Finny Kuruvilla and His Robes of Pride


I saw on video how Finny and his cohorts (Dean Taylor is one) from Sattler College are all lifted up in educational robes of pride. This comes from man made religion and it is a way to lift up men in special status when Jesus said; we are to be humble and lowly in the sermon on the mount! John the Baptist (the greatest men ever) said.. I must decrease so Christ can increase. John 3;30 

Yet Finny is increased in his silly college robe..... isn't he?

More hypocrisy from this false, heretical, hypocrite millionaire investor who claims he is following the biblical Jesus all the while he is deceiving many at Sattler and FOTW. 

See Kuruvilla and Sattler exposed here for many more sins here:

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: