Sattler College Hires Worldly Evangelical Dean


I have a large testing that exposes this so called Christian college for much sin/hypocrisy and here is another sad piece of their heretic puzzle.

Note: this testing was sent to Miller (see it at the bottom of this testing) and we will see if he replies. Anything that is incorrect, will be edited for truth. If he replis it will be added here. So far Sattler has HID from this testing and giving any answers. (Dean Taylor, Finny K, David Bercot, and Matthew Milioni)

They have a dean Michael Miller and when tested; he is a worldly carnal evangelical trained type. In great hypocrisy; Sattler stands against most of those teachings from places like Bob Jones University (that Micheal went to / still sends his sons to recently 2018 the year he joined Sattler) See his public FB screen shots as proof:

Miller does the worlds carnal fleshly sports (covetous) entertainment

Miller goes/takes his wife to the beach where biblically naked people lounge.

Here is Miller touting his sons graduating from false evangelical gospel Bob Jones U that is the opposite on theology from Sattler.

I have 2 questions? 

Does Miller agree with Sattler on their anabaptist theology? And will he be teaching evangelical ways and taking Sattler students to the beach and to worldly sports events that James 4:4 says makes you a friend of the world and God's enemy? 

In the Words of Amos

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3;3

Sattler college is so compromised on truth and in ecumenical sin!

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God be praised 


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Mr Miller ..
See this testing that exposes some troubling things about you and Sattler. 
I look forward to your reply and any corrections as I send this in love and concern. 
I encourage you to see the gospel at my website. You evangelicals and the Anabaptists have it wrong. 
Repent Mr Miller .... 
God be praised 
Ps do you allow LGBTQ students there? Your website says you do not discriminate against them but God's Holy Word clearly does??? Or is that just for the tax exempt status so Finny can keep more money and put it back in his $6 billion investment fund ...? So much for living like Jesus huh? 
Repent of all that hypocrisy ....