Sean Feucht Calls Out Sexual Perversion then Unites to Men Who Unite To It


                                         Sean is/was part of the heretic demonic NAR Bethel Church

Note: I have preached outside of several of Feucht's events and even rebuked him in love to his face in Billings, Montana. See video of it all at the links below and a testing on him. 

In this post, I further prove the massive deception of Sean Feucht. He claims to be all about truth, the bible, Jesus and revival but he has a false jesus and heretic theology as my testing link below proves. 

In a March 2022 FB post, be bemoans the sexual perversion of our day (of which I agree) and has a picture with him and Charlie Kirk on the same post. (Sean and Kirk are part of the false light movement that cares more about liberty in America then the biblical gospel and saving souls) See a link below on that.

What Sean does not tell you is that Kirk is friends with, has been on his show and has even had this openly gay man (who is married to a man and they are adopting children) speak at his false rallies as late as Dec 2021 (Sean speaks at Kirk events as well)   

               Here is Kirk on the Rubin report; run by a openly gay man

This all proves how corrupt and void of biblical truth and holiness Sean is. Please be warned of him and reject him per Romans 16:17 lest he repents. 

Here is a link on the false light movement:

 Here is the link of my preaching at Sean's events and a large testing that exposes him in detail:

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: