Sattler College Sends Students to Asian Christian Company that Promotes Islam


*Sattler students working for a Christian company that PROMOTES ISLAM in Asia....    

Note: Everything used here is under FAIR USE ACT for testing purposes. Also, it was all taken from public domain info and audio phone calls with consent of all parties involved.


Update: Their FB page is gone?????

The same day I published this report and got off the phone with Glenn Esh telling him it would go up; the Silk Road Professionals FB page ( that had them promoting Islam) is now NOT viewable! 

What are they hiding? 

I already have the screen captures of them PROMOTING Islam below. They can try to hide the truth but God knows!

read on 


Either Sattler and these claimed Christian companies are very LACKING in basic discernment or they are purposeful deceivers? 

If anyone from Sattler, EBS or SRP wants to send a correction to this testing, it will be adjusted for truth once they prove (with data) that shows any errors here? To date NOTHING has been sent and what does that say?

You decide from these facts:

I have been warning about Sattler College and what a compromised/unbiblical/corrupt place it really is for several years (they know all about my testing with no answers given ever). The large testing over the last few years proves it from their false gospel to many heresies, mysticism and many bad associations like Followers of the Way Boston. See the link on Sattler at the end of this post that proves it all.

For this post: let me show you how undiscerning, unbiblical or willfully deceptive Sattler is with it's posts/students. They posted on their FB page that they sent computer students to Asia for the summer. The company that Sattler college sent them to work for PROMOTES ISLAM as that company claims to be Christian

I will prove it below.

***Will Sattler publically/ EBS / Silk Road repent of this or just delete it and hide in the John 3:19 thru 21 dark. Sattler has hid for years as I expose their sin and unbiblical evil ways to warn others?

The word of God says this about uniting or just saying God speed to anti Christ (Islam is anti christ)

2 John 11

For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.


I also have a audio call below with manager Glenn Esh (who reached out asking to call me) of Eagle Business Software. He refused to give an answer to what is the gospel, why his partnered Christian company promotes Islam holidays, is the muslim god the true God and why Sattler removed the FB post asap? Listen in and see Glenn refuted, warned in love and called to repent in the links below. Test the facts and judge for yourself saints of God. (Glenn was offered to view this testing and correct it but he did not respond nor was he wanting to do so.)

Here is Sattler's now deleted FB Post in question:

I looked into these companies (Silk Road Professionals/Asia and  Eagle Business Software/EBS / Lancaster, Pa) and I learned that they are using code writers in Asia (for off shore labor?) to write code/software for EBS companies in the United states. I contacted them via fb and I also learned SRP/EBS both claim to glorify Christ/God but they promote Islam to appease their work force there per an SRP official.

But on FB they said they aren't even religious?

I showed them their post on FB and I asked them why are they PROMOTING ISLAM anti christ holidays if they claim Jesus Christ as Islam is anti christ?

Then a man from SRP (co founder Dilshod) who claims to be a Christian, jumped into the talk and he also private messaged me and asked to call me and for me to come visit him in Pennsylvania. I asked him many times to preach the gospel and asked him, is the Islam god, the one true God of Christianity? He refused to answer.... many times! Then he said this to me as I asked about truth Islam vs Christ on FB:


So asking for the truth about Jesus to be made known was OFFENDING his Muslim workers. I guess we see SRP real motives? Remember... they use Muslim code writers in Asia to write code for American companies (off shore labor?) and is it so.... they do not want to offend them with the truth of Jesus? Is it over money/labor they deny the gospel truth, even PROMOTE ISLAM? I am just asking? And as I showed, Sattler sends students right into this mess. I told him I will tell this truth online so others can test and judge the facts. His man at SRP told me its illegal to share the gospel in his 98 percent Islam country and he feared jail. Did they just reason, why not just give the muslims jobs / make money instead of the gospel that saves them? And we will even allow them to promote their satanic religion on the company fb page? How corrupt, and Sattler college is involved in the mix of it all via sending students to be there in the summer.    

He then said.... I am risking lives by reporting this all:

I asked, how am I risking lives reporting what is all over your own websites and FB? Then he blocked me on fb and ran in the dark. 

This man also said he is not opposed to them celebrating by posting Islam holidays on the company website: 

Since when can biblical believers of Jesus APPROVE of anti christ religion celebration? Sattler, Eagle Business Software and Silk Road Professionals are all linked to this unbiblical way!

Then within minutes I got a email from manager Glenn Esh of EBS. About this time just a few minutes later ....SATTLER COLLEGE DELETED their FB post about their students that went to work for these so called Christian companies that PROMOTE ANTI CHRIST ISLAM. 

Glenn asked to talk to me by phone and I sent him much of what his claimed Christian friend/business associate said. I also asked Glenn the same questions about promoting Islam and he refused to give any answers. Why are they are running a Christian company the promotes anti Christ ISLAM as they a claim Jesus at EBS and SRP?  

EBS info off the web:

Glenn and I talked on the phone and it was shameful! Here are the unedited audios of the entire talk that he knew I was making for testing and ministry purposes as I told him so at the start:

Notice in the audio's Glenn:

He calls me threatening and harassing when I did neither. I was in communication with his business friend on their company fb who private messaged me and then Glenn asked to talk to me. They even both invited me to Pennsylvania to come see them but say I am a threat and harassing? He is a slandering liar in this and here is his email to me as proof:

Again how I am harassing as he is asking to talk to me? These men are wicked liars in many many ways. I promised (no threat) to tell the truth about this matter so how is that a threat you wicked man? I guess if you live in sin and lies the truth is indeed a threat. Jesus was a HUGE  threat to the Pharisees amen?

On the phone Glenn also refused to give any answers to:

* What is the gospel to eternal life?

* Is Islam god that same God of Christianity?

* Why are you linked to SRP that promotes Islam holidays?

* Why did Sattler pull their post asap if their is nothing to hide here? 

* Glenn lied several times in the audio about me and my mission for the Lord. 

* What a hypocrite as he says I can't really say things about them till I go there and have relationship, but he can judge me wrongly and he has NO relationship with me nor has he ever met me? 

Jesus said you know a tree by its fruit. These anabaptist men do not have the fruit of holy, godly, biblical truth seekers, from my view. Glenn accused me of making conclusions on this matter but I will let you decide from the facts, audio and screen captures I have placed here for all to see.

Facts I have proven:

Sattler sent students to a Christian company that promotes anti christ Islam

Silk Road Professionals claim Christ but happily promote anti christ Islam

Eagle Business Software is closely linked to SRP and knows they promote anti christ Islam

Glenn Esh sought me out to talk, then lied and refused to give the gospel, answer the question: is Islams god the true God and why did Sattler delete the post?

Glenn is a Mennonite and he had no defense for that sinful man made faith

See them exposed here:

Romans 16:17 says we are to mark and avoid heretics NOT unite to them for business or even for ministry. 

They all need to publicly repent for promoting and linking to sinful companies / antichrist Islam as their lies and twisting truth will not save them on judgment day.

See Sattler College exposed here for many more reasons I document  well:

Testings of EBS/Glenn Esh and Silk Road Professionals to come soon....

Note: I have much more all saved via email, fb messages  and screen shots. (a righteous jury would convict in minutes)

May the truth go out to warn God's true sheep of the wolves and false teachers that abound today in so called church places.

For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Acts 20:29 

See many ananbaptist false ways exposed here with many articles:

I pray they all repent to the saving of their souls. I love them as people but I am at spiritual war with their false ways and heresy.

God be praised 



Here is the biblical gospel: