Who Exposed Dontperish?


We have some false teachers/haters have claimed to have exposed us!
I give a answer to a few at the bottom of this post as truth sets us free! John 8:32 

Most of them never go out and actually preach the gospel, make disciples or teach people to obey all Jesus commanded (Mark 16 and Math 28) but they sit in Sunday church or behind key boards and twist scripture to lie about God's saints. Paul tells us in the last days people will be:

despisers of those that are good / 2 Tim 3:3

We at Dontperish.com are a full time traveling America street preaching, teaching / discipling and discernment ministry (called by God's Word to both teach and rebuke 2 Tim 3:16 / 1 Tim 5.20. A few sad souls have decided to post things of us online. Most of them have either zero biblical truth to them or lack much. Sadly many are men/women of the world, in sin, swearing , ranting and just lying about us outright. That is expected from heretics but we have nothing to hide from. All I ever ask is that testings be the truth and not lies/slander. (I am waiting for a true biblical correction to what I teach or anyone I have ever exposed??? ) 

For the record; we welcome all testing of our ministry 1 thess 5:21 and we will be glad to hear the testing and take it to the Word then repent when need be. I offer that any man with a biblical issue about dontperish.com to call me or send us their case/issues and we will review it. Of course, they do not have to come to us first since we are a public on line ministry already. (we usually reach out to people we test first but not always as we do not have to / they are public already )  If you know of such a testing about us; please send it to us ( dontperish@outlook.com) and we will examine it and give a biblical answer back to it or repent / correct what we have in error. 

After teaching the Word for many years / street preaching / testing and exposing of false teachers / man made religious bodies over the years; it is amazing it has not happened to us more often really. Our website does get out there and I believe it is the truth of God that will protects us. I have nothing without His Word and when I have confronted many teachers or these mockers, they often run and hide! 

Note: most times they just run into the John 3:19-21 darkness as it is obvious, the truth is not on their side!

It really is not a fair fight. I have a great and powerful weapon I use in this battle over truth that I am in:

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
Hebrews 4;12

Looking ahead; let me know if you ever see a testing about us that has ANY biblical merit to it and I will answer it and it will be a great learning moment for us all. Again they just are not about the Word but peoples angry rants, lies and opinions of which, I most often have no use for!

I have no problem giving out their website as they are false teachers but they often hide mine as the truth of the Word; it cuts them.

Let the truth go out as we earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints / see Jude 

See those who have exposed us refuted easily here:

The following links are my biblical answers back to correct/expose them for God's glory. We do love them, we know our Father will avenge and we pray they repent of their many false ways.


There is a cowardly young man in Australia named Simeon Doecke attacking God's truth and my ministry. More to come on that here:


Jacksmack77 Exposed and Refuted

A youtuber (who is a once saved always saved heretic) placed a video about the gospel I preach so; I give answer below and expose his false ways.Listen in and be blessed by it: 


Some homosexual Baptist man in Wyoming made a video of us on youtube and by it he tries to slander us. 

Him and his boyfriend walked up to me and got mad over truth. He used the F word and got mad after I stated truth about sin. (he said we was a baptist homosexual) I preached the gospel and repentance just minutes before to him and his boyfriend. He got fleshy (used the F word) and violent so I was not interested in speaking to him any longer. He wanted to hit me and his boyfriend stopped him and pushed him in the car. He then came back alone minutes later and tried to talk and I sent him away as I avoid violent mockers! He then put up the video to try to make us look bad is all. 

Note: In great hypocrisy, he was not happy I do not allow any comments on my pages. He deleted my comment that tells the truth of our encounter that I post there. God will judge his sin lest he turns and repents fro such wickedness! Lets see if he deletes the link to the audio that tells the whole story as I placed it there. See the screen capture:

Here is what he says about me on the video link:

***Notice he believes once you are SAVED you cant lose it. He has false gospel, false salvation and he is NOT born of God. 

We pray they both repent from dead man made religion.  

This link plays the 20 minute audio of what happened right before that video he posted and it tells the whole story of why I sent him away:


My refuting of Jeremiah Ogun / Into the Light of Christ.. who lied over 40 times in 44 Minutes:


This man JT Olsen from Tennessee (who will NOT profess Jesus is God and lies to hide in his heresy / sin) has put up a lame exposing of me. See it refuted line by line and him exposed here:



My reply to Darrell Potts:
He placed a slanderous video of me on youtube and here is my line by line answer of it:


My Reply to Terry Stanley / Home Church Help


His Holy Church / Gregory Williams did a radio show on dontperish.com after I had tested/exposed his ministry. His cult group is so heretical/false; there is no point in even writing anything about his show he did on me as he is so far from truth as false teacher. See his unbiblical ministry exposed here:


King James Only / Calvinist Edwardpf123


Lording Over Bishop Mark Bullen / Living Faith Christian Fellowship has called me out after I exposed his heresy. See him tested here:


Deacon Jesse Herr / Living Faith Christian Fellowship called me out in a sermon after i exposed his religious body/bishop. See him exposed here:


Ex-Sabbath Keeper and Once Saved Always Saved Heretic Colin Croteau got upsey after I showed him the sin of his ever changing theology. See him refuted here:

Some youtube guy named "faithful servant" who is a wicked racist (he calls mixed marriages fornication??) exposed me for being a CONDITIONAL security teacher. Well, I am guilty as charged as .... God's love/covenats are CONDITIONAL and always has been. 
( OSAS is a demonic lie )
ps he is a KJV only heretic and I exposed that below as well: 

See this article on the LIE of God's unconditional Love

KJV ONLY exposed

This exposes his calvinist theology with many articles:


Mockers, scoffers and liars abound in these last days. I will add and answer their lies and false ways as they come right here for God's glory! 

Stay tuned..... I have my Hebrews 4:12 sword at the ready!!!!!


See our bible resources below and let me know how I can help you in the faith?