Sattler Anabaptist College Spends $1 Million Dollars on Furniture

I have been warning about the heretical theology of Sattler college and the testing link below proves it all from a false gospel, ecumenicalism, worldliness, mysticism, hypocrisy and many other false ways. Finny Kuruvilla (the man with the mountain of money behind Sattler has a huge amount of sin/error including saying people should live like Jesus, have non accumulation of wealth and give away extra tunics but; all the while Finny sits on $7 billion in investments at Eventide fund that he runs and it makes him many MILLIONS! He is giving MILLIONS to run Sattler college and I will post on that soon.  (See him exposed below for many unbiblical ways)

For this post, I wanted to focus on Sattler's wasting of money for something God never ordained as in college degrees and all it entails. (I will be adding to this post over time about their other spending at Sattler so check back)

Here is the proof showing that Sattler spent over $1,000,000 dollars on furniture since 2018. See these numbers right off their website for the following 4 categories: furniture, audio visual, computers and lease improvements

Jesus said go preach the gospel and make disciples but; Sattler/Finny are buying mega funiture at a college named after a man. 

To be clear; it is Finny's money and if he wants to spend it that way, that is his right. But to say you live like Jesus and encourage others to give extra things away and say to not build wealth; he is at the highest of hypocrisy there is. (he lives in a $750,000 to $1 million dollar house as well)  

Note: I wonder if all the anabaptist donors are happy about this kind of spending? 

Tell me how spending that kind of money on furniture for a fancy college experience that God never instructed we seek; is furthering the real Kingdom of God? They are not even teaching truth but much compromise, heresy and anabaptist false ways.

More to come on their money spending but till then; see these links to warn you about their many other false ways:

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 God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: