Gluttony Gallery in the Anabaptist World


So called Apostle at Followers of the Way Boston and an angry Amish man who got in my face over my preaching against their lies 


I have noticed as we street preach to anabaptists all over America that a percentage of them are, how do I say this in a truthful but yet non mean way? They seem to be over weight or in some cases obese. Not much needs to be said here as we all know from scripture that gluttony (over eating in this case) is sinful. 

And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.

Proverb 23:2

I have a question for the anabaptist world where they call out all kinds of sins like resistance, divorce and remarriage. Why is gluttony NOT addressed for what it is; a public visual sin? Can all these people really just have gland problems?

I have blanked out the faces of non leaders but sadly some of these men are actually "leaders and teachers". Do they to get a pass on their own belt line while they expect others to obey and not keep any willful sins?

One hypocritical group Followers of the Way Boston has a "spiritual assessment" that actually has them asking new saints; do they have gluttony issues as they have so called apostles that are "by appearance" in the sin of  gluttony? 

Here is that assessment FOTW uses:

Can their Matt 7 plank get any bigger?  

          another so called Apostle at Followers of the Way Boston

                   long time Mennonite teacher and conference speaker

                             Pinecraft country club vacationers

                          Son / Daughter in law of the Bishop 
                                 at Mennonite Church

                    Pastor/elder at Anabaptist Church in Pennsylvania

       Mennonite teacher and corrupt social justice speaker

Calls himself the CEO / Bishop in Brookfield, Missouri

Here is a biblical article on gluttony:

This is just another in the long line of sins and false ways of the anabaptist world they do not address. See them exposed for even more false ways here with many articles:

See Followers of the Way Exposed here:

This gluttony is a public terrible stain and bad witness to the world esp for teachers/leaders! I have exposed the anabaptist's for years over their sins/false traditions per 1 Tim 5:20 as I do not want them deceiving others. May they all repent, seek righteousness and freedom from all willful sins via the gospel.

God be praised