First Baptist Church Camdenton Exposed


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                                    Hirelings Cody and Austin

In April 2022 we went to witness and peacefully preach outside of this man made religious body to call them to repentance. (we are van dwellers/street preachers who travel the country full time, support ourselves, we are not of any man made organization and we preach Christ crucified to the lost world/false religion) What we saw there was shameful and very sinful against our Holy God. We stood outside quietly and waited for their service to end; all on public property. I then open air preached the truth about the Baptist faith as folks left. Their pastor Cody came out to be fleshly and stop my free speech. 

See it on video below


Update Oct 2022

I was street preaching at a worldly festival and who was there enjoying his flesh; Austin. I called him out and you can see the video below. Notice; how he lies and says "I am harassing him" but I was just walking by and..... he FOLLOWED me. What liars these  Baptists are!

Note: we had a glorious day preaching to dozens of youth/adults that listened and thanked us at that festival. Austin must have missed the call of Jesus to GO preach the gospel as he was there, shopping for trinkets with his wife!! See it here:


Update April 2022 .... days after I preached outside their building:

I sent this testing to Cody and Austin (as promised) for them to refute it in the Word and send back an answer to me. 

They ignored it totally and only sent this in reply back in which they twisted Titus 3:9 way out of context:

This audio exposes their twisting ways on this verse:

Cody and Austin are hirelings hiding in the dark of John 3:19 thru 21. Now perhaps you can see why I do not entertain them in person as truth is not their goal. They are just about stopping the truth from being told to those poor souls in their pews showing they are wicked workers indeed!

Note: I also got a email from a man ho goes there named Daniel Keith. He claims to agree with much I teach against the Baptists but he also called some of my Fathers truth JUNK!  He got a rebuke as well and a call to repentance!

read on to see the testing.... 


                Note:  fleshly Jim Passetti kept blocking my public sidewalk free speech ways as hireling Cody laughed  

Mr. Passetti kept getting in my path to block me and was even getting very close to my quiet wife to block our walking around on a public sidewalk freely as the video shows

In the end; they had NO defense for all their sin from God's Word. (You can see it all on video below) As promised this testing will be sent to Cody to give a answer to. Lets see if he has any biblical answers as him and Austin the youth pastor were silly and foolish; NOT serious men of God. 

Note: this testing was sent to Cody and Austin and if they reply with a answer, it will be posted here.

For the following reasons FBC Camdenton should be avoided per Romans 16:17 as heretical and not a biblical body of Christ as they claim. 

1) They preach a false gospel that lacks on repentance and holiness as they keep willful sin. Their gospel also tells you a person cannot be lost in sin once they believe. This is heretical once saved always saved lie and I expose that here:

See the biblical gospel here:

2) They are into much sin/false ways that this 10 point test shows

as they lack so much as a true holy biblical NT body. (they keep pagan holidays, they are worldly in life, they lack solid theology believing many man made traditions that God hates) They also have issues with gluttony on their staff as you can see in the videos, they are also fleshly, prideful/vain in their worldly unbiblical dress including the pastor Cody. See articles on all these topics here:


They make a silly party out of the Saviors birth! 

               praying ladies ....with painted eyes and make up?

Youth acting out in rowdy pagan shameful!

3) They are liars and will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. see Rev 22:14:1 as they teach many lies like Sunday is the Lords day when it is NOT! See articles on all these topics here:

Also in the videos, you can hear Cody say I did not preach the gospel right as he says... I preach a false gospel. So which is it Cody the liar? But I did preach the gospel as my videos below PROVE! Also, Cody says they do not do Good Friday and Easter Sunday but they do keep these roman catholic lies that make Jesus a liar. He was in the grave 3 days and 3 nights and you cannot get 3 days and nights Friday eve to Sunday am. I have a article on that here:

4) They are of the Baptist faith that came along 1600 years AFTER  Jesus built His body and the Baptist faith is NOT biblical. See that shown here:

5) They unite to false teachers like Ray Comfort. Cody brags they use his tracks till I inform him (on video) Ray is a compromised man pleasing heretic! 

See Ray exposed here: 

6)  Their leaders Cody and Austin are silly, foolish as they laughed about Gods truth on video. They are also carnal and worldly (not holy) as proved here by their game playing youth clubs and their FB likes of sports and wicked sinful movies:

Cody's carnal FB likes

Cody is worldly minded

Austins carnal FB likes

Austin is silly and foolish not sober and holy (see it on the videos) and as this picture proves: 

Austin likes DRY Humor and it shows as he is NOT sober minded???  

7) Cody does not have his life/house in order as he is fleshly (he kept interrupting my side walk preaching while I did not interrupt his sermon) he is not holy, he keeps worldliness, he likes pagan ways like Christmas trees and his wife is not covered / she sells sinful Mary Kay make up when in the bible; only harlots / pagans wore make up.

8) They maintain the false fable of pastor vision casting and a man made temple building mindset that is NOT God's design in the NT body. 

See a article on building mindset here:

What more do we need to see to know they are in much sin and false ways and they will perish lest they repent. 

See the videos of our time there that proves all of the above at this link:

Per Jesus in Mark 7 ... they are worshiping God in vain with all their false man made traditions. We pray they repent and if they do we will help them all we can. 

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: