorious day....

See me witness to several young men (on video) defending this fleshly event here:



Since I learned of this this music festival and I wanted to send out a warning in love to all who may be deceived by its offerings. 

(I was one of them once and I had to repent and leave those ways) 

See many reasons why today's brand of christianity is deceiving you here: https://www.dontperish.com/youve-been-lied-to.html

****To all those who think they are worshiping/loving God by  partaking in this fleshly carnal "so called" Christian music festival; the fact is you NOT pleasing God at all. You are in sin before Him as you are seeking a false god in YOUR OWN FLESHLY WAY not in HIS Holy ways that He gave us in scripture and the NT first century body. 

That is like rebellion and witchcraft per 1 Samuel 15 ! 

God NEVER ordained this type of fleshly, instrumental music show, with concerts, lights, merchandise, CCM celebrities, harlotry, rowdiness or instrumental music to "so called" worship Him in the NT body. You are being deceived!

These events are selling you a false jesus and a false gospel.

I prove it all at this link and I expose one of the music acts there in 2021 like Steven Curtis Chapman (in my opinion using scripture) as a  carnal unbiblical heretic man per God's Word. 

See Chapman who unites to so called Christians that approve of homosexuality exposed here: 


Hills Alive also has Crowder in 2021 who is know to be a mystic and into contemplative occult roman catholic ways.

Other bands/artists they are having in 2021 are: 

Side Walk prophets


Building 429

If you use God's Word and test deep, you will see none of these are biblical holy saints obeying all of God's Word/ways. No, they are fleshly cultural popular bands/singers made to tickle your ears to sell tickets and trinkets, all in Christ's name! 

How wicked and shameful....

Go here and test yourself/your music in the Word of God against this false festival of man:


To be of Christ, you MUST repent and leave the culture and man made religious ways like the CCM world. 

We are here for you and let us know how we can help you repent of this false fleshly way and seek God in holiness and all biblical truth. See the resources below to help you.

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel:

Here is a 10 point biblical test:
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