Hutterites and Their Cult Contracts


If you want to see more reasons why I war against man made religious systems like the hutterites/anabaptist's just read on:

  They have a false gospel and many other sins/hypocrisies. The following is more proof that Hutterites do keep cult ways including CONTRACTS for membership and here is the actual documents: 

And contracts for if and when you leave so they can protect their material goods and money. (they are a greedy mammon mongering people) They are more concerned over their wealth then men's souls and the eternal gospel to life. 

There you have it; unbiblical cult ways with board of directors and signed contracts to protect their material wealth??? What more proof do you need to say this is a CULT and not Christ's true NT body?

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See anabaptist's exposed here for many sinful ways:

God be praised


Here is the biblical gospel: