Sean Feucht and His Corrupt Associations


I have preached outside Sean's events and rebuked him in love to his face. See it on video at the link below.

In this video, we see Feucht (a NAR Bethel / Bill Johnson trainee) associating with Lou Ingle another NAR false teacher in my biblical opinion. (notice Lou's rocking... this is NOT of God!)

In the video; Ingle says IT IS FINISHED and he links that to the abortion issue when it is NOT about that at all. That is all about Christ's finished work for salvation! More proof of the heresy these men walk in a false gospel and are really about nationalism/saving America, not souls via not the true gospel. see that gospel below...

Note: they went on to have a prayer rally at the Supreme Count building and it included Greg Locke and Todd White to add to their heresy/false association's! 

See Sean exposed here:

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False Light Movement:

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: