City on a Hill Music Festival Exposed


In August 2022 we traveled north to street preach outside of this worldly false music festival to warn our neighbor about its sin and false ways. We have posted video and audio link of our time street preaching outside this false music place below..... 


I pulled up to preach and I saw Chris Tomlin walking down the sidewalk. Watch me lovingly rebuke him on video and he walks away as a music whore that he is! See many street preaching videos and audios of our time outside this "sin on a hill" event at this link:


The following link tells you why today's so called Christian music is NOT of God.

Here is a audio against CCM:

City on a Hill is linked to false man made evangelical religion that is also NOT of God as they have a false gospel and worldliness. These links show you why in God's Word that churchianity is false to help you:

One example of City on the Hill swill is... heretic Chris Tomlin

*He has a false gospel (lacks repentance and a warning of hell) he sells the things of God for gain, he unites to heretics/mystics/roman catholics like Hillsong, Lou Giglio, David Crowder and others.

*Tomlin unites to Roman Catholics/Charasmatics in GREAT ecumenical sin. (he is currently touring with Hillsong a heretic charasmatic group)

*Tomlin has done music work/cover music for the VILE U2 rock band 

*Tomlin is reported to be a multi millionaire selling his ill music for gain.

*Tomlin claims to be a worship leader but there is NO SUCH thing in the NT word! (worship is your every day life lived in holiness and obedience)

Tomlin likes/promotes worldly carnal sinful musicians and jokes of collaborating with them splicing his songs to theirs music.

What more do you need to see you cannot be part of this music fest and that you cannot worship Jesus in spirit and truth by being of this. John 4:24

See many more street preaching video's here as we have preached at many other so called Christina music fests to tell the truth:

Repent or perish.....

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: