Sean Feucht Begs for Money for Orphans / Did He Buy Two $1 Million Dollar Homes?


               (Sean begging for more money for his ministry)

I have exposed this NAR/Bethel church, false gospel, worldly, heretic, music whore Sean for years. He is a idolatrous Christian nationalist patriot who uses hype/music, false signs and wonders to fleece the sheep that are really just goats! I even rebuked him to his face at one of his corrupt music events I preached at. You can see a large testing of him at this link and videos of me preaching there at two of his events:


For this post, I will show you that he is begging for $39 a month to sponsor 100 India children. While it has been reported by internet sources that (go test them) :

* Sean has taken in $5.3 million in his ministry (vs only $281,000 a year earlier)  

*increased his salary to $200,000 from $35,000

* has bought two $1 million dollar homes 

(per internet reports below.......)


Follow the money as they say.....

 Sean is steeped in selling as he has a movie, books, hats, t shirts and much more on sale to make him rich off of God. Jesus made a whip in John 2 for this false greedy way!

If you are taken in by this false revival / worker of satan, you are deceived at the great level possible! Wake up people.... this is NOT biblical Christianity but religion of satan himself wrapped in the false light movement of politics and pushing a false jesus.

Repent Sean or you will perish in your sins....

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: