Dean Taylor Confused on PSA and Christus Victor


Note: Dean knows about these testings and refuses to give an answer. Example: Sattler college website says they do not discriminate against sexual orientation. So do they enroll LGBTQ people? No one will answer that???

Dean Taylor President of heretical, ecumenical compromised Sattler College has shown himself to be a unbiblical man. Sadly; he just keeps adding to the mix proving it all to be true. (I have a large testing of him at the link below) For this post; see how he says that Penal Substitutionary Atonement and Christus Victor can be compatible. See his words below:

This is strange as most anabaptist's reject PSA and a man from his own body (Matthew M) Followers of the Way Boston told me they totally reject PSA. I have documented that they have a confusing corrupt ever changing gospel to eternal life (often it lacks Christ crucified but they change all the time it seems) and Dean just made it even more confusing. They clearly do not all speak the same things per 1 Cor 1;10 / See Dean and FOTW exposed at these links for much sin/hypocrisy as the truth; must be defended!

Here is an article on Christus Victor

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