Sparta Mennonite Fellowship Glenn Kilmer Exposed


Glenn loves making money at his store but NOT discussing the truth of God. (he is a Rev 21:8 coward).

It was shameful what we saw when we went and stood outside of their building to preach peacefully. It was proof of their false gospel, ecumenicalism, feminization and other false ways. Their leader Glenn (their bishop) HID and drove out the back way like a Rev 21:8 / John 3:19 thru 21 coward but he sent his daughter in law to rebuke a man. See it all on video on the link below....

Update  Aug 2022:

Glens wicked daughter in law is on the internet calling me 

demon possessed 

They called my Master demon possessed as well.....


Stay tuned as I will be adding articles soon about:

*North Wood Country Store

*Anabaptist's Feminist Ways

*Mennonite Gluttony


We were doing some street preaching in the area and we decided to go on Sunday and peacefully stand outside (after there service as we do not interrupt services) this anabaptist church to remind them of truth and call them to repentance. We have video or audio of our time there at this link that proves their sin and shameful ways: 

Disclaimer: we are not evangelicals, we repented and came out of the world and churchianity false ways. We preach Christ crucified, teach separation from worldly ways, head coverings/biblical dress and all sound doctrine as we travel full time to preach all over America. We never were anabaptists because when we tested them, they are in much sin and heresy as the following resources show.  

We know of Glenn Kilmer (their bishop) as years ago when I was newer in the faith we shopped at his store. Back then I tried to talk truth with him but he was NOT interested in answering any of my biblical questions though; he was happy to take my money $$$$$$ and spend time in doing that. 

For the following reasons, I would warn you against the anabaptist faith as it is NOT keeping God's truth but many false traditions of man that Jesus said voids your worship of God. See Mark 7 / including a corrupted gospel:

See a larger tract here that exposes this man made faith system for many sinful ways:

We have a large website with many teaching articles that will help you in the faith. and our teaching blog:

They brought up divorce and remarriage and thy do not even teach what Menno taught. (all things are new after conversion) I expose all their false doctrines on that topic here with many articles:

See the Anabaptist faith exposed here with many articles that expose their hypocrisy and sin:

Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.  

1 Tim 5:20

We love them all and it is why we go to call them to repentance; lest they perish in their sins. 

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: