Let Us Reign Sean Feucht Slain in the Spirit / Heretical /Occult Ways


There is a false unbiblical New Apostolic Reformation heretic from Bethel Church named Sean Feucht taking a musical "so called" revival all over America. It is called Let us Worship but it is not of God and it is deceiving many as I will prove below. 

Note: I speak of this knowing it very well as I have street preached at 2 of his sad events to warn my neighbor. I have even called Sean out/rebuked him to his face at the event in Billings.  (see that on video in links below) 

At his Marshfield, Wisconsin event in Sept 2021 (that I went to witnessed / preached outside of it) he had the usual fleshly music and hype that lacks holiness / obedience to God's Word. He also had the following heretical and demonic ways exhibited there and I document it well here on video:

Sean has the fleshly crowd roar like lions and says, I promise you this is biblical when in fact; it is nowhere in God's Word to roar like a lion! See this foolish fleshly display on video here:

Then during that same heretical fleshly roar a lady can been seen falling over / under false spirits, laughing and in occult slain in the spirit ways. She is in red and seen laughing and falling over near her small child then shown later laying on the ground knocked out but it is NOT God's spirit.  See that documented here:

This is the same false demonic spirits at work in NAR places like Rodney Howard Browne via his holy ghost drunk bartender ways. The occult Hindu gurus use the same false demon spirits that knock people over. See many videos and my link on slain in the spirit in this link:

See all my video's rebuking Sean and preaching outside his events and a LARGE testing that exposes his demonic false NAR ways here:


This is NOT biblical Christianity ad please do not be deceived. No revival is coming in the last days but a great falling away. Jesus warned of false signs and wonders in the last days (Matt 24) and it is here in Let Us Worship and NAR heretic Sean Feucht!

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